Tinder in Vegas: More Adventure Than You Can Handle

You’re already there or about to go to…

Las Vegas.

Knowing its reputation for romance and erotica, you want to leave with at least one crazy experience.

Well, with today’s article to guide you, you’ll get more Tinder dates than you can handle.

Read on and get:

  • 10 Rules that’ll greatly increase your odds of getting lucky
  • 5 Tinder alternatives that can potentially get you more bow chicka wow wow
  • How to get her hooked on your texts
  • 6 Best date locations in Las Vegas
  • And an irresistible opener that always gets a reply
  • More…

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Why Tinder in Vegas is… different

Being the party capital of the world, Vegas could impossibly be normal.

So what exactly makes Las Vegas so different?

1.    Every local thinks she’s Stormy Daniels

Beach blonde, boobs the size of watermelons, eyelashes that can poke your eye out, LOTS of glitter, and a trunk full of stilettos.

No, I’m not describing a stripper. You’ll hurt her feelings if you call her a stripper.

I’m describing the local supermarket cashier.

And every hostess.

Now you also don’t want to assume she’s loose.

Just because she’s dressed a certain way doesn’t make her a professional in pubic relations.

Although she probably does accept lavish gifts as payment for an undisclosed service.

Because accepting gifts is… legal.

Which brings me to my last point:

If she wants you to buy her gifts, she’s probably a sex worker.

2.    Every dude thinks he’s Connor McGreggor

That dude fixing the radiator in the hotel lobby?

He’s an MMA fighter by night.

The Starbucks barista?

Will get you in a headlock faster than you can say, “Hazelnut non-fat late.”

So if you’re going clubbing (what else would you be doing?) you may run into typical bro behavior.

“You eyeballing my woman, bruh?”


Don’t worry, most of them are actually pretty harmless. Besides, there’s always lots of security who has your back.

Just don’t look for fights, because you’ll probably find one.

3.    No one shall pass the I-15

In case you didn’t know, there is an interstate highway that cuts the City of Sin in half.

Although both sides are part of the same city.

Hardly anyone wants to cross over to the other side.

So if you’re staying on a hotel the East side, be sure to figure out where your Tinder match lives.

Because if it’s the West side…

You may be in for trouble.

*tough girl finger snapping intensifies*

(If you do not understand this West Side Story reference, you are too damn young! No, j/k. I love you young ‘uns too.)

Seriously though, the I-15 frequently gets in the way of love. Unless she super duper likes you, she likely won’t make the effort to cross the I-15 herself.

So be prepared to make the trek to the other side yourself.

4.    What’s a relationship?

If you live in the party capital of the world, you’re not a responsible, mature, future-oriented adult.

You come to Vegas to make 6 figures while pouring shots and blow it all on blackjack and hookers.

And to party until the sun comes up.

So Vegas is hardly the place for relationships.

Although it does have a high density of drive-through wedding chapels.

Point is, don’t get too attached to someone.

Although Vegas does have locals, almost no 30+-year-old local has been there since birth.

Almost no one stays in Sin City for life.

Once the party years are gone, people move to settle elsewhere.

So if you’re looking for adventure, Vegas is as good as it gets.

Relationships, however, not so much.

Unless your Tinder match and you drunkenly get married.

Tinder alternatives in Las Vegas

Before you get a brain aneurysm, let me straighten out the facts.

Tinder gets you PLENTY of matches.

So why switch to a dating app alternative?

Because finding the right match is critical.

If you’ve spent any time on dating apps, you know that a match is no guarantee for a date.

Some girls respond to your texts poorly.

While others can’t wait to hear back from you.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all girls couldn’t wait to hear back from you?

In that case you may want to try other apps.

Apps that have your exact type of girl.

Tinder’s biggest issue is that it doesn’t have a type. Tinder has girls from every imaginable background, culture, ethnicity and age.

Which is great, unless you don’t have time to figure out if you and your match have any chemistry.

And most of you reading this are probably in Vegas for a brief time.

So if you’re in a hurry, check out these Tinder alternatives to find your type of girl.

1.    Happn

Las Vegas is a densely populated city.

With roughly 650,000 locals and about 374,000 tourists, you have plenty of potential cuties.

Still, being such a large metropolis, you preferably want to match with girls who are close to your hotel.

The further your match lives, the smaller the odds of meeting up.

Happn helps you find sexy singles that you’ve already crossed paths with.

And who probably live in the area. Or at the very least visit the same places.

Which makes setting up the date that much easier.

Plus, if you visit places that suit your tastes, you’ll find girls with a similar personality as you.

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

So let me explain exactly what the dating app Happn does.

Happn tracks where you go.

And shows you every other Happn user within a 250 meter (273 yards) radius.

Clicking on the number reveals profiles you’ve seen in that spot.

Did you bump into someone you like? Click on her profile and send her a Heart.

If she likes you back, you can exchange texts.

Holy Tip:

Not sure what to send your crush?

I’ve got just what you need…

The Clickbait Opener.

Send her text she can’t resist by using the power of clickbait.

Hit the link for the irresistible opener.

Plus a short video where I give you 2 follow-up lines and 7 screenshot examples of the opener in action.

Get the opener here.

2.    The League

The League, also called the dating app for professionals, is a Vegas hit.

And essentially an American copy of the Dutch Inner Circle.

What sets League apart is its exclusivity.

Only well-groomed, highly-educated people are given access.

While the creators won’t ever say it publically…

…you won’t be let in without first-rate grooming and photos.

Plus, it helps if you have a well-established career.

So expect to find women who are roughly in their late 20s to early 30s.

Do you want to date the cream of the crop?

Look no further and download League.

3.    Adult FriendFinder

Everyone applauds Tinder for being THE hook up app.

But if a fling is all you want, you cannot beat Adult FriendFinder.

Especially if you’re in “everything goes” Las Vegas.

What makes Adult FriendFinder so good, is that it’s not pretending to be something it’s not.

The app is all about the horizontal mambo and isn’t afraid to show it.

Nobody fires up Adult FriendFinder to chat about the weather.

That said, the app’s transparency is also its downfall.

Real high-quality women rarely use Adult FriendFinder.

After all, they can get action without shouting for it from the rooftops.

So expect to find average looking ladies who want to be slammed into a mattress.

One last thing, the advertisements on the app may feel a little shady.

But it’s your safest bet for an easy lay.

4.    Cougar Life

Now I don’t have any personal experience with Cougar Life.

But people I trust claim that Las Vegas may as well be called Cougertown.

Apparently there are countless mature women looking for an exciting time with a young stud.

And not just out of shape housewives, but business women looking to get the stress sexxed out of them.

So if you’re a single guy in your 20s who also likes experienced women, Cougar Life is for you.

5.    Bumble

A female-friendly dating app that’s almost identical to Tinder.

What keeps Bumble from being crushed by the top dating apps?

A simple but highly demanded change:

Women text first.

Now the ladies don’t have to worry about raunchy and out of place openers from men.

Plus, the guys no longer have to worry about the first text.

In theory.

Turns out that women aren’t much better at being original than us men. But that’s a subject for another day.

Because Bumble empowers women to go first, the app attracts a very different audience from Tinder.

Generally speaking the women on Bumble are highly educated, in search of a relationship, and in their mid to late 20s.

The women in Las Vegas, however, are not so much looking for a relationship.

More so for a fun time.

So if you like women who are educated and climbing the career ladder, check out Bumble.

If you want to know how Bumble compares to Tinder, we also have an article about that.

Also, check the honorable mention of OkCupid.

Two Tinder convo tips in Las Vegas

1.    What you want to avoid pt. 1

No matter what, you never want to have the next conversation:

I live near the Strip

That’s perfect! I could use someone to show me around

Can you see what’s wrong with the last text?

You’re asking her to be your tour guide.

Hardly romantic.

Plus, she likely gets pressured into suggesting restaurants, attractions, and events whenever her family comes to town.

So your proposal will likely feel like a burden.

Which bring me to my next point:

On the whole, women do not enjoy being in charge of the date.

While there are exceptions, most women prefer to be taken on a romantic adventure.

Where you essentially invite her onto a ride that gently carries her through the tunnel of love.

By giving up responsibility for the date activities, she’s free to fully experience every subtle bump and splash of the ride. The more fun she has, the more aroused she gets.

So avoid giving her the reigns of the date, even if you don’t know any cool date locations. You always have Yelp for help.

Do you notice she’s pushing her own date suggestions?

Let her run the show.

Although that’s no excuse not to take initiative by:

  • Offering up your arm while walking
  • Grabbing her hand as you quickly walk across the street, or
  • Suggesting to buy ice cream because you feel like it

She can be in the driving seat, but that doesn’t mean you stop up all your responsibilities as a man.

2.    How to get her hooked on your texts

The next dating sin you MUST avoid is this:

Beating her to death with boredom.

Women don’t download Tinder to claim the world record for most boring conversation.

Although every girl’s desires differ, all ladies want to have a guy that can give her the whole rainbow of emotions.

She wants to be teased. Complimented. Challenged. Rewarded. Pushed away. And understood.

A man that can play with her emotions without even touching her, is a man that’s worth meeting.

So keep away from polite conversation until you’ve shown her you can be fun and exciting.

“But Louis… How can I be fun and exciting over text?”

Great question, my curious friend.

You can get her hooked on your texts with the S L U T method.

Where you send her duckface selfies and flex your pecs.

Just kidding.

S L U T stands for:

Sexualize. Lead. Understand. Tease.

Rather than write a book on what that exactly means, I’ve made you something far better.

A video.

So grab out your notes and drop your pants, because you’re about to get a magical experience:

Ten hookup rules for Las Vegas

If you know what you’re doing, a trip to Las Vegas is a guaranteed new notch on your belt.

Don’t know what you’re doing, and you’ll go home with an empty bank account and the world’s biggest blue balls.

Although I can’t promise you’ll successfully hide your salami, this tip will greatly improve the odds of giving your sausage a new home.

1.    Don’t be a weirdo

No girl drops her pants for a nutcase.

And yet so many people who visit Vegas do exactly that.

Camera around their neck, fanny pack around their waist and t-shirt on their chest with “I <3 Las vegas”.

Stronger pussy repellant does not exist.

So try to blend in a little.

Although there’s no harm in hiding that you’re a tourist.

2.    Do keep an open mind

Vegas attracts people from all over the globe.

And there’s no telling who you may bump into.

So rather than walking with blinders on and searching for your exact type, keep an open mind.

Look around for signals of attraction rather than your idea of a soulmate.

You may catch the eye of a lovely type of woman you’ve never considered before.

Casually introduce yourself and see where it goes.

This carefree attitude will make it far more likely that you’ll get laid. Plus, it’ll make your trip to Vegas much more memorable.

3.    Don’t be a loner

Almost everyone going out in Vegas is part of a group.

Although you can mingle your way in as a lone wolf, being solo makes reaching out far more difficult.

So bring a couple of friends from home or…

Visit Vegas by your lonesome and meet friends during the daytime who you’ll bring to the club.

4.    Do pace yourself

Unless it’s the night of your bachelor party, slow down the alcohol.

It’s tempting to down a bottle of Jäger after your plane touches down in McCarran Airport.

But being shitfaced doesn’t exactly help you attract the best-looking ladies.

Feel free to get hammered at the 4 AM pool party, but until then pace yourself.

Here’s how I keep myself in check:

Enter a club, find the ugliest troll on the dancefloor, and check her out over the course of the evening.

If at any point I hear myself thinking, “I’d hit that.”

I need to down a bottle of Evian. ASAP.

5.    Don’t miss out on daytime events

What makes Las Vegas an epic party town, is that the parties never die down.

Casinos, pool parties, arcades, festivals, you name it.

There’s always something happening on the Strip.

Which means you can potentially bring a lucky lady up to your hotel room during the day.

And because it’s Vegas, those odds are pretty high.

After all, almost everyone is a tourist looking for a good experience.

6.    Do switch it up

You may get lucky and instantly find a pool, bar, or Vegas club that’s right up your alley.

Perfect music, atmosphere, temperature… the works.

So you definitely want to go back.

But maybe you shouldn’t.

Because you’ll likely meet the same people. And unless you got a lot of interest from the ladies, try out someplace else.

7.    Don’t stay inside your comfort zone

Vegas may at one point, throw you into a situation you don’t feel comfortable.

While I don’t recommend you break any laws, I do recommend you take risks.

If you haven’t gone skinny dipping with a stripper at 4 AM in the pool of a millionaire, did you even go to Vegas?

8.    Do keep your eyes open at closing time

Girls go out to clubs to have fun.

Which largely consists out:

  • Dancing to good music
  • Enjoying time with the girls
  • Flirting with boys

Once a girl has experienced all that, she’s largely satisfied.

But also VERY likely to go home with a guy who’s attractive and feels right.

So keep your ears open for after-parties or host one yourself.

Because there’s a good chance you won’t be spending the night alone.

9.    Don’t go to a strip club for sex

Although some strippers are open to sleeping with customers…

Never forget you’re paying her to be nice to you.

Unless you want the strip club experience, stay away.

10.   Do have a good roommate

No matter how much she likes you, she’s 99.999999% sure not going to get it on with you if your bro is sleeping six feet away.

So either get separate rooms, or establish some sort of putang code.

Whoever has a girl gets access to the room.

Best 6 date locations in Las Vegas

No matter if it’s your first date, or your 50th, a date is meant to be exciting.

While drinks at a random bar aren’t awful, you can always do better.

Having an epic date routine will turn up the heat for any relationship.

So score sexy points by trying the next unique Las Vegas date ideas.

1.    Get Italian in The Venetian

No trip to Las Vegas is complete without experiencing the gondola rides at The Venetian Resort.

Float beneath bridges, beside cafes, under balconies, all while coasting down the Grand Canal.

And an official gondolier serenading you and your date.

2.    Explore the Arts District

The Arts District is the first place in Vegas that rivals the fun to explore neighborhoods of other major cities.

You can find dynamite bars, restaurants, breweries, vintage stores, and art galleries.

A great place to explore.

3.    You can’t spell movie without pool

From Memorial Day to Labor Day (summer for the non-Americans), you can dive into Cosmopolitan’s pool while watching the latest blockbuster.

At least, when you visit on a Monday.

The pool area has enough seats to fit hundreds of people.

More if you don’t mind treading water for two hours.

Access is free for hotel guests, five bucks for visitors.

Highly recommended.

4.    Get a massage at the Bellagio

Before you get the wrong idea, you’re not lying next to each other receiving massages from Fred the giant.

Instead, you watch an instructor teach the ins and outs of an amazing aqua massage.

Does that sound stupid?

Hold your judgment.

After the lesson wraps up, you have half an hour to practice your form in private.

“Take off your clothes, Jenny. I want to practice my technique.”

5.    Zipline across the Bootleg Canyon

Is your date a daredevil?

Only 30 minutes away from the Strip, you can shoot across a zipline a mile and a half  long.

Which will surely give her the adrenaline rush she loves.

Plus, thanks to the misattribution of arousal she’ll mistakenly label her adrenaline rush as attraction for you.

It’s like feeding her a love potion.

6.    Cleanse yourself off your Vegas sins

If adventure is what you’re after, look no further.

Head down to Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs outside Boulder City (about an hour from the strip).

Where you can descend 600 feet into a spectacular canyon and scramble over ropes and rocks to a series of natural hot springs.

The scramble is pretty intense.

So if you want to keep it a bit more laid back, you can kayak upstream through the Black Canyon on the Colorado River.

I’m getting excited just writing about it.

Anyway, bring your bathing suit and please note:

The hot springs are closed from May through September due to extreme heat.

That marks the end for the date ideas.

Do keep in mind that there’s plenty more to do in Vegas.

Use the above as inspiration.

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Louis Farfields

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