Tinder in London: The #1 Guide to UK Dating App Success


If you’re about to be on Tinder in the UK, then I’ve got great news for you.

Because some of the best girls you’ll ever find will be on Tinder in London…

…and I’m about to tell you all about them and their weak spots.

Today on my blog you get:

  • The ultimate guide to Tinder in London, UK
  • Warning: 2 things that turn British women off
  • Everything you need to know about the local population
  • My top 4 dating apps in London
  • The 1 thing you need to do to score girls in The City
  • When to kiss your Tinder date (and what to do when she dodges)
  • 9 Date locations tested and approved by yours unruly

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#1: Women in London. Hot or not?

What kind of women will you meet in London?

Here’s what you need to know about them to be successful.

And boy, do I have some good news for you. Read along and you’ll be smiling in anticipation.

London is not only the biggest and capital city of England. With about 9 million people living here, it has the largest municipal population in the European Union.

And somewhere in between those 9 million people, there’s the perfect girl for you.

Or the perfect 100 girls for you.

In this article you’ll find out how to meet them via Tinder (and other online dating apps I’ll tell you about in a bit.)

One of the greatest things about girls in London, is that you’ll find ALL types.

The city is swamped with young professionals and students.

The students are there because London has one of the largest concentrations of universities and higher education institutions in the world. It has 40 higher education institutions (not counting foreign Universities with London branches) and has a student population of more than 400,000.

It’s mission impossible to NOT find a good student match for you here.

If you’re past student age, then there’s all these young professionals who refuse to live outside the city center.

A massive pool of girls like that, allows us to do what the TextGod likes to do best:


(Behave in a way that people will either like or dislike you really fast. More on polarizing profiles later in this article.)

In London you can create the perfect niche Tinder profile, targeting exactly the girls you like. Optimized specifically for “your niche” of ladies.

Whether you’re into arty girls or career-oriented Ladies breaching 30, you’re going to match them when using Tinder in London.

Just like any other type of girls. Even the ones who don’t belong to any type.

People a bit older usually live outside the city. They have their wilder years behind them and are looking for a bigger place to live. Some plan on buying a house or apartment, which is unaffordable anywhere near the center.

#2: Must have dating apps in London (my top 4)

Let’s start with the big bad boss, the undisputed king of fast paced dating: Tinder.

By far the most popular dating app in “The City” (a common nickname for London).

The app has been embraced by society and it’s no longer taboo to meet up with Tinder matches. Everyone and their grandma has been on Tinder dates.

So definitely have daddy T installed. How to use this and other apps efficiently, is something I’ll tell you shortly.


Next on the list is a Tinder where men can’t start a conversation without a woman’s blessing, AKA Bumble.

As usual with this app, women here as slightly more career- and relationship oriented. Although casual dates through Bumble are possible.

Bumble itself organizes parties and events for its members.

Bumblers go there to meet new people. At the time of writing this, I haven’t attended these events but I can imagine them being tool to skip the whole online part (even though that’s half the fun of it.) On top of that, the people going will be open to date.

Inner Circle

Ever heard about Inner Circle?

It’s a smaller dating app that’s trying to compete with the big boys.

But Inner Circle focuses on slightly older and more ‘serious’ people. The app allows you to set certain preferences, like religion and ethnicity.

Just like bumble, IC also started hosting events for its members.

The app wants to keep the user base high quality. To do this, they screen every profile being made. The problem here is that it takes away the whole plug ‘n play side.

Here’s what you get to see after registering for an account:

Maybe the account creating process is smoothed out by the time you read this.

And that brings us to Tinder’s biggest competitor in London:


From my experience, women download Hinge for something slightly more serious than Tinder.

(Tinder is still considered the hook up app.)

The age range is pretty identical as Tinder and Bumble.

Holy Tip:

In the UK a total of 84% of the 25 till 34 year olds use WhatsApp as their messaging app.

You will need it to follow up when you get her number.

If you’re new to WhatsApp, or you want to learn how to chat with girls on WhatsApp, I highly recommend you read my guide on it.

#3: How to seduce girls in London (from my experience)

If you like spending time with your friends WHILE meeting stunning girls…

…then you’ll love hearing what I’m about to tell you.

I know this may sound random but you’ll understand shortly. And you’ll know exactly how to talk to your London matches.

I just told you the dating pool in London is super diverse.

And I know you can’t divide such a diverse pool of women into just two categories…

…but that’s just what I’m going to do.

And we’ll start with the category that I connect with just a tad less than the other.

The people with humor that collides with mine. Some call them “PC”, which unfortunately doesn’t mean Poop Cucumber, but Politically Correct.

AKA you’re not allowed to say anything that could potentially offend anyone on the other side of the globe even though they shouldn’t really care what you say or think.

There are many PC women on Tinder in London. And even though they are generally not my type, I did have some interesting and fun conversations with them.

Heck, I set up some dates and enjoyed the lovely consequences that fun dates tend to have.

In this category, you’ll be most successful if you tone down on your edgy behavior. Avoid potentially offensive memes, and focus on a respectful connection instead.

Anyway, enough about category 1.

It’s the second category I am super stoked about.

The second category of ladies are the ones I will call “very manly” by lack of a more fitting term.

What I mean with “very manly”, is that they enjoy jokes and dark humor.

(Looks wise they are definitely still girly and pretty.)

These girls love to go along with your random stories and silly behavior.

It’s just like you’re spending time with the homies, over a couple beers.

Only this time your homie isn’t a guy with a penis, but a cute lady. Without a penis.

(Or maybe she does have a penis and wants to be referred to as ‘he’, if you’re into that. That’s perfectly fine too.)

Here’s a screenshot example to give you a better idea of what I’m talking about:

Even though this girl had recently moved to London, she quickly became part of the “very manly” category.

She’s just fine with me making polarizing jokes, spamming silly emojis, and has no trouble following this type of texting.

This more over the top type of texting works well in London, once you’re targeting the right m’ladies.

BUT… just like there are things these lovely ladies like, there are also things that turn them off massively…

#4: What girls in London dislike (and how you can stand out)

If you’re a British guy, read this tip (you’re at a disadvantage.)

If you’re not a British guy, read this tip (you get a head start.)

But both of you will equally benefit from what I’m about to say.

See, there’s a couple things that women in London don’t appreciate.

And you can save yourself some trouble by avoiding these mistakes.

The first mistake, is being British.

Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with being British. But there is one type of British guy that girls have complained to me about many a time.

And this is the niceguy (who is all over the world, and not exclusively British, sadly.)

Btw, because the niceguys in London are plentiful, they had their effect on the dating rules. More on that later in the article.

And to be more specific, we’re talking about highly educated British guys. And THAT’S a problem…

…Because a market study clearly showed most TextGod readers are higher educated or above average intelligent.

So you, my dear reader, are possibly one of those niceguys.

(Be honest with yourself. Are you a nice guy? Do you get friendzoned from time to time? Are you afraid to make moves and get sexual? Check my Tinder Tips for Guys and my How to Get Laid on Tinder guides. I’ll smack the niceness out of you and replace it with all sorts of sexiness.)

So if you’re a tourist, an expat, or someone who migrated to London more recently…

…you get a headstart. Many girls will be excited to get to know you.

Don’t disappoint them.

#5 Don’t be chavy in London (avoid these 2 words)

A young lower-class person who displays brash and loutish behavior and wears real or imitation designer clothes

—The Oxford English Dictionary

I doubt you want to purposely want to be a lower-class wannabe thug. So when you’re in London, don’t use say use the word ‘peng’, bruv.

A ‘peng’ is a beautiful person (man or woman), or something that tastes good. But the word is typically used as a joke.

Oh, and don’t use the word ‘bruv’ either, bro.

These words are reserved for chavy guys in London.

Unless you’re being sarcastic and you’re sure she knows it. If that’s the case, you can imitate chavs to your heart’s desire.

So the safer route avoids using these words. A wrong first impression is made in the blink of an eye.

Either way, for more London slang, check out this Korean badboy:

Alrighty, on to the next tip, which can spare you a lot of frustration.

#6 One thing to know when meeting Tinder matches in London

You’re meeting your Tinder Match and things go great.

You’re pretty sure she’s on the same page as you so you move in for the kiss.

But right as you expect to touch her lips with yours, you feel… nothing.

And when you open your eyes, she gives you this look:

Some women in London aren’t big on PDA (Public Display of Affection.)

Now here’s the thing: it’s not because she doesn’t like PDA, that you should touch her.

If you’re spending a few hours together and all you do it talk, then you’re going to fall in the niceguy category really fast.

And as we just discussed, you don’t want to be there.

So definitely go physical. Give her a playful push when you tease her. Touch her shoulder when you direct her stare towards a cute dog that passes by. And when you think the interest is mutual, why not go for the kiss?

There’s nothing wrong with showing her you’re attracted to her that way.

When she’s not jumping with joy at your kiss attempt, doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t like you. Often times my dates (or girls I met at a club) weren’t big on public smooching. But once we got to my place, a tongue wrestling marathon commenced, followed by all sorts of bedroom acrobatics.

Of course, when she states she isn’t interested, or her body language clearly signals she’s not interested, then please get the message.

Anyway, speaking about those (Tinder) dates in London… I noticed some big differences to other places I’ve been.

Let’s go over them so we can make your date a smash hit.

#7: Dating culture in London (and first dates)

In this tip I’ll tell you what you need to know to end most of your London dates successfully.

Want to know the secret to my Tinder dates?

I usually keep the casual as phuck. Most of it will be walking with a couple tactful stops along the way. And part of this casualness is splitting the bill whenever we grab a drink.

And if you’re on a date with a tourist or an expat, splitting the bill will almost always go smoothly.


…If you’re on a date with a real British woman. A London lady born and raised. You could save yourself some trouble by whipping out your wallet prematurely.

British ladies are a bit more conservative, especially the London gals. They expect you to pick up the bill.

When I was in London, doing things as I do them usually, I found out the hard way.

Well, not that anything disastrous happened. But a ton of girls later told me they found it hella strange that I wanted to split the bill. They even said it was the first time in their lives they did split a bill.

I guess this ties back in to the horde of niceguys we talked about earlier. If they have been paying for dates for all of history, then of course girls will keep expecting you to pay for her dates.

As long as you don’t give off a vibe of being very stingy, I’d say your ok when splitting the bill. If you want to avoid the possible tension, then just pick up the tab and pay for m’lady.

#8: How to get better conversations and more dates in London

Learn from this guy’s question, and increase your Tinder dates by at least 69%.

A Reddit user says Tinder in London doesn’t work well for him, and he doesn’t know why:

“I’ve used Tinder in other cities and most of my matches are always quick to chat and start a conversation… In London, it’s not like that(?), I very rarely get messaged first and most conversations die pretty quickly. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact there’s so many people on London Tinder so it’s easy just to want to keep swiping till you find something “better”? There’s just so much choice here that it impacts it? Or I’m just an ugly bastard whatever… In smaller places it’s not like that so you take whatever you can get. Hmmm…”

This man states some interesting things:

  • He rarely gets messages first
  • His Tinder conversations in London die quickly
  • There’s so many people in London (do people keep swiping to find someone better than you?) so he gets little matches.

The first and last problem are caused by the same issue: his profile.

Am I just an ugly bastard?
—Guy using Tinder in London

I like to think there are no ugly bastards on Tinder, only ugly profiles.

You can quickly test your profile’s success rate with my automatic Dating Profile Checklist.

One of the largest scale research done about Tinder, was done in London. It showed us that to be successful on Tinder, you need at least 3 photos, and a bio.

This research was done in 2016 though. When Tinder only allowed you to have 6 photos. At the time of writing this, you can have up to 9 photos.

My advice to you is to aim for 5. This way you’re not showing too little, while not trying too hard to sell yourself.

When it comes to the pictures itself, I wrote the most extensive guide ever. Check it out in my No Matches Tinder article.

If you want to get more matches, and make your matches SOLID, then we need to fix your current bio.

In my experience (and that of my clients), a niche bio works best in London.

Earlier we discussed that there’s a large group of girls in London that love edgy jokes. You can appeal to these by tailoring your profile to them.

Think about a polarizing profile text and a spicy meme added to your photos.

Allow me to take you by the hand and guide you towards a Tinder profile text that works in London. In my Tinder Profile Tips article, I do just that. Feel free to skip to tip #4.

Writing a solid bio will also solve the problem of not getting matched first. Because a good bio makes it as easy as possible for her to say something about it.

Although that’s a luxury.

And like the large scale research said: only 18% of women text within 5 minutes of getting a match. Suggesting that they wait until the man initiates conversation.

Besides, texting her first is easy as pie and successful like Bill Gates, if you use my Clickbait Opener.

It’s the opener with the highest response rate in the galaxy. Try it out for yourself, I’m giving it away for free here.

#9: The 10 texts that work in London

If you want 10 screenshot examples of texts that work, then this is your lucky day.

I gathered 10 texts that deliver for my coaches and I time and time again. Most of the conversations are with Tinder matches in London.

You can get my 10 Texts That Always Work right here. For free. Enjoy!

#10: Date ideas in London: 7 Fun date locations

For guaranteed fun Tinder dates, go to the exact locations I go to when in London.

I’m going to sum up some of my best spots for you right here.

Don’t you worry about the travel distance. Because London is so big, girls here are used to taking the tube all the time.

They usually don’t mind being on the road for 40-50 minutes towards the date location.

Junkyard Golf (Tinder East London)

Junkyard Golf is located right in the middle of Brick Lane.

It’s a golf lane made of… well yeah, junk. The quirky lanes make it an absolute recommendation for fun dates.

Demolishing your girl in a golfing game while enjoying an excellent cocktail.

After, take her to some of the 2nd hand shops. Have a laugh at some of the ridiculous stuff they sell and leave again.

If you go during the weekend you can enjoy all sorts of street food to top it off.

Should you want to sit down for another drink, you can go to a bar named “Big Chill” across the street.

Old street records

A lively venue with cocktails and pizzas. On Wednesdays there’s live music.

I can’t recall the last time my date didn’t feel romantic over live music.

Top Secret Comedy Club (Covent Garden)

Top Secret Comedy Club is a low-ceiling basement bar with a regular program of stand-up and improv shows.

You’re welcomed here every day, although it’s best on weekends.

When I was there, my date and I were seated front row. The guy on stage was asking everyone in the front for their jobs, to then roast them. I knew I’d be absolutely destroyed if I told him I’m a Tinder and online dating expert so I pulled my most innocent face ever. And it worked, he skipped right over me and continued to the person next to me.

Phew, close call.

Budget date: walk along the Thames, South side

This needs no explanation. It’s casual, cheap, and easy.

A personal favorite for any date I’m not 100% convinced about.

National Gallery + Chinatown (free museum and good cheap food)

Are you or your match a bit of a culture freak?

The museum right on Trafalgar square costs you £0.

After tripling your art knowledge, you can head straight to Chinatown.

A Chinese restaurant named “Won Key” has tasty food for a cheap price. The place is known for its shitty staff. They hardly speak English and are rude to customers. The rudeness is not part of the concept by the way… they’re just rude. Which is funny if you’d ask me and the best part: it creates extra bonding with your girl.

Good weather? This is your date

Sun’s out, dicks out!

Or was it “sun’s out, guns out”?

Either way, if the weather permits, go for the good ol’ classic:

A bottle of wine and a park.

Hyde Park, St. James Park, Southwark Park, Victoria Park, … Plenty of cozy parks to choose from.

Next level cocktail date: The Alchemist (Aldgate)

This is the spot where your date will want to pull out her phone and do it for the gram.

Here you’ll make cocktails that look like experiments.

Thing of drinks that generate more smoke than a level 10 neckbeard and his vape, or drinks that change colors when you mix them, or weird extremely bubble drinks.

The perfect second date: Alcotraz

Back to Brick Lane. This cocktail bar is a solid choice for a second date.

It’s a prison-themed cocktail bar where you pay an entry fee and then smuggle your own alcohol inside.

Actors dressed up as prison guards will cuss you out. Expert mixologists behind bars will make you cocktails with the booze you smuggled in.

The date for nerds: Otherworld

Otherworld is a VR (Virtual Reality) that asp servers great cocktails.

Get tipsy with your date as you dive deep into another reality. The venue itself is completely designed as a futuristic setting.

Bang bang bang!

Those were some tips and date location for anyone using Tinder in London.

Hope they help!

Louis Farfields.


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