Is Tinder the Best Dating App in Montreal?

You just arrived in Montreal or are planning to go.

And you’d like to know the best online dating tips for Tinder in Montreal.

Good job Googling, my friend.

Because you’re about to get exactly what you need to get the best dating experience in Montreal.

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Important Montreal facts for new arrivals

  • Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada and has a population of about 4 million (1,7 million in the city and another 2,5 million people living in the surrounding areas)
  • Although it’s the second largest French speaking city in the world, almost everyone also speaks English
  • It has an underground city. Yep, that’s no joke. 32 kilometers (20 miles) of tunnels will lead you to a handful of shopping malls, thousands of stores, and a number of banks, universities and restaurants. Why does it exist? Simple. To escape the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer.
  • Montreal has the lowest rents of all the major cities in Canada, which might explain why Montrealites move at a slower and more relaxed pace than other city folk.
  • The winters can be brutally cold. During these times the city is relatively dead, although you’ll still find people underground. So layer up.

Is Tinder your best option for getting dates in Montreal?

As of 2021, Tinder is an excellent option for meeting women in Montreal.

  • It’s the most popular dating app with women of all ages and backgrounds
  • It costs 2 minutes to set up an account
  • It’s simple and free to use
  • You have no way to influence the swipe stack and filter out women you don’t like
  • The quality of the women are hit and miss
  • It doesn’t let you send voice notes (which are an easy way to raise attraction)

Although I strongly advise you to use Tinder, I also recommend checking out some other dating apps.

Dating app alternatives to Tinder

Here are the three dating apps I recommend you try besides Tinder.

Starting with…

#1: Bumble

A fan favorite among women.

And for good reason.

Bumble is specifically aimed at women who want to take charge of their dating life.

That’s why on Bumble the woman texts first after matching.

Until she sends you that text, you have no way to reach out to her even though you’re already a match.

Anyway, let me break down the pros and cons of Bumble.

  • It’s the second most popular after Tinder
  • The app tends to attract women who are educated and ambitious
  • It gives you the ability to change who you see based on certain filters like height, relationship desires, political views and more
  • It makes use of prompts (little cues that make it easier to talk about yourself) which makes it easy to switch topics if you’re lost for words
  • It lets you undo a left swipe if you accidentally rejected a girl that you actually like
  • If a girl doesn’t text you within 24 hours after matching, the match is lost
  • It’s not as popular as Tinder

Check out my Bumble dating app review here.

#2: Hinge

Hinge is far less popular than Bumble and Tinder, but is actually the superior dating app.

So my guess is that, with enough time, Hinge will become just as popular as Bumble and perhaps even Tinder.

Anyway, Hinge has enough women that makes it worth trying.

Especially when you consider that the women are even better than on Bumble.

Why does Hinge attract the best ladies?

Because the dating app has a relationship focus and is designed to be deleted. (Smart and beautiful women usually prefer a committed relationship over casual sex.)

Anyway, here are the advantages and disadvantages of using Hinge.

  • It gives you all the premium Tinder features for free
  • It gives you far more criteria to remove women from your swipe stack, thus, saving you more time
  • Attracts more high quality women than any other dating app I’ve seen
  • The girls are more likely to respond and want to meet you
  • It allows you to send girls a text before matching, which greatly increases your odds of matching if you can write good personalized openers (for more help with that, check out this opener article of mine)

#3: OkCupid

Even though it lost a large chunk of users to the newer dating apps, OkCupid is still relatively popular.

And that’s because it’s found its own niche.

It’s basically the dating app for millennials who are tired of superficial swiping apps, but who aren’t ready for marriage and kids.

The big difference with OkCupid is that they don’t just want you to swipe faces, they want you to swipe based on shared interests.

That’s why OkCupid forces every user to answer a pretty in depth questionnaire.

Once the dating app’s robots know your answers, they’ll try to connect you with women with similar interests.

The pros and cons:

  • Another way to find dates (the more apps you use, the higher the odds of finding the right girl)
  • Gives you a far better impression of the girl you matched than any other dating app
  • Great for finding relationship material
  • Least popular of the bunch
  • Quality of women is hit and miss
  • Conversation tends to be slightly more boring so you need to be a skilled texter to make it fun and lighthearted

To guarantee your dating app success, here are 13 texting rules that’ll raise your attraction:

Now you know which dating apps to use, let’s move onto dating advice.

Montreal dating do’s and don’ts

  • Don’t have your phone out. She took the trouble to doll herself up and meet you, the least you can do is pretend like she’s not a bore.
  • Be kind to serving staff. Women know that most men will say almost anything to seem nice. That’s why many girls will pay attention to how you treat people whose panties you don’t want to get into.
  • Don’t be a lightweight. Montrealites like to drink and drink often. Almost every time Montreal social activity involves alcohol. So prepare your liver.
  • Learn a little French. Even bad French will earn you a ton of sexy points. And even if you speak in a ridiculous accent, it will at the very least get you a laugh. It’s also important to keep in mind that her older family members won’t speak English very well. So if you want a Montreal girlfriend, you really need to speak basic French to converse with her relatives.
  • Don’t be opposed to exercise. Being one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, you can bet your butt that your Montreal date probably rides a bike. And unless you want to be a little bish and let her cycle you around, it’s probably a good idea to train your quads.
  • Be a beast on the slopes. Montreal is surrounded by mountains covered in snow. Which is why almost every Montrealite can ski and/or snowboard and why they regularly shred the slopes on the weekends. Can’t you stand up on a pair of skis or snowboard? Then you better learn if you’re planning on staying in Montreal.
  • Don’t be a prude. If you go through Montreal, you’ll notice something a bit strange: there are strip clubs and sex shops everywhere. That doesn’t mean that every Montrealite is a sex fiend, but they’re not averse to getting jiggy with it.
  • Talk poutine to her. The people from Montreal are good at enjoying the simpler things in life. Which means that a quick way to her heart is treating her to poutine. Men and women who eat poutine together, stay together.
  • Don’t be anti-hipster. Many Montrealites rock tattoos and piercings. If that’s not your thing, your dating pool will be significantly smaller.
  • Develop a love for hockey. If hockey was a religion, Montreal would be its Mecca and everyone living inside it its faithful believers. Although the women aren’t as devoted as the men, every date of yours will have some form of love for hockey. Her father and brothers especially. So at least be familiar with the rules
  • Don’t be a Trump supporter. Look, it’s not my business to judge your political views, but your Montreal dates will. And since Montreal is pretty progressive, you can be sure your support for Trump will make her drop you like a hot potato.

Montreal dating ideas

Yelp can give you a better idea of where to take your Tinder date for drinks than I do, so I won’t even try.

Instead, I’m going to give you lots of awesome date ideas that aren’t dinner and a movie.

You know, the kind that impresses your date and makes her want to see you again.

#1: Punch her head off in Mortal Kombat

Montreal has a couple of video arcades that make for a great light-hearted date.

Not only is it unconventional, you actually get to know how she deals with losses and hardship.

Which is pretty important if you’re going to date someone.

#2: Explore the Old Port together

Besides giving you a parking spot for your boat, the charming Old Port offers lots of different activities.

Besides a beautiful two-kilometer riverfront (which is ideal for walking, cycling, or roller-blading) it also has old cafes connected with European-like cobblestone streets, a few museums, and a gorgeous basilica.

In the summertime (which is really the only time I recommend going), you’ll also find lots of food trucks offering all kinds of exotic foods.

#3: Give your eyes a feast at one of Montreal’s many markets

Montreal always has a few markets that sell fresh produce, snacks and other goodness.

It’s not necessarily romantic, but it’s different and fun.

Plus, if you’re hungry you just follow your nose to the food stall that makes your tummy growl the loudest.

#4: Go to a speakeasy

Speakeasies are an easy way to impress a girl.

The allure of a secret spot and knowing something other people don’t makes getting a drink 69 times more fun.

#5: Grab a bike and go on an adventure

Whenever I’m abroad, I like to rent a bike and scope out the city.

Not only does that give me a better sense of my surroundings, but I always find really cool places that I’d probably never find if I walked everywhere.

Anyway, locals tend to only use bikes to go from A to B, never to explore and have fun.

Which means you’ll probably be able to show her some new stuff.

#6: Give a classic a twist and see an outdoor movie

In the summer, Montreal has lots of outdoor theaters.

So if the weather’s good and you want to do something different, take her to an outdoor movie.

#7: Go skiing

Like I said earlier, almost everyone in Montreal likes to hit the slopes.

Why not do it together and make it a date?

Anyway, this is pretty much all you need to know to have an amazing time with Tinder in Montreal.

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