11 Tinder Profile Picture Tips To Triple Your Matches TODAY

In this detailed guide, you’ll find Tinder Profile Picture Tips that are guaranteed to increase your matches.

Including 11 juicy tips on which photos are proven to get you the most matches…

…Including a TON of screenshots from one of my coaches, some students, and myself.

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And they say there’s no such thing as a perfect Tinder profile picture…

1. Be wary of selfies

Who knows your good angles better than yourself?

You’ve studied your own mug more than anyone else. And you know a selfie can look damn good.

However, you’re overlooking two crucial points:

  1. What a selfie says about yourself. Having nothing but selfies communicates (A) that you have no one to take photos of yourself, and (B) that you’re in love with yourself.
  2. You’re a bad judge of what looks good. You focus on details that strangers won’t see or appreciate as much as you. A study shows that even your friends are bad at picking what photos where you look your best.

2. Keep distractions to a minimum

Distractions tell her brain to swipe you left.

You read that right. Allow me to explain.

The more distractions there are in your first photo, the less likely you’ll get a swipe right.

Why? Neurological research has shown us that the more a woman’s brain has to work to process your picture, the less likely she’ll like you.

So what do you do?

  • Eliminate distractions in the background, other people are especially good at drawing unwanted attention.
  • Create a strong contrast between you and the background. If you have dark hair, go for a light background. If you have light hair, go for a dark background.

For more details on this subject, read my my next article:

3. Show off your eyes

She has to be able to see your eyes.


Eyes indicate what we are interested in. And if she can’t see your eyes, then she can’t tell what you are up to. That’s potentially dangerous for her.

The only time you can get away with obscuring your eyeballs is when you have plenty of other photos that give her a look look.

4. Use the torso up shot

There’s one Tinder profile rule you need to respect if you want girls to match you.

Dismiss this holy truth, and plenty of girls will dismiss you…

Your first photo should show no more of you than your face, and your torso.

So all of you guys skipping leg day… you’re in luck.

Neuroscientific research has proven this to be the most effective.

Let’s use this photo as an example.

This guy had a photoshoot done to get better results on dating apps.

(More on photoshoots in a bit)

And I got to say, this is a pretty good shot of him.

But not as a Tinder profile pic.

Because it’s showing more than Head & Torso.

Full-body shots are important to have in your dating profile, but keep them for later. Perhaps as your 3rd or 4th photo.

But when it comes to your first photo, you want to have something similar to this:

And that’s all you need.

5.  Use pets to your advantage

Here are three things that land you hotter matches:

  • Looking happy.
  • Looking relaxed.
  • Looking friendly.

And here’s how to achieve all three in ONE photo:

Pose together with your dog.

Research has shown time and time again how well it works at attracting the attention of the fairer sex.

If you own a dog, I’m pretty sure you already have a zillion cool photos with your dooger.

But what if you don’t have a dog or other fluffy friend to call your own?

Use the pet of one of your friends! Take it for a walk as a thank you for their help.

Do they not have any?

No problem!

For a YouTube video where I was on a quest to shoot the perfect Tinder photo for my friend Yens, we needed a dog.

And we didn’t have one.

So we did what any shameless person would do, and asked a passerby if we could use their fluffy companion for a quick photo.

Here’s what we shot:

Sure, the dog isn’t his. And sure, it doesn’t seem like it loves Yens very much haha.

But it did help us shoot a photo that skyrocketed Yens’ Tinder success!

Watch my video and you’ll see exactly what we did.

Holy Tip:

Your dog can be in your first photo. Other people CAN’T.

Men looking for a serious relationship, benefit most from a Tinder dog photo. That’s because taking care of a dog requires responsibility and nurturing skills. Just what you need when raising a child.

Show your dog once, maximum twice.

Most people don’t like a dog-freak that is with his animal 24/7.

6. Show that you have a bit of an edge

This photo can make a huge amount of difference.

I’ve had student that was pretty damn good looking, but had mediocre Tinder results. Meanwhile I had another client who was pretty average-looking, but had an amazing set of photos that got him lots of likes and matches.

What type of Tinder profile picture am I talking about?

The one that shows you have balls.

We’re talking extreme sports here.

Well, actually. Making it seem a little dangerous is all you need.

Here comes the photo that did the trick for me, a surfing shot.

It’s not super extreme, but the sea does give it a dangerous and adventurous element.

How did I do it?

Just made a screenshot from one of the frames that a GoPro camera on my surfboard shot.

Holy Tip

The only profile picture you shouldn’t edit, is one that is already edited by your photographer.

All shots you make yourself, can be made more impressive with some quick edits.

One student of mine who’s currently doing great on Tinder, uses this photo:

Great for when you don’t:

  • Surf.
  • Snowboard or ski.
  • Climb.
  • Skate.
  • Breakdance.
  • Fight (martial arts).
  • Mountain bike.

If you’ve ever been paragliding, skydiving, or any similar activity that induces fear


Use it.

7. Know how to use black and white

Let’s start with a general rule:

9/10 times color is the way to go.

But there are a few exceptions where black and white will get girls’ hearts pumping faster.

The first one is explained by photographer Carla Coulson:

One reason she uses black and white is when she wants “to cut to the core of a portrait and let the person stand out not the colours.

A good example of this is this portrait of TextGod coach Dan:

Here’s what photographyvox says:

“Humans see the world in color, and a rendition of the world in monochrome makes us pause and look closely. Removing color from a picture helps the viewer to focus on a subject’s emotional state. Black and white portraiture lets the audience see the subject’s face and read his or her eyes without distraction.”

I especially love the last sentence.

You’re drawn to Dan’s eyes way more than when this photo would be in color. Where the colorful walls behind him soaked up much of the attention.

Another good reason to use black and white, is when your skin isn’t perfect (yet).

Both Coach Dan and one of our students were still figuring out how to give their skin that healthy glow.

We noticed that black and white photography can also make you look more attractive until you figured out a way to optimize your skin.

I love this raw and manly photo of one of the most dedicated students I’ve ever seen.

To repeat Carla’s words: by cutting out the color, this photo really lets the person stand out.

I’ll show you another example of a great black and white shot in a bit.

For now, just enjoy this ‘before and after’ of my student:


8. The Tinder photo that makes girls want to hang with you

How do you convey to girls that you are FUN? How do you make them want to hang out with you, instead of quickly swiping you left?

There’s multiple ways to do this but here’s a crowd favorite:

Show her that you’re not afraid of adventure.

Everyone loves adventure. The ladies too.

And even if your new match is more of a homebody, she’s still likely interested in hearing about your fun stories.

Many people on Tinder intuitively know this. That’s why there are so many gosh darn travel photos!

Like this one from coach Dan, for example:

Does he look like a super ballsy muthafucka with nuts of steel?

Nope, he doesn’t.

But does he look like a well-travelled guy that can tell some stories about his trips?

He sure does.

Same goes for this photo of me:

Do I look like the sickest mountain climber ever, putting Alex Honnold to shame?

Definitely not.

I look like a tourist on top of a mountain. That’s it.

BTW: If you’re unaware of who Alex Honnold is, and you like a story about a great adventure, check out this trailer:

But can I tell a cool story about where that was, and the things I experienced on that trip?

You bet I can.

If you have pictures that show you’re going on adventures…

…show them!

It’s a matter of time before your matches ask you for the story.

9. Keep group photos to a minimum

Please, avoid this next crucial mistake at all costs. It’s costing you more matches than you can miss.

I’m talking about a blunder I see time and time again when it comes to group photos.

It seems like guys all over the world are under a spell cast by dating coaches from the middle ages:

“Use a group photo, make sure it has a many hot girls in there. It’s social proof and preselection. Girls will want to fight for you because you already show them that you are the truest of pimps YOLO WAFA”

Hmm, yeah… no.

Let me analyze some group photos so you know what I mean.

Starting with a paintball memory.

Wow, great Tinder group photo!

Or is it?

Of course not!

Do you even know where I am in the shot? No? Well, she doesn’t either.

Group photos like these confuse the living heck out of your potential Tinder matches. Even if it shows that you’re into cool stuff.

Holy Tip:

It should be instantly clear who you are in ANY Tinder picture.

If a girl on a dating app doesn’t which dude you are, she’s far more likely to swipe you left out of frustration.

After all, she has plenty of profiles to choose from.

Alright, so it should always be clear who you are in the photo.

So how about this one>

I’m the only guy in the picture PLUS I’m surrounded by women.

Social proof paradise! Skrrrrrrrt!

I’m not gonna lie, this photo is perfect…

…If you’re going for the ‘Biggest Douche on Tinder’ award.

Women hate these types of shots.

So remember:

Holy Tip:

Avoid douchebag photos with only women around you.

Now you won’t hear me say that group photos with women won’t ever work. There’s always a percentage of girls that will react to them. But you can attract these women in a more classy manner.

How about this next shot?

It’s still just one guy surrounded by women, but it has a bit more class.

Everyone is dressed sixties style and posing together for a quick snap. You happen to be the only guy so it’s only logical you’re the center of attention.

Do you see how this photo is a better bet than the selfie that screams “PARTY UNTIL I DIE WOOHOOOW BOOZE AND BITCHES BRUH!”?

But why even risk being seen as a guy on the prowl for one night stands? Why not go for a more balanced option with other men in the picture?

Like this one, for example:

This photo is a great opportunity to talk about the third group photo rule:

Holy Tip:

Be the center of attention in your Tinder pictures.

“But Louis, you aren’t in the center of the picture…”

Correct, I am not.

But when looking at this photo, who is the bigger man? Not just physically, but who seems like higher status one?

Which guy is drawing more attention?

Is it the dude who is positioned BEHIND the two girls?

Or is it the guy who is on the front row, having a girl hanging on to him?

This other guy happens to be an awesome sunuva B, but if it were him posting this photo on his Tinder, he’d be making a mistake.

Just like I will never post this photo on my online dating profile:

Even though the girl in the photo is my girlfriend, and my hand is resting on her thigh…

…it just looks like I’m trying to get her attention and she’s not very much into it. While my good friend on the left seems like the big baws.

He is on the front row, casually leaning to the side, and generally looking pretty fly.

He is clearly the higher-status guy in this shot.

And I look like a poorly dressed extra…

So, always remember:

Don’t choose a photo where other guys are stealing the show. Go for the profile picture where YOU are the man.

10.  Show off your body in a non-chalant way

Women want a man. Not just any man… they want THE MAN.

What’s one way to set yourself apart from other guys?

Work out.

Sure, it’s a little superficial. And no, you don’t need to be jacked to do well with women. But it does make things way easier!

Their are about 69 reasons for guys to go to the gym. 69 reasons I won’t list here. But I will list three of them that influence your Tinder success BIGTIME:

  1. You’ll be sexier naked.
  2. You’ll be sexier dressed.
  3. You’ll radiate discipline.

When using a shirtless photo on your online dating profile, remember this:

Mirror selfies and any other type of selfies are out of the question. Only use a photo with an arty ring to it or an action shot.

There’s no need to show a post-gym selfie here. You already know what that looks like and there’s no reason to give your eyes AIDS.

(See, I genuinely care about you.)

(If you’re offended by my AIDS joke, I’m sorry. It must be difficult suffering political correctness.)

Anyway, this is the type of skin-showing photo that DOES work:

This shot taken in a park in Cologne, Germany, has a bit of an arty vibe to it.

And besides showing that I’m in shape, it also shows a cool place. With the empty park, the line of trees, and the sharp Telecom tower peaking rising above.

By making this shot black and white, it gets that perfume-ad-feel.

It’s not just about the body anymore. This picture shows equal amounts of travel, adventure, art, and manliness.

11. Be a leader

She likes the leader in you.

How do you show her that you’ve got your shit together when you aren’t jacked?

A good question.

With many answers.

And two of them are relevant here.

  1. Show your match the leader in you. Women like that stuff. Just don’t have a photo of yourself delivering a speech, that’s not very special. And it’s very try-hard.
  2. Show your success.  It’s the reason why the internet is swamped with motivational videos, sudden success stories, and #10yearchallenge body transformations. A good example would be you running over the finish line during a marathon.

12. Make her laugh

This tip is easy to use, doesn’t require you to do anything, and makes her laugh!

Add a meme to it.

It doesn’t matter how sexy, ugly, talented, useless, ambitious, or indifferent you are.

Everyone can add a funny picture to their online dating account.

The only requirement is selecting a meme that YOU like.

One that makes YOU laugh.

Not me, not your mom, and not your ex.


That’s crucial for the added side-effect of this tip.

Quick question:

Ever been on a date where halfway you discover your match and you are actually not a match at all?

The corners of her mouth barely move whenever you crack a joke.

And when she’s trying to make you laugh, you catch yourself dozing off…

Not an ideal scenario.

Avoid a situation like this by adding a meme that you like to your profile.

Coach Dan is, for some reason, obsessed with this mediocre meme:

An absolute top-tier meme according to Amsterdam’s biggest manslut.

It’s so good he will always show it to his matches.

And by doing so he screens if they find the same things funny.

Just like how I screened girls for other things when I had this meme as my texting app profile pic:

Wooh, some spicy images just came back to mind.

Anyway, this tip was pretty clear.

But just to finish it off, here’s an actual good meme instead of Dan’s mediocre plebeian meme:

Shout out to all girls on Tinder with a photo from their one week surf initiation. <3

13. Pick the ideal number of photos

What’s the ideal number of pictures to get the most matches?

A much debated question that gets very different answer from different coaches.

Coaches that don’t spend an average of 666 hours per month on Tinder.

When I was discussing this over text with a sexy psychologist, she said this:

This was said when 6 was still the maximum amount of Tinder pictures possible

I was impressed with her quick thoughts about the matter.

What screams “TRYHARD!” more than someone filling up every single photo slot?

Sub Communicating: Hey! Look at me and all the cool stuff I do. Look at my face from 5 different angles, I’m beautiful and cool, aren’t I?

Again, no. You’re not cool. You’re something in between desperate and a show-off.

Let me reinforce my opinion with a good ol’ quote from a good ol’ player.

Reveal yourself slowly and only when directly asked.

When the mystery is gone, the seduction is over.

—Your mom

(I THINK this quote was by Casanova himself, but I struggle finding the source. Feel free to correct me in the comments.)

Either way, it’s a damn nice quote.

One that I’ve always kept in the back of my mind during years of meeting women.

Holy Tip:

Retain some mystery in your profile. Don’t fall for the tryhard-trap by posting too many pictures.

14.  Don’t repeat yourself

Here are three common mistakes that butcher your success on Tinder.

I don’t think there’s ever been a time when people took more photos of themselves.

Not only do people take pictures of themselves, they also hire photographer to do the job professionally for them.

My god, the amount of people that made good money of Tinder shoots is incredible.

And justly so.

A Tinder photoshoot is something that can greatly improve your love life.

But be careful of making these three common mistakes:

  • Don’t use more than 1 photo wearing the same outfit.
  • Don’t use more than 1 photo at the same location. 
  • Don’t do the same thing in every photo. I know you have one angle / facial expression / move that is more flattering than others, but mix it up already will ya?

Try different poses, different angles, different sides of your face, and maybe even different hairstyles. If your hair looks EXACTLY the same in every shot… people will know you had yourself a little photoshoot.

If you make these Tinder photoshoot mistakes, your profile will whisper in her ear:

“Hey girl, you’re seeing this correctly… I didn’t have any dope photos of myself to convince you of my worth. So yes, I booked a professional photographer to make me appear as sexy as possible. And no, nothing else in my life is worth taking a picture of, so I’m using only the photoshoot ones. Love you though x”

Build the an irresistible dating profile

wow wow wow wow!

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(I’m not very good at rapping)

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I made a Tinder Profile Checklist (that also works for other dating apps) that has a list of yes/no questions for you to answer. The results will point out where you can improve to get more ladies.

As a bonus I added a video where I use the Tinder Profile Checklist on the fresh profile of one of my students.

Check it out here, or I will drive off with your girl in an Aston Martin in 7th gear while I smear.

(Ok, I’ll stop trying)

Hope you found this article helpful, my brutha from anutha mutha.

Louis Farfields

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