Tinder in Barcelona: Your Guide To Get 10+ Dates

You’re visiting Barcelona.

Or you’re lucky, and you live there.

Either way, you need more information about Tinder in Barcelona, Spain

And that’s exactly what I got for you.

You get:

  • How popular Tinder is in Barcelona and Spain
  • Best 3 dating apps to ensure dates by the ton
  • The dating etiquette in Barcelona (important!)
  • A smart text to send your date before meeting her (prevent getting stood up)
  • The #1 thing Spanish girls hate
  • A copy-paste pic to send your Spanish Tinder date to make her laugh
  • 5 Date locations that make it hard NOT to have a good date

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#1: Best dating apps in Barcelona

If you want to go on a date with the best girls in Barcelona

…then you’ll need to know which apps are the best to match them.

Find out here.

Each app has its own pros and cons, and audience.

Depending on what you need, you’ll use a different app.

Let’s start with one of my favorites.


If you don’t know Bumble, you may be in for a shock.

Because once you match a cutie on Bumble…

…you CAN’T talk to her.

Not because you need to buy some premium features or anything…

…but because on Bumble, women must make the first move.

The world upside down!

Let’s say you match a gorgeous Spanish mamacita named Valeria.

After matching you, Valeria has only 24 hours to open the conversation.

Once she sends the first text, you have just 24 hours to reply.

If neither of you takes action within these 24 hours, the match expires and it’s game over.

Bumble gives a unique twist on the standard dating app.

And it comes with its own pros and cons:

  • High quality, educated women
  • ‘Tags’ make it easy to see if someone is looking for a relationship/something casual/isn’t sure what she wants
  • You can undo accidental left swipes (up to 3 times a day)
  • Lots of lonely expats looking for intimacy
  • Women make the first move, which you can heavily utilize with a clever profile
  • Because women make the first move, you are powerless to do anything but wait
  • You can lose your favorite match if she doesn’t text within 24 hours
  • Even though the user base is diverse, Tinder has a greater variety of women

Next dating app!


Badoo has a specific audience, which might just be your thing.

The people on Badoo don’t exactly have their bedroom walls covered in PhDs…

…but the ladies do come in great numbers.

Plus, they aren’t afraid of a little adventure.

To me, Badoo always feels different than other dating apps.

Try it out to see if it’s up your alley.

  • The app has more locals than other dating apps
  • Big user base, Badoo is popular here
  • Young audience, if that’s your thing
  • It’s easy to use and free
  • Spammy layout with lots of ads
  • Young audience, if it’s not your thing
  • 1 Out of 4 girls has dog ears and other filter nonsense


“Tinder sucks and won’t EVER get you laid.”

Is something you’ll never hear me say.

In fact, it’s something no one would ever say if they had taken the time to get good at it.

As usual, Tinder is the undisputed king of dating apps.

My guess is that you’ve already tried this app before.

And just in case you haven’t, here’s my Tinder Texting Guide to help you out.

  • Super popular
  • That hot girl you saw in the city? She’s likely on Tinder
  • Quick and easy to use interface
  • Outplay most men with my tips
  • When my coaches and I are in Barcelona, we’re on Tinder. So there’s always a slim chance we’re texting your girl


Not a dating app, but it does get you laid.

WhatsApp is the main way people in Spain keep in touch. Everyone uses it.

And following the crowd is always good.

Seriously though.

If you don’t want your Tinder matches to go to waste, download WhatsApp.

Don’t know how to use it?

No worries.

I wrote you a complete guide on how to text girls on WhatsApp. Tips and tricks tailored to this application.

There you go.

Download these apps and give them a try.

Don’t like one? Show the app who’s boss and toss it in the trash.

Now it’s time for some crucial dating advice for Tinder in Spain:

Dating etiquette in Barcelona (This is your key to success)

There’s this old Spanish saying about dating:

“El consejo del dios de los mensajes de texto está garantizado para que te acuestes.”

(Translation: The advice of the TextGod guarantees hookups.)

Ok ok, that’s not really a Spanish saying, but it’s true.

My team and I have spent several months in Spain. Most of it in Barcelona.

During our stay,  we’ve pretty much perfected dating in Barna.

Here’s what you can do to be successful and efficient:

#1 Don’t call people in Barna Spanish

Yes, Barcelona is a city in Spain.

But it’s also the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Catalonia.

To prevent this article from becoming a history class, I’m going to keep this short.

But for the sake of your little black book, don’t go around calling people Spanish or Catalan.

#2 Don’t be a Guiri

FACT: if you don’t know what a Guiri is, then you probably are one.

And that’s hurting your Tinder success.

Here’s a definition for the word Guiri:

“Somewhat pejorative term for a foreigner, usually a tourist, who happens to be in Spain and stands out as being pretty obviously not a local. The term is usually used to refer to fairer-skinned people from the likes of Great Britain or Germany, but can be extended to any foreigner that is in Spain.”

And here are two examples that come with the definition:

“Going to a restaurant for dinner at 7 o’clock will make people think you’re a guiri”

“Do you even care about Spain’s people, culture, language or history? No, all you guiris want is to come here to get drunk and sunburnt.”

Find out what this means for you in tip #3.

Holy Tip:

A great way to show that you understand the locals, is to joke around about tourists.

(Even though you might be one yourself! Self-mockery is a sign of confidence!)

For example, when texting her after setting up the date, you can suggest wearing a VERY guiri outfit.

A classic (especially among German tourists), is to rock the sandals-plus-socks style.

Obviously, neither of you is going to wear this on the date.

But she’ll laugh out loud when reading your funny suggestion.

This works best when you use a photo, here’s an example:

Copy-paste this joke to make your Tinder date smile. Download 10 more of my lines here for free.

#3 These 2 things cockblock you on Tinder in Barcelona

You now know that being a guiri is bad for you…

…that means that from now on you’ll never use lines like this again:

Hey I’m looking for someone to show me around and give me a little tour. Sounds fun? 🙂

This line does 3 things:

  1. It puts you in the tourist frame
  2. It gets her auto rejection system going (she already heard that line 7 times this week)
  3. It makes you that annoying guy that mistakes a dating app for a tourism kiosk

But there’s another typical guiri move.

I’ve seen it plenty of times during workshops and trainings in Barcelona.

Guys come to this amazing city and start exploring. And before you know it, half of them have a cool new photo on WhatsApp and Instagram.

*insert photo of a random guy in front of the Sagrada Familia*

I get it, the Sagrada Familia is a gorgeous basilica, and you looked all wanderlusty and cool posing in front of it.

At least it’s cool to your American friends who likely haven’t been to Barcelona yet.

But to Spanish girls it mostly says one thing:


Ever wondered what exact photo gets the most likes on Tinder, and other dating apps?

Well, so did I, hence why I made an automated calculator that tells you exactly:

  • Where the weak points are in your profile.
  • And what details you need to fine-tune so you can get more girls.

Sounds pretty good, right?

You know what else sounds good?

I’m giving you free access to that Dating Profile Checklist right now.


#4: Avoid this type of Spanish girl

Can you guess which type of girl you have to avoid in Spain?

There’s one type that’s particularly harder to seduce than the others…

Hehehehehehe, I sort of tricked you with the question.

The answer is: Spanish girls.

I know a ton of guys that are too smooth for their own good.

Smooth-talking ladies’ men.

Most of them have slept with all kinds of nationalities.

TextGod coach Dan for example is an extraordinary ‘man of culture’.

Both Dan and the rest of the league of TextGod gentlemen interested in ‘local traditions’, agree with each other.

Spanish girls aren’t the easiest.

So if you care more about a girl’s vibe and character, rather than where she’s from…

…then go for the tourists.

Especially between May and August, the city is SWARMED with them.

Especially around Barceloneta beach and the beach clubs.

Sun + wild parties + tourists + alcohol + you = Amen.

Quick maths.

If you really really REALLY want to meet a Spanish girl, then it helps to learn some Spanish.

You don’t need to fluently speak español, but showing interest in her language and culture does help.

Then, once you have locked in a Tinder date, you need to be aware of…

…’Spanish time’.

#5: Get used to “Spanish Time”

Read this and save yourself tons of time and frustration

Are you the type to be disappointed when you are supposed to meet a friend at 1 pm but they show up at 1:17 pm?

Oh boy, are you in for a treat!

Barcelona is a crazy party city.

Everyone is going with the flow in Barna…

Which means that Spanish people are not very punctual.

So yes, expect more flakey girls…

…and don’t expect girls to be on time to meet you.

What you can do to make sure you’re not being stood up, is using my line:

As you can see in the screenshot example, I text her 15 minutes before the date.

Are you there in 15 or Spanish time?

She laughs and says she’s just a little bit late.


A little bit Spanish but I’ll be just 5 min late

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Enough dating tips for Tinder in Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona in numbers

Last time I checked, there’s 5,541,127 people living in Barcelona.

Of which 47.3% male, 52.7% female.

With more and more tourists deciding to visit Barcelona, the city only becomes more busy and chaotic.

(Another reason why you don’t want to be the Guiri, as you read in the tips above)

The biggest age groups are 30-39 and 40-49.

Which is no issue if you’re younger, because there’s plenty of youth as well.

From our personal experience, most people below 30 have no trouble communicating in English.

The older your conversation partner, the smaller the odds he/she speaks English.

Ace your conversation and guarantee the date

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When you make the next mistake, it doesn’t matter how many girls are on Tinder.

You could be surrounded by thousands of women and still get:

  • Few matches
  • Short conversations that lead nowhere
  • And first texts from… bots

What’s up?

The sky.

But more importantly, you very likely have a bad profile.

And I say that with confidence.

Because I don’t believe your looks are the problem.

I’ve seen people who looked horrible, like God spilled a person, do well on Tinder.

So don’t feel bad about yourself, build a good profile!

And I’ve got just the tool to help you, my free Dating Profile Checklist.

Honestly, calling the Checklist a tool is selling it short.

Because besides a fancy excel sheet that exposes the weaknesses of your profile, you get a video with:

  • 14 Pointers to optimize your first photo
  • 9 Tips for your bio
  • And a step-by-step breakdown of an actual Tinder profile.

Few matches? Get better photos

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Bad matches? Get a better bio

Your current bio may be attracting the wrong women.

Women who aren’t your type.

To get a Tinder profile that works as you want it, check my Tinder Profile Tips article.

A solid bio also gets girls to text you first.

But experience shows that most women wait for the man to start the conversation.

If you want to guarantee a reply, use my Clickbait Opener.

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Best 5 Tinder date locations in Barcelona

Pastrami Bar / El Paradiso

Spanish pastrami bars are not what they seem.

The Pastrami Bar is a small informal lunchroom where you can eat delicious sandwiches. But it’s also a doorway to another world.

No. Sadly nothing as cool as a sex dungeon. Although it is almost as dark.

As you pass through the lunchroom’s fridge, you’ll enter El Paradiso. And be greeted by a fancy bar with a large assortment of cocktails.

They serve the wackiest cocktails.

Treasure chests. Pots spewing smoke. And miniature air balloons.

I ordered a drink that was hidden inside a small horse of Troy.

So not only is the trip to paradise an adventure your date won’t forget, it’s also an excuse to make silly photos for Instagram.


El Paradiso is open every day from 9PM to 2:30AM.

Antic Teatre Bar

In the small windy roads of El Born, hides the Antic Teatre. A secret address that only the locals know.

If by secret you mean, widely known across the globe. Thank you, internet.

Still, Antic Teatre is a crowd favorite. Especially among the underground scene.

Over 200 musicians perform in the theatre every year.

But despite the performances, most people come for the bar inside the courtyard.

Which is an oasis of peace compared to the Palau de la Música Catalana around the corner.

Between the buildings and underneath a centuries old figtree, lies the terrace.

A tad bohemian.

But it’s quiet location makes it perfect for a romantic date.

Font màgica de Montjuïc

Ever heard of The Magic Fountain in Barcelona?

It’s the biggest fountain in Barcelona.

And it’s drop dead gorgeous.

In my first few visits, I missed it…

But once I finally saw the font màgica, I just kept coming back to it.

The fountain is known for giving shows. Mixing music, water acrobatics and light into a gorgeous performance.

Not surprisingly, the attraction pulls over 2.5 million visitors per year.

While the fountain is great to see with friends or even alone…

…it’s best with a cute girl around your arm.

Before you go, check out the Fountain’s schedule.

Only at set days and times does the fountain’s squirting inspire your girl’s own magic fountain.

Barceloneta beach

Platja de la Barceloneta was artificially made in 1992, but is now already one of the most popular beaches in Europe.

It’s about a 15 minute walk from the metro station Barceloneta.

And even though it may take you a while to find a spot, it’s well worth it.

Barceloneta has many chiringuitos (beach bistros), a little boulevard with shops and most importantly…

(The reason why girls have parts that jiggle…)

Volleyball fields.

No room on Barceloneta?

Walk to the left or right to find beaches Nova Icària and Playa San Sebastià.

W Hotel

W Barcelona is the eye catching building on beach Barceloneta in the shape of a sail.

Next to a breathtaking design, the hotel offers a spa, an infinity pool and a rooftop bar.

We went to the SALT Beach Club overlooking the sea.

Much easier to get to, and just as nice.

Simply walk along the water and park your ass in a cozy chair.

At the time, SALT was known for its cocktails.

And for what I paid, I expected liquid gold.

All I got was a mimosa with powdered pearls sprinkled on top.

How plebeian.

Those drinks cost me an arm and a leg.
My date is now a sponsored athlete for the Special Olympics.

That almost brings an end to Tinder in Spain, Barcelona.

You know all you need to set up dope Tinder dates in Spain.

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Louis Farfields

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