Tinder In Basel: A Local Guide For Dates & Romance

You’re either going to Basel for a while, or you just arrived.

And you want to have the best Tinder experience possible.

Whether that means enjoying yourself for the holidays, or finding a long-term relationship, this article will give you all you need.

You get:

  • The best 7 dating apps in Basel
  • 4 Insights into Swiss culture you MUST know to make a good first impression
  • 5 Culturally inspired dates that will score you MAJOR sexy points
  • A GREAT way to secure the date (stop getting turned down)
  • Much more…

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Tinder in Basel

Basel is a 500-year-old city that lies on the north-western border of Switzerland.

Although it’s the country’s third-most-populous city, it only has about 180,000 inhabitants.

So it’s more of a busy town than a bustling metropolis.

The official language of Basil is German, although almost everyone speaks English. Albeit a little wooden.

But what of the population?

Old or young? Local or expat?

Let me tell you, starting with the ratio of male to female.

As always, the two are close to equal, but Basel has slightly more women than men.

More surprising is the amount of foreigners. Almost 4 out of 10 people in Basel are expats. Which may give you the idea of great cultural diversity, but the majority of expats are…  German.

Although the Swiss and Germans would have you believe they are VERY different. They’re remarkably similar. But don’t ever tell them that! (More on that later.)

Which brings us to the most important number…


Will you be an old creeper in a sea of whippersnappers? Or will you be a spry jock stumbling over a mountain of strollers and walking sticks?

Turns out, neither.

Every age group is represented almost equally. With a few extra in the 40-year-old category.

So no matter your seniority, Basel will have what you’re looking for.

Now it’s time for what you’ve been waiting for…

The best dating apps in Basel.

Best dating apps in Basel

Having ears on the ground in Basel, I know which dating apps work best here.

Let’s discuss every app and find out which you should use.

Starting with…

#1: Tinder

In the Western world, Tinder reigns supreme.

Although it may not be the best app, it’s definitely the most popular.

Because it’s so popular, I won’t be saying too much about it.

Just a quick tally of the dating app’s advantages and disadvantages.

  • Hugely popular and always has lots of active users
  • Good for hook-ups or relationships (even marriage)
  • A diverse audience with people from all walks of life
  • Ridiculously easy to use
  • No way to filter out women you’re not interested in. You can only filter out people based on gender, distance and age.
  • Because it’s been around for a while, getting matches doesn’t always feel as exciting as it once did. So some people (a minority) may not be as eager to meet up and can waste your time
  • You’re limited to 100 likes a day if you don’t go premium (shouldn’t be a problem)

Are you new to the online dating game? Check out my next article:

#2: Bumble in Basel

Bumble has been a threat to Tinder for a while.

And not without surprise, Bumble appeals to a group who have long felt unappreciated by dating apps:


After repeatedly taking lots of verbal abuse…

…women wanted something better.

Then appeared Bumble, who made it impossible for guys to ever send a woman such a repulsive opener.


On Bumble women text first.

Besides that, the dating app is almost identical to Tinder. But that change was enough for lots of women to switch over to Bumble.

Now, Bumble is Basel’s second-hottest dating app.

“Louis, if Bumble is not the number ONE dating app. Why bother?”

Well, I’ll give you a whole series of arguments later. But one big reason to pick Bumble is…


Which are basically little bits of bio sprinkled throughout a Bumble profile.

The beauty of prompts?

They’re great conversation starters.

If you ever find yourself stuck in a convo, go through her prompts and comment on that.


Besides that, here are more reasons to use Bumble.

  • Second most popular after Tinder
  • Better concentration of high quality women than Tinder
  • Women have to open you after matching
  • Bumble lets you send voice messages (SUPERRR good for getting her interested)
  • Easier to have better conversations, thanks to prompts
  • If you match with a woman and she doesn’t text you within 24 hours, you lose the match
  • It’s not number #1

Next up, we have…

#3: OkCupid in Basel

OkCupid once started as a dating website, but has gone with the times and developed an app.

And it’s pretty hip.

The OkCupid app was made for millennials who are tired of superficial swiping apps, but who also aren’t ready for marriage and kids.

So the dating service offers a nice middle ground between casual hookups and lifetime commitment.

What separates OkCupid from Tinder and other swipe-focused apps?


Lots and lots of questions that you have to answer (some at least) before you can start matching people. Although it’s not exactly difficult.

Depending on how well you know yourself, you can finish the questions in about 10 minutes.

Holy Tip:

The most IMPORTANT questions on OkCupid all relate to:

  • Your definition of a relationship
  • How you feel about higher powers
  • Your stance on pollution and global warming

It turns out, people care a lot about your views on cheating (what a surprise!), your feelings on faith, and if you think the Earth is on fire, or if it’s all a hoax made by lizard people.

So be sure to answer any questions related to the above. Or else you’re likely to miss out on matches.

Why does OkCupid attach so much value to questions?

Because the algorithm checks out your answers and shows you how ‘compatible’ you are with your potential match.

You actually see a number.

So it’s to your advantage to fill out the questions as truthfully as possible.

Why should you use OkCupid?

Because the compatibility rating actually is very helpful in suggesting you and your match will hit it off.

Sure, you can’t be certain if sparks will fly. But the odds are much higher than matching some random on Tinder.

So you could argue that OkCupid saves you time.

There’s just one major drawback to OkCupid.

Although it’s very popular, most people add too much weight to the compatibility rating.

Some people won’t match anyone who is under a certain number.

Plus, even if you do have a high number, your match is likely to overvalue your commonalities and forget about building an emotional connection.

Quite a few of your OkCupid matches will probably be a bit… boring.

To keep it short, here’s a list of pros and cons:

  • Lots of users who are also active
  • Compatibility rating does increase the odds of hitting it off in person
  • Easier to find stuff to talk about than Tinder
  • Good if you want a relationship
  • Although OkCupid does have high quality women, it’s clearly a minority

#4: Hinge in Basel

HINGE!!! One of my favorite dating apps.

Which also happens to work well in Switzerland.

What makes Hinge so special?

For starters, it does all Tinder offers but for FREE.

Hinge lets you:

  • Place your location anywhere in the world
  • See who likes you, so you don’t even need to swipe
  • Filter out people from the profile ‘deck’ based on stuff like height, religion, and education
  • Fill in prompts

And most importantly, Hinge gives you the ability to text someone BEFORE matching.

It’s fuggin’ amazeballs.

Found someone you like?

Don’t be a normie and hit Like. NO!

Find a photo or prompt that stands out to you and leave a comment that acts like a Like.

That way you can instantly break the ice and swipe her off her feet.

I cannot overstate just how BIG of a deal this is. Suppose she’s not really sold on your profile.

Normally, you’d be screwed. She’d see your profile and likely swipe you left.

But now, she’ll see your profile AND your comment. If you’re wicked smaht, you can leave a hilarious message that’ll persuade her to like you back.

BOOM! Now, you have a match that you normally wouldn’t have.

I love it.

So what are the pros and cons of Hinge?

  • Plenty of high quality women
  • The women seem to be more engaged than on Tinder
  • You can see who likes you, so you don’t have to waste time swiping if you don’t enjoy it
  • Don’t have much time? Filter people out based on your criteria
  • You can swipe women across the globe (great for frequent travelers)
  • You can send a text before matching (GREATLY increases odds of matching)
  • Good for relationships or something more casual
  • Hinge gives you suggestions which can be pretty good
  • All the above are FREE features
  • You NEED 6 photos
  • You can’t like more than 5 profiles per day unless you go premium
  • Not enough users…

As great as Hinge is, it just doesn’t have the audience it deserves.

Although its user count is growing, Hinge is probably not enough to give you 3+ dates a week.

So see Hinge more as a bonus.

#5-6: Badoo & Lavoo in Basel

Okay, let me start by saying…

I have mixed feelings about Badoo & Lavoo.

Yes, the two dating apps are popular. And both enjoy a large audience.

But the quality of women (and people in general) is just shockingly low.

Now, I don’t want to be rude, but I’m going to be anyway:

The people on Badoo & Lavoo are essentially Basel’s trailer trash.

While the dating apps do have some gems, I’m not sure if it’s worth getting your hands dirty trying to find them.

But I suppose you can give it a try if you have nothing better to do.

  • HUGE amount of users

And the cons?

  • Most users took a nosedive off the diving board into the shallow end of the pool

With the dating apps out of the way, it’s time to give you a tip on how to get the date.

The best way to get a date

I see it go wrong so, so, SO many times!

Planning the date.

It’s incredible how much damage you can do by going for the date poorly.

And it makes sense.

Every time you choose the wrong moment, or choose the wrong phrasing, your Tinder match has to say no.

Killing the vibe and leaving you to bring it back to life.

Which is possible, even if you’re not a level 14 forsaken priest.

Let me show you how in my youtube video, where I give you the best way to get a date:

I hope you liked the tips, brochacho.

Now you know how to get a date, all that’s left is to meet up and show her just how cool you are.

But it’d be a shame if you’re unaware of Swiss dating customs and make a fool of yourself.

That’s why we’re going to discuss exactly that!

See you in the next tip.

#8: Basel culture and dating etiquette

While definitely not the most romantic nation, the Swiss are far from heartless.

Although they may first seem that way.

Swiss men and women tend to be reserved and conservative. In fact, the Swiss often complain about how the Germans are loud and obnoxious.

Which is hilarious considering the Germans are far more reserved than the countries in Southern Europe.

Anyway, the Swiss typically open up after they’ve known you for a while. So don’t be surprised if your date is a bit cold or stand-offish.

But as with most of the western world, the people of Switzerland are gradually moving away from the traditional ways of living. And are starting to become more progressive.

They’re just WAY behind when compared to a country like the Netherlands. (Maybe it’s all the prostitutes and pot smoking.)

Besides being conserative, the Swiss also cherish their independence. Which means it’s unlikely you’ll be pressured into a relationship after a couple of dates.

People in Switzerland like to take it slow and steady.

If you want to have a good love life in Swizerland Basel, here’s what you need to know.

Don’t expect setting up dates to go fast

On the whole, Swiss women are more closed off and not as approachable as you may be used to.

A large part of that has to do with the norms surrounding dating.

The Swiss still see meeting people through social circles as the acceptable way. And meeting in clubs or online as… less acceptable.

Yes, it’s perfectly doable. But meeting through Tinder or other untraditional ways, means you’ll have to spend more time building trust than you’re probably used to.

In short, setting up dates works the same, it on average just takes longer.

Speaking the language helps a lot

The Swiss are a very independent people.

Which you know if you’ve seen enough movies: the Swiss rarely snitch on foreign criminals hiding in their country. Not as long as there’s money to be earned.

Since Swiss culture is independent, most men and women aren’t great at English.

Sure, they can speak it well enough to make themselves understandable (most of them at least), but they are far from fluent at English.

Which means that speaking a few words of Swiss (German) is GREATLY appreciated.

Being polite goes a LONG way

Although the larger part of Switzerland speaks German, the culture couldn’t be more different.

At least in terms of social interaction.

Germans are very outspoken and blunt. Whereas the Swiss are far more soft-spoken and tactful.

A German may go into a bakery and say, “I’d like one of those, please.”

Simple and sweet.

A Swiss is more likely to go, “Good morning, I hope you’re having a nice day. Your bread looks exquisite. Could I have one loaf cut up in slices, please? Thanks.”

It’s a long-winded charade. Nice, but also redundant, unless…

You want to make a good first impression on your Swiss lady friend!

Rudeness and loud talking is frowned upon. Coach Jay would instantly be arrested.

Point is, if you have a loud personality, tone it down.

Because you will be seen as rude and scare off the locals.

Don’t try to be a comedian

Tied to the Swiss polite sensibilities is humor.

While Swiss men and women do enjoy a laugh, they’re not big on sarcasm or anything that falls out of the ordinary.

You could say their taste in funny is rather vanilla. At least, at a first glance.

While many people do have a more sophisticated palette, the demand for tact and polite behavior overshadows any urge to laugh.

So your attempts to be a comedian will not be rewarded with chuckles. Only judging looks.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that I’m talking about first impressions. The better you know people, the less polite you need to be, and the more true you can stay to yourself.

Don’t say the Swiss are like the Germans

To your uncultured brain, definitely mine, the Swiss and Germans may look similar.

Perhaps even identical.

Whatever you do, don’t voice that opinion out loud.

The Swiss will NOT appreciate that. And they’ll think very little of you.

In fact, they’ll think you’re a a fu#$* #@*hole with *&#$ for brains. Although they’re far too polite to put it like that.

Date ideas that will 169% impress her

The Swiss have some super fun folk traditions that are tied to the calendar.

Some based on ancient traditions, others are more recent.

The majority of celebrations and customs are in the winter. Makes sense, because the farmers had less to do and had more times on their hands.

So let’s start with dates in the icy cold and work our way toward the sunshine.

#9: Celebrate Swiss Santa on December 6th

Swiss Santa is not as rotund and jolly as his American counterpart. And his job description is pretty different.

Santa, or Samichlaus as he’s known in Swiss German, will leave his cottage in the woods with his spooky sidekick Schmutzli to visit all the children of Switzerland.

If you’ve been good, Sami reaches into his large burlap sack and gives you:

  • Mandarin oranges, sometimes apples
  • Lebkuchen (a gingerbread cookie but cakier)
  • Chocolates, and
  • Unshelled peanuts and walnuts.

Plus, a brief lecture to the children about kindness and manners.

Have you been naughty? Then Schmutzli will give you a good spanking with his broomstick or, if you’ve been really bad, stick you inside his empty sack and kidnap you.

Hmmm, I think my ex and Schmutzli will get along perfectly.

How does any of this involve a good Tinder date?

Well, Sami and his eerie-looking companion also parade through the streets where you can shake his hand and get some gingerbread.

Which sounds shabby, but it’s a big event with marching bands, kids dressed up in traditional costumes, musicians, and even cute donkeys and ponies.

Here’s the date idea that’ll swipe her off her feet:

First, go out and buy a burlap sack with a drawstring.

That’s right, you’re going to make your own Samichlaus bag.

Fill half the bag with unshelled walnuts and peanuts. Add one or two small apples and/or clementines. Plus, some store-bought Lebkuchen. And top it off with some chocolates and candy.

Even if your date is a health nut, she’ll love how thoughtful you are.

Are you a foreigner or expat?

You’ll get MAJOR bonus points. She may even let you hold her hand for a second if you ask nicely. (That is a JOKE! The Swiss aren’t THAT conservative.)

With the goodie bag with you, you take her to the Samichlaus parade and watch the show while you sip on some warm Glühwein. (Warm wine infused with oranges and other spices, very traditional.)

Holy Tip:

If she’s a local, odds are she’s celebrating Samichlaus with her family.

No worries.

Make the goodie bag and hand it her on a date BEFORE the 6th of December.

What will you do on that date?

Continue to the next tips and you’ll see.

#10: Visit the Christmas market

To bring some holiday cheer before Christmas, Basel sets up the Weihnachtsmärkte. Which is a beautifully lit market that starts in late November and stays on until mid-January.

Although every major Swiss city has a Christmas market, Basel’s old town has one of the biggest with over 150 stalls.

Popular attractions include:

  • A Nativity Scene
  • Zwetschgenmännle (food stalls where you can buy figures made of decorated dried plums)
  • Stalls that sell a variety of toasted nuts, of which many are also candied
  • Gingerbread vendors
  • Bratwurst peddlers
  • Cheese merchants
  • Plus, the highlight of the market: Glühwein (mulled wine) and Eggnog

Where do you find it?

In the heart of the festively decorated Old Town on BarfüsserplatzI and Münsterplatz. Where you’ll see 160 rustic wooden chalets. Each selling different Christmas delicacies or handmade toys and jewellery.

What’s the date idea?

I invite you to go to the market and follow your own intuition. But to give you some kind of direction, I recommend you visit the main Weihnachtsmärkte at the start of your date.

With all the festive smells, lights, and music, the odds of an awkward silence are basically zero.

So you’ll use this time to get comfortable with each other’s company.

Once you want to get a little bit more intimate while keeping the festive atmosphere alive, go to Claraplatz on the right banks of the Rhine.

It’s more quiet and romantic, but just as Christmassy.

That’s where you’ll make your move if you haven’t already, Romeo.

#11: Cut loose on Swiss Carnival

As the last Shred of Christmas spirit fades in February, Swiss carnival rolls around.

Which I think is the BEST time to visit Basel.


Because this is the time where the normally well-behaved Swiss go all out.

The carnival season, better known as Fasnacht, is when fun and chaos come out to play.

It’s basically a festival to scare off demons (sorry, mom) and to celebrate the end of winter.

The best thing?

Fasnacht Basel does carnival better than the whole of Switzerland. It’s so good that it made UNESCO’s heritage list.

What the heck happens in Fasnacht Basel?

Well, it starts precisely at 4 AM, when ALL the lights of Basel’s Old Town go out.

Then a HUGE marching band arrives, dresses head to toe in costumes, and parades the streets while playing piccolos and drums, and carrying lanterns.These lanterns are the ONLY light in the otherwise pitch-black town..

The marching of the band marks the start of the carnival. For the next 72 hours, many of Old Town Basel bars and restaurants stay open. Where you can sample all sorts of Basler carnival specialties.

The streets will be filled with costumed bands playing tunes, throwing confetti, and handing out candy to spectators.

By the first evening, some routes will be so littered, you’ll be ankle-deep in confetti.

If all this sounds nuts, that’s because it is. And I’m not doing it any justice.

This carnival is LOADED with date ideas. Here’s a couple:

  • Meet up with your date at 4 AM and watch the bands parade the streets with their wheel-mounted lanterns. (Think of them as parade floats)
  • Meet up with your date in the evening at Old Town’s biggest squares and watch the Gugge concerts. That’s when a new band matches into the city centre, plays 4 – 5 songs, and moves on. (The bands that started in the morning are still playing in the side streets)
  • Do one of the MANY pre-Fasnacht activities. It’s seriously too much to name, just ask one of the locals.
  • Say goodbye to the bands on the final evening. Which includes special songs and an extinguishing of the lanterns that burned for 72 hours
  • Go to a masked ball on the Saturday AFTER Fasnacht.

#12: Get artsy from spring to autumn

Basel is the home of art.

What I mean by that utterly non-descriptive sentence, is that Basel is known for its art museums and art fairs. The city almost has FORTY museums.

Besides having the oldest public art museum in the world, it also hosts the world’s biggest art fair.

While mainly known for its art, the fair also has lots of events. Parties, live performances, and master classes are just some of the extra festivities of Art Basel.

Because I don’t know your taste in art, I’ll keep my date recommendation brief:

  • Visit Basel’s Kunstmuseum. It’s the oldest museum and is definitely worth visiting

#13: Stuff your face in Basel’s Autumn Fair

On the last Saturday of October, Basel’s Herbstmesse begins.

A tradition the city has kept up for over 500 years.

The fair goes on for two weeks and was traditionally all about food and drink. But now it also includes rides and attractions.

Like a ferris wheel, carousel, flying chairs, bumper cars, and a house of mirrors. The latter of which someone snuck in my hotel bathroom.

Where do you find the fair?

It’s spread all across the squares of Basel’s Old Town.

Petersplatz is mainly for the kids. With a bouncy castle, costumes, candy stalls, and non motorized rides.

Munsterplatz has a giant ferris wheel which gives you an amazing view, and a perfect location for a first kiss.

Messeplatz is the most modern of the lot. Lots of noise, food stalls, and big rides.

But there are many more little fairs to discover. Just follow your nose.

All Herbstmesse venues are surrounded by the aroma of grilled sausages, roasted almonds, and sugary goodness.

As with the Christmas market, I really recommend you and your Tinder date walk around as you please. There’s so much to take in, it’s impossible to be bored.

Now that we’ve discussed Basel’s major cultural festivities, it’s a good idea to give you some date ideas you can do all year round.

12 Basel date ideas you can do ANY time of the year

Okay, here comes a no fluff, jam-packed Basel date ideas guide.

#14: Hang out at the River Rhine

The Rhine chops Basel in two and its banks are where the locals come to unwind.

Whether it’s going for a walk, grabbing a brewski after work, grilling up some burgers in the evening, or taking a refreshing dip in the summer.

  • Do drinks and/or a bite at one of the many Buvettes (open air cafés) next to the Rhine
  • Visit Gundeldinger Feld, an old industrial area that’s been converted into a leisure centre
  • Have a drink at Klybeckquai’s port area
  • Dive in the Rhine at Badhysli Breite

People in Basel are very into watersports.

#15: Enjoy traditional Swiss cuisine and cocktails

Basel doesn’t have a part B, but it’s sure fit for a partay!

Bad puns aside, the Swiss city has lots of sophisticated bars, clubs, and pubs.

Here are a few I recommend:

  • Bar Rouge. Set 105 meters above the ground, you’re not going to find any more spectacular sights
  • Cargo Bar. A lounge bar next to the Rhine that’s popular with locals and tourists.
  • Rio Bar. It’s in the heart of Basel and is often called Which is clearly a trap to lure in tourists, but it’s not half-bad.
  • Baltazar. Very hip and also has a club in its basement

#16: Did anybody say, ROADTRIP?

The beauty of Basel is its location.

A trip to France or Germany is only a 30-minute drive. Which means you have a TON of exciting activities.

Here are a few:

  • Wasserfallen. Take a cable car up Basel’s own mountain and go down by scooter or sleigh.
  • Augusta Raurica. Visit an ancient Roman settlement about 20 kilometers east of Basel
  • Black Forest. An absolutely stunning forested mountain range in the south of Germany where you can hike, ski, play golf, and do water sports.
  • Alsace. A region in north-eastern France that‘s filled with fairytale towns.

In sum, plenty of amazing date ideas in Basel!

The trouble, of course, is getting the date.

To make getting the date easy, I’ve got a great copy-pastable text that always works. Plus, 9 other copy pasta lines for other scenarios, such as:

  • When you don’t know what to say
  • When you want to make her laugh
  • When you want to playfully tease her
  • And more.

You can find the 10 Texts That Always work by smashing the blue text.

Pulling a page out of Samichlaus’s book, I’m going to be even more generous and give you an opener SO good that it inspired a monument, the Taj Mahal.

Yep, the emperor who built it around the deceased love of his life met her on Tinder and used MY opener to break the ice. Needless to say, the two got married quickly after.

True story.

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