Tinder in Russia: Step-By-Step Plan To Get Lucky

You’re either planning a visit to Russia.

Or you’re already in the land of vodka.

And you want to know what Tinder in Russia is like.

You’re in luck, because in this article you’ll get:

  • The best dating apps in Russia to get you 3+ dates a week
  • Must-know dating etiquette for dating Russian women
  • The photos that your hometown girls hate, but Russian girls love
  • 2 Texting mistakes that turn her off
  • 3 Date locations for Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • Screenshots of Tinder convo’s with Russian girls
  • More…

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#1: Most popular dating apps in Russia

Russia is known for its cold climate and beautiful women, but little do people know that Russia is also known for its…

Culinary talent.

Excuse me, I meant ‘love for dating apps.’

When it comes to downloading dating apps, Russia leads the world.

And for the longest time, recognized dating apps like Tinder were pushed out of the top 5 by Russian competitors.

But through relentless marketing efforts, Tinder has finally penetrated the top 3.

As of today, the leading dating apps in Russia are:

1.    Mamba

A Russian dating app with over 10 million users worldwide.


In reality, most members live in Eastern Europe.

Mamba works similarly to Tinder, except for one notable difference:

Live streams.

That’s the preferred way of getting to know your match.

It’s thought that streams are more true to life.

Plus safer for users, because videos can’t be doctored. So no catfish.

  • Popular
  • Women of all ages and backgrounds
  • Almost only Eastern Europeans
  • Free
  • Useless if you can’t speak Ukrainian or Russian

2.    Badoo

Badoo is hugely popular in Russia, because it’s made by a Russian.


  • One of the largest audiences of any dating app
  • Most popular with the 20 to 35-year-olds
  • User-friendly
  • Better at speaking English (but locals regard it as an Eastern European app)
  • Poor search parameters make it difficult to find the girls you like

3.    Tinder

Swipe, match, date.

You know the drill.

  • The largest audience of any dating app
  • Super popular
  • Best at speaking English
  • None

*Plays Russian national anthem*

#2: Who is on Tinder in Russia?

Just because Tinder is popular in Russia does NOT mean the app is right for you.

Maybe Russian Tinder doesn’t have your type of girl.

And even if the app does have your sweetheart, you might just have to fight a swarm of squatting Slavs to get her.

But don’t let my Russian bro fool you, comrade.

Russian ladies are very beautiful.

All the blood is Russian to my Kremlin.

Do keep in mind, most Russian women don’t speak a lot of English.

Although English fluency is rising thanks to the younger generations.

Plus, if you write your bio in English, you automatically filter out all non-English speaking Russians.

Want to see what your Russian rivals are up to?

Russian women are actually openly posting screenshots of handsome foreigners online and asking: “Why do Russian men suck so badly in comparison?”

Looks like the Russian ladies are looking for you, bro.

You better brush up on your dating etiquette.

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#3: Russian Tinder dating etiquette

The Russians are looking for love like the rest of us, but wrap the quest for romance in different rules.

1.    Unlike the Soviet Union, Chivalry is far from dead

Despite the cold weather, Russians remain romantic.

Men often show their affection by showering girls with gifts.

Men hold doors open for women, pull out her chair, walk on the outside of the sidewalk, write her notes… all the stuff that we’ve forgotten in the West.

Here’s a reminder of the most important chivalrous acts.

2.    Pay the bill

As a man, picking up the tab is your duty.

Your Russian date won’t offer to split. And if you do, you’ll never see her again.

And don’t get it twisted.

She won’t ghost you because she wanted a free meal, but because you clearly think money is more important than her.

3.    Buy her flowers

In the West, flowers are typically reserved for relationships.

But in Russia, a bouquet is the norm. And here’s why:

When Russian girls go on a date, they go ALL out.

She’ll prep for hours in advance, if not days.

Pedicures, manicures, trips to the hair salon…

She spends a lot of time, money and effort to look her best.

Scratch best. She wants to look perfect.

So she expects a similar effort in return.


  • Make 1337% sure you have an ODD number. Even numbers are reserved for funerals.
  • Avoid yellow flowers (symbolizes breakups), carnations (too formal and Soviet) and lilies (the scent is too strong).
  • When in doubt, go for red roses, tulips, irises or field flowers.

4.    Compliment her looks

If a girl spends time and rubles making herself beautiful, she wants to hear it.

So be sure to tell her.

5.    Plan the date

The man plans and surprises the woman.

‘Nuff said.

6.    Dress the part

In Russia, going on a date is a special occasion.

As with any unique event, you dress up.

You don’t have to go overboard, just look as if you put in some effort into your appearance.

Trimmed hair and beard. Good-fitting clothing. And clean shoes.

Tip: the majority of Russian women like their men to be masculine. So no skinny jeans or man-bags.

It’s also a smart idea to ask your date what she’s going to wear.

That way you won’t be underdressed and make her feel bad.

7.    Topics of conversations

Russia is very old fashioned when it comes to topics of conversation.

Although this greatly depends on the age of your lady friend and her background. Cityfolk tend to be more progressive.

Traditionally, guys act tough and subtly show off their status as a breadwinner.

And the ladies play the feminine counterpart. Which sadly involves downplaying her intellect, education and professional career.

Before you mention you bake a mean brownie, in Russia cooking is considered girly.

A big plus about Russian dating culture is the emphasis on emotion over logic.

It’s expected to share personal stories and connect on an emotional level.

In fact, Russian women love a man who can be vulnerable.

8.    Kissing and one-night stands

Surprisingly, there is no fixed rule about kissing or hookups.

Whatever feels natural, is right.

There is also no pressure from peers to rush into a relationship.

The dating stage can last for years, or you can get married in two weeks.

All is good in Mother Russia.

Get it, comrade?

Now for some profile tips.

#4: Tinder profile tips in Russia

Photos your hometown girls hate can be the ones your Russian girls love.

Like your best friend’s wedding photos:

A photo of an actual gopnik wedding. Sometimes reality is the joke.

The photos that are booed back home and cheered abroad are…

Pics of your local tourist attractions.

You pinching the Statue of Liberty between your fingers. Dancing in front of Rocky Balboa’s statue. Touching the top of the Washington Monument with your finger. Falling off the beam at Rockefeller Center…

You know the deal.

The photos that make you roll your eyes so hard they shoot out the back of your skull.

But to Russians, riding on a San Francisco trolly is… exotic.

Who’d have thunk it?

So use your local landmarks to your advantage:

Pose in front of your neighborhood’s Wendy’s to get inside Tatiana’s undies.

Holy Tip:

If you’ve made it this far, you know Russian girls like to dress up for a date.

What you didn’t know, is that Russian girls also love it when a man dresses smart.

Brush off the suit that’s been collecting dust in the back of your closet and get your Rockefeller on.

Important: Make sure the suit fits. You swim in a pool, not your threads.

Now that the ladies in Russia will swipe you right, onto conversation tips.

#5: Tinder conversation tips in Russia

Tinder in Russia doesn’t have many rules, but there are TWO mistakes you don’t want to make.


Not laughing at her memes.

The Russians are experts at cleaning up their friend lists.

I’ll be honest. If her meme game is weak, I’ll walk myself to the gulag.

Anyway, the real danger when dating Russian girls is taking too long to get to the point.

Even though she can talk English, she won’t be as good at reading and writing.

So the more time you spend on jokes and banter, the greater the odds you’ll confuse her.

And confusion does not go together with attraction.

So keep your conversations simple, fun and straight to the point.

Like this guy:

This internet bro’s text game is tight.

Or this duderino:

Dar-ya have it.

Secondly, don’t act like a tourist.

That includes:

  • No asking for travel tips.
  • No asking her “to be your tour guide”.
  • No mixing your vodka.
  • No photos of government buildings and officials.
  • Do learn a little of the Cyrillic alphabet.
  • Do get to know some Russian words to say.
  • Do respect local habits and etiquette.
  • Do show genuine interest in the Russian culture.

If you want some pro tips on using Tinder while traveling, check the article on the subject.

Holy Tip:

All women around the world are wary of sex tourists.

It’s not that all girls hate hookups, girls simply don’t like creeps.

Recognizing you’re a foreigner, Russian women may ask you, “Why are you on Tinder?”

Hint: She already knows why. She’s simply figuring out if you have the stones to admit it.

There really isn’t a ‘right’ answer. But I advise you to keep your reply lighthearted:

I was looking for you


Mind your business. You’re not my mom!

Now that you can Tinder successfully in Russia, onto the first Tinder date.

#6: Date locations in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Take your new Tinder match on a date that she’ll never forget.

Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

But that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to impress your date.

Let’s start with Moscow.

1.    Moscow in summer: Go cycling in Tsaritsyno

Summertime Moscow is gorgeous and has an easy bike rental system.

Combine the two and go for a bike ride in Tsaritsyno.

It’s a large park reserve that was once the estate of royalty.

With over 405 hectares (about 1.000 acres), there’s lots to see.

Be sure to bring along a blanket and go picnicking.

2.    Moscow in winter: the Soviet exhibition center

The Soviet exhibition center, or VDNKh, is a trade show / amusement park.

But don’t expect any rides.

It’s filled with museums, old socialist architecture and other interesting sights.

It’s probably the most beautiful during a sunny afternoon. Although the night sky combined with the exhibition’s festive lights may be more romantic.

In the winter, the center of the park turns into the biggest ice-skating rink in Moscow.

3.    Moscow’s all-year attraction: Myasnitskaya street

Myasnitskaya is the most stunning street in all of Moscow.

And is right around the corner of the Red Square.

It’s filled with all sorts of crazy, colorful buildings that look like they came straight out of a Disney film.

Plus Myasnitskaya has its fair share of pubs and bars that accommodate all wallet sizes.

4.    St. Petersburg in summer: Climb the St. Isaac’s Cathedral

The St. Isaac’s Cathedral gives the BEST view of the St. Petersburg city center.

But to get the best view, you really want to visit on a good day.

Which reminds me of a local joke.

A man comes out of his house and asks a passerby:

“How long has it been raining?”

  • “Since 1703.” (The year when it was founded.)

But who knows. Maybe you’ll get lucky.

5.    St. Petersburg in winter: Drinks at the Bar Kabinet

You walk down into a cellar. Candlelight flicks over the walls and the sound of jazz fills the air.

You reach the end of the steps and enter a large room filled with smiling patrons and poker tables.

You’ve arrived at Bar Kabinet. A 20th-century speakeasy.

The bar is run like a poker club.

Bartenders deal you cards that decide your cocktail.

I won’t reveal too much, but a night at Bar Kabinet will definitely stay with you.

Just make sure to call ahead and place a reservation. Places can be hard to get.

Also, dress smart.

6.    St. Petersburg all-year-round attraction: The Playloft Gaga

Playloft Gaga, a crowd favorite. And also an anti-cafe.

That means you can have unlimited tea, coffee or cookies. As well as your own food and drink.

Although you may have to pay a couple euros to keep the staff happy.

How can Playloft Gaga even afford a staff while they give away free tea and cookies?

Because you pay for time spent. Don’t worry, it’s cheap.

The main attraction of the Playloft, however, is not the price.

It’s board games. They have over 1.000 of them.

Sadly for you, all the instructions are in Russian. So your date has to translate.

And if board games aren’t your schtick, the Playloft also has a lovely terrace overlooking the city.

Like with Bar Kabinet, book in advance.

People go gaga for the Playloft Gaga.

This almost marks the end for Tinder in Russia.

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