Tinder in Perth: The Dating App Guide to Western Australia

You’re in Perth or about to go.

And you want to know more about Tinder in Perth.


Because whether you’re a local or expat/traveler, you’re in the right place.

Read on and get:

  • Top 5 dating apps for 3+ dates a week
  • Perth social rules that keeps you from looking like a fool
  • 3 Openers that always get a reply
  • 10 Ozzie slang words to use on Tinder (for non-locals)
  • The #1 dating tip that will make her want to go out with you again
  • 8 Best date locations in Perth
  • More…

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Get to know Perth (read this if you’re an expat or traveler!)

In this tip you’re going to learn a little about Perth and that ‘thongs’ are not what you think they are.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia.

And despite having a population of about 2 million, the city is quieter than most.


Because instead of building upward, Perth expanded outward.

It’s not uncommon for locals to drive 1.5 hours to the other side of the city to reach the office or see family.

And because public transport sucks, you want to have a car.

Perth is also known as the most isolated city in the world.

With the Indian Ocean to the West and the Australian outback to the right, Perth feels like it’s being swallowed up by mother nature.

Being cut off from the rest of the world, Perth grew a tight community.

And so locals tend to be pretty friendly to whoever passes through their city village.

Lastly, it’s always summer.

Even in winter, the temperature rarely drops below 23°C (33.8 degrees Fahrenheit).

An Australian wearing ‘thongs’ with socks.

Now that you’ve stocked up on fans and air conditioning, keep reading.

We’re about to dig into who lives in this isolated metropolis.

Ladies in Perth. Yay Or Nay?

Very important when dating online: how are the girls in Perth?

And are there enough ladies for everyone? Or do you have to defeat Kror the Destroyer to get access to his harem?

That and more is answered in this tip.

Roughly 2 million people live in Perth.

And 50% of them are female.

That’s 1 million women, not counting tourists.

Somewhere in that horde of ladies is your perfect sheila. (Sheila is Australian slang for woman, more on Ozzie slang later.)

In this article, you’ll find out how to meet her via Tinder. And her girlfriends too, if monogamy is not your thing.

And you’ll get the best Tinder alternatives too.

What’s so appealing about Perth locals, is their rich culture.

Even though close to 70% are born Australians, doesn’t mean every Perthling (read: Perth local) is the same.

Locals from Perth have a mixed ancestry ranging from English, Scottish, German, Italian, Greek, Irish, Indian, Malaysian and Chinese.

Talk about exotic.

About a third of the Perth locals are between 20 and 29 years old. Half of which are women.

And most are working professionals.

But because Perth is the home to four universities, a chunk of those locals are students.

So if you’re looking for students or young professionals, Perth has got what you need.

The Perth dating apps must-haves (and must-nots)

Download my recommended dating apps and you’ll have 3+ dates a week.

#1 Plenty Of Fish

To sum up Plenty of Fish in Perth in one word: weird.

It’s filled with single moms and other undateables.

The only fish you can get on here is what’s left at the bottom of the dating app barrel.

Unless you have a fetish for the strange, avoid Plenty of Fish.

#2 OkCupid

Usually the dating app has an interesting and diverse user base.

The only drawback that also knocks OkCupid out the dating race?

OkCupid’s user base isn’t in Perth.

Perth is a ghost town.

There’re simply not enough users to make it worthwhile.

#3 Coffee Meets Bagel (CMD)

Coffee Meets Bagel is all about saving time and gets rid of swiping.

So how do you match instead?

Every day at lunch, men get up to 21 “Bagels” (profiles) based on their social network and interests.

If you “Like” a bagel, women then have 24 hours to “Like” or “Pass” you.

Once you match, your chat room stays active for 8 days. Forcing you to get to the point.

Premium members get activity reports, to help decide whether sending a text is worth their time and energy.

If you’re after hookups, skip Coffee Meets Bagels.

This dating app is clearly meant for the serious dater who has little time to spare.

What do the users think of Coffee Meets Bagels?

As you can see their system gets mixed reviews. Some love it, some hate it.

It really depends on what suits your lifestyle.

This review was most true for me:

Can I get an ice pack for that burn?

So if you do decide to get CMD, see it as a secondary app to boost your date total.

#4 Tinder

Even in Perth, the reigning champion of dating apps is Tinder.

Look, swipe, match and chat.

That sums up the Tinder experience.

And it’s popular. More than three million users in Australia.

If you want simple, fun and casual dating, get Tinder.

And if you see anyone posing with a fish, chances are that’s a bogan.

More on that soon.

#5 Bumble

Bumble is almost identical to Tinder, but it has a slightly older and more highly educated audience.

Ozzies would say, “Bumble has less bogans.”

Bogans are Australia’s hillbillies.

And if you believe the memes, they love off road four-wheel-driving, malapropisms, southern rock and tramp stamps.

As with any stereotype, the stories about bogans are exaggerated.

Country folk aren’t cursed with “teh dumbs”.

And city people aren’t blessed with smarts.

But users on Bumble do tend to have degrees. So that’s cool.

One last thing to keep in mind about Bumble is its core concept…

Only women can send the first message.

This might be annoying if you’re a guy with a fresh match. Because you have to wait until she initiates the conversation.

Other than that, the app is very similar to Tinder. Read this article if you want to max out your matches on Bumble.

How popular is Tinder in Perth?

This may shock you…

Tinder in Perth is hugely…



Anyone in Perth who is active in online dating uses Tinder.

If you want to have 3+ dates a week and use only one app, Tinder is your best bet.

With little else to say, let’s move onto the next insight.

It’s all about dating culture in Perth.

What to expect when dating in Perth

Different culture means different rules. Keep reading so you don’t mess up and make a fool out of yourself.

And to make sure you leave a good impression, you’re going to get the 10 words of Australian slang.

The women of Perth

Thanks to Perth’s multicultural background, most ladies have open and strong personalities.

They’re also friendly.

Don’t be surprised if a pretty girl tells you “Hi” as she walks past. She may toss you a, “Hi, how you goin’?”

Which literally means “how are you” but it’s used like hello.

The correct response is “Fine, how ‘bout yourself?”

The vibe in the city is very chill. Most people are extraordinarily laid back and aren’t easily offended.

But because Perth is also an educational hub, a lot of the women you meet will be focused on advancing their careers.

Dating Culture

Because Perth is so progressive and the women so independent, kissing on the first date is super normal.

Hookups are not uncommon either, but are definitely not the rule.

If you want to get lucky, be open minded, respect his or her choices and have fun. The hanky panky will follow naturally.

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Enjoy, amigo.

Drinking and drugs

Perth is no Amsterdam, but Australia is no stranger to drugs and alcohol.

Pretty much everybody drinks socially.

And almost everyone occasionally does, or has done, a recreational drug or two.

TextGod Coach Dan’s only real culture shock was the bar price for a whiskey-coke!

Ozzie slang

If you look on Wikipedia, it says the national language of Australia is “English”.

And yet it sounds nothing like it.

What gives?

One word…


If you want to understand the locals, you better brush up on your Strayan (Australian).

So here’s a brief list of Australian must-know slang:

  1. “G’day” (sounds like: guh-day) means hello
  2. “Fair dinkum” means true or genuine. And is used when an Ozzie wants to emphasize the next word. “This guy is fair dinkum unbelievable.”
  3. “Bloke” means dude.
  4. “Goon” is cheap boxed wine. And is often mixed with Sprite or Fanta to make it more tasty. If you check the carton, it reads “Produced with the aid of milk, eggs, nuts, and fish. Traces may remain. Contains added sugar.” So yeah… at least you know you’re on a balanced diet.
  5. “Bottle-o” (sounds like: bot-low) is slang for bottle shop. Which means the liquor store.
  6. “Maccas” means McDonalds.
  7. “Ta” means thank you.
  8. “Ciggy” means cigarette.
  9. “Coldie” means beer.
  10. “Brekkie” (sounds like: breh-key) means breakfast. Starting to see the pattern?
  11. “Too easy” means that everything is okay. Or they’re talking about my mom.

Next you’re going to get authentic Ozzie pick up lines.

Word of caution: Australians aren’t afraid to swear.

Authentic Australian pick up lines (WARNING: not for the light of heart)

Some of the next lines have so much spunk, reading them may get you pregnant.

You ready “ya fuckin’ cunt”?

Sorry, buddy.

Didn’t mean to offend you.

But Australians use ‘cunt’ quite lovingly.

Now you know Ozzies swear like sailors, we can get into the openers.

And specially for you, I divided my openers into two groups.

Opening lines for locals and tourists.

Why the distinction?

Because non-natives probably haven’t heard the old but gold pick up lines.

The line that will make foreigners smile and natives frown:

Are you Australian? Because you meet all my koala-fications!

It’s topical, tongue in cheek and doesn’t offend.


Now two slightly more spicy openers for the locals.

The first:

Can I didgeridoo you?

Because if I can’t blow raspberries in front of you, we can’t be friends


Even though the first line doesn’t mean anything, it sounds very naughty.

So you want to dial it down. Or else she may think you’re only looking for sex.

Onto the second part of the opener.

To play the didgeridoo, you put your lips against the ‘didj’ and pretend like you’re a horse blowing air out of its mouth.

That’s also called ‘blowing raspberries’. And it’s very childish, because it sounds like farts.

So you’re explaining what you mean by “Can I didgeridoo you”.

And your explanation defuses the sex bomb you just dropped.

What makes this line extra powerful, is that it also works as a filter.

If she doesn’t like it when you blow raspberries in front of her, you know she’s probably very up tight.

But if she doesn’t mind, she’s likely very chill and fun.

The third and last line puts a spin on things:

Dating me is like dating a defective kangaroo

I have a sack that’s made just for my baby

This line is good for four reasons:

  1. It’s self-deprecating. You’re ‘defective’.
  2. It’s 100.69% nonsense. Male kangaroos don’t have pouches.
  3. It’s sexual, but not overly so. You only mentioned you have sack. Big whoop.
  4. It doesn’t put her on a pedestal. Your sack is only for your baby and you’ve said nothing to imply she can play that role.

All these reasons combined will get her to reply.

And that’s all you want (with an opener).

When on Tinder, the end goal is a date that ends in bed.

But before you get to the boudoir, you have to get through the date.

Which is why you’re about to learn how to give her the best date ever.

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A date that has her thirsting for your after-date-text

After this tip, you’ll know exactly how to sweep your girl off her feet and have her hungering for your after-date-text.

Before we plunge into the date locations, let’s go over the date ABCs.

Is the date venue important?


Is the date venue the most important?


If that shocks you, you’re in for a treat.

Because what you’re about to learn has the power to boost your dates from ‘it was nice’ to ‘I want to see him again’.

Let’s begin.

First of all, you need to ask her out for a date over text. Luckily I made a video on it:

Holy Tip:

In case you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick rundown on how to ask a girl out:

– 1. Only go for the date if the conversation is on an up
– 2. Don’t kill the attraction by saying how much you want to see her
– 3. Stay away from the word ‘date’ and replace it with something like ‘drinks’
– 4. Remove the question mark in your date proposal. So text ‘let’s do BLANK’ instead of ‘want to BLANK?’
– 5. And lastly, give her several days to choose from instead of one to increase the chances of her saying yes.

If you want to know more, just follow the links above, buddy.

The ‘traditional’ date that dug its way into Western culture looks like this:

Meet up in front of a bar or café*, go inside and sit across from each other, order drinks and leave after two hours of chatting.

*The bar can also be swapped out for a restaurant or cinema without changing the basics: meet up outside the venue, go in and sit tight.

What’s the problem?

It sucks.

Why does it suck?

For lots of reasons, but the biggest is…

It’s boring.

And I can prove it.

Ever notice how books, poetry, films and even songs tell stories?

Some better than others. But there’s always challenges to overcome, right?

“You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo.”
— Eminem

And it’s those challenges and opportunities that fire us up.

So what’s wrong with the traditional date from before?

It doesn’t challenge us or give us an opportunity for excitement.

The traditional date is just two people safely sitting inside a room.

Nobody is going to write a song about that.

Unless some cool or dramatic shit happens!

So what if you planned cool into the date?

When your dating game is fire.

Follow the next steps if you want to take your dates to the next level.

  1. Meet a 5-to-10-minute walk away from your first date venue
  2. Spend 30 to 60 minutes at the first location (get slightly physical with your date)
  3. Walk to the second venue with a different atmosphere/activity (briefly kiss your date at the new location or on the way)
  4. Take your date home or end on a high note to guarantee she wants to see you again

What would that actually look like?

  1. Meet up at a monument, town square or train station
  2. Walk her to cocktail bar while talking about my day
  3. Order mojitos and get snuggly. Leave when both our glasses are empty
  4. Walk hand in hand to an ice cream shop. But before we get there, I lead her to a bridge suspended over running water where I kiss her
  5. Eat ice cream on a bench overlooking the water. Make her sit on my lap as we passionately make out. Say I have to leave as she hugs me tightly

This, my friend, is what a date looks like that she wants to tell all her girlfriends about.

You’re welcome.

Now let’s get into the best dating locations in Perth.

Best 8 Tinder date locations in Perth

No more worries about what to do on your Tinder date.

After this part, you’ll know exactly where to go on your romantic rendez-vous.

#1 Kings Park & Botanic Garden

The oasis every local tells herself to visit more often, but never does. Except for the times that everyone was playing Pokémon Go.

Kings Park is a 400-hectare (990-acre) park in the heart of Perth.

It has one of the best views in Perth, picnic areas, a botanic garden and great walking trails.

Let’s get into the trails right away.

Kings Park has a treetop walk that starts east of the Forest Roundabout.

This glass and steel bridge hangs over the botanic garden at 52 meters (170 feet) and offers gorgeous views of the city.

The walkway is a tourist hotspot, but I recommend it all the same.

Note: the walkway is open between 9 AM to 5 PM. Don’t be late.

This short guide doesn’t do Kings Park enough justice. Be sure to explore.

#2 Swan River

If we’re talking outdoor fun, Kings Park is the retired grandpa and Swan River is the sporty uncle.

While Swan River does have picnic spots, it’s mostly known for its biking and hiking trails, or for sailing, swimming and kayaking in its winding waters.

If the water activities sound too tough, I invite you to go for a cycle.

Rent quad cycles at About Bike Hire’s and sit side by side as you cycle along the river. You’ll get to know your date and the area at the same time

If you’re a bit sweaty and want to unwind, consider sailing on the Little Ferry.

The skippers give you commentary on the sights.

And don’t think you’ll only be staring at greens and the city skyline.

Australia is brimming with animals. So keep your eyes peeled for dolphins, pelicans, cormorants, and black swans.

Returning to the Ferry, if you like, you can ask the skipper to drop you off at one of the many cafes or bars along the way.

Only to be picked up by the next cruise two hours later.

Little Ferry calls itself the #1 boat tour in Western Australia and I can see why.

#3 The favorite seaside destination of the locals: Cottesloe Beach

With over a kilometre (0.6 miles) of pure white sand, Cottesloe Beach is breathtaking.

And it’s only a 30-minute drive from Perth city center.

If you don’t have a car, buses and trains take you there too.

But before you leave, be sure to pack your swimming and snorkeling gear.

Cottesloe has three areas.

The main beach is best for swimming and walking.

Peters Pool is great for snorkeling. As is in front of the surf club and Blue Duck and Barchetta cafés.

And if your date is a surfer, bring your boards to South Cottesloe.

There’s no beach there, just rocky reefs and cliffs.

And when the seas of South Cottesloe are calm, it also makes for a great snorkeling spot.

Even if all you do is park your ass in the sand and throw back a coldie, Cottesloe Beach does not disappoint.

#4 Picnicking under the Ozzy sun

If your date includes a trip to the outdoors, bring a picnic basket. And fill it with all sorts of goodness.

Being out in mother nature with a nice bottle of wine, but no bottle opener sucks.

That’s why I jotted down a list of essentials for you:

  • A thick blanket. If all your blankets are nice, bring along an old tablecloth to put on the ground first.
  • A cooler. And bring ice packs to keep everything chilled.
  • A basket or charming bag to hold your food.
  • Tupperware for the breakables
  • Cutlery and cups
  • Moist towels for cleaning
  • Bottle opener for beers and a corkscrew for wine

All that remains are your food and drinks of choice.

Happy picnicking.

#5 Rock to tunes at the Fremantle Arts Centre

If you have a packed picnic basket, head to the Fremantle Arts Centre to enjoy the Sunday concerts.

From October until the end of March, the Arts centre hosts performances by local and tourings acts in the front garden.

Usually attracting hundreds of people every Sunday.

The acts run from 2 PM to 4 PM with a break in the middle. That’s a good time to look at the art exhibitions.

The best part?

It’s free and you’re allowed to bring your own food and drink!

If lugging around a heavy backpack isn’t your thing, you can also buy stuff at the café.

#6 Go old skool in the Nostalgia Box

Nostalgia Box is Australia’s only video game console museum. Located right in the middle of Northbridge, Perth.

I know what you’re thinking.

Museums don’t exactly scream excitement.

But Nostalgia Box is different.

It’s not just about ogling old Ataris and Segas.

After you walk down memory lane, you actually get to sit down and play the classics from your childhood.

Duck Hunt, Space Invaders, Pac Man…

They have over a hundred games for you to try.

Come down and battle it out with your date.

And remember, nobody likes a sore loser. Only ego crazy winners.

*tea bags your dead corpse*

#7 A taste of Spain at Pinchos

Great atmosphere, friendly plus fast staff and good quality tapas starting from one dollar.

One dollar.

No more words needed.

Just go.

You can find Pinchos in Leederville, a short drive up from Perth city center

#8 Have the best Gelato in Leederville

Gusto Gelato always has a line out into the street.

And for good reason.

The gelato is dee-lish.

But there’s one drawback.

There’s too many flavors!

Holy Tip:

Pinchos and Gusto Gelato are in the same neighborhood. How about visiting both locations on the same date?

That will definitely increase the dankness of your date. And get her panties nice and moist.

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