Tinder in Singapore: The Unofficial Guide to Double Your Dating

You’re about to visit Singapore.

Or are already living there and want some help with matching more cute women.


Because today, you’ll get all the tips you need to make Tinder in Singapore a flying success!

Here’s what you get:

  • A rundown of the Singaporean ladies you can expect to match
  • 3 Tinder alternatives to help you get the perfect match
  • 5 Tips on making your first Tinder date a success in SG
  • The opener with the highest response rate in the solar system
  • 7 Date ideas that will make her want to see you again

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Singapore is a beautiful modern country in Southeast Asia with almost 6 million inhabitants.

(Yes, Singapore is both the name of the capital and the country.)

6 million people is a lot of potential matches.

But not all of them will be swiping. Neither will all of them be date potential.

Seeing as how the male to female ratio is close to equal, we can cut the number of love interests in half to 3 million. (Unless you go both ways, you lucky son of a gun.)

From there, it’s important to know how old the Singaporian ladies are.

Here’s a rough estimate per age category:

  • 500,000 women between the ages of 15-24 years old
  • 1,500,000 women between the ages of 25-54 years old
  • 320,000 women between the ages of 55-64 years old

“Ehh… Louis. I’m really not in the mood to figure out what this actually means.”

Fair point, my dear reader. What am I thinking giving you a math problem?

Let me break down Singapore’s demographics into something usable.

  • Half of the women in Singapore are younger than 35
  • Singapore universities have around 110,000 total student enrollments per year

Better? I thought so.

These numbers are pretty large and guarantee you’ll have plenty of Tinder matches.

“I see. But what about the language barrier? It’s no point to match with women who I can’t talk with.”

Ah… here’s where it gets interesting.

Singapore has four official languages. Of which one is English.

So the locals will have zero trouble understanding you.

And the language issue gets even better when you take tourists into consideration.

In 2018, 18,5 million tourists came to Singapore. Sure, the majority came from the surrounding Asian countries and probably don’t speak a word of English.

But when the minority of tourists is already 8 million strong and from the West, you still have a HUGE influx of English speakers coming to Singapore.

In short:

  • Singapore has roughly as many women as men
  • The Singapore people are fluent in English
  • Singapore attracts over 18,5 million tourists per year

Yep. Singapore is a great place to get your swipe on.

And I don’t necessarily mean Tinder. Although it is hugely popular and definitely with trying, let’s check out some…

Tinder alternatives in Singapore

To get the highest quality matches, I got some Tinder alternatives for you.

In fact, some claim these are the best dating apps to use.

And seeing as I’ve never been, I’m taking the word of my Singaporian clients who have no time to waste on ineffective apps.

But just to make it clear: Tinder is a great dating app in Singapore to use, and it’s very popular.

Enough with the introductions.

Let me give you the apps that will connect you with the best Singapore has to offer.

Starting with…

Dating app #1: Paktor

Unless you’re a local, you’ve probably never heard of Paktor.

So let me tell you the story about how this dating app took Singapore by storm:

Paktor launched in 2013 and grew to be the undisputed dating app champ in Asia and is 20 times larger than its nearest local competitor. The end.

But seriously, this app is hugely popular in Singapore and is almost identical to Tinder.

Swipe through a stack of profiles, get a match, chat, and meet up.

There’s another reason to pick Paktor over Tinder:

Extra cool features.

Firstly, Paktor lets you filter your matches by education and occupation.

Which, in case you didn’t know, Tinder doesn’t let you do. Tinder only gives you the option to screen people based on gender, age, and distance.

Secondly, you can use Paktor Points (which you can buy or earn for free by using the app) to send someone a text that you haven’t matched with.

And if you’re good at texting or read all my articles, that text will blow her away and get her to match you.

  • #1 Dating app in many Asian countries
  • Filter feature to help you get better matches
  • Works almost the same as Tinder
  • Only works well in Asia
  • Be wary of catfish, it’s a problem that’s slowly going away, but is still present

Holy Tip:

Singapore has cool locals, crazy backpackers and some hot expats.

So like in any metropolis there is some competition.

No need to worry.

But to match the cutest women your profile needs to be on point.

Read my free guides to get a Tinder profile that doubles your matches.

Dating app #2: LunchClick

LunchClick is Singapore’s first dating app aimed at women.

Its goal?

A safe and effective dating experience for those looking for commitment.

What’s different?

For starters, you’re not only asked to fill in your basic info (like height and occupation), but also your NRIC number. The identity document that all permanent Singapore residents have.

So no more catfish.

Another difference with Tinder is that LunchClick only gives you one curated profile to match with every day.

“One a day? Lol, no thanks.”

I didn’t say it was for everyone. But if you’re a Singapore local or expat looking for a relationship, I definitely recommend it.

The drawback of Tinder is that you constantly check your phone for your latest likes and matches. Which transforms the thrill of meeting a new potential partner into an ego boost.

If you only have one profile to look at per day, you’re forced to seriously consider the profile and the person who owns it.

Another feature that makes LunchClick stand out is the interview-system. Once you have a match, you aren’t free to text as you please.

Before you get to limitless texting, you have to answer a series of multiple choice questions about your values, interests, and aspirations.

Which does seriously limit self expression: most of our personality comes from how we say things rather than what we say. But if you want something serious and have little time to waste, LunchClick may just be right for you.

  • Good for finding relationships
  • Doesn’t cost you a lot of time
  • Great if you’re a terrible conversationalist, because the Q&A system cuts through all the small talk
  • New point I didn’t mention earlier: after you’ve gone out with a match, LunchClick asks you for feedback to help you get better matches in the future
  • Multiple choice forces the conversation to deep, meaningful conversation rather than lighthearted banter
  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • Only one potential match per day
  • Have to give your IC number

Dating app #3: Bumble

You may be surprised to see Bumble make the list, but Bumble is pretty gosh dang popular in S’pore. (At least, in the capital.)

And it’s a happy medium between the more casual nature of Paktor, and the more serious nature of LunchClick.

What makes Bumble so special?

At first glance, Bumble is identical to Tinder.

But when you give it a closer look, you’ll notice it’s actually quite different.

For starters, matching doesn’t open a direct line to her chatbox.

Instead, she gets a notification to send you a text within 24 hours. And if she doesn’t ever send that text, you miss out on your match forever.

“That sounds like a super good feature, Louis. NOT!”

Hehe, I know my sarcastic bro.

But it’s not all bad. The reason women text first is so that us insensitive guys don’t bombard her with x-rated pickup lines.

How does that help us?

That feature attracts more women. Bumble has about 7 dudes for every 3 women.

I know it doesn’t sound great, but Tinder has 9 guys for every single woman. Talk about competition.

Holy Tip:

The male to female ratio on dating apps honestly isn’t anything to worry about.

Most dudes have such a generic collection of photos that their joke of a profile actually makes you look better.

That is… if you don’t have a generic profile yourself.

Luckily, getting the generic out of your profile isn’t hard.

In fact, it’s easy. If you have my Dating Profile Checklist.

Grab it here for free and find out exactly what the weaknesses are of your profile and how to fix them.

Besides more women, Bumble also offers higher quality women than Tinder.

The women tend to be higher educated and more invested.

Which makes setting up the date all the easier.

If you’re in the capital, be sure to give Bumble a whirl.

  • Good for finding both relationships and hookups
  • More and higher quality women than Tinder
  • Great way to find Western tourists and expats
  • Only popular in major Singapore cities
  • If she doesn’t text you in 24 hours, you lose the match

Singapore Dating Etiquette

Okay, so you got a date planned with a Singaporian beauty.

(Or are already fantasizing about a date with a Singaporian beauty.)

And you don’t want to mess it up.

But despite everything you’ve read online or heard from your friends, you’re still not sure what to do.

  • “How do I greet her when we meet? Hug? Peck on the cheek? A handshake?”
  • “Do I hold doors open for her?”
  • “Do I pay the bill?”
  • “Do we kiss on the first date?”

Excellent questions.

Which will all be answered shortly.

1.    Does having a non-fancy job hurt my shot at love?

I may have Randy Orton’d you with that question.

So let me explain.

Stereotypical Asian culture dictates that a good job is the number priority and everything else that’s good will come to you thanks to your career.

Bad career? Bad life.

That’s the idea most of us have when we think of the Asian mentality.

Does that stereotype hold any water?


I mean, it’s not without reason that a survey found that the workers of Singapore are the unhappiest in South-east Asia: they work their fingers to the bone.

But women from Singapore are not necessarily seeking to date doctors, lawyers, and brain surgeons.

Although they like a man with a large wallet, they ultimately want a man who fully accepts himself for who he is.

Whether that means he’s raking in cash by the boatload, or collecting pennies from the street. (You do really want to have your life in order, but you catch my drift.)

2.    How do I greet her on the date?

Over in Europe, we often greet women by giving them a peck on the cheek.

Problem is, every European country has a different number of pecks.

Some do one peck. Others two. Some three.

And it looks super awkward if you’re going for three and she’s already pulling her head away because she’s done.

Now you’re the needy, desperate one just because you didn’t know the local custom.

Let’s not make that happen with your Singapore date.

So what’s normal when dating in Singapore?

A nice warm hug!


And it doesn’t involve keeping track of your cheek pecks.

3.    Who pays on the first date?

If you ask an audience of women from S’pore, “Who should pay on the first date?”

They’d unanimously answer, “MAN!”

And if you ask why, they’d reply, “Because he’s supposed to be a gentleman!”

Singapore men are pressured to be gentlemen.

And gentlemen pay for drinks.

Does this mean you need to pay for everything?

Not necessarily.

If you want to play it safe, sure.

But I’d advise you to get your date’s view on who pays… after you settle the first bill.

So after you handle the drinks on the first date, say, “You can get the rounds at the next place.” And wait for her reaction.

“But Louis, didn’t you just say all girls from Singapore want guys to pay on the first date?”

That’s the knee jerk reaction every girl has.

But in reality, girls often want something different.

Some girls don’t like it when guys pick up the bill, especially when it’s a lot, because it puts a lot of pressure on the girl to return the favor somehow.

At least, that’s how it may feel for some women.

And if she doesn’t want to feel pressured into making out with you (or she just prefers paying for her part), she’ll gladly buy theice cream or cocktails at the next date location.

Other girls, however, may not feel pressured at all. And will gladly let you be their sugar daddy.

It all depends on the girl.

That’s why you want to pick up the tab at the first venue and give her the chance to pay the bill at the next venue.

4.    Kissing on the first date


Who doesn’t love to kiss on the first date?

The mere idea of it happening keeps the date exciting, the kiss itself is super hot, and, when done right, almost guarantees a second date.


But how do Singaporeans feel about locking lips?

People from Singapore are not the most open-minded when compared to the west.

And if you’ve been in Singapore long enough, you’d agree that it’s pretty rare to see couples kiss in public. Yes, couples. People who are actively dating rarely get into public displays of affection.

So how do the Singapore ladies feel about smooching on the first date?

Overall, Singaporeans are open to it as long as the vibe is good aaaaaaaand…

…you make it feel natural.

That means two things:

  1. You take the initiative
  2. You don’t force it by waiting until the end of the date

Chemistry, of course, doesn’t magically appear at the end of dates. If you have any chemistry with your date, it would have probably been clear by the halfway point if not sooner.

In short, if the vibe is cool, kissing is fine. Just make sure you don’t kiss in a place with lots of people or else she’ll probably feel too watched and turn you down.

5.    Sex on the first date

How soon is too soon?

Sex is a tricky subject to Singaporeans.

Singaporean culture pressures people into fitting in. Much more so than in America or Europe.

And what’s socially acceptable is to wait with sex until marriage. At least, that used to be the norm before the influences of the west krept their way into Singapore.

What does the west think?

  • Waiting until marriage is for squares
  • Giving it up too quickly with a stranger, however, is also bad mmmm’kay.

“Okay… so which freakin’ way is it, Louis? Are Singaporeans open to first date hookups or not?”

Although it’s hard to speak for all women in Singapore, I’m going to give you a general rule of thumb:

  • Women of 30 and older are usually more traditional and will only sleep with you if she’s been dating you for a while. Expect a month or more.
  • Women under 30, especially if they’re in their early 20s, are much more liberal when it comes to getting hot and heavy. In this case, sex usually boils down to connection. If she feels emotionally and physically comfortable around you, she’s probably ready.

IMPORTANT: The above only applies to dating.

The game changes slightly if she hasn’t had sex for a while. If the drought has gone on long enough, she’ll be more open to a onenightstand.

Did she mention she hasn’t dated in a while? That’s a cue that you can probably take it further than normal. But DON’T make a dash for the bedroom.

Just play it slow and steady. Then you’ll most likely be doing some bedroom calisthenics in no time.

But before you do, know this…

If you have sex on the first date, it’s highly likely you won’t see her again.


Because she probably feels like she’s set up the wrong expectations.

If she were to meet you for a second date, she’d feel pressured to sleep with you again. Or at the very least kiss.

So now getting intimate feels more like an obligation instead of a fun, spontaneous accident.

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Even if you’re raking in lots of matches, that’s no guarantee you’ll be having dates.

To have dates you need good convos.

And if you want good convos, you need good texting skills.

How the heck do you get good if you’re only average?


You watch one of my dozens of YouTube vids. Don’t just pick one at random.

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Enjoy, m’bro.

7 Date ideas in Singapore

When it comes to romance and raising attraction, Singapore has lots of ways to play Cupid.

And it’s not drinks and a movie. Or doing dinner.

As you hopefully know, that’s too bland.

Plus, watching a movie is straight up AWFUL for raising attraction.

Don’t know someone? Better sit next to each other in a dark room where we can’t speak for 2 hours, that’ll make a good first impression. #hardcoresarcasm

So how do you make a good first impression on your first Singapore date?

Here come a few ideas.

Date idea #1: Tag in Mother Nature as your wing woman

Singapore is almost right on the equator. And has actual rainforests with all kinds of crazy wildlife.

So if she’s the adventurous type, ask her to put on her hiking gear and get your Indiana Jones on.

An easy and fun ‘hike’ is Mac Ritchie’s Reservoir TreeTop Walk. Which goes through one of Singapore’s oldest parks and takes you 250 metres (275 yards) high, where you can walk above the lush green foliage over a suspension bridge.

The 250-metre-high trail is 7 to 11 kilometres long (about 4 to 7 miles) and is truly a sight to behold.

You’ll see long-tailed macaque monkeys, squirrels, lizards, and maybe some flying lemurs.

There’s also toilets along the way, so your date doesn’t have to worry about any of that.

Want to go wilder than a park?

Check out Bukit Timah’s Nature Reserve or the Kranji Marshes.

Date idea #2: Get Hollywood vibes at the beach

Okay. Remember how I said movies were a terrible first date idea?

“Yes, you made that painfully obvious, Louis.”

Well, I’m about to contradict myself. Because watching a movie by the beach is nothing short of amazing.

Unlike inside a movie cinema, you can actually talk (kinda. More on that in a moment). Plus, you can see each other.

So the two limitations that normally ruin dates are now gone.


Now, Singapore has quite a bunch of outdoor cinemas.

A favorite among my Singapore clients is Peroni Sunset Cinema. Which is RIGHT on the beach and is open from 29th April to 10th May.

And the event is way more than just a film on a big screen.

You have DJs, musicians, food, drink, and lots of company. It’s quite an experience.

Although the films usually start around 8 PM, I recommend you get there at 5 PM and take in the atmosphere.

IMPORTANT: Remember how I said you can talk during the film? You can, but you’ll first have to take off your wireless headphones. You won’t be hearing music come out speakers like in a traditional cinema.

Date idea #3: Defeat Takeshi’s Singapore’s Castle

Bedok Reservoir Park has Singapore’s largest treetop adventure park, called Forest Adventure.

And it’s Grand Course is an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Where you have to cross 44 rickety obstacles by foot and three large creeks by zipline.

Don’t worry. You’ll be strapped into a harness and get a safety briefing from the staff.

But once that briefing is over, you’re free to take on the course with your Tinder date. And transform yourselves into Spiderman and Spidergirl.

Or whatever other roleplay tickles your fancy.

If you’re not feeling this date idea for some reason, let me tell you why I think it’s one of the best first dates you can have:

  1. It’s very active, which means the odds of awkward silences are almost non-existent
  2. It’s the two of you versus the obstacle course, which turns you into a team. And seriously makes it feel like you’re very close to each other (it’s no wonder schools and colleges do similar activities at the start of the school year—it leads to great friendships)
  3. It’s scientifically proven to raise attraction

Let me go a little deeper on that last part.

When people feel fear in safe environments, like a themepark or scary movie, people mistake their fear for arousal. And attribute that arousal to the person they’re with.

So taking her on a ‘scary’ obstacle course with zip lines will actually make her feel more attracted to you.

On that note, why not consider…

Date idea #4: Racing through Singapore

Now, hold on.

Don’t just hop into a car and go Carmageddon. #memories

Take your car, or other mode of transport, and go to The Karting Arena. Singapore’s first-ever permanent electric karting track. (That’s their actual tagline. What a mouth full.)

Make no mistake, just because the karts are electric doesn’t mean the karts are slow.

The car can reach speeds up to 50 kmh (31 mph). And are fast enough to get your adrenaline pumping.

Do you or your date don’t have your license? No problem.

You don’t need one! Just buy your entry fee and you’ll be given your tarmac-ripping kart.

Date idea #5: Beat up your date in game of Street Fighter

If sitting in a bar doing mojitos is a bit too dull for you, check out one of Singapore’s many arcades.

One of the best is Nineteen80. Which is only a 4-minute walk from the iconic Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

Nineteen 80 is a bar filled with 80s and 90s pop culture references.

The trip down memory lane starts outside, where you walk underneath a neon-lit tunnel to enter the bar.

Where you can also challenge your Tinder date to a game of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. And pepper her with fireballs, or spill her guts all over the screen with a fatality.

If you’re looking for more than a handful of arcade cabinets, Nineteen80 only has 4 different games, check out Level Up. Which has 10+ arcade games.

And if you need a break from the video games, you can pick up a cue and shoot some pool.

Date idea #6: Travel to hell

Ho-ho. I don’t mean actual hell.

I mean the 10 stages of hell at Haw Par Villa.

An attraction inside a theme park shaped like a long tunnel that takes you through ‘hell’.

I know, it sounds grim.

But it’s really not as bad as it seems.

Although the tunnel does definitely demand you have a strong appetite for the weird.

The tunnel (as well as the rest of Haw Par Villa) is basically a large park brimming with brightly colored statues from Chinese mythology.

Although the park attracts lots of visitors, almost everyone comes for the trip to (Buddhist) hell.

If you want to see what the hype is about, definitely visit. And because the hell exhibition is so weird and graphic, you definitely won’t be running out of things to say.

Date idea #7: Shamelessly flex your brains

If your Tinder date has got a big brain, it may be fun to give her a chance to show off.

So how about you take her to a trivia bar?

Sure, it doesn’t scream romance.

But it breaks the mold. And you don’t need to worry about silently staring into each other’s eyes while you strain every brain cell to come up with something to say.

Another added bonus of a trivia bar?

You can actually win prizes!

Which doesn’t only bring money into your pocket, it also solidifies the idea that you’re a match made in heaven.

With seven Singapore date ideas out of the way, we’ve almost reached the end of today’s article.

Before I wrap it up, I have one last gift.

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Enjoy, amigo.

Louis Farfields

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