27 Best Tinder Openers That DO Get You Replies

ATTENTION: You won’t find any overused Tinder openers in this article. Only original and never-before-seen openers used by some of the best ladies’ men I know.

If you’re here, you know the difficulty of creating a Tinder opener.

Maybe you only struggle with finding the right text for incredibly attractive women.

Maybe girls with only a few photos in their profile make you want to pull your hair out.

Or perhaps you always wrestle to come up with a good icebreaker on Tinder.

No worries.

In a few moments from now, you’ll know the best Tinder openers for guys to get success on Tinder.

You get:

  • 27 openers that always get replies
  • An amazingly powerful template to create your own irresistible openers
  • An effective way to re-open after she leaves you on read
  • Multiple ideas on how to move the convo toward the date after you send the icebreaker

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What’s holding you back from getting Tinder success

Openers and pick-up lines lie incredibly close to our hearts. And that’s why so many of us struggle with Tinder.

“Go ahead, touch my shirt. Do you feel that? It’s made of boyfriend material.”

Hearing that for the first time is almost like finding the holy grail.

We think it’s a key to sweeping a woman off her feet. And we will use it on every girl thinking it’ll get us laid.

But how could it?

It’s just a line. A collection of words.

How could it possibly make her fall head over heels for us?

Sure, it may make a good impression if she’s hearing it for the first time.

But it’s hardly enough to make her jump into bed with you.

And that’s the issue I want to nip in the bud right now:

Openers and pick-up lines aren’t magic. They don’t make a girl fall for you.

What can you realistically expect from a good opener?

To break the ice and make a good impression on her.

And that’s exactly what you’re going to get in a few minutes from now…

A gosh darn treasure of openers.

No matter who you are, you’ll find something that’s right up your alley and fits your personality perfectly.

How do I know what you’re about to get is so good?

Because I’ve tested them all.

Here are some of the results straight from the TextGod Tinder lab.

The Ultimate Tinder Opener that ALWAYS works

Although I’ve tested hundreds of copy pastable openers, one outshines the rest BY FAR.

It’s seriously ridiculous how often it gets replies.

And makes it almost wasteful to send her any other kind of icebreaker (if you’re still green behind the ears).

Honestly, this opener feels almost like a cheat.

Like a lottery ticket that always gives you back more money than you spent.

Or a pill that makes your donger grow 6 inches overnight.

And you can grab it here for free.

Women are, of course, beautifully complex creatures. So the perfect ice breaker doesn’t exist.

Every woman has her own unique likes and dislikes.

So before we move onto the list of best Tinder openers, keep this in your mind:

The same opener may get a great reaction from Sarah, a mediocre reaction from Kim and an unmatch from Jenn.

So don’t make the mistake of picking one opener and sending it to ALL your new matches.

Instead, you want to choose an opener that not only matches YOUR personality, but also the personality of YOUR MATCH.

Judging a woman’s character on her dating profile may seem a little daunting. But with a bit of experience, you’ll get a pretty good sense of knowing what she does and doesn’t like to hear.

Does all this sound difficult?

No problem.

You don’t need to guess what she’s like, if…

…you set up your profile so that all the matches you get AUTOMATICALLY match your style and sense of humor.

Read my Tinder Profile Tips article to find out exactly how to do that.

The best 27 Tinder Openers

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

A list of openers from the best ladies’ men I know: dating coaches, assistants, camera crew, IT staff, and other TextGod team members.

And most importantly, a fresh Tinder account where I tested them ALL.

So you know exactly which openers you want to copy.

Here’s a screenshot from my Tinder profile after I just reset my Tinder.

I set up my profile following my own bullet-proof system and fired hundreds of openers towards my brand new red-hot matches.

Holy Tip:

Want to know what system I used to get 99+ Likes in under 24 hours?

You’re in luck.

Because I’m giving it away for free.

Just click here.


May the best Tinder opener win.

Alright, excited?


#1: “✨💫🌈💖h3llo n@m3💖🌈💫✨


A favorite within my group of friends. And a spin on the average Joe’s most-used opener: the classic “hey”.

What’s wrong with “hey / hello / hi-openers”?

  • It’s unoriginal. Every girl’s Tinder inbox is littered with Heys
  • It doesn’t lead the conversation forward.
  • It doesn’t trigger any emotions

So the emoji-infused line is 1,000 times better.

It’s different. And it triggers emotions by being playful.

The biggest drawback?

It doesn’t lead the conversation forward.

Plus, it’s a bit childish. So I don’t recommend using it on any woman above 23.

Odds off getting a reply: 6/10

#2: hahah oh shit! not sure if you remember

Oh wow.

This opener is straight-up nasty. It’s pure clickbait.

And works wonders because it uses one of the most powerful psychological triggers: curiosity.

As you can no doubt guess, this opener works incredibly well because…

….every woman wants to know what she’s apparently forgotten.

After all, you make it seem like you’ve met before. And that perhaps something special has happened between the two of you.

And since human memory isn’t perfect, she may have legit forgotten.

So she’ll respond to your Tinder opener just to be sure.

Like so.

So what do you answer?

Well, you have multiple options.

At the time of this experiment, my profile had a slightly cocky and hook-upish vibe, so replying with a dry historical fact was the most unexpected.

And thus most funny.

So how well do the evil clickbait powers work?

Odds of getting a reply: 9/10

#3: Hey <name>, you know what’s interesting about your pictures?

Oh btw, bro… >>CLICK HERE<< if you want to know which ONE word immediately makes women horny. (it’s not what you think)

Clickbait, clickbait, and again: clickbait.

Of course, you want to know what word instantly makes her horny.

And of course, she wants to know what’s interesting about her photos.

She probably has some idea of what it could be, but she’s not 100% sure if you have the same opinion.

So if she wants a reply…

She has to text back.

Marketing 101.

On top of that, this opener starts off with her name.

Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language
—Dale Carnegie, How to make friends and influence people.

This opener is very similar to the “not sure if you remember?” opener.

But it’s just a tad more personal. And thus more effective.

Odds of getting a reply: 10/10 (is this real life?)

PS: Want to know how to use this opener to it’s full potential? Including two follow-up texts? I made a video explaining exactly that. You can download it for free here.

#4: This is what I notice when I see your pictures. You have this kind of friendly vibe about you, you seem quite open. On the other hand I think you can be quite introverted and be a bit shy as well. In one of your photos I also noticed something funny

This opener brings a really personal message. It’s like you know her really well by just looking at her photos.

In the second example down below you can see how this woman is totally blown away by the info I saw in her photos.


Plot twist: I didn’t even look at her photos when I sent that.

The trick behind this?

Barnum Statements.

Barnum Statements are remarks that seem super personal but are actually applicable to just about anyone.


And deadly effective.

Topped off with some curiosity-sauce: “in one picture I also noticed something funny”.

You’ll notice that many women will ask what the funny thing is that you noticed.

Odds of getting a reply: 9/10

#5: Yes I do enjoy getting my pooper licked, strange question to ask tho…

Did you reread it?

Yup, that’s really what it says.

This opener is polarizing as f#ck!

She doesn’t even know you yet and the first thing she reads is something (awkwardly) sexual.

The vocabulary is a bit memey by using “pooper” rather than “butt” or “ass”.

Then you act like she’s the weird one and not you, because “she is asking the question”.

Aaaaand then you send a second text where you tell her your message was meant for someone else.

Suddenly the cat is out of the bag: you’re also texting someone else and that person asked you if you like getting your booty licked. Uhm…

The “strength” of this opener is that it screams personality, humor, and an IDGAF-attitude.

Tinder matches that react to this will often have the same twisted sense of humor. And thus they’ll be more into you than others.

On a side note: I also got some instant unmatches using this opener. Polarizing indeed.

Odds of getting a text back: 6/10

#6: Hi, stalker :rainbow:

Short and… sweet?

A variation to the peasant-opener (hey/hi/hello) but just slightly more challenging.

By calling your match a stalker, you assume she’s been wanting you for ages.

Or that she’ll be blown away by you and will stalk you.

The rainbow emoji at the end makes things a bit fluffier and tells her not to take things to seriously. And it makes the whole thing a bit more playful.

This opener is:

  • Short
  • Challenging
  • Emoji

Odds of getting a text back: 6/10

#7: When life gives you <name>, make lemonade :lemon:

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this opener.

It’s short, fresh, and a tad crazy.

But I don’t find it particularly powerful.


It’s a good example of an opener that depends on the strength of your profile.

If I make my profile a bit shittier, the results of this opener instantly dwindle.

When my profile is fine-tuned, this opener is a solid 7.

It uses:

  • Name
  • Emoji
  • Short

Chances of getting a reply: 7/10

#8: How many men can participate in a gang bang before it’s considered gay? Asking for a friend

Hahaha oh sh!t.

This opener focuses entirely on polarizing humor.

A VERY specific kind of humor.

The whole plot, of course, is that you want to be part of the gangbang but you pretend to be asking for a friend.

Honestly, this opener is perfect for in clubs or bars. Or any party that’s going wild.

On Tinder this opener gave me a couple of instant-unmatches.

I personally find it funny. Women in NYC didn’t seem to find it funny.

It got a record amount of unmatches, and poor responses. This opener didn’t perform very well.

Odds of getting a reply: 4/10

#9: If I were a T-rex, I’d try to hold you in my little arms and then lay down and cry because I couldn’t resist the tasty smell of human and ate you.

Ok, what’s happening here is something special.

When someone introduced me to this opener I didn’t want to use it.

I didn’t believe it could be successful. The joke seems anticlimactic and also just boring and weird.

Not the good kind of weird but rather cringe-weird.

But the results speak for themselves. For the first time in the history of mankind, I was wrong.


The T-Rex opener is funny in a weird way.

It comes from our marketing and IT guy whose motto is: “weird is a side effect of awesome”.

And here he proves his weirdness can be seductive, even online.

Odds of getting a reply? 9/10

#10: Hey HEY heyy, <name>!!

The person sending me this opener must have never read any of my articles.

You never start a Tinder conversation with a peasantry greeting.

NEVER do you start with hey, hi, hello, …

And I’ll tell you which culprit sent me this opener.

It was me.

Why did I add this opener to this experiment?

Well, to share two important lessons with you.

Firstly, to make it clear that little details matter if you want to be really good at Tinder. The difference between “Hey” and “hey HEY heyy, <name>!!” is  H U G E.

She has over 9000 “heys” in her inbox.

This overly enthusiastic version? She’s probably never had that one. And that enthusiasm is its power.


Tinder conversations are often mind-numbingly bland.

Just the other day, a friend went to the doctor to get some sleeping pills. And instead the doctor prescribed him to read 5 Tinder messages before bed.

Okay, I might have made that up, but you get my point:

Send unique and refreshing openers!

That’s why being enthusiastic works so well.

I’m also writing the middle HEY in capital letters and the third heyy with an extra “y”. Just to make it look like I’m in an extra energetic mood and I typed really quickly without thinking.

In other words: you’re a dude who acts in the heat of the moment and doesn’t take Tinder too seriously.

That’s an attractive dude.

Anyway, returning to the opener. Don’t forget to use her name and end on two exclamation marks. This way we make it slightly more personal and enthusiastic.

But this isn’t all I want you to remember from this tip.

The second take away is this:

Having a strong profile dramatically increases the odds she’ll reply to your opener.

A profile that’s just so-s0, will never be successful with a Tinder icebreaker like this one.

Why? Because it’ll make you look like a guy who’s TOO enthusiastic to match a woman like her. You’ll come across as needy.

Only a well-crafted profile that shows you’re a high-value guy can pull off this opener with great success.

It’s refreshing that a cool dude shows enthusiasm for once.

Chances of getting a reply? 9/10

#11: <math”gif> + “me figuring out what my first message will be”

Ever thought about what your first message is going to be?

Rhetorical question, of course you do.

This opener plays with those opener struggles.

And don’t think she won’t understand those struggles, women also want to text first sometimes but don’t know what to say.

So this Tinder opener won’t fall on deaf ears.

The gif choice here is perfect and pretty popular. Most people have seen this meme but they haven’t seen it on Tinder.

The strong side to this opener is that you’re mocking the whole “first message on Tinder” thing. Furthermore, you’re mocking those who try too hard to send a clever first opening line.

This opener uses:

  • GIF
  • Humor
  • Short

Odds of getting a reply: 7/10

#12: <salt bae gif> + “This is me sending the perfect opener on Tinder”

Everyone knows the “Salt Bae” by now. An internet hype from a while ago.

The GIF showing the Turkish chef spread across the internet fast as fugg because of his extravagant way of sprinkling salt over a steak.


(The conversation in the second screenshot went super personal super fast.)

In our case, it shows yourself, elegantly sprinkling your opener over her inbox.

Reactions vary but are usually girls finding it funny. Or other short messages that can start a Tinder conversation.

It got a reply 7 times out of 10. When Salt Bae was still super hyped, that number would have probably been 10/10.

As for today, that number is far lower. Would not recommend this opener unless she’s a memelord.

Chances of getting a text back: 7/10

#13: You are grill??

I respecter grills a lot. If asshole come and he say “oh no grill is stupid and do nont deserve respeco” then i punch him in fange

Without a doubt the most unique opener in this article.

It’s a VERY unique kind of humor

Personally, I can’t read this without giggling each and every time. But that’s not the case for everyone. And that’s exactly the strength and weakness of this opener.

Polarizing to the bone. Tinder matches who react to this are usually solid.

If you’re not very familiar with this kind of meme culture: this is a rather small niche within the world of memes.

Poorly written on purpose and cringey text that makes you appear like the biggest nice guy on earth.

Niche humor. Hilarious to some. Not funny at all to others.

This opener is TOO specific for the masses and did an awful job.

Beware: When I scanned my matches and selected women with the type of profile that would probably embrace this wicked humor, the replies were solid…

…but for the rest of Tinder, this opener is better left unused.

Chances of getting a reply: 3/10 (good for the very lowest score of this experiment)

#14: “- lame pickup line here – Bla bla bla. Tinder tinder tinder. Text some more. Say some funny shit. Make slightly sexual joke. Laugh more. Can I have your number now?”

The concept is this:

You’re laughing at the idea of Tinder and how repetitive conversations are.

It’s an attempt at skipping the whole conversation and going straight for the number.

So you can instantly seduce her over WhatsApp or slide into her Instagram DMs, which is much more personal than Tinder.

This opener is a little more extreme than its predecessors.

By using phrasing like “insert lame pickup line here” and “say some funny shit” you’re doing two things:

Do note: I used a more rude word than ‘lame’ when I did the experiment. Which means that the odds of getting a reply are probably slightly higher than when I used this opener.

But it’s still a line that will be a bit too much for many women. So I’d only recommend using it on women who are young and rebellious.

Odds of getting a reply: 5/10 (which puts it at the bottom of the ranking)

#15: Sup dude.


Very dry.

This opener uses an IDGAF attitude (I Don’t Give A Phuck)

You open in the chillest way imaginable. Like a Hawaiian surfer dude that has nothing on his schedule besides catching some waves and maybe a power nap in his hammock.

What are you absolutely NOT doing?

Trying to look cool.

And there’s the catch: this opener works well if your profile is SOLID.

Your photos and ‘about me’ text have to be so on point that she’ll forgive you for not trying harder.

Is your profile average or even shabby? Then you can forget about this type of opener.

A small but important detail about this opener: you address the other person as “dude”.

A reminder in case you forgot: a dude has a shlong. And since you’re reading an article about seducing women, the people you match with are likely women without lightsabers between their legs.

So this opener is not JUST laid back. It’s also slightly challenging.

In short, this opener uses:

  • Nonchalance
  • Challenge
  • Short

Chances of getting a reply? 6/10

#16: Holy F, you’re close. Wait, I’m going to hang out of the window and mimic the mating call of a pregnant golden eagle. Can you hear me?

What do you do when her profile doesn’t give you much info to go with?

Just a few selfies and no Tinder bio?

Well, you could always try this original opener that makes use of her location.


This opener obviously works best on people nearby.

But even if you’re far apart, your matches won’t be eager to be a party-pooper. She’ll likely play along.

(Or if you have Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus, you can hide your distance)

I had high expectations for this opener.

And they were matched.

Why does this opener work so well?

Because it looks and sounds like a pickup line BUT she has never heard it before. The element of surprise that is so crucial for pickup lines, is doing it’s job.

On top of that, you being so close by is intriguing.

Furthermore, it uses a deliciously absurd humor.

Odds of getting a text back: 7.5/10

#17: If there was a nuclear apocalypse where only Jessica Alba and I survived and we were tasked with repopulating the world I would kill myself rather than force myself to fornicate with her because I know that our offspring would look like leprosy stricken monstrosities compared to the potential ones that could be made by a heavenly blessed beauty like yourself, <name>.

To complete this article, I added a classic to the mix.

Not a Tinder classic but a bodybuilding classic. (I found this on a bodybuilding forum in a time long, long past.)

How does it work?


You exaggerate your appreciation for her beauty SO MUCH that she has no choice but to laugh.

According to this opener, your match is a thousand times hotter than Jessica Alba. And that you and Alba’s offspring would look like leprosy stricken monstrosities compared to the ones made by your match and you.

Unlikely, of course.

But however you spin it, this opener is highly polarizing. Some girls will crack up, others will ignore your text.

In my experience, most women laughed. Even if they did realize it was a copy-pasted line.

But the fact that you didn’t invent it yourself doesn’t really matter too much. Because the chances are that she hasn’t seen it before.

Well… most women didn’t know of this line BEFORE I wrote this article.

It’s slightly more known now. That’s why I keep my VERY best lines locked away in my online courses.

Anyway, reactions to this opener were so juicy, that I’m going to share a few with you:




Odds of getting a reply: 8/10

Up next are 10 SUPER EFFECTIVE Tinder openers that you can use on almost anyone

#18: Your last pic is the exact same look I have when I realize I forgot to turn the oven off

This is a line you can use for almost ANY girl, if…

…you tailor the punchline to her specific expression.

First, let’s start with the original line from one of my members of the Text God Mentoring Program.

Here’s the photo that he references.

And her reply.

Even when a woman has a Tinder profile with just selfies, she’ll usually have one particular expression that you can ‘memify’.

Holy Tip:

My student made one teeny mistake that could have seriously confused her.

And ruined the power of the opener.

What would that be?

He referenced her photo by saying: ‘Your last pic’.

Which could have turned out badly if she had ‘smartphoto’ turned on. (The function that rearranges her photos automatically.)

Avoid all this type of confusion by describing the photo you’re talking about.

In this case, it would have been better if he said, “The photo where you throw your head back is the exact same look…”

Do you ever find yourself struggling with an opener?

Check if you can memify her expression!

#19: I was so stoked to get to know you, but then my horoscope said that a girl in a blue dress would get me into trouble

Another powerful opener that will almost always get you a reply, if…

…you fit the description to her Tinder profile.

So you can keep everything the same, except for ‘a girl in a blue dress’.

Change that to a girl (dressed like her).

Suddenly you have an effective opener that triggers all kinds of emotions.


Because you mentioned the word ‘trouble’.

And that’s an exciting word!

#20: So sweet that you got me flowers for our matchiversary!

This opener may seem random, but I promise you it’s not.

Do you ever find yourself hurting your brain coming up with an opener for girls who have nothing but selfies?

If not, I’m greatly impressed.

But if you’re a mortal like the rest of us, you probably do struggle with the stereotypical selfie profile.

That’s when you can try this opener.

Which I like to call the gift opener.

Next time you match with a girl with nothing but selfies, check every photo for a potential gift.

Look for flowers, champagne glasses, books, tickets. ANYTHING that can be used as a gift.

In this case I saw a girl standing in front of a hedge of beautiful roses, so I sent her:

So sweet that you got me flowers for our matchiversary

A few swipes later I found a girl who was holding tickets in her hand. So I used the same formula and said:

So cool that you already bought us tickets for Justin Bieber

Easy peasy.

#21: Took me forever to find you. You’re that tall pink one in the back, right?

Doesn’t sound like a good opener on the surface. But it got me a few hahas and a good start.

Let me explain the context.

She had a photo on her profile with half a dozen people. And that wasn’t all, they were all standing in a room that was decorated with streamers, balloons and other birthday decorations.

At the very back of the group was a pink helium-filled balloon.

So I got a little zany and pretended that I thought the pink balloon was her.



Did it get me a laugh and a good start?

Hell yeah!

So if you see a group photo where she’s hard to spot, try if you can find something that you can ‘mistake’ her for.

#22: Very sneaky, Sarah. Does your friend know you cropped her out to match cute guys on Tinder?

Another highly useful opener that you can use on most Tinder profiles.

You may haven’t noticed yet…

…but almost every girl will have one photo where she cropped out her friend. Whose only trace is a phantom ear or arm.

Whenever you find a photo like that, stop there and copy-paste this opener.

(Just be sure to use her name!)

#23: Love that print on your top! Reminds me of the bedsheets I had as a child <3

Yup, yet another highly emotionally stimulating opener.

What started as a generic compliment ended with twist.

You don’t just love the print. You love it because it reminds you about the bedsheets you had as a child!

A fun innocent tease that puts you miles ahead of the competition.

#24: Can’t believe you had the audacity to photobomb these people and ask for the photo

Finding the right scenario for this line can be a little difficult, but when you find it, it works amazingly.

The scenario where this line works best is when she’s using a photo of her at a bar, concert, or some other busy place…

…that has her a bit in the back of the photo.

Making it look as if she just photobombed a bunch of strangers and asked them for the photo!

#25: Don’t you know what they say about girls with big feet?

I’ll be honest. You won’t be able to use this opener, unless…

…you live in the Netherlands.

Just kidding.

It can work no matter where you live.

You’ll just have to edit it slightly.

Let me explain.

This exact opener works best on girls with photos like this:

Which you most likely won’t see very often unless you live in the Netherlands (or often stay there like me).

But that’s not a problem as long as you follow the formula:

Don’t you know what they say about girls (who do the standard tourist stuff)?

Tourists in the Netherlands will stand in large clogs. Tourists in London will pose with the Queen’s Guard. And tourists in NYC will stand on the Golden Gate Bridge.

So look for the typical tourist photo of your hometown and call it out using this line.

Just be sure to have a playful follow-up.

#26: Hey girl

Oof. That sounds horrible, right?

It’s the awful generic opener that we did NOT want to use.

Yet here I am recommending it.


Because I’m not talking about sending her ‘Hey girl.’

I’m talking about sending her this GIF.

(I know it’s a still. That’s to save you bandwidth. You’re welcome.)

This silly GIF of a half-naked man skating by works ridiculously well at getting replies.

Find it by opening the Tinder GIF library and typing: hey girl skating.

Now for the last opener, made by another one of my students from the TextGod Mentoring Program.

#27: Sarah, all your pics, you’re like the female James Bond. Can’t wait to live out my dream of being a Bond girl

This line works best if she has a lot of active travel photos.

You know, photos of her skiing, snorkling, hiking, running.

All the stuff a secret agent would do.

I know it’s not Tinder (it’s actually Hinge) but a good opener works anywhere.

Now before you get to work:


These were the Best 27 Tinder openers that my team and I have been toying around with.

To be precise: these openers were the most successful icebreakers for them.

But as you saw, these openers had wildly different results.

Some had a 10/10 response rate. Others only 3/10.

That doesn’t quite fit the definition of successful.

So what was going on?

Why did some of my team members send me these poorly working openers when I specifically asked for the BEST Tinder openers?


  1. I was unselective about my openers. Using Tinder passport, I put myself in a big city like Berlin to score matches and sent an opener to the first X women without getting a feel for their personality.
  2. My profile communicates a different vibe than that of my team and attracts a different type of woman. Because my profile has a slightly more sophisticated feel, I rarely match with women who appreciate ‘wacky’ jokes.

So zany openers like “you are grill?” were almost doomed to fail when I used them.

The guy who invented the “you are grill” opener, however, gets a much better response rate than me. Plus, the reactions he gets are way better.

The opposite is also true.

My clickbait line or my IT guy’s T-rex opener do amazingly well because they are more appealing to a ‘normal’ crowd.

But if the “you are grill”-bro would send the T-rex line to his matches, he’d get less interesting texts back than he does with his own uhm… ‘special’ humor.

The key lesson?

Never forget that the success rate of an opener is strongly dependent on your profile and the story it communicates.

How you get better on Tinder

Nearly all the openers in this article are made up by me, my coaches, and my students.

As said earlier, these lines tend to work better because she hasn’t heard them before.

But with enough time, even these lines will become cliché.

That’s why I highly encourage you to make up and test your own openers.

An added bonus is that it’ll instantly show a bit of your personality.

Plus, it also trains your creative muscles. Which will help you whenever you’re texting a girl. Or even when you’re talking to a girl on the date.

To give you a push in the right direction, I have one last gift for you.

The 10 Texts That Always Work.

These texts can serve as inspiration, but are also super practical.

Don’t know what to reply? In need of a funny line? Want to ask her out in a non-needy way?

My 10 Texts will give you what you need.

You can find them by clicking this link. And it won’t cost you a dime.


Louis Farfields

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The Personality Slicing Seminar Recordings

My secret method to get any girl craving your attention

Yes, give me your stuff!

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