21 Tinder Name Puns That ALWAYS Get a Reply (Screenshots)

You just got a fresh match on Tinder. This is the ideal opportunity to come in strong with an original first text

Problem is… you can’t think of any. No worries.

Because you’re about to get the best Tinder name puns you can copy and paste right into your Tinder conversation.

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Important: Quickly letting you know I found the best opener EVER. Its psychologically irresistible to ignore. I made a video explaining how to use it and it's 'clickbait-principle' with screenshot examples. Check it out here.

How to make name puns work on Tinder and other online dating apps

As the title of the article suggests, we’re going to go over the 22 best Tinder name puns. But before I do, I want to tell you why I’m a big fan of name puns.

It’s a great example of a personalized opener. And as you should know, personalized openers are the best openers.

Why? Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • The more personal, the more relevant.
  • The more relevant, the more emotions you trigger.
  • The more emotions you trigger, the more she’s moved to reply.

And as Dale Carnegie has proved many times over:

The name of a person is the sweetest sound to her in any language.

Dale Carnegie

What does this all mean? Name puns are amazingly effective unless your puns are predictable!

Imagine your Tinder match is called Alexa. What do you think is the most predictable name pun?

Alexa, play Despacito

She probably gets that text hundreds of times a day. Which by now probably leads her straight to the unmatch button.

Do you know what would make Alexa’s day? If you sent her a name pun that she NEVER heard before.

For now I advise you to watch this video, where I show you some great Tinder name puns. I’ll also explain exactly how to make a name pun work. And I’ll tell you exactly how to surprise an Alexa the right way. 😉


1. Smelly cat

You may be thinking to yourself, “Smelly cat? What the heck??”

It’ll all make sense once you see her name. Let me end the suspense and post the screenshot:

Sadly for our Tinder buddy, the name pun falls on dead ears.

Which is kind of ironic, because Phoebe (the character from Friends this joke is based on) is also tone deaf.

Anyway, the joke didn’t work. So you may think to yourself, “Why are you recommending bad Tinder puns, Louis?”

Well, just because it didn’t work, doesn’t mean it’s bad. Our jokester just did a bad job of clarifying what he was talking about.

Which could have been easily remedied with a gif. Like so:

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault

Which would have probably led to her replying something like this:

O hahah

I thought you were calling my cat smelly for a sec 😅

2. Catchphrase

Sometimes the pun doesn’t come from how the name is written, but how it sounds.

Which usually applies to exotic ladies from foreign ladies.

Like what you’re about to see next:


Now, I would have phrased this Tinder name pun a little differently. Let me show you.

Before you turn away in disgust, know that your name forced me to do this

First, I build up the suspense by saying, “before you turn away in disgust.” Then I clarify what’s about to come by saying, “Know that your name forced me to do this.”

And I hit her with Joey’s catchphrase. I’m pretty confident that she’d get it. Plus, this triggers more emotion than the pun from our original quipster.

3. The editor

We just saw that you can link a person’s name to an iconic figure. We also saw that you can link a person’s name to a similar sounding phrase.

But if you’re savvy, you don’t need to cling onto a person’s name to the letter. You have a little freedom to move the letters around.

Like so:

Pretty clever. And like before, we can even take it a little further.

If I came up with this dynamite line, I’d tell it like this:

If you could rearrange the t and
the a in your name

Not only did you just make a killer joke. You just linked it to a famous movie phrase, plus showed the exact damn scene where it’s said!

Emotion triggering galore!

4. The historian

Hats off to the next guy. *tips fedora* I think it’s seriously clever and I doubt that I’d have come up with it myself.

Let’s hope it paid off. Anyway, let me end the tension and show you the wittiest Tinder name pun of them all:


I see what you did there. We just learned a valuable lesson, my dear reader.

If her name is a noun, connect it to a famous historical event.

5. The romantic

Some guys are hopeless romantics. If that’s you, you definitely want to hear the next one.

Anyway, our next Tinder match has a unique name. Which means you need to come up with a unique pun.

Which our Tinder bro certainly did.


Spot on, dear fellow. Spot on.

6. The impossible

We all know the trouble that comes with inventing an opener for a girl with selfies and no bio. It’s pretty difficult.

With a bit of luck, however, you can make a good first impression with a name pun.

But all that luck is tossed out the window if her name is simply a vowel.

Luckily, our guy came prepared.

I think we could do even better. Here it comes:

What do the Backstreet Boys and algebra
teachers have in common?

Tell me, Y!

7. The thinker

Okay, our next guy really went the extra mile when it comes to originality.

And because of his creativity, I couldn’t figure out what the name pun was.

Let me show you the pun that’ll give The Riddler a run for his money.

Apologies for the small font. Let me type it out.

I’m feeling pretty oesome right about now

Do  you mean lonesome?

Right…without the Ellen

Let me rephrase the punchline: “Right…without the L – N.” Referring to the ‘oesome’ from earlier.

Not bad, Tinder stranger.

7. The simple

The next line proves that you don’t need to be clever to write a good name pun.

Because it’s pretty darn simple and had her in stitches. Let me show you.

My compliments for bringing it back. Returning jokes are the best.

Anyway, as you can see our Tinder Meister spoke Brianna’s name aloud. Discovered her name sounded remarkably close to, “Be on a.”

And rolled with it.

Holy Tip:

If you’re ever stuck on an opener, speak out her name and listen if it sounds like anything familiar.

If so, you got your name pun!

7. Playing with fire

Let’s not beat around the bush and go right into the screenshot. So we can be amazed together.

Now, I’m a bit torn on this. See, I love me some dark humor. And I also love a quick wit.

And to be fair, this name pun is both. That said, dark humor is an acquired taste.

And more importantly, people don’t like to be called whores. Unless it’s SUPER-DUPER obvious it’s a joke. And even then, you better have a very good relationship with them before giving it a whirl.

That said, you might be able to make this ‘work’ by leading it in like so:

(Your name gave me inspiration
for a hilarious but rude joke, feel
free to slap me in the face or unmatch
me after)

If you follow that up with your joke, she may love it or hate it.

What do you do when you set up the joke as I just described and she feels offended? That’s largely up to you.

I don’t enjoy the company of people who are easily offended, so I’ll probably give up on texting her.

But if you feel differently, you may be able to save the convo by saying something like:

I hope it at least gave you a little giggle too!

And then instantly going into a new topic of conversation.

8. The history buff

Okay, as I go down all these name puns from Tinder, I’ve discovered something about myself…

I’m a history nerd. Because every time someone makes a history pun, I simply love it.

Anyway, let me show you the name pun that would TOTALLY work on me if I were a girl named Alexandria.

That pun is straight up FIRE!

9. The virtual assistant

We all know ‘em. Some love ‘em, some hate ‘em. Virtual assistants.

Most have pretty bad names, like: Siri, Bixy, and Cortona.

But one is much more common. And because it’s so common, that pun gets thrown around A LOT.

Here’s a screenshot from when it was still original:

Our Tinder broheim very cleverly dipped his toes in the water before jumping in. He wrote:

So how many guys try to open with a pun involving your name and the amazon device?

Good stuff. Because odds are she was already tired of it. Had he gone for it anyway, he may have just ruined his chances of ever seeing her.

But this guy plays it safe, as I recommend you do too if you go for the standard Alexa Echo opener. Here’s one that I’m confident she’s never seen before.

Think about it…. this could be us

You can find that gif by typing in ‘Alexa Echo’.

11. The wall-o-text

The next Tinder name pun made the list because of effort. The execution is pretty meh. But the author sure was persistent.

And that’s what I like to see. Without further ado, the screenshot:

It takes him no less than TWELVE sentences to finally drop his punchline. But he finally gets there.

To which she says, “What drugs are you on?” Pretty harsh. Although I’m sure it’s said tongue in cheek.

And here comes the part that makes me so proud, he replies:


A+ for commitment. Well done.

11. The F it

Sometimes you see an opportunity and you just want to go for it. To hell with the consequences.

That’s probably an accurate description of our next Tinder bro’s thought process:

Not exactly elegant. But it IS a name pun! And if you’re just her type, it may work.

Although, it probably didn’t. You win some, you lose some.

12. Penny for your thoughts

I love the next name pun. And for three reasons:

  • It’s simple.
  • It’s original.
  • It triggers lots of emotions.

What else do you want? Check it out:


13. The Fedora

This one we probably all know. We’ve just never had the luck of matching a woman with this fortunate name.

A name that no amount of Mountain Dew and Doritos could prepare you for. See for yourself.


As you can understand, I’m far more impressed by her name than the pun. And as far as puns go, I’d do it slightly differently.

Can you guess what I’d change? If you guessed right, you thought, “GIF!”


And I added a few extra m’s for good measure.

Otherwise, it’s just a little too bland. Feel the difference?

14. The Turtle

Okay, so we’re over halfway now. And instead of revealing the name pun as a surprise… I’m going to first reveal her name and see if you can figure out a pun.

That way you’re doing more than copying and you actually start learning.

So if that sounds good to you, have a go at coming up with a name pun for a girl called…


Got anything?

If not, that’s okay. But I do hope you gave it a go.

Now, let’s see what our Tinder bro came up with:

Points for creativity! I understand her reaction, but let’s be fair, that name pun cost some serious brain juice.

And that ‘juice’ is just as icky as the pun. But you got a reaction and that’s all that matters! Not sure how to continue a convo like this?

No need to be so harsh on my
opener, just sticking my neck out

Get it? (Because he’s a turtle!) Hehehe.

Anyway, Michelle what’s the deal
with (something in her profile)

And then you turn the convo in another direction. Plain and simple.

Didn’t it feel plain and simple to you?

Check out my video and learn the 13 unwritten texting rules, that’ll give you direction on what to say next.

15. The Four Seasons

Okay, the next name is quite common. So you’ll definitely get some use out of the next Tinder name pun.

And for good measure, I’ll give you one of my own creations. Let’s jump into it.

RISKY! Very risky. Also poorly written, so if the word salad made no sense to you, here’s a re-write:

If we meet up, you won’t have to wait
another 9 months for May to come again

Much better. And her reaction is amazing. She said if the two meet up, a little baby May will come out in 9 months.

Clever, clever, clever. This all goes to show that risks do pay off. Sometimes.

I really advise you to introduce the sexual stuff a little later in the conversation.

Why? Because most guys want to dive right into her panties. Which means if YOU also want to dive into her panties from the start, you’re just like the rest.

And ‘the rest’ don’t get laid a lot. So don’t be like them. For better ways to arouse a woman over text, click the blue letters.

16. May I blow you away with my name pun?

No long introduction necessary. The girl’s name is May and we’re about to create a pun. Welcome to TextGod.

You’re in grave danger

Come with May if you want to live

Which is obviously a play on the famous phrase from Terminator. And not very clever.

Because it’s so cringe, we’re going to mock ourselves with an appropriate… GIF! Which also solidifies what we’re referring to, just in case she wasn’t sure yet.


17. The ungettable

The next pun is pretty great.

Not just because it sets the tone just right. Hint: it’s flirty. But also because it goes wrong. She doesn’t get it. And he saves the convo anyway.

So very educational. Let me show you what happens.

Oof. The joke went right over her head. What do you do now? Are you going to explain yourself? That’s not very fun or flirty.

So I’m just going to tell you that explaining yourself isn’t the right move.

Now, think. What could you do instead to move this conversation forward, that doesn’t hurt the attraction she feels for you?

Although there are several options (there always are), my preferred option would be to tease. Let’s see what our buddy did.

He gave her a slight tease. Nothing major. Nothing insulting. Just a slight push. A slight dissatisfaction with her reaction.

Which spurred her on to reevaluate the name pun and GET IT! Now she’s laughing and even… Apologizing to you!

18. The Trap Card

One of my favorite tactics while texting is to lure women into a trap. No, not a bad or hurtful trap. But a playful trap.

A little bait that tricks her into looking like SHE has sex on her mind. Which is usually the position reserved for the guy. In short, we’re turning the tables.

How would we do that? Let’s see our Tinder brother do it in action.

Smooth moves.  And you know what’s beautiful about this name pun?

If she refuses to take the bait, because she recognizes the punchline, she STILL falls into your trap.

Imagine she goes:

Yeh… very clever buddy but no thx

Then you go:

No thx? I don’t get it. The answer was racecar

So regardless of her answer, you can still call her out for being a sexual deviant!

19. Microsoft

Let’s have a look at the next screenshot right away:

Hehehehe. Anyway, remember what I said earlier about sexualizing?

Don’t do it too early.

“But Louis, that means I can’t use this name pun as an opener.”

Nope. You can still use it. As long as you set it up right. Like so:

Hey, you like bad pick up lines?

If she replies, “Sure, go for it.” You have a ‘get out of the bad books for free’-card.

That way you’re not accountable for being rude. And if she doesn’t like bad pick up lines, you can go for a more civilized opener. Here I have 30+ Tinder lines that work every time.

Holy Tip:

Not in the mood to read a new article? No worries.

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And you can find it here for FREE.

Grab it here.

20. The fastest mind in the west

The guy from the next Tinder convo deserves a special mention. He didn’t even want to break the ice with a name pun. But was forced into making one.

The fact that he managed to come up with a pun so quickly is definitely a reason for applause. *slow clap* Alright, let me show you the screenshot.

As you can see, he first goes for the knock knock joke but is forced to abort. So he changes course and goes into a name pun.

And not only does he make a name pun, he makes it super flirty by implying the two will get married. Aww… Isn’t that sweet?

21. The Oriental

The next name pun really got me good. I’m a sucker for awkward humor.

And the next name pun is plenty awkward. At least, if you have a good sense of empathy. Here it comes:

Hats off for phrasing all the words in a way that matches the oriental theme! Seriously impressed.

Sadly, I doubt she got back to him. And only because he forgot the most essential rule when going for an over the top opener.

Do you still remember? That’s right:

Don’t get sexual right from the start, without first asking if she’s open for it.

So what should our Tinder buddy have done? Sent the next text:

Hey, do you like bad pickup lines?

Okay, bro.

That about wraps up today’s article of Tinder Name Puns.

Before I sign off, one last thing.

Tinder name puns are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Enjoy, bro.

Louis Farfields

PS: One more?

Here’s one from my own Tinder for all weightlifting fanatics:

One thing’s for sure: she won’t be mirin’ my aesthetics any time soon.

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