Tinder Premium: Are The 12 Features Worth It As A Guy?

You may already be on Tinder and want more success.

Or you’re new to online dating and want to make a flying start.

Whatever your situation, you want to know if Tinder premium is worth it.

In this article I’ll give you my professional opinion on Tinder premium.

In this article:More...

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What is Tinder premium?

Let’s begin the article by answering the most important question about Tinder premium.

For starters, there is no such thing as Tinder premium, just a premium membership.

You can become a premium member in one of two ways:

  1. Buy Tinder Plus.
  2. Buy Tinder Gold.

Each package offers extras that you don’t get as a free Tinder user.

But to get your new features, you must subscribe for a period of 1, 6 or 12 months.

Certain premium features, however, can be bought without a subscription.

Just as Super Likes, Rewinds and Tinder Boosts.

More on that later.

In short, premium members get more than free members.

The question is: are the premium extras worth it?

Before we get to that question, let’s deal with any rumors on hacking Tinder premium.

#2: Is there a way to hack or get Tinder premium for free?

In the next tip, I’ll explain if you can get Tinder premium for free without getting banned.

All kinds of shady YouTubers and websites claim you can get Tinder premium for free.

What’s the deal?

There is no deal.

Sorry to destroy your hopes, but if you take the bait of these wily tricksters your account will most likely get banned.

And that’s hardly worth the 10 bucks you potentially save per month.

Some con artists are especially clever and provide links for a free premium ‘trial’, which actually leads down a rabbit hole of trojans and malware.

The only organization that ever hands out REAL offers, is Tinder.

Sometimes Tinder sends amazing discount codes to its free users.

A guy I know was one of the lucky few and now enjoys a year-long Tinder Plus subscription for the price of one month.

So if you receive an offer on your Tinder app, it’s the real thing.

TLDR: you cannot get Tinder premium for free.

What you can get for free, however, are some premium features:

  • One daily Top Pick (Super or normal like a highly desired lady).
  • One daily Super Like to spend on whoever you like.

Let’s dig deeper into the premium features.

#3: Tinder premium level 1: Tinder Plus

Before we talk dinero, let’s discuss the tools Tinder Plus offers.

Starting with Rewind.

1.    Rewind

It happens to everyone.

You quickly swipe through an ocean of uggos and accidentally Nope (that’s the scientific term for Tinder rejections) the woman of your dreams.

Rewind lets you undo your blunder.

Premium users get an unlimited amount of Rewinds. Whereas free users get ZERO.

2.    Super Like

Super Likes are straightforward:

The feature puts you on the top of her swipe stack. This is more important than you might think!

If you liked a girl on Tinder, there’s still no guarantee that she’ll see your profile.

Especially if she’s not super active on the dating app.

So to make sure she sees you, you superlike her.

A Super Like gives you a moment in the spotlight and a shot at love.

She will know that you superliked her because of the blue glow around your first picture, making you stand out a bit more.

Tinder claims the odds of a match are three times bigger with a Super Like. And that your conversations will likely go on longer than with a regular like.

These numbers are greatly overrated.

A Super Like only slightly increases the likelihood of matching.

The deciding factor is the quality of your profile, not how you choose to like a girl.

Tinder science says: improve your profile and you boost your matches.

Don’t know how to upgrade your Tinder profile?

Use my free Dating Profile Checklist.

Go down the list and see exactly what flaws to fix and how to do it.

3.    No ads

Every few swipes Tinder shows you an ad.

The commercial is hardly a nuisance, one swipe and it’s gone.

But Tinder premium is all about convenience and gives you an ad-free experience.

4.    Unlimited Likes

The next feature has an obvious benefit but a fuzzy past.

Back in the day, Tinder gave free users 120 likes per 12 hours.

That later shrunk to 100.

And now likes are tied to your Tinder rank. More on that later.

Tinder plebs with ugly profiles or bad track records may get as few as 50 likes per 12 hours.

But Tinder premium gives you UNLIMITED likes.

5.    Tinder Passport

Probably DA BESS Tinder premium feature.

Passport lets you set your location anywhere in the world.

This means you can discover people from Rio De Janeiro in your office in Boston.

Do you never leave your state or hometown? Then Tinder Passport is not for you, unless you like to have penpals from all across the globe.

But if you travel a lot, Tinder Passport might be reason enough to get Tinder Premium to date some exotic girls.

Let me paint you a picture.

Imagine you’re about to fly to Paris in two weeks and plan to date the locals.

Why wait until you arrive in the land of baguettes?

Set your Tinder location to Paris (you can even place your whereabouts to a specific address, like your AirBnB) and swipe away.

Next, you chat with your Parisian matches and set up your dates.

Fast forward to your arrival at Charles de Gaulle Airport and you can start your date right after  you drop your luggage at your bnb.

Contrast that with a non-Passport Tinder experience.

You may have to wait 5+ days before you have your first Tinder date.

And if that’s the length of your entire trip, you may go home without experiencing Parisian beauty.

6.    Manage your privacy

A great asset for teachers, policemen, politicians, and spies.

Don’t want people to know you’re on Tinder?

Then you want Tinder premium and the ability to control who sees you.

The picture explains itself.

Standard shows you to everyone inside your swipe stack.

The second option hides you from everyone but the people you’ve liked.

A must-have feature for professionals or celebrities who want to hide their identity from the public.

Other privacy settings include hiding your age and distance.

The only time I recommend you hide your distance, is when you use the Passport feature to swipe halfway across the planet.

Because once you get matches from all across the globe, you’ll always be far away from certain ladies.

And if women see your distance is 1,000+ miles away, she won’t be as likely to spend much time on your conversation. If she even likes you in the first place.

7.    Tinder Boost

With Tinder premium, you get one monthly Tinder Boost that, using Tinder’s words, “lets you skip the line.”

Spend a Boost and your profile shoots to the top of the swiping stack of all the cuties in your neighborhood and sits there for 30 minutes.

What does that mean in practice?

Much more women will see your profile than normal.

Instead of 50 swipes, girls will reach you in 5.

Tinder claims a Boost gets you up to 10 times more matches. But similar to the Super Like, Tinder exaggerates.

All your success on Tinder boils down to your profile.

Putting your profile into the spotlight does not lead to more matches if your profile has the appeal of a polished turd.

In case you missed it last time, use my Dating Profile Checklist to create a bulletproof Tinder profile.

It’s possible to get more than one Boost a month by buying extra.

Although I wouldn’t recommend doing so unless you go abroad and you already spent your Boost back home.

Before we get to the features of Tinder Gold, a quick review of Tinder Plus.

#4: Tinder Plus, is it worth your money?

Here you’ll find out if Tinder Plus is worth it.

Let’s quickly go over the features again.

Or watch my video review on the subject:

1.    Rewind

Saving a cutie from the reject-pile is useful.

But you can also pay attention while swiping and get the same result.

Is Rewind worth the premium cash?

Not really.

Sure, you may miss a gorgeous, voluptuous woman who wants to devour your candy cane like it’s the fountain of youth.

But that’s no problem if you have ten more to take her place.

2.    Super Like

While a Super Like certainly doesn’t triple the odds of a match, or magically lead to epic conversations, it does help you with the greatest issue of online dating:

Triggering emotions.

Making a girl feel anything from a bunch of black pixels on a screen is not easy.

I know guys who can sweep a girl off her feet in person, but can’t even get a date on Tinder.

The problem?

Not knowing how to spark emotions.

The Super Like does that for you.

Thanks to its rarity, free users get 1 and premium members get 5, the Super Like makes women feel special. And gives them a shot of dopamine.

Caution: some girls get turned off by Super Likes, because it shows too much unfounded interest.

That hit of emotion gives you the opening you want.

An extra 4 Super Likes definitely adds to the value of Tinder premium.

3.    No ads

The difference between no ads and an ad you can swipe away in an instant is almost non-existent.

The ad-free experience won’t make your premium subscription worth it.

4.    Unlimited likes

Unless you have a terrible profile, you have about 100 likes per 12 hours.

Do unlimited likes warrant a Tinder premium purchase?

That depends on three things:

  • How effective is your profile at getting matches?
  • How many matches do you sabotage with poor text skills?
  • How many dates would you like per week?

If your profile is average or worse, you need more swipes to get matches.

If you can’t convert matches to dates, you need even MORE swipes.

And if you want 3+ dates a week, with a shitty profile and no text skills, you need a miracle.

5.    Tinder Passport

As a frequent traveler, Tinder Passport makes premium an instant buy.

If you go abroad for a weekend trip, Passport is the only way to line up multiple dates before you leave.

Because if you swipe after arriving, you have to get matches, start an exciting conversation and plan the date.

Passport lets you do all that from the comfort of your home.

6.    Manage your privacy

Ignoring the hide your distance-feature (which is super important when using Tinder Passport), the biggest benefit is controlling who sees you.

If you want your Tinder presence to be a secret, you need Tinder premium.

As a Youtuber, I don’t have the urge to hide my profile.

But I can see how people with government professions may want to.

7.     Tinder Boost

A Boost always leads to more matches.

So getting a monthly Boost is nothing to scoff at.

But the Boost is sketchy.

The idea is that a Boost lifts your profile to the top of the swipe stack of every female in the neighborhood of the same rank for 30 minutes.

Let me explain rank, which is also known as ELO.

Put simply, every Tinder profile is ranked on its desirability.

Which happens after the first week on Tinder.

Once Tinder has a read on your desirability, the algorithm puts you in its rightful place.

The studs and sexy. The average. The uggos with a face only a mother could love.

So whenever you swipe, you swipe girls with a similar score as your own.

Although it’s kept a secret, Boost works differently.

Boost puts you at the top of almost every girl in the vicinity, regardless of rank.

Which means you may get matched with girls beyond your league, but also below.

The reason why?

So you get happy when you see your likes rise.

Regardless of Tinder’s shenanigans, Boosts do lead to matches of the kind you want.

Here’s a quick summary of Tinder Plus’s best and worst features:

  • 4 Extra Super Likes a day for a total of 5
  • Tinder Passport to swipe abroad while at home (GREAT for travelers)
  • Monthly Tinder Boost for more matches
  • Ability to hide your profile from everyone except who you like
  • If you don’t travel, Tinder Passport is worthless to you
  • Tinder Plus doesn’t get you more matches if your profile is doo doo.
  • If you live in a less populated area, Tinder Boost won’t help much.

#5: What will Tinder Plus cost you?

The prices of Tinder vary so much that a California judge ruled its prices unlawful.

Why did a California judge get involved with Tinder premium?

Because Tinder Plus costs either $10 or $20 a month, depending on whether you are under or over 30.

Tinder defends its discriminating pricing by saying 30+ folks are wealthier than 20-something-year-olds.

So unless Tinder successfully challenges the ruling, you Californians can count your blessings. Because for you Tinder Plus costs less than ever.

For all us other guys, Tinder Plus will stay 10 or 20 bucks a month.

UNLESS, you live in a developing country located in Central/South America, Africa or Asia.

For you the price ought to be $2.99 per month.

Important: The above prices only take 1-month subscriptions into consideration. If you subscribe for 6 months or more, you shave a few bucks off the price.

It’s possible you’re only interested in the Boost.

As of June 2019, Tinder Boost prices spiked to an all-time high.

The cost of a single boost went up from $3.99 to $6.99.

And at the same time, Tinder revealed the Super Boost.

A boost that cuts you to the front of the line for 180 minutes, instead of the traditional 30. Which gives you up to ONE HUNDRED more views.


And it only costs you 30 dollars, or more, depending on age and location. Yikes.

Note: Only premium members can buy the Super Boost.

As for the prices of Super Likes, it’s best to check for yourself.

Prices vary greatly depending on your age and where you live.

Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the money.

On the subject of money, is Tinder Gold worth it?

Let’s discuss the benefits of the most premium of premiums…

#6: Tinder premium level 2: Tinder Gold

Tinder Gold includes all the features of Tinder Plus and throws in a few extras.

The first added feature is…

1.    The ability to match with every girl who Liked you

How does it work?


Go into your Matches & Messages screen and look at the bubbles at the top.

Those circles represent your new matches.

And the golden-lined bubble to the left is your like treasure trove.

That circular slice of heaven has collected all the girls who swiped you right.

Swipe any girl right from your library of likes and you have an instant match.

That would give me an extra 5.569 matches.

Let’s discover what the inside of my like library looks like.

As the picture shows, my swipe right is an instant match.

Although I have no interest in fondling her lovelies, I swiped her to help me promote my purity rings.

A recommendation from Virgin TV will surely take my business to the next level.

2.    Top Picks

See your Top Picks by hitting the gold diamond on the top of your swipe screen.

Now your screen shows you a collection of 9 ladies “picked just for you”.

Free users see the Top Picks too, but can’t swipe without a Gold subscription.

What’s the point of Top Picks?

To save you time.

By studying your swiping behavior, Tinder claims it can get a read on your taste.

So instead of swiping randos, you simply head to 9 computer-picked ladies and swipe your type.

Once you check your specially curated Picks, however, you instantly see that the algorithm knows nothing of your tastes.

Which makes sense. Tinder doesn’t have personality profiles.

So rather than pick girls based on your likes and dislikes, Tinder probably shows you women who are simply popular.

To help you out even more, Tinder gives women titles like “Doctor”, “Scholar” and “Creative”.

Sadly, these labels are as useful as putting legs on a snake.

The reason the lady with the cap is called a scholar?

She’s a college student.

Another time, Picks showed me a woman with pythons for arms. Her title was “Creative”.

In Tinder’s defense, the algorithm was probably drunk.

Anyway, Top Picks is supposed to connect you with your dream girl.

So does Tinder Top Picks increase the odds of matching?

Said better:

Are the carefully picked women more likely to right swipe you than the random Tinder girls?


The odds of matching with your alleged soulmates are even lower than with the ‘normies’.

My guess is that Top Picks is a money grab.

You see, the first nine Picks are visible and ready for swiping.

Scroll down further and you reach faded out profiles, who you can’t swipe.

While it could be a coincidence, the hazy ladies look even sexier than the swipeable girls.

And if you want to match these bombshells, you need to spend $3 for 10, or $4 per 20.

A bargain for love, if only Top Picks worked as advertised.

Let’s summarize Top Picks.

  • The girls are supposedly your type, but Tinder knows nothing about you or the girls.
  • Titles are 50% random and 100% useless.
  • Top Picks match rates are lower than the randoms.
  • It’s a swindle.

Read the next tip to find out of Tinder Gold is worth buying.

#7: Is Tinder Gold worth buying?

Get a quick rundown of Tinder Gold and it’s pros and cons.

Including prices.

Let’s talk money first.

Like with Plus, the price varies based on your age and location.

Let’s discuss the highest price, so you have the chance of being pleasantly surprised.

Depending on the length of your subscription you can expect:

  • $29,99 for 1 month.
  • $18,83 per month if you subscribe for half a year.
  • $12,50 per month if you subscribe for a year.

Now for the most important question:

Is Tinder Gold worth it?

Let’s go over the pros and cons.

  • The Likes You feature saves you time swiping.
  • Tinder Gold does not help you get more matches.
  • Top Picks is a cash grab.
  • If you enjoy swiping, you don’t need the Likes You feature.
  • You can see who liked you for FREE with a trick.

Holy Tip:

See who likes you without paying a dime (last checked on October 2019).

Enter settings and scroll down to ‘Search Distance’.

Put the Distance into 1 mi/km.

Return to Search.

The first profile you see will be a profile that liked you.

And have no fear, that first profile includes girls from MILES away. The only criteria Tinder looks at, is if that girl liked you.

To put it blunt:

No, Tinder Gold is not worth your money.

What about Tinder premium?

#8: Conclusion: Should you become a premium Tinder member?

The answer varies on who you ask…

If you are a busy and ambitious professional without time to swipe, Tinder Gold’s Likes You feature is 1337% worth it.

For everyone else, however, Tinder Gold is a definite NOT-BUY.

If swiping is part of the enjoyment you get from Tinder, you want to look at Tinder Plus.

The most game-changing features include:

  • 4 Extra Super Likes a day for a total of 5
  • Tinder Passport to swipe abroad while at home (GREAT for travelers)
  • Monthly Tinder Boost for more matches
  • Ability to hide your profile from everyone except who you like

As a frequent flyer, I’d buy Tinder Plus just for the Passport feature.

To repeat myself one last time, the ability to set up dates BEFORE you even stand on foreign soil is epic.

The other three options are personally not appealing enough to merit Tinder Plus.

But you may have a different opinion.

Lets help you find out if you need a premium membership.

1.    Do you need Super Likes?

A Super Like gives you a slightly higher chance of matches, but so does a good profile.

And an epic profile gives you HELLA matches.

Download my Dating Profile Checklist to build your own epic profile.

A Super Like also gives your match a shot of dopamine, which (briefly) makes her want to reply to your texts.

But a good opener works the same.

If you have trouble coming up with effective openers, check out my Clickbait Opener. It’s the highest-response rate opener of the web.

In short, if you have a strong profile and mad text skills, you don’t need Super Likes.

2.    Do you need Tinder Boost?

If the cuties from your neighborhood swipe a maximum of 5 profiles, Tinder Boost guarantees she sees you.

At least, if she swipes during the 30 minutes your Boost is in effect.

If your profile usually rests lower in her Tinder stack, she may not ever reach you.

So Tinder Boost gives you a chance of matching with swipe-lazy ladies.

Do you need Tinder Boost?


Firstly, a desirable profile instantly puts you to the top of her swipe deck.

So if you have a legendary Tinder profile, you probably already are in every same-ranked local girl’s top 5 profiles.

Although there’s no way to be sure.

The next two questions you want to ask yourself are:

  1. Do you get enough matches as it is? If not, a Boost helps
  2. Can you stand the idea of missing out on a few girls who would swipe you if they saw you? If not, you want Tinder Boost.

3.    Do you want the ability to hide yourself?

Only you can answer that question.

But let me help you by tossing a few ideas around.

  1. Can’t your family and friends know you date online?
  2. Can your career be hurt by having Tinder?
  3. Do you want to experiment with your sexuality without people knowing?

Then you want TinderPlus and the ability to hide yourself.

Long story short:

  • Tinder Gold? Not unless you have NO time to swipe.
  • Tinder Plus? If you travel a lot YES! Otherwise MAYBE.

In all other cases, free Tinder serves your needs perfectly.

That marks the end of Tinder Premium.

Don’t forget the Clickbait Opener down below.

Enjoy, buddy.

Louis Farfields

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