Tinder Amsterdam: #1 Dating App Guide in The Netherlands

Maybe you’re traveling through Amsterdam.

Or perhaps you’re living there.

And now you want to know how to successfully Tinder in Amsterdam.


In this article you will get:

  • A complete guide on Tinder dating in Holland
  • Top 5 dating apps of The Netherlands
  • How popular Tinder is
  • My #1 opener for getting her to reply
  • Important: The Dutch dating etiquette (Dos & Don’ts)
  • 2 Dutch openers that get reactions
  • The hidden city that’s best for Tinder (for guys)
  • Best 5 Tinder date locations in Amsterdam
  • More…

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#1: Amsterdam Demographics

Here you’re going to learn if Amsterdam has the sexy singles you’re dying to meet.

As of 2019, Amsterdam has about 863.000 citizens.

The man to woman ratio is close to even. 435.000 women and 428.000 men.

And almost half of the city residents have at least one parent of another nationality.

So if exotic looks are your thing, Amsterdam is the right place.

Well, maybe…

I haven’t mentioned anything about age.

So let’s dig into the deets.

Close to 90.000 Amsterdam natives are between 18 and 24 years old.

And almost a quarter million are between 20 and 34 years old.

If you’re my typical 20-odd-old reader, you have roughly 300.000 potential partners to choose from.

Actually, your number of potential partners is astronomically higher.

Amsterdam is a tourist hotspot.

And whenever I swipe in Amsterdam, easily a third of them are foreigners staying for the weekend.

Those numbers are no surprise.

Over 5 million tourists visit Amsterdam every year.

That’s 5 times the number of local residents.

And many of those sightseers will be on Tinder.

In short, there’s plenty for you to swipe when you’re in Amsterdam.

And as an added bonus, Amsterdam is loaded with brainy students.

About 100.000 of them.

Read on to discover the most popular dating apps in Amsterdam.

#2: Top dating apps in The Netherlands

You’re about to get what app is best for finding your fling or romantic partner.

Because Amsterdam locals use multiple dating apps at the same time. These are the best Tinder alternatives in The Netherlands.


Badoo is most popular among 18 to 26-year-olds. And is real easy to set up.

Within less than a minute, your profile is up and running.

As far as drawbacks go, I notice three:

  1. Badoo’s users are generally not highly educated. Most their schooling is trade oriented.
  2. The app is spammy. As you browse Badoo, you get assaulted by advertisements..
  3. Most of the women use Instagram and Snapchat filters to spice up their profile photos. And so it’s hard to know what she actually looks like.

You can get some fun out of Badoo, but in my opinion there are much better options.


Bumble is known as the feminist dating app, because after matching on Bumble, the woman messages the man first.

And in Amsterdam, the dating app is popular among the 25 to 40-year-olds.

As you may guess from its audience, the Bumble crowd is a bit more relationship focused.

What’s more, Bumble users tend to be highly educated. Check this article for Bumble bio tips for men.


OKCupid has a similar audience as Tinder.

The main difference with Tinder is that OKCupid makes you answer a questionnaire that will show a compatibility rating.

Are you ambitious, ready to settle down, and kinky?

A high compatibility rating on her profile may mean she is too!

Thanks to the questionnaire, OKCupid users are more likely to want relationships as it provides the chance to filter better.

No questionnaire or matching system has ever been proven to work, so don’t expect to find true love when you have a 99% compatibility.


Happn is the most unique dating app of the bunch.

Rather than swiping for far away strangers, Happn shows you people who you walked by in real life.

So if you cross paths with someone during your day, Happn shows you that person’s profile. (Only if they have a Happn account of course). Then you can do the traditional swipe left or right thingy.

Happn is somewhat popular and has lots of pretty women with fancy degrees.

While the Happn gimmick sounds cool, it’s a bit unnecessary.

If you open up Tinder and put your distance to ‘1 km’, you get a similar result.

Nevertheless Happn is a useful extra rod to dip in the online dating pond.

Lexa and Parship

These are different from the rest, because Lexa and Parship are dating websites.

Lexa and Parship don’t have smartphone apps, so they’re not popular among younger audiences.

If you’re looking to date people aged 35 and up, look no further.


And it’s a big BUT.

Lexa and Parship are only available in Dutch.

So in case you’re a local, or you want a Dutch lady, or you’re one of the few expats who are learning the language, this might be for you.


Are you’re an expat who doesn’t want to learn Dutch, but is looking for a relationship?

Go for Expatica.

It’s free and easy to use. Finding a cool person here is easier than finding a coffee shop that doesn’t sell coffee in the centre. 😉

Plus you might run into some free spirited locals as well.

Like Parship its user base consists of 35+-year-olds.

Holy Tip:

It’s not a dating app, but completely necessary to download if you’re using Tinder in The Netherlands…

Because it’s common to first talk on Tinder, then move the conversation to a texting app, and then set up a date.

Everyone and their grandma in Holland uses WhatsApp. It’s by far the #1 messaging app and you’ll definitely need it.

I recommend reading my WhatsApp texting guide for more Holy Tips on the app.

#3: Is Tinder popular in Amsterdam?

If you don’t use Tinder in the Netherlands, you’re missing out on meeting sexy singles.

Because Tinder is hella popular in Amsterdam.

The #1 dating coach from the Netherlands, and my personal friend, has been on over 300 dates.

Just by using Tinder in Amsterdam.

And don’t take my word for it.

Fire up Tinder and see how popular it is for yourself.

You can swipe for an eternity until you get the notorious, “There is no one new around you”-notification.

The population on Tinder consists of everyone and their granny.

Put simply: the dating app has users ranging from 18 to 55 years old.

And they’re as versatile as can be. Different levels of education, different ethnicities, different type of sexuality.

Amsterdam Tinder users are unique and come in great numbers. But with a great number of people comes great responsibility.

So let’s get the most out of your dating app experience and avoid the biggest Tinder mistakes in Amsterdam:

#4: The DON’Ts of dating Dutch women

If you’re going to date women from Amsterdam, you don’t want to make the following mistakes.

Unless, of course, you don’t want to get laid through Tinder.

Let’s get cracking in the Dutch dating etiquette.

Don’t think Amsterdam locals don’t speak English

Unlike many European countries, the Dutch don’t dub English movies and series.

By being exposed to English from a young age, everyone learns to speak it. It helps that Dutch could be described like a mix between German and English.

Rather than asking if your Tinder match speaks English.

Assume she does.

Don’t tell Dutch people that their language sounds like German

Dutch could be described as a mix between German and English.

(Which is another reason why Dutchies learn English quite easily.)

But don’t tell them that it sounds like German. Most people won’t perceive this as a good thing. It’s like saying that Ukrainian is just like Russian.

Don’t think the Netherlands and Belgium are the same

Just because the Belgians and the Dutch both share the same language, doesn’t mean they are the same.

In the same way America is different from Canada, Belgium is different from the Netherlands.

Two countries, each with their own culture, customs, and national pride.

Don’t think locals are potheads

Amsterdam is known as the capital of weed.

But the green herb is actually smoked most by tourists, hippies and teenagers.

If you see an adult smoking weed in public, he or she is almost guaranteed to be a foreigner.

Because when locals do smoke ganja, spliffs are usually fired up in the comfort of someone’s home.

To put it bluntly (hehehe), Dutch women don’t see stoners as necessarily cool people.

So don’t assume your Tinder match wants to be around you when you decide to light the devil’s lettuce.

Don’t think Amsterdam locals are sluts

As small as Amsterdam is, the city is very open minded and progressive.

Women are on the whole not ashamed of liking sex.

And if a woman enjoys her date, it’s not uncommon for her to hook up with you on the first date.

BUT this is no reason to expect that women will sleep with you after knowing you for less than 24 hours.

Just because it happens doesn’t mean that sex on the first date is the rule.

In fact, bumping bellies is more the exception than the norm.

So if you take her out on a date, focus on fun. Because if you’re both having a good time, she’ll want to go out with you again. Making your chances of having sex, much bigger.

Don’t be late on your Tinder date

People in The Netherlands take time serious.

If you meet up for drinks at 9pm, you’re going to park your bicycle in front of the café at 8:58.

If you’re 5 minutes late it’s fine, but it’s polite to excuse yourself.

Being late more than 5-10 minutes is a big no-no and is expected to be announced in advance.

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring Utrecht

Sure, Amsterdam is the capital that hogs the spotlight.

But Utrecht houses the biggest university in the Netherlands.

Plus, Utrecht is far less touristy and much more authentic.

For example.

There’s so many travelers in Amsterdam, finding an actual local is like finding a needle in a haystack.

If you want to easily meet Dutch women, visit Utrecht. About 58% of the students there are female.

Some newspapers feel bad for the young female Utrechter (person from Utrecht), because for every 100 women students there are only 72 men!

So do your duty and date some of these single ladies.

Another bonus of Utrecht, is that you’ll be much more appreciated.

You see, whereas Amsterdam is filled with foreigners, Utrecht doesn’t have tourists and expats.

So if you want to feel special, go to Utrecht, where there’s about 80% locals, 20% foreigners.

#5: The opener that impresses your Amsterdam lady friend

You’re about to get the opener that promotes you from “Sure, I’ll see what he has to say” to “I’d love to go out with him, I hope he asks for my number.”

You see, the average Tinder Joe usually falls into one of two mental traps.

  1. Being polite is enough to get her interested in me
  2. If I tell her how beautiful she is, she definitely has to say something back

Both mindsets are recipes for disaster.

Because none of these openers trigger her to reply.

To make her want to text back, you want to be interesting.

Different. Unique.

How do you do that?

By following the advice of the TextGod.

In this case, we’re going to pique her interest with two homemade lines.

Let’s crack into the first opener:

Hey [name]. My Dutch sucks, but I want you to know that ik 100.69% voor deze Tinder match ga


“Hey [name]. My Dutch sucks, but I want you to know that I’m going for this Tinder match 100.69%.”

What’s so good about this line?

  1. It’s original. I just made it up on the spot
  2. It establishes familiarity by using her name
  3. You’re putting in effort by talking Dutch even though you’re bad at it
  4. It’s funny, because you’re obviously not taking this Tinder convo that seriously at all
  5. Plus it sprinkles in some sexual humor with the classic 69 pun.

Here’s a second opener, for when you want to get closer to the sexual point.

Hi, [her name]. My Dutch is horrible, but I get the feeling you are a girl who attracts kattenkwaad

Again you’re creating familiarity and showing effort by speaking a language you don’t master.

You’re also being humorous by using a Dutch funny word ‘kattenkwaad’ (read: mischief. A literal translation of the word would be ‘cats evil’.)


But what’s different about this witty line, is that you’re testing if she’s up to no good.

If she’s adventurous.

What you’re really doing is asking if she’s up for an adventure with you.

So if she reacts positively, you know she’s likely to go out with you if you play your cards right.

Holy Tip:

Your Amsterdam Tinder match is going to love if you continue to speak a little Dutch. So sprinkle in some cute nicknames.

Here are a couple that will make her giggle:

– “Boef” (lighthearted word for ‘crook’, can be used in a flirty way)

– “Gappie” (Amsterdamish word for ‘homie’, can be used to talk some slang)

– “Flapdrol” (a funny word for ‘turd’, use this when you tease her)

But if you want the absolute crème de la crème…

Go to the next tip for my most simple and effective Tinder opener.

It gets a reaction 6.9/10 times.

#6: My highest success rate Tinder opener

In this tip I’ll share what 95% of men on Tinder do wrong. Keep reading if you want to be part of the 5% who gets it right.

You see, most men talk to their Tinder match as if they met in person.

Hi. You look beautiful

But Tinder is nothing like a bar.

Approaching women on a dating app doesn’t make her think you’re courageous.

Women on Tinder receive compliments by the ton.

So when she reads that she’s beautiful, she doesn’t feel special.

She feels bored.

Tinder and real life are different.

And those who fail to treat Tinder differently, get ignored.

So how do you make a good impression via Tinder texting?

By being different.

Which isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Can you guess why?


Because your competition is filling up her inbox with bar talk.

So… how’s your day? 🙂

If you’re real quiet, you can actually hear her slipping into dreamland.

But with what I’m about to give you, you’re not going to bore her to death.

You’re going to excite her.

Let’s begin with the principle of clickbait.

Hey [her name], do you know what’s interesting about your photos?

Can you sense what makes this opener irresistible to her?

  1. It’s about her
  2. And what you find interesting could be good or bad

So she needs to know!

“O, no… I knew I shouldn’t have used that fourth picture. My legs look like sausages!”

You can see the line in action here:

That Clickbait Opener is one of my most effective icebreakers.

And if you want to know 2 follow-up texts that make her even more excited, watch my free video with 7 screenshot examples.

That way you’re guaranteed to start your Tinder conversation rolling.

Read on for more openers to impress your Tinder matches from Amsterdam.

#7: Best dating locations for Tinder in Amsterdam

You’re about to get the best Amsterdam date locations that will even surprise locals, and make them curious about your next rendez-vous.

But first some general dating advice.

Drinks are the foundations of most dates.

It’s chill. There’s a reason alcohol is known as liquid courage.

It’s fast. If disaster strikes, you throw back your drink and pay the bill.

But drinks don’t exactly make her jump for joy.

Which is why you only want to bring her to Amsterdam’s best cafés.

But no matter how groovy a bar is, you don’t want to stick around for hours.

The essence of any great date is movement.


  1. Moving shakes off the nerves.
  2. Visiting many locations is more memorable than staying inside one
  3. Most importantly, it’s exciting!

You can pick any Hollywood film to prove my point.

But let’s go with Indiana Jones.

In Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Indy has to overcome poison, traps, snakes and betrayal before he finally gets the Ark.

Now imagine if Indiana digs up the Ark in the first scene.

Not very exciting, right?

So turn your dates into adventures.

For instance.

Meet up in a cool spot (somewhere in town), walk to a cocktail bar, then stroll through a park, buy some cold ones from a night shop and spend the rest of your date on the swings of a playground.

That is an EPIC date.

From that point onward, moving to a new location obviously implies another brief walk.

And make no mistake.

The walks that tie the venues together are just as important as your date activities.

I recommend you to pick one of the bars or activities from my list, gulp down a drink and bring her to another venue.

Preferably a venue with a different vibe and/or activity.

Now let me arm you with a guide of the best Tinder date locations of Amsterdam:

Café and restaurant Noorderlicht

Noorderlicht is next to Amsterdam Central Station and is made for hipsters.

The majority of the staff speaks English, not Dutch. The café and everything around it is made from recycled materials. And the menu offers a mix of local and foreign cuisine.

Why would you want to go there?

Because your girl will love it.

They have live bands. An open fire. And the view across the water is gorgeous.

What’s more, they regularly have concerts, festivals and flea markets on their property. Ensuring there’s plenty of candy for the senses.

The food isn’t particularly nice. And the interior isn’t very large.

I recommend doing one drink and watching the view while you hold your date inside your arms.

To reach Noorderlicht, you can take the free ferry from central station to NDSM.

Café and restaurant Pllek

Pllek is a stone’s throw away from café Noorderlicht and is another hipster hotspot.

They have an enormously large vegetarian menu and organise live music, films, workshops and other artistic shizzle.

Pllek is ideal for both winter and summer.

Is it cold out? You can keep warm with blankets and a campfire.

Is it rainy? You can easily find a spot inside. Unlike its smaller rival, Noorderlicht.

You can even warm up next to the fire inside.

Funky idea.

Meet up at Central Station, take the ferry across to Noorderlicht, do one drink and go to Pllek.

Swing on the AMSTERDAM Tower

If you want to wow your date with a panoramic view, take the ferry across the IJ to the AMSTERDAM Tower.

Holy Tip:

Ever had VIP access to a nightclub?

You feel pretty rock ‘n roll when you skip the line, while everyone has to wait.

Nobody likes waiting. It might kill the mood a bit when you are confronted by a 30 minute line.

Buy your tickets beforehand so your date is hassle-free.

For the price of a cinema ticket, you can view the city center from 100 meters up. Amsterdam’s most beautiful panorama.

Are you an adrenaline junkie?

Or do you want to use a proven hack to make your date more attracted to you?

Climb onto the highest swing in Europe and swing back and forth over the edge of the building.

According to research, being in an exciting (even fearful) situation will make the other person more attracted to you. This psychological principle is called misattribution of arousal.

Shuffle pucks in the TonTon Club

If you want to be original, take her to the TonTon Cub. A video arcade.

Next to arcade cabinets, they also have pinball machines, two air hockey tables and boardgames.

The TonTon Club makes for a great first date.

Because unlike a drink date, you can really get to know her.

Is she fun? Competitive? Fast and agile? Can she hold an L?

You’ll have an answer to all these questions in 30 minutes.

Plus, it’s located inside the Red Light District.

So the fun already begins before you enter the venue.

Just imagine yourself walking past windows lit by red light and seeing plastic boobs pressed up against the glass.

Pretty fun.

And the ‘real’ part of the date hasn’t even started yet.

Hack her feelings in the Amsterdam Dungeon

The best dates trigger lots of emotion.

And The Amsterdam Dungeon does that for you.

And like you’ve learned by now, studies show arousal and fear are very closely related.

So when the Amsterdam Dungeon scares the pants off her, your date will associate her adrenaline rush with you.

Anyhoo, when you walk in, one of you is locked inside the stocks. Usually it’s the dude.

As your head and hands are pushed through a series of holes, your date stands next to you with her hands above her head. Holding a giant axe.

Next you pose for a photo.

You can buy that photo at the end of the ride. I invite you to buy the memento and text it to your date as a reminder of your date.

So romantic!

Then you’re let inside the building.

There’s a clear path to follow. And as you walk it, actors will try to scare the hell out of you.

And you sometimes enter rooms where you get a short horror show.

Armed with an effective dating toolkit, Amsterdam’s best dating locations and a couple of effective Tinder openers to boot, you’re ready to show the locals a great time.

Let me know how you do, champ.

Louis Farfields

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    • Louis Farfields says:

      Hi Chris, Thanks for your comments.

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