30+ Outstanding Tinder Lines That Work Every Time

As if getting matches wasn’t difficult enough.

You need to be a word wizard to get her on the date.

Odds are you’ve sent hundreds of openers that went unanswered.

And your date proposals have probably been shot down a bunch too.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have Tinder lines that work every time?

Read on and get:

  • 33 Stealable lines that work every time (w. SCREENSHOTS)
  • An insight that will increase your matches
  • The lowest effort Tinder line that gets a reply
  • What to say on Tinder if you have no inspiration
  • The MOST successful line, proven to work time and time again
  • Funny lines to make her giggle
  • What to text her after you got her number
  • How to ask her out without seeming desperate

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An insight NO Tinder line can match


You might be focusing on the wrong element here. Like when you’re scooping water out of a sinking boat to stay adrift, you might be improving your lines with a broken profile.

Because a great line is inferior to a fantastic profile.

In part, because it’s your profile that lands you hot matches like this:

As you likely know, (I hope), all variations of “Hey” and “How are you?” are terribad.

Women get buried under those predictable first texts on Tinder.

But knowing that “Hi” is bad gives you little guidance on how you CAN grab her attention.

And so discovering what lines work can feel like a frustrating coin toss.

You get a reply… if you’re lucky.

But you don’t want your sex life to depend on chance and luck.

The success of any Tinder opening line depends on a big range of factors:

Background, age, sense of humor, intention, and state of mind. To name a few.

What does that mean for the Holy Grail of openers that satisfies every girl on Earth?

It’s as real as the Lochness Monster or Bigfoot.

We all want to believe they exist, but who ever really saw it?

So there is no mythical pick-up line that works EVERY time.

But if you have a KILLER Tinder profile, you could raise your response rate to as high as 90%!

If you’re fine with a reply from 6 out of 10 women, continue to the Tinder lines.

Do you want better results?

Download my Dating Profile Checklist to take your Tinder profile to the next level.

And become irresistible.

So that all your pick-up lines have that extra edge.

Just follow the link.

Now for the Tinder lines that work almost every time.

#1: The #1 wordless Tinder line

I’ll share a way to get your match to answer with almost no effort.

Words are great and accomplish a lot.

A big nerd once said:

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Very true. Unless your brain is a wet potato.

Us normal mortals don’t always have a clever quip at the ready.

Sometimes our gun of wits is empty.

Rather than shoot blanks and scare off a potential future girlfriend, we can call in the reinforcements.


Before I give you the how-to, let’s discuss the 3 whys.

  • Humor. Although they’re not always knee-slappers, GIFs are always funny. Unlike poorly written lines.
  • Emotional. Because it’s visual, all GIFs easily trigger emotions. And that makes her more likely to answer.
  • Science. Tinder ran the numbers and discovered that texts with a GIF are 30% more likely to get a response.

With solid support for the GIF opener, we move onto the instructions.

Because you don’t want to send her just ANY GIF.

You want to send a GIF that’s PERSONAL.

And finish your opener with:

That’s you

For that to work, your GIF needs to click.

Here are some ideas.

Does she have red hair? Send her a laughing GIF of the girl from Brave.

Is she over 6 feet tall? Send her a GIF from the Doin’ Time clip by Lana Del Rey.

Does she like surfing and dogs? Send her a GIF of a pooch shredding waves.

Is she into yoga and cats?

You during yoga class

Simple and EFFECTIVE.

Check her bio for hobbies and type them into the GIF search bar.

Does her bio not reveal much?

Scope out her photos for locations, pets, hobbies and personality.

#2 – 6: Be creative… (and steal my lines that always work)

Get a simple Tinder line that has a surprisingly HIGH response rate.

One of the hardest things with pick-up lines is finding a good subject.

Which is why almost all men gravitate toward the raunchy.

It’s easy to remember.

And gets straight to the point.

Either she rejects you, or she jumps your boner.

Sounds alright in theory.

Except it NEVER works.

Unless you are a 10/10 male specimen that even fills the Gods of Olympus with jealousy.

Zeus, feel free to smite him.

So if lewd lines don’t work, unless you’re a gorgeous freak of nature, you need to talk about something else.

A subject that you can ALWAYS rely on?

Her name.

To her, it’s the most important word in the world.

So you know her name grabs her attention.

How do you motivate her to reply?

By making it funny.

Like us, women like people who make them laugh.

Check it out.





As you can see, laughter gets the panties wet.

Do you find it hard to come up with name-related puns?

Google is your friend.

Holy Tip:

Stay away from the obvious.

Jane won’t appreciate Tarzan jokes.

Neither does Alexa “play Despacito.”

And Faith definitely has no “faith” it’s going to work out between you two.

The less obvious the joke, the better.

Type in her name plus “Tinder puns”.

You’ll probably get a few hits.

But before you leave me for Google, read on.

And find out how to avoid the most common attraction killer.

When Tinder lines go wrong

Bad Tinder lines can lead to more than an unmatch or shadowban.

For starters, your match may broadcast your attempt at seduction for the world to see.

TinderNightmares is a popular Insta that has a library full of flirting flubs.

Memorializing poor fools for years to come.

Your embarrassing line may also haunt your home life.

Every time she runs into him, she calls him BJ.

Not convinced yet about this horrible mistake?

Fine, one more for good measure:

Damn, that’s awkward, Oscar.

The point?

Be careful about what you send your match.

It’s bad enough that TinderNightmares is almost exclusively men.

And it’s even worse if your bad lines ruin your real life.

So mull over your opener before you hit send.

Keep it classy.

#6 – 10: Tinder lines questions that work every time

I’m about to give you 5 stealable questions that make the ladies think you’re a stud.

Most lines women get on Tinder fall into two categories:

  • Understimulation. “What’s up?”
  • Overstimulation. “I want to tongue punch your fart box.”

You want to hit the sweet spot between the two.

I call it, the taint of stimulation.

How do you give your opener that perfect balance?

By following my super-and-not-so-secret-pick-up line recipe.

Every Tinder line that works checks three boxes:

  • It’s different.
  • It’s relevant.
  • It’s triggering.

When your opener is dull.

Different and relevant speak for themselves.

What most guys struggle with is triggering emotions.

And while almost any strong emotion urges her to reply…

It’s best to go for an emotion that easily leads the conversation forward.

An example of an opener that sparks plenty of emotion but ends the convo?

Elisa, you’re the biggest fucktrumpet I’ve ever seen

Yes, it ticks all the boxes.

And yes, it will very likely get a reply.

But an insult makes it super hard to win her over.


Good luck sweet-talking her now. Contrary to what macho men and frustrated chums believe, girls actually DO like friendly guys. As long as they aren’t the ass-kissing nice-guys made infamous on /r/niceguys.

She wants someone who can push her buttons, but who also treats her like a lady.

So what’s the easiest emotion to seduce her with?


Because this tip is about questions, let’s give you five humdingers.

1. Movie trivia

What movie title best describes your love life?

Here’s a possible answer if she asks for yours:

2. Would you rather

Would you rather be with the person you love forever, but also wear a shirt made out of their pubes, or be alone for the rest of your life but wear whatever you want?

3. Creative

You’re having your portrait painted, what’s your backdrop?

4. If you can’t handle me at my worst…

Pain reliever personality: Advil, tequila, or complaining?

5. Her favorite Sunday

Sunday priorities: exercise, sleep, or aggressive mojitos?

Want more stimulating questions?

Check out my article on topics to talk to a girl about.

#11: The Tinder opening line that ALWAYS works

The next opener has the HIGHEST success rate out of all our Tinder lines.

There’s just one drawback.

Its existence is a serious blow to your my ego.

Let me explain.

The line is so embarrassingly simple.

And so ridiculously potent.

That it destroys other openers that cost me FOREVER to invent.

Let’s spills the beans before you fall out of your seat.

One word…


Yes, I know it gets a bad rep.

But it works.

Imagine you came across the next YouTube titles.

  • I jumped out of a plane.
  • My teacher hit me!!
  • My boss stole from me.
  • I survived a hurricane.
  • Science says this is the best time of day to drink coffee.
  • Why Buzzfeed doesn’t use clickbait.

Be honest, you want to watch the videos.

If not, you’re a machine. Tell Skynet I said Hi.

How do we translate the power of clickbait to a Tinder line that works every time?


Hey! I noticed something funny about your profile


Hey! Know what’s interesting about your profile?

Trust me, the ladies can’t resist.

Scratch that.

Don’t trust me.

Find out for yourself!

If you want two follow-up lines to reel them in further, check out my Clickbait Opener video.

The video includes 7 screenshot examples and a girl who used my line against me.

#12: Best Tinder line for when she’s nearby

A line you can use even if her photos and bio give you nothing to work with.

One of my greatest pet peeves is women on Tinder with a few selfies and no bio.

I rarely swipe them right, unless they look AMAZEBALLS.

And I know you feel my pain.

Because it’s a question I get all the time.

Louis, what do I say to a match who only has three photos of herself and no bio?”

With little else to go with, you’ll probably want to go generic.

And as you can guess, generic doesn’t work as well.

Do you know why?

Because it’s not tailored to her.

It doesn’t make her feel as special.

And so it doesn’t rouse as many emotions.

So if you go generic, you still want to keep it as relevant as possible.

So what do you do?

You use her location.

Behold, the opener of a guy who is so desperate for a personal line, he accidentally strikes gold.

Thank you, brain. <3

Obviously, this funny line works best on ladies close by.

But even if she’s on the other side of town, she probably won’t correct you.

Nobody wants to be a party pooper.

Holy Tip:

If you have Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus, you can hide your distance.

So even if you’re not nearby, she won’t even know.

Which makes this line all the more powerful.

With one more line for your arsenal, we move onto insight.

What to do when your lines don’t work

Sometimes the line isn’t the problem… sometimes it’s YOU.

Don’t let Uncle Sam down, bro.

Let me explain.

Flirting always involves sharing a little about yourself.

Sometimes the sharing goes a liiiitle bit too far.

And you end up trying too hard to get her approval (like a lil’ bitch).

  • You hand out too many compliments.
  • You follow her opinion and forget your own.
  • You eagerly boast about your good qualities.
  • You laugh at her every joke.
  • You try too hard to make her laugh.

All these actions are natural if you want your match to like you.

We all want to be liked.

But sometimes we try too hard.

And that’s a problem.

Because if you oversell yourself, she feels your insecurity, gets turned off and stops replying.

A confident man doesn’t try hard to be liked. He already knows he’s cool and doesn’t give a rat’s ass what you think.

That’s why all Hollywood film bad boys are laid back.

They don’t need other people to verify their swag.

Now you know overselling is the enemy, how do you avoid it?

It’s all in your texting pattern.

Text too much and you scare her off.

Text too little and she loses interest.

Text just right and she wants your dick to meet you.

Check my article on overtexting a girl too much if you know this is one of your pitfalls.


Next up, some lines for after you get her number.

#13 – 15: Tinder lines that work for when you have her digits

Here’s what you send your match after she rewards you with her number.

You just got a direct line to her phone.

And are in her circle of trusted contacts.

Send her a series of texts that rub her the wrong way, and she’ll instantly kick your number to the curb.

Have her laughing so hard that she’s in tears, and she’ll want to meet up.

So what lines do you text her?

Whatever subject you choose, you want to match the same tone as on Tinder.

Did you talk about food?

Give her a cute nickname.

Hey french fry

Did you talk about space?

Send her a meme.

When the black hole won’t stop sucking

Did you talk about the series Friends?


Ross and Rachel are the perfect characters for a sexually charged roleplay.

I think you’re the Rachel to my Ross

I want to start a passionate relationship with you, grow jealous of your co-worker, start a huge fight, and go too far with another girl, just so I can say


Comedic genius.

In case you have NO idea what this is about, SHAME ON YOU!

Almost all girls know and love Friends.

If you can quote Friends, you have a direct ticket to almost any girl’s heart.

So if your Tinder convo doesn’t give you any inspiration.

Copy-paste the Ross and Rachel story.

Odds are she’ll love it.

Holy Tip:

The key element to the Friends gag is its relatability.

Eventually, Friends will be forgotten.

So you’ll want to pick a series that she does know.

Does her bio mention she watches the latest Netflix show?

Use that as inspiration for a joke.

For more lines, download the 10 Texts That Always Work

Once she’s laughing at her smartphone, it’s time to ask her out.

#16: The best lines to ask her out on a Tinder date

Once you made her feel tickly in all the right places, it’s time to get her excited for the date.

How you ask her out can make or break the deal.

If a girl is super into you, it doesn’t matter how you phrase the date.

She just wants to see you, end of story.

But women from Tinder don’t know you too well and are on the lookout for red flags.

Warnings that show you are maybe not as cool as she thought you were.

If she sees one too many signs of danger, she won’t go out with you.

And may even stop speaking to you.

So if you don’t want all your hard work to be for nothing, you need to ask her out RIGHT.

To know what’s right, we first need to know what’s wrong.

A bad date proposal is one of three things:

  • It’s boring.
  • It’s wimpy.
  • It’s unconvincing.

Sounds fine in theory.

But what does a bad date proposal actually look like?

Want to go for drinks sometime?

It evokes zero emotion.

It doesn’t assume she already wants to go.

It doesn’t give her a good idea of what to expect.

What does a good date proposal look like?

Find out in my short, info-packed video.

Which also shows a preview of the upcoming TextGod workout tape.

#17 – 25: My most powerful copy-pasta Tinder line

Time to give you the crown jewel of openers, for FREE. You lucky bastard.

While I don’t know the exact number, the next line has roughly a 90% success rate.


Especially when you consider how generic it is.

The line works even when you don’t look at her bio or photos.

Got a new match?

Paste the line and hit send for success.

Like one of my previous icebreakers, it’s straight-up clickbait.

The opener makes her SO curious, that she can’t stop her fingers from replying:

Whaaaaaaaaat? lol

What’s the line?

Hahah oh shit! Not sure if you remember…

Every woman wants to know what she’s forgotten.

Does he know me?”

Did we go to school together?”

Did we hook up at a party???”

I NEED to know!”

The interaction usually starts like this:

Now that she answers, you have a gazillion possible answers.

The Cookie Monster’s real name is, Sid. #NeverForget

Vending machines kill more people than sharks

The blob of toothpaste that sits on your toothbrush has a name. “Nurdle”

High heels were originally for men. So don’t be surprised when I rock stilettos on our date

The majority of your brain is fat. That’s why I’m so husky

There are sign language equivalents of tongue twisters which are known as “finger fumblers”. But when I do it it’s called “a stroke”

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is actually a female. So if I call you Rudolph it’s because you brighten my day

Or you can hit her with the dryest fact you know:

#26: A risky line with HUGE reward

The next line leads her from Tinder to your bedroom.

We already found out that lewd lines are recipes for disaster.

They’re so filthy and superficial that most women don’t care for them.

Although women like to hear how beautiful they are, women ultimately want to be loved for their personalities.

Still, if crafted by the TextGod himself, superficial Tinder lines can work wonders.

Especially when she matched you thinking:

He seems cute and wild. I hope he doesn’t disappoint.”

If your profile attracts that type of lady, this next funny line is right up your alley.

Does your profile attract more conservative girls?

Then you may want to skip the next opener.

In case you have NO idea what type of women like your profile, check out my Tinder profile tips article.

The high-risk/high-reward Tinder line that works every time?

Actually, it’s more of a principle called…

Sexual innuendo.

That’s fancy talk for, a play on words.

For example.

“We need to go deeper” can be read as a call for further questioning, or hint at bow-chick-a-wow-wow.

The Tinder technique is slightly different though.

You want to start with an obviously sexual remark, as the first half of your sentence.

And give it a playful meaning with the last half of your sentence.

What does sexual innuendo look like on Tinder?

The above conversation is not my own.

It’s too blunt.

And above all, it’s enough to get you banned from Tinder.

But it does prove that sexual innuendo works (on SOME women).

The principle works even BETTER and on MORE girls, if you add a dash of empathy.

“I’d fuck you” as a first line will get you unmatched by most women.

For more success, you want to include the punchline with the first text.

Rather than waiting for her to reply.

I’d fuck you… up in Mario Kart

Now she instantly recognizes it’s a joke.

And that you’re not a complete creep.

Want to increase the odds of success even more?

Ask her if she enjoys double entendres.

Hey, Bae69. Do you like bad wordplay?

Hah, sure

And only now do you drop your naughty lines.

This way you show her that you’re a man of understanding, who also likes X-rated jokes.

Nothing creepy or weird about you.

Now for more Tinder hookup lines!

#27 – 32: Five Tinder lines that get ladies into bed

Up next: 5 lines that get her away from Tinder and into your boudoir.

Do you know what goes wrong with most Tinder conversations?

The convo goes on FOREVER.

And when the guy eventually grows the cojones to pop the big question:

What’s your number?

She gracefully declines.


The conversation is entirely platonic.

There’s no banter or flirting.

So she sees you more as a friend than potential fuckbuddy/boyfriend.

And unless she’s in need of a guy-pal, she doesn’t want to meet you.

So how can you make her want to see you… in the nude?

By showing your intentions.

In short, that you want to shtup her.

That’s Yiddish for boinking.

The earlier you show her your desires, the better.

Because the longer you wait, the harder it gets.

So if you’re naturally a nice guy, how do you make your Tinder convo more sexual?

By watching my next video.

It gives you exactly what you need to hear to get laid through Tinder.

Plus, lots of bad hilarious jokes by moi.

Now for more Tinder lines that always work to seduce your match.

#33: A Tinder line that makes an amazing impression

If you don’t know what to say, you can use the next method to seduce your match.

The average man has a generic profile, has generic conversations AND is on Tinder to “score chicks”, but doesn’t claim to be.

And he has close to ZERO success.

If we turn that around, we get the map to ALL the success.

Be real and have fun.

That advice sounds too cheesy to be true.

So let’s class it up a little.

Shift your focus away from being liked by everyone, and focus on showing your true self.

Unless you have the world’s worst personality, in which case you want to buy one from Amazon.

Warning: Being ‘yourself’ is no excuse to have a bad Tinder profile.

If you want to attract and satisfy EVERY girl you match on Tinder.

You’ll think, “What can I say to make HER like me.”

So you’re constantly on the lookout for the ‘right’ text.

Not only is that exhausting, but women can smell your fakery from a mile away.

Leaving you tired and alone.

Tinder does NOT have to be such a frustrating experience.

You can have fun PLUS Tinder dates.

If your Tinder profile is dynamite, which it will be if you use my Dating Profile Checklist.

You’ll have an abundance of matches.

If you have a steady flow of matches, you don’t need to worry about upsetting a few ladies with your personality.

Note: Your personality is not a license to be a dick.

If your sense of humor turns off some girls, who cares?

The girls who do like your jokes, will LOVE them.

Holy Tip:

Do you see yourself as a serious fella?

This is for you.

All Tinder conversations ultimately exist for one purpose:

To raise positive emotions and set the date.

(Yes, that counts as ONE!)

Tinder is not about exchanging facts.

Or getting to know your match on a meaningful level.

So leave all questions about work, family, school, and hobbies for the date.

Instead, focus on fun.

So loosen up and share some jokes that crack you up!

Since I promised you a funny line, here it is.

Your Tinder experience summed up in 1 gif

Whenever you’re lost for words and you want to inject fun into the conversation…

Caption a gif.

That tempting sausage almost leads us to the end of today’s article.

Before I sign off, I want to give you one last nugget of Tinder wisdom:

The value of your profile cannot be underestimated.

No matter how epic your lines, you won’t get matches without looking like you can give her a GREAT time.

If your profile heats up her baby maker, you can get away with an OKAY opener. Suddenly, you don’t need a PhD in creative writing.

The more attractive your photos and bio, the more likely she’ll respond.

So if you want an easy life with lots of bobs and vegana, download my Dating Profile Checklist.

And get the active sex life you deserve.

Enjoy, amigo.

Louis Farfields

And don't forget your download below ;)

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