What Is Tinder Platinum And How Does It Work? [My 2023 Review]

You’ve heard about Tinder’s latest subscription plan, Platinum.

And if you’re here, you probably want to know what Tinder Platinum is, how it works, and if it’s something for you.

Your questions will all be answered in this article.

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What is Tinder Platinum?

Tinder Platinum is Tinder’s latest paid subscription. And it gets you two brand new features: Messages Before Matching, and Prioritized Likes. Which are designed to get you more matches and dates. This will give you better results if you have a strong profile and you know how to write fun and other kinds of emotional messages.

Keep reading for more details on what these features exactly do.

1. Tinder Platinum’s first feature: messaging before matching

Tinder Platinum’s first new feature is amazing.

And is clearly a rip off from my favorite dating app, Hinge. (The only major drawback to Hinge is that it doesn’t have enough users… yet.)

The feature that Tinder lifted from Hinge is great. And here’s why.

When swiping normally on Tinder, you have no effective way to guarantee a match besides a strong profile.

Sure, you can toss her a Super Like. But if your photos and bio don’t make her interested in meeting you, she has no reason to match you.

If only there was some way to give her another reason to swipe you right…

*stares at Hinge*

Hinge gives every user the ability to leave a comment on a specific photo or prompt. (A prompt is basically a cue that works as a mini bio to help you show off your personality, such as: “One thing I’ll never do again…”)

What’s so special about liking a profile by leaving a comment?

It’s your first line of communication.

So even before she matches you, you can write her one short text to show off how cool you are.


Because if you know how to write a good personalized opener, the odds of her matching you go through the roof.


Because the combination of your bulletproof photos and quick wit is irresistible.

Holy Tip:

Is your bulletproof profile more like a so-so profile?

No worries.

Making a strong profile isn’t that hard once you know what to do.

And armed with my Dating Profile Checklist, you simply have to follow the steps.

Couldn’t be easier.

Grab the Checklist here for free.

In short, Tinder Platinum lets you send 1 short message (140 characters long) to your Tinder crush even though you aren’t yet a match.

But there’s a catch.

Tinder Platinum doesn’t let you send an unlimited amount of those texts.

You can only send as many non-match texts as that you have Super Likes.

And the daily amount of Super Likes you get with Platinum is: 5.


As a Platinum member, every Super Like comes with the option of sending a 140 character long text.

Which is pretty damn epic!

Now for the next feature.

2. Tinder Platinum’s second feature: prioritized likes

The next feature of Tinder Platinum is also amazing.

Just like the message before matching-feature, this feature also helps you get more matches.


Let me first tell you the second feature’s name:

Priority likes.

That should already nudge you in the right direction.

But to remove any confusion, let me explain what it is by asking you two questions.

Have you ever thought of what happens when you swipe a girl on Tinder to the right?

Have you ever considered how she finds you in her swipe stack?

If you’re like most people, probably not. But I have.

Although Tinder keeps the workings of its algorithm a secret, I have a reasonably good idea of what happens when you like a girl from Tinder. Although my idea is still nothing more than an educated guess.

Disclaimer aside, let me give you the rundown.

Once you like a girl on Tinder, your position in her swipe stack changes depending on your proximity to her and your elo. A rating system Tinder claims is gone, but is still clearly there in some form.

The closer you are to her and the higher your rank, the higher your profile will be in her profile stack.

So if you’re a street away and you have a desirable profile, you’ll likely be at the top of her swiping stack.

Are you far away and have an average Tinder profile? You may be 100+ profiles deep in the swipe stack.

Which is especially lame if you happen to be exactly her type.

Realizing this issue, Tinder gave its Platinum members Priority Likes.

Quoting Tinder: “Priority Likes […] makes sure your Likes and Super Likes are seen by a potential match before the Likes of non-subscribers.”

Put simply, all your likes have priority over non-Platinum members.

This means that your profile will race to the top of her swipe stack. Unless everyone suddenly upgrades to a Platinum membership.

And it works like a charm.

Here are some thoughts from my clients in the TextGod Mentoring Program:

The result the last person is talking about?

A screenshot of a very active Tinder inbox.

As if it wasn’t already clear enough, let me answer the next critical question.

What are the advantages of Tinder Platinum?

Okay, to summarize Tinder Platinum gives you all the features of Tinder Gold plus:

  • A message before matching (by attaching a text to your Super Like).
  • Priority Liking.

What are the advantages of having these two new features?

Much more matches!

Although it’s not as clear cut as I make it out to be.

If you have zero to no matches now doesn’t mean that Tinder Platinum will magically solve all your problems.

Tinder Platinum will only help you if:

  • You already have an attractive profile.
  • You have above-average texting skills.

Let me explain.

If you have a profile with average photos, your priority likes will pull you all the way to the top of your Tinder crush’s swipe stack.

But if you don’t look attractive or fun to hang out with, none of that matters. Because if she’s swiping and comes across Joe Schmo (in this case: you), she’ll swipe you left in an instant.

But that’s no problem. Because with my Dating Profile Checklist to show you the light, you’ll be in Tinder Paradise in no time.

Getting a strong profile is the easy part.

The hard part is becoming good at texting. Although ‘hard’ isn’t really the right word. If you read my articles on teasing, joking, and raising attraction, it’s not a question of: “Will I become good at texting?”

It’s a question of: “When will I be good at texting?”

And if you want to speed up your learning process and get more girls than you can handle, join my Mentoring Program.

I’m not magical. But my system is.

Why do you need to be good at texting to make the most of Tinder Platinum?

Because the message before matching-feature is worthless unless you know how to trigger a woman’s emotions over text.

After all, that feature only gives you the opportunity to write a 140-character message before matching.

Whether you can seize that opportunity is completely up to you and your texting skills.

But as I showed you earlier, once your skills are on point, the matches will come pouring in.

So in sum: Tinder Platinum has major advantages beyond the other memberships. Both paid and unpaid.

What does Tinder Platinum cost?

Tinder pricing is a little confusing.

Tinder prices vary per country, sometimes even state. In fact, prices even change depending on your age.

That’s because Tinder usually sets a lower price point for those under 30 who probably don’t yet earn that much.

Anyway, to give you an indication of the 2021 Tinder Platinum price point, here’s what some of my clients are paying:

  • Canada (Quebec) under 30: $73 for 6 months.
  • Canada (Port Coquitlam) under 30: $104 for 12 months.
  • Germany under 30: $65 for 6 months.
  • Mexico under 30: $63 for 12 months.

As you can see, prices for Tinder Platinum greatly vary.

And will probably continue to seesaw until Tinder Platinum’s official release.

So take the above numbers with a grain of salt.

But if I’d have to take a guess, I expect Tinder Platinum to cost about $12 – $15 a month, depending on:

  • How many months you sign up for in a row.
  • Where you live.
  • And how old you are.

Comparison of all Tinder’s paid and unpaid subscriptions

Now for the most important question of all:

Is Tinder Platinum worth it?

To find the answer, we need to know what we’re missing out on by staying unpaid members.

Free Tinder

You can use Tinder without spending a dime.

Which is a pretty great deal without many drawbacks.

The only major drawback is:

A swipe limit.

Tinder once gave you 100 swipes per 12-hour period. But as of 2020, every user gets a unique amount of swipes.

How that’s calculated nobody knows (except for team Tinder), but it’s likely to do with your gender, age, location, and how you use the app.

From what I’ve heard from clients and my female friends, young women get around 100 swipes, while the average guy gets close to 50.

50 Swipes is honestly more than plenty. But Tinder’s first premium membership gives you much more goodies.

Tinder Plus

Like I said a moment ago, Tinder Plus is Tinder’s first premium membership.

And it gives you 4 noteworthy features:

  1. Unlimited Likes
  2. Extra Super Likes (click the link to find out how to maximize your Super Likes)
  3. Undo left swipes with Rewind
  4. Passport: which lets you put your location anywhere in the world, so you can swipe from the comfort of your hometown

Although Tinder Plus gives you even more features—which you can find out here—the most noteworthy is the Passport feature.

Which is amazeballs if you travel a lot.

Once you know you’re going to travel to another state or country, you can change your location and match with women as if you’re already there.

Which saves you precious time.

Now you can set up dates from home with ladies on the other side of the globe without even crossing the doorstep of your home.

Pretty gosh darn sweet.

So can Tinder Platinum beat that?

Let’s first check out the other premium subscription Tinder has to offer:

Tinder Gold

Slightly more expensive than Tinder Plus, but also with slightly more features.

Two to be exact:

  1. See who likes you (it’s just as it sounds: see who has already swiped you right)
  2. Top Picks, which is a collection of ladies (or men depending on your preferences) that Tinder thinks are the perfect fit for you

To be brief, I think Gold is only really worth it for people with a severe lack of time.

People who don’t want to waste time swiping and instantly want a match and get flirting.

That said, the whole truth is a little more nuanced. Find out if Tinder Gold is right for you by clicking the link.

Now we finally arrive at…

Tinder Platinum

As said earlier, Tinder Platinum gives you all Tinder’s premium features PLUS:

  • Messages before matching (by adding a text to your Super Like)
  • Prioritized Likes

And these features are HELLA good.

Unlike the features from Tinder Plus and Gold, the Platinum features actually make it easier for you to get more matches.

Which is precisely what you want from a dating app.

The easier you get matches, the more fun.

And you know what’s best?

Platinum delivers. Everyone I know who has Tinder Platinum has got MUCH more matches…

…without changing their profiles.

This means that if you have a strong profile now—like you’d have if you followed the steps from my Profile Checklist —a Tinder Platinum subscription is basically a direct path to getting extra matches.

The conclusion?

Should you get Tinder Platinum?


…as long if you:

  • Have a strong profile.
  • Have good enough skills or epic lines to make use of the messages before matching.
  • Have enough $$$ to spare.

This should answer your questions on Tinder Platinum and whether you should get it or not.

Did I leave anything unanswered?

Send me an email.

Before I wrap up today’s article, one last gift.

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    Hey I was just wondering if you know if tinder platinum works for likes you’ve made in the past, before purchasing platinum

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