Tinder in Colombia: Best Cities, Dating Apps and Lines [Guide]

You’re currently or soon visiting Colombia.

And you want to meet some ladies.

But you don’t know if Tinder in Colombia works.

Read on and get:

  • The truth on Tinder in Colombia
  • Are you desired by the ladies as a tourist in Colombia?
  • My recommended dating apps to get 3+ dates a week
  • The best and worst Colombian cities for Tinder
  • How to date Latinas (what they LOVE)
  • 3 Short Tinder guides on 3 Colombian cities
  • How NOT to be an unattractive gringo
  • The best way to find and fix your profile and get more matches
  • Much more…

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#1: Is Tinder popular in Colombia?

Will Tinder get you laid in Colombia?

It wasn’t always the case, but today Tinder in Colombia is bigger than Sinatra in the 50s.

Everybody uses Tinder.

The young, the old, and Pablo Escobar’s ghost.

The bulk of your matches will be locals.

Although you’ll also meet your fair share of tourists.

So to answer the question:


Tinder in Colombia will get you dates.

And if you play your cards right, you will get lucky.

But is Tinder the best way to get lucky?

Or are there better apps and sites you want to use to meet the ladies?

#2: Best dating apps and dating sites in Colombia

Use my recommended dating apps and you’ll get all the action you need.

Let’s start with the three most popular ones, including pros and cons.

Starting with numero tres.

3. Badoo

Only a few years back, Badoo was the Colombian favorite.

But unlike the white powder, the popularity of Badoo plummeted.

It’s still used, but only by the young and less educated.

Plus, over half the women use Snapchat filters.

  • Young and sexy
  • Pretty casual
  • Young and boring
  • Poorly educated
  • Poor English
  • Too many hearts, crowns and animal ears
  • Not for relationships

2. Colombian Cupid

Colombian Cupid is a very popular dating site.

And because membership is pricey, the women are very responsive.

Coach Dan had a lot of women send the first text. But he also got a lot of texts from women who lived on the other side of Colombia.

And considering Colombia is twice the size of Texas, you’re not going to meet all your matches.

Although Colombian Cupid has young users, most of the audience is 30+ and looking for a relationship.

So if you’re not planning to stay in Colombia, you may want to skip Cupid.

  • Popular
  • Good response rate
  • Varied user base
  • Older and experienced women
  • Expensive
  • Older and relationship focused women
  • You often get texts from women who live far away

1. Tinder

You know it, you love it, you wish you had more of it…


What’s there to say that you don’t already know?

The audience is similar to what you get in the States or Europe:

Women of all ages and different walks of life.

Lawyers, teachers, plumbers, and prostitutes.

That last part was not a joke.

Colombia has a lot of hookers looking for clients on Tinder.

More on that later.

  • Popular
  • SUPER varied user base
  • Flings and relationships
  • Prostitutes looking for money

We recommend upgrading to Tinder Plus or Gold when traveling.

Nope we’re not sponsored by Tinder… although that’d be great if you’re reading this dear Tinder.

Honorary mentions: Bumble

Bumble is used in Colombia, albeit little.

Only tourists and expats use Bumble.

And because the audience is so small, so are the odds of finding your type.

Only use if you want to talk English with an expat and aren’t too fussy about looks.

  • Nice if you’re done listening to broken English
  • Great if you don’t speak Spanish
  • Unpopular
  • Only used by expats and tourists
  • Small chance to find your type

Honorary mentions: Hinge

Last time one of the coaches of TextGod was there, Hinge wasn’t very popular.

But that was almost a year ago and I hear it’s gaining popularity.

  • User base is growing
  • Nothing compared to Tinder

Read the article about Hinge openers to get some great tips for more success on the dating app.

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#3: Is it easy to hook up through Tinder in Colombia?

Are the ladies prude or as loose as my standards when I was a pizza-faced teen?

So what’s the deal with the Colombian ladies?

Loosey-goosey or prudey-no-nudey?


Many men hear stories of Latina women being easy.

But it’s not that straight forward.

How easily she’ll sleep with you depends on:

  • Your Spanish
  • Your English
  • Your attitude
  • And your skills of seduction (AKA the amount of TextGod material you’ve processed)

So don’t assume all women want to jump into bed with you.

Although there are things to improve your odds.

Read the next tip for more.

#4: Colombian dating etiquette

To do well with Colombian women, you want to understand Colombian dating etiquette.

1. Aprender español

For you extranjeros (foreigners), aprender español means:

“Learn Spanish.”

Coach Dan spent over five months in Colombia.

And roughly 1 out of 10 women under thirty years old, spoke English.

So Spanish is a MUST.

2. Don’t act like a tourist

Especially in tourist hotspots like Medellin, women don’t like tourists.

Mostly because most of the men are sex tourists.

So if you want to date the locals, give the impression that you care about the Colombian culture.

Speaking Spanish is probably the best way to show your respect.

Another key to attracting locals is to not dress like a tourist.

Say… “pussy-repellent!”

Also, don’t send her typical tourist texts.

For example:

You’re a local? Haha you can be my guide here!

I’m only in town for a week, what’s there to do?

Are you related to Pablo Escobar???

That brings me to…

3. Don’t talk about Pablo Escobar and coke

The whole Escobar ordeal is a touchy subject.

And very similar to meeting an American and cracking jokes about 9/11. Or meeting someone from Kazakhstan and you start talking in a Borat accent,

It’s not done, unless you’re on friendly terms.

That reminds me of an embarrassing moment of mine.

I made a mild 9/11 joke the other day, and was mortified to see one of the people in the lift was a building.

4. Pay the bill!

When the waiter hands you the bill…

Don’t question it, don’t even think about it, just PAY the bill.

End of story.

Colombians are more traditional than western cultures when it comes to dating. Splitting the bill will probably be perceived as an insult. Especially when you were the one to ask her out on a date.

5. Watch out for scammers

It’s not strange if a girl you met on Tinder asks for money to pay an Uber.

Or if she recommends a café that’s particularly pricey.

While I wouldn’t make a fuss about paying her cab fare, unless it’s WAY beyond the norm, I would decline her idea and pick my own venue.

You’re going to pay for the date, so you decide where to go.


Plus, Latin women like it when you take charge.

Holy Tip:

Beware of romance scams.

Some criminals specialize in targeting victims on dating platforms.

A few months ago a guy from Belgium was kidnapped on his Tinder date and barely escaped alive.

How do you protect yourself against such scams?

When she’s TOO into you before meeting, it’s probably too good to be true.

6. Cheating is surprisingly common in Latin America

Coach Dan heard several women talk about their boyfriend, saying:

“He’s a good boyfriend, he barely ever cheats.”

That’s how normal it is to bump uglies with someone else than your girl.

Which explains the Latin fiery attitude and raging jealousy.

But just because cheating is common, does not mean you have a license to sleep with whoever you please.

It’s still a dick move.

7. Don’t expect action on the first date

One time coach Dan went from meeting his date to having sex in 20 minutes.

She came right to his hotel in Bogota after matching on Tinder the day before.

Even though this happened to Dan, it’s more the exception than the rule.

While plenty of girls are open for something casual, most prefer to start out slow.

8. Be vigilant when outside at night

This rule of conduct isn’t so much about dating as it is about your own safety.

Walking the streets by yourself at night is a recipe for disaster.

Especially in the poorer areas, there’s a reasonable chance you’ll get mugged.

Dan even heard stories of people getting robbed in the most touristy places in BROAD DAYLIGHT.

One of the downsides of Colombia is that you always have to be on your toes.

And if you do go out alone, leave your jewelry and fancy clothes at the hotel. Don’t give thugs a reason to rob you.

#5: Tinder in Medellín

If you go to Medellín, it’s important to know this…

The days of the super attractive gringo (non-Hispanic) is gone.

Today, Medellín is overflowing with gringos from all over the world.

The gringo has gone from exotic fruit, to low-hanging fruit.

That said, you can still get plenty of matches and dates.

On the subject of dates, the best date venue is the super popular Parque Lleras.

Medellín’s #1 nightlife district.

And don’t let the name fool you.

It’s not a luscious park with endless trees.

It’s a small concrete jungle surrounded by bars, hotels, and restaurants.

The two bars coach Dan recommends are:

  • Miro Bar for cocktails.
  • And La Octava for drinks and an epic ball pit in the back of the bar.

Both great locations for your first Tinder date.

Next up, the Colombian capital.

#6: Tinder in Bogotá

Here come a handful tidbits you must know when using Tinder in Bogotá.

1. Bogotá is NOT tropical

Bogotá has a sea climate with dry summers and mild winters.

For everyone who is not a weatherman, that means the average temperature in summer is 21 degrees Celsius (70° Fahrenheit).

Locals call the weather schizophrenic. It goes from bright and scorching to clouded and stormy before you can finish your shot of aguardiente.

So pack a jacket.

2. Bogotá is one of the most congested cities in the world

Rolos (people from Bogotá) lose almost two full working weeks a year traveling from their homes and back again.

Why is that relevant?

Because your date probably needs to take a cab to meet you.

One of coach Dan’s dates got stuck in traffic and was one and a half hours late.

Holy Tip:

When going to the airport in Bogota, be there at least 3 hours in advance (where you would normally be there 2 hours early).

Assume the worst when it comes to traffic. It’s pretty bad.

3. Bogotá is pretty boring

Bogotá houses more than 8 million people, but it doesn’t feel like it.

The streets are relatively quiet and have little entertainment.

In a nutshell, Bogotá is dirtier, duller and more expensive than Medellín.

Which is why most tourists skip Bogotá.

But that means your gringo powers are in full effect.

Coach Dan just arrived in Bogotá when his date already wanted to meet up at his hotel for some hanky panky.

4. The best area in Bogotá

Bogota’s centerpiece is Parque 93, just north of the Zona Rosa.

It’s a clean park with lots of greenery. And surrounding it are restaurants and bars.

Plus, it’s safe.

Another close by nightlife district is Zona T.

#7: Tinder in Cartagena

Tinder in Cartagena is extremely… misleading.

Let’s first get a feel for the harbor town.

For starters, it’s the pearl of Colombia. And attracts the most tourists out of any Colombian city.

It has a gorgeous old, colonial center. Beautiful beaches to swim and surf. And is surrounded by national parks.

So what about Tinder?

Well, on the evening of coach Dan’s first day, he already had a first Tinder date with a stunner.

A few days later, another cutie.

And both quickly ended up in his bed.

After Dan’s two successful dates, he thought he would spend most of his time in Cartagena. It seemed great!

But more and more Tinder matches were offering him sex.

But not in a fun way.

Cartagena is bursting with prostitutes. And many look for clients through Tinder.

How do you recognize a ‘working girl’?

  • If she starts conversations with ‘Hola bb’ (‘bb’ is short for baby) or ‘Hola amor’. Locals will never talk to a stranger like that.
  • Her bio mentions the word ‘scort’ (short for escort).
  • And she’s dressed like a super slut.

Coach Dan wasn’t interested in workers and felt that these ladies left a bad taste in his mouth. Not literally… but I meant… well, you know what I mean.

#8: Coach Dan’s worst whore-or story in Colombia

Dan was so shocked by this experience, that he left Cartagena two days later.

Let’s begin from the start.

Dan arrives in his Airbnb in Cartagena and starts swiping.

He matches with a cutie and sets up a date.

They do drinks in the historical center and hit it off.

He invites her to his Airbnb and the two spend a steamy evening under the sheets.


Two days later, this scenario repeats itself.

Dan tells team TextGod that he found the holy grail of Tinder dates.

But he spoke too soon.

The next few days don’t go as well.

No luck on Tinder or in real life.

And in these unsuccessful days, Dan notices A LOT of prostitutes walking the streets. And A TON of whores posing on Tinder.

It looks like all the women in Cartagena are working girls.

But the worst was yet to come, during a night out.

Dan was about to enter a club and he gets approached by a girl.

She was Swiss and asks, “Are you going to talk to girls inside?”

SUPER weird question. But coach Dan is the best and most known dating coach in the Benelux.

Thinking she knew him, Dan replies, “Yep. That’s what I do.”

“Great! Then I’ll walk you inside,” she says.

Dan doesn’t understand what’s going on. But chooses to roll with it.

Inside, she offers Dan a beer. Which he gladly accepts.

“She is SO into me,” thinks Dan.

After Dan is done scoping out the place, the girl returns with his beer and asks:

“Well… Are you going to talk to women or what?”

“Of course…” Dan replies confused.

“Great,” says the girl, “I’m doing my thesis on prostitution in Cartagena. And every woman in this club is a prostitute.”

“No way!” says Dan.

The Swiss girl goes onto explain the situation and Dan can’t believe his ears.

The women wearing high heels, string bikinis and clown makeup were clearly prostitutes.

But the club also had plenty of normal-looking women who were just dancing.

She then tells Dan that the women won’t talk to her. And she was hoping Dan could start a conversation and swoop in.

Still skeptical about being in a whore filled club, Dan decides to talk to the sweetest, most innocent looking girl.

After he says “Hi”, she instantly wraps herself around Dan like a cheap suit.

She’s a lady of the night alright.

The Swiss girls takes over the conversation and Dan walks off.

He’s done with the club.

And after two more days, he was done with Cartagena and went on to Santa Marta.

The swiss lady was right, if the club was the whole of Cartagena.

Don’t worry.

Other cities aren’t filled with ladies of the night.

The reason why Cartagena has so many working girls, is because it’s a tourist trap. And traveling gringos have lots of money.

If you are Tindering in Cartagena, it’s best to focus on other travelers or expats. And with some patience, you’ll also find a few non-professional locals.

That almost marks the end of Tinder in Colombia.

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Louis Farfields

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