15 Tinder Sex Date Tips (Examples To Hook Up TONIGHT)

A lot of people use Tinder for sexual sex dates. But if you want to get laid through Tinder reliably, not once a month, you need a good strategy.

In this Tinder guide, you’ll get the best tips to attract beautiful women who are looking for Tinder sex dates.

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1. Set the right expectations

Meet Alex.

He’s a client of mine who could get girls on dates, but they never wanted to hook up with him. Not until I helped him out.

What went wrong?

Alex set the wrong expectations with his profile.

His Tinder matches all got the impression that Alex was a sweet guy looking for a relationship. His mistake? All his photos made him look like a rainbow-farting Carebear.

“Cute, but I don’t want to have sex with it.” — Women

If you want more Tinder sex dates, you need to look less like a boyfriend and a little more like a fuggboi.


  • Show off some muscle. Preferably no shirtless pics unless it looks natural. A short-sleeved shirt or tee is plenty.
  • Add some adventure. You on a surfboard in the sea, at a grungy festival, or a clip of you snowboarding down a mountain.
  • Be a little edgy. Perhaps a playful photo where it looks like you’re being spanked by a statue, or you wearing a masculine Halloween costume.

Here’s a photo of me going too far and looking like the biggest douche on Earth lol.

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2. Be honest about what you want

Let’s bust this myth right now.

Most men think women only want relationships and won’t sleep with you until months of dating, gift-giving and hair-braiding.

But that’s false.

Many women are up for wild Tinder sex as much as the average guy. IF… And that’s the BIGGEST of ifs...

If you don’t bullshit her.

Women will often date men who want to keep things casual, as long as they’re honest about their intentions. And if the guy is fun and trustworthy.

Will she stay fuckbuddies with a dude in the long-term?  Probably not.

But will she spend a few sweaty nights tussling in your bedsheets? If she enjoys your company, HELL YEAH!

Women never enjoy neediness.

Don’t bullshit women with your conversations, and don’t bullshit them with your Tinder profile.

If you want earthshaking bedroom stunts, don’t have photos that say you’re looking for long walks on the beach.

Note: Don’t worry if you actually enjoy walks on the beach. You don’t have to hide your friendly personality. But your Tinder album should subtly show you’re not looking for a relationship.

3. Don’t become a bad boy

The contents of this tip may rustle a few feathers, but the science is clear…

Overall, women initially fall for the bad boy.


Before you join the Incel Rebellion and fly a plane into the Vagina Museum, let me explain myself.

Women like GOOD GUYS too.

So you DON’T have to turn yourself into an arrogant jerk to arrange a sex date through Tinder with a hot girl.

Phew. Glad we got that out of the way.

*wipes forehead*

Now I know how Jack Bauer from 24 feels when disarming a time bomb, anyway…

The reason girls often fall for bad boys is because women recognize that these dudes aren’t afraid to be themselves. Bad boys don’t hide what they want and aren’t afraid to get it either.

THAT is what women find attractive. But bad boys also display a lot of behavior that women find wildly unattractive.

Like the fact that they’re egocentric and don’t really care about her.

So being a bad boy is not an effective strategy to be successful with women.

To get laid on Tinder, you simply want to be yourself while embracing your desire for sex.

When you get it right.

4. Make your profile more trustworthy

Unless you look like every woman’s wet dream, you can’t get away with looking like a sexual predator.

To get Tinder sex dates, you must also be trustworthy!

That’s why your dating profile needs enough universal symbols of trust:

  • A smile.
  • Photos with a fluffy four-legged pet. (Gerbils and lizards work too, but don’t rank as high.)
  • Wear suits and other formal wear.
  • Festive holiday pics with appropriate outfits. (Think Easter and Christmas.)
  • Oversized, cuddly sweaters. (Wear a Christmas sweater in front of a decorated fireplace to tick two boxes in one go.)
  • Non-macho hobbies. (Playing the guitar, chess, board games, etc.)

If your Tinder profile has NONE of the above, you won’t get many matches.

Without signs of reliability, she probably thinks you’re a brainless meathead or cat strangler.

But if you have too many signs of safety, she’ll think you’re a very sweet man who calls sex ‘making love’. My client Alex had a profile that implicitly said, “I like to get pegged while you call me a good little boy.”

5. Look more like a stud

When you’re on Tinder for flings, you want to look more like an independent man than a boyfriend. But you also don’t want to look like you sell drugs in alleyways and have a house with a sex dungeon.

You want to look like a confident guy who understands women.

That may sound difficult. But really, you just want to stick away from the opposite: a harmless dork.

How can you look less dorky and innocent?

  • Don’t always smile in your photos.
  • Show off your muscles (by choosing the right poses and clothes).
  • Have some night-time photos.
  • Slightly push forward your jaw. (A broad chin is associated with testosterone and a rockhard donger.)
  • Expose your ink. (Yes, that means tattoos, you nerd. ❤️)
  • Snap photos of yourself doing dangerous stuff. (Snowboarding, boxing, skateboarding, dirt biking.)
  • Have a decent fashion style (no nerdy vibes).

If your profile has several of the above photos, she won’t think you’re as sweet. Women will more quickly think “Tinder sex date”, than “potential boyfriend.”

6. Avoid these common profile mistakes

Even Jason Momoa gets awful Tinder results if he makes the next three mistakes.

  • Using selfies. They don’t give her any clues on what you’re like, they make her wonder if you’re vain, and selfies can distort your face by up to 30%.
  • Having too much stuff going on in the background. Distractions tell women to swipe you left. The science is simple: nobody wants to think when swiping. And the busier your photos, the more she has to think.
  • Uploading a bad first photo. Like a poor-quality image, a group photo, an unflattering angle, or a photo of himself riding his motorcycle WITH HIS HELMET ON.

So none of this. 👆

(Although both you and me would swipe the first girl to the left, because we see a nice body and heavenly-blessed breasts. But we’re merely simple men, not sophisticated ladies.)

7. Have an irresistible first photo

Here’s how you grab the attention of the hottest women.

Copy the leading photo of the most desired men on Tinder, the… chest up pose. All you want to show are your pecs and face.

Good news for you guys with matchstick-legs. Bad news for you beasts with meter-long manacondas.

What does the ideal pose look like?


A shot of moi.

I’d rate this photo 9/10. Can you figure out why? I already mentioned the answer earlier.

The background is too busy!

Despite its flaws, this leading photo has given me LOTS of Tinder success. So you can get away with a little slop.

Holy Tip:

Do you find it difficult to find the ‘slop’ in your dating profile?

No problem…

As long as you have my Dating Profile Checklist.

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7. Write the perfect sexual bio

If she’s not convinced by your photos, you can still win her over with your top-notch bio.

Here’s how you write a good one.

  • Keep it short. She has no interest in reading books while swiping. So keep it somewhere between 3 – 4 sentences.
  • Be specific. It’s the details that separate you from your competition.
  • Trigger emotions. She wants to be with someone who can push her buttons in all the right ways.

Using the above three guidelines, I created the next Tinder bio. It’s a little risky, so I’d only use it if I was traveling abroad and wanted some quick action.

Pineapple goes on pizza like tongues go in assholes. It’s not for everyone, but those who enjoy it are a little more sophisticated.

For more bio inspiration, check out this article:

8. Set the tone with the right opener

There is no other premade line that gets more replies than the next opener. It’s powerful and easy to remember.

Plus, the internet hasn’t ruined it yet by sending it to every girl on the globe.


You want to infuse your openers with the same energy.

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  • And commentary by yours truly.

9. Dial up the emotions in your Tinder convos

Here’s what I want you to remember until your last days:

Emotions, not facts, create attraction.

So shift your focus from getting to know her, to having fun banter.

Some fun lines you can use right away:

  • What’s your favorite smell?
  • Have you ever been in a situation where you realized that YOU were the asshole?
  • What are you getting for me on Valentine’s Day? 😉

For more, check out this article:

10. Create an emotional connection

You probably think that ’emotional connection’ means sugar, spice and everything nice. Well, that’s…


You can build a deep bond based on any emotion, including sexual desire.

If you can connect her sexual desires to you, she’ll go crazy for you.

How do you do that?

Subtly create dirty pictures in her mind.

Here are some examples of lines that do exactly that:

  • “It’s cute when you try so hard. ;)”
  • “Woww. You’re TOTALLY falling in love with me.”
  • “How do you feel about public displays of affection, cool or not?”

11. Let her play the female role

Saying the same thing in a different way makes all the difference on Tinder.

Take this text.

Standing in line for the new Star Wars!! 😍😍😍

Super girly.

About to watch some Jedi scum get REKT

Much more manly. Even though it’s just as nerdy.

That’s why you want to rid your texts of unnecessary smileys and punctuation. Hint: Almost all emojis are unnecessary.

Holy Tip:

As you get better with Tinder, you’ll date more girls and have more sex.


But don’t let your success get to your head. Swiping apps make it easy to treat women like objects. And it’s your duty to continue to see women as people, not another notch on your bedpost.

Don’t mislead your matches, use protection and send her a sweet text the day after.

12. Ask her out in an attractive way

A woman wants to date a man who’s confident enough to go after what he wants. And confident enough that he knows his worth.

Here’s how you do exactly that when you ask her out.

Assume she’s interested.

Like so.

Hey, let’s do drinks next week. Are you more into smoothies or cocktails?

Important: This line won’t work if you haven’t sparked enough attraction. So only ask her out when you know she’s into you. Check out the next article for more tips:

13. Give her the perfect Tinder sex date

Here’s how to give her an experience she wants to tell all her friends.

Regardless of the exact date details, a one-night stand revolves around one core principle:

Have some romance, but as little as possible.

That may seem blunt and downright rude. But personal experience from my team and I doesn’t lie:

  • Get too romantic and she may catch feelings for you, even though you only wanted sex.
  • If you’re super flirty and sexual on Tinder, the IRL boyfriend treatment can scare her away. For some girls that even means no hand-holding. If you’re a romantic who loves sex, be sure to ask what’s too intimate for her.
  • Zero romance makes her feel like a sex toy. While some girls won’t mind, most women prefer some kind of special and sweet treatment.

14. Make sex more likely to happen

As far as the date location for your Tinder sex date, there is one place better than any other.

Your place.

Getting her to your house is the hardest part. Few girls want to come over just for sex. That makes them feel sleazy.

And the days of ‘Netflix and chill’ are over.

A for effort. D for execution.

A better strategy to get her to your casa is making cocktails (or smoothies if she’s a health nut):

  • Meet up in front of your local supermarket, shop for ingredients together and go back to your place after.

15. Increase the odds of Tinder sex

Seduction is always about increasing the odds of success, but will never guarantee it.

To increase the chances of success even further, you want to download my 10 Texts That Always Work.

  • Whether you don’t know what to say.
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  • Or how to playfully tease her.

You can find the answer inside my 10 Texts That Always Work. Just follow the link.

That’s the end for Tinder Date Sex.

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