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14 Tinder Sex Date Tips (Examples To Hook Up TONIGHT)

Yes, I look like the biggest douche on Earth here.
I met her through Tinder, I’ll share my wicked ways in this article so you can get simular results with girls.

Do you want a Tinder sex date?

Then you can’t behave like most men on dating apps.

Unless you never want to get laid (again).

Here’s what you get:

  • 2 Signs that show if she wants to hook up with you
  • 15 Sexual questions to ask a girl on Tinder (turns her on!)
  • The photos that help you match with women who want sexxorz
  • 2 Stealable unique bios that the world has never seen before
  • How you are cockblocking yourself RIGHT NOW
  • The easiest way to get more matches
  • 3 Ways to excite your match for a Tinder sex date
  • The Dos and Don’ts of a successful one-night stand
  • Much more…

Louis - The TextGod
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#1: Hit the ground running

Fly out the Tinder starting blocks with the next quick pointers.

Meet Alex.

Alex is a client of mine who uses Tinder for sex dates.

At least, he intends to.

But he runs into three obstacles:

  • He barely has any Tinder matches.
  • His conversations are almost always serious and boring.
  • When he does go on a date, she doesn’t want to hook up with him.

Sound familiar?

All these issues have clear-cut answers.

Let’s start with the date.

The reason women don’t want to hook up with Alex is not because of his looks.

It’s because Alex set the wrong expectation.

His Tinder matches all got the impression that Alex was a sweet guy looking for a relationship.

Even though Alex is suffering from the breakup blues and is 100.69% looking for one-night stands on Tinder.

So Alex has an image problem:

He’s a bad boy trapped inside a nice guy.

How can Alex break out of his nice-guy shell?

For starters, by changing his photos.

His entire Tinder album was good… for attracting serious women.

Every single pic made Alex look like a rainbow farting Carebear.

“Cute, but I don’t want to fu$% it.” — Women

Then we leveled up his text game.

More on texting for Tinder sex dates later.

The next tip shows you how to attract sex-loving casual ladies.

#2: Profile tips to attract flings via Tinder

The reason so few of your Tinder dates lead to sex is because of one reason…

Most men don’t fully understand women.

To be fair, the female mind is probably an unsolvable puzzle.

But we can fit together some of the pieces.

For instance, how women feel about sex.

Most men think women only want relationships and won’t sleep with you until months of dating, gift-giving and hair-braiding.

But that’s false.

Many women are up for wild Tinder sex as much as the average guy.


And that’s the BIGGEST of ifs.

You don’t bullshit her.

Women will put up with charming womanizers, as long as you embrace that you are a womanizer.

Will she stay with a Don Juan in the long-term?

Probably not.

But will she spend a few sweaty nights tussling in your bedsheets?

If she enjoys your company, HELL YEAH!

Women never enjoys neediness.

And that’s where my friend Alex went wrong.

He was bullshitting women with his Tinder album.

Even though he wanted earthshaking bedroom stunts, his photos said “looking for long walks on the beach.”

Note: Don’t worry if you actually enjoy walks on the beach. You don’t have to hide your friendly personality. But your Tinder album should subtly show you’re not looking for a relationship.

Find out how, later in this article.

To capture the attention of “free-spirited women,” you must know two things…

#3: The two facts you must know when seducing women

The contents of this tip may rustle a few feathers, but the science is clear…

Overall, women initially fall for the bad boy.


Before you join the Incel Rebellion and fly a plane into the Vagina Museum, let me explain myself.

Women like GOOD GUYS too.

So you DON’T have to turn yourself into an arrogant jerk to arrange a sex date through Tinder with a hot girl.

Phew. Glad we got that out of the way.

*wipes forehead*

Now I know how cops feel when disarming a ticking time bomb.

The reason girls generally fall for bad boys, is because they symbolize an attractive male trait.


But that’s not enough to keep a woman interested.

Female attraction largely boils down to the balance of TWO male traits:

Reliability and confidence.

The stereotypical good guy is reliable and insecure.

The model bad boy is confident and an asshole.

Reality, of course, doesn’t work that way.

You can have bad boys who are very sweet.

And good guys who are notoriously cruel.

So if we return to our stereotypes, we have:

  • The good guy: the sweet but spineless man who won’t hurt a fly.
  • The bad boy: the testosterone-filled caveman who loves nothing but himself.

Women rationally don’t want to date either man.


One is too much of a doormat. And will abandon her at the first sight of a sabretooth.

The other is too aggressive and self-centered. And will abandon her the second she’s knocked up.

The reason why bad boys have a reputation for being womanizers is…

Because they get her into bed!

Confidence creates arousal.

Let me quickly explain why:

  • It shows you believe in yourself. And if you don’t, why should she?
  • It shows authority. Only someone who is confident of his views can demand attention and respect from others.
  • It shows you’re optimistic. Confident people have greater faith in themselves than in the power of the situation to take them down.
  • It means she can relax. If you can take care of yourself, you can also take care of her.
  • It’s almost magical. For people who are always anxious, courage and confidence is like a magic trick.

But confidence is not enough to keep a woman interested.

A woman wants a man that’s CAPABLE of taking charge… but only exercises his iron will when he CHOOSES to.

A gentleman in the streets and a beast in the sheets.

What does this all mean for you?

Have the right mix of aggression and reliability.

Do you show ZERO reliability? Expect to scare every woman away.

Do you show ZERO confidence? Expect to be thrown into the dungeons of the friendzone.

Do you have the RIGHT blend? Expect to excite the ladies.

When you get it right.

Let’s begin the balancing act.

#4: How to look dateable

Crank up your dating profile’s reliability with the next universal symbols of trust:

  • A smile.
  • Photos with a fluffy four-legged pet. (Gerbils and lizards work too, but don’t rank as high.)
  • Wear suits and other formal wear.
  • Festive holiday pics with appropriate outfits. (Think Easter and Christmas.)
  • Oversized, cuddly sweaters. (Wear a Christmas sweater in front of a decorated fireplace to tick two boxes in one go)
  • Non-macho hobbies. (Playing the guitar, chess, board games, etc.)

If your Tinder profile has NONE of the above, you won’t get many matches.

Without signs of reliability, she probably thinks you’re a brainless meathead or cat strangler.

But if you have too many signs of safety, she’ll think you’re a very sweet man who calls sex ‘making love’.

My pal Alex had a profile that implicitly said, “I like to get pegged while you call me a good little boy.”

If the above bullets describe your Tinder profile, you got some work ahead of you.

You need to shoot new photos.

Discover which in the next tip.

#5: How to look manly

How to look like you wrestle bears and own trophies for “Best State Sexxor”.

When you’re on Tinder for flings, you want to show more aggression than reliability.

Check out the next bullets and see what your profile needs:

  • Don’t smile
  • Show off your muscles (the classy way)
  • Wear dark and manly clothes. (The #1 masculine garment is still the leather jacket.)
  • Slightly push forward your jaw. (A broad chin is associated with testosterone and a rockhard donger.)
  • Expose your ink. (Yes, that means tattoos, you nerd.)
  • Snap photos of yourself doing dangerous stuff. (Snowboarding, boxing, skateboarding, dirt biking.)
  • Have a candid photo of you talking to an audience. (Don’t fake this shot, it’s too obvious and cringe.)

If your profile has several of the above photos, she won’t think you’re as sweet.

Women will more quickly think “Tinder sex date”, than “potential boyfriend.”

Caution: Because serious women recognize that you want a fling, you may get fewer matches.

No worries.

Most of the matches you do get will be the spontaneous ladies you want.

#6: How to look attractive

Even Jason Momoa gets awful Tinder results if he makes the next three mistakes.

1.   The selfie

The selfie is terribad for a host of reasons. Let’s quickly skim through the most important:

  • Selfies raise unwanted questions. “Does he not have any friends?” “Is he so vain that he’s constantly shooting photos of himself when alone?”
  • Selfies are the opposite of spontaneous, which can make you seem tryhard.
  • Selfies distort your face by up to 30%.

While one selfie doesn’t instantly mark your Tinder profile for death. Too many selfies do.

So keep your Tinder selfies to a minimum… and NEVER use a selfie as your first photo.

2.   Background noise

Distractions tell women to swipe you left.

The science is simple: nobody wants to think when swiping.

And the busier your photos, the more she has to think.

Give her too much input and she swipes left.

What does that concretely mean?

  • Remove distractions from the background. People especially steal much attention.
  • Make yourself stand out. The background and you should ideally be opposite colors.

None of this. 👆

(Although both you and me would swipe the first girl to the right, because we see a nice body and heavenly blessed breasts. But we’re merely simple men, not sophisticated ladies.)

3.   A bad first photo

Get it wrong and she’ll reject you without even looking at the rest of your profile.

The single most important aspect of online dating: the first photo.

How do you get your first photo wrong?

  • Poor quality image. Grainy, too dark or just plain bad.
  • A photo that isn’t you. I still sometimes get clients who have a first photo of them riding their hog WITH THEIR HELMETS ON.
  • Group photos. Remember the insight from the last tip? Don’t make her think!
  • The wrong angle. More than anything, your first photo should CLEARLY show off your face.

#7: Get the perfect first photo

Get the trick for more matches with your first photo.

No matter how epic your profile, if your first photo sucks, so does your profile.

Your leading photo is the first impression you give her.

If it’s bad, you probably won’t get another shot.

Especially the cutest girls have little patience for bad profiles.

So how can you grab the attention of the hottest women?

By using a leading photo that the most desired men of Tinder also use:

Chest up pose.

Exactly, all you want to show are your pecs and face.

Good news for you guys with matchstick-legs.

Bad news for you beasts with meter-long manacondas.

What does the ideal pose look like?


A shot of moi.

I’d rate this photo 9/10.

Can you figure out why? I already mentioned the answer earlier.

The background is too busy!

Despite its flaws, this leading photo has given me LOTS of Tinder success.

So you can get away with a little slop.

Holy Tip:

Do you find it difficult to find the ‘slop’ in your dating profile?

No problem…

As long as you have my Dating Profile Checklist.

A checklist that’ll point out the weaknesses in your profile.

Grab it here for free.

Here are two other SOLID leading Tinder photos, with mistakes of their own:

The left photo doesn’t have enough contrast.

The right photo is so overexposed that he turned into Voldemort. (He barely has a nose.)

But the two photos are definitely good enough to catch her attention.

Good work, boys!

With an irresistible leading photo, she’ll plunge into the rest of your Tinder profile.

Because you already have an album of manliness, you now want to make sure you have a dynamite bio.

#7: Use your bio to get sex on Tinder

Stand out from the crowd and get swiped right with the next bios.

Most guys on Tinder have one of three bios:

1.   The short novel

Too long, didn’t read.

2.   The cliché

That is SO 2015. 🤦‍♀️

3.   The brutally butthurt

Thank you for making me stand out on Tinder.

You clearly want none of the above bios.

What you do want is:

  • To keep it short. She has no interest in reading books while swiping.
  • To make it unique and relevant. She wants to know the real you.
  • To trigger emotions. She wants to be with someone who can push her buttons.

Short means three to four sentences.

Unique and relevant means you choose an about me description that matches your photos and is your own. (Feel free to copy or personalize the next bios. I made them up on the fly, so it’s original as can be.)

But what about triggering emotions?

Not being boring is a given, so what do you do instead?

Considering you want a Tinder date that ends in sex, you want to shoot for playful and seductive.

How you get there is up to you.

Although you definitely don’t want to be too direct, like Gracie:

Girls can get Tinder sex dates with this. Men can’t.

Unlike girls, we can’t be shamelessly direct.

We have to be more subtle about our intentions.

Using the above three guidelines, I created the next two Tinder bios.

I once saw a used oven on the sidewalk with a note that perfectly described me:
‘Take me. I’m not working anymore, but you can fix me.’

Descriptive, funny and sexual in three sentences.


If a killer ever held a gun to my skull and asked me to parallel park or he’d blow off my head… I’d be fine. I’m not a pleb.

But my music playlist hasn’t changed since high school. And I still can’t follow along with TLC’s No Scrubs.

Missing the flirty, but makes up for it with easy jokes. Plus it’s both a brag and a self-diss.

Now you have your bio, onto the first text to send her, the opener.

#8: The opener that gets a reply

There is no other premade line that gets more replies than the next opener.

It’s powerful and easy to remember.

Plus, the internet hasn’t ruined it yet by sending it to every girl on the globe.

Like what happened to this bad pickup line:

When girls catch you using a cheat sheet.

If you want the most effective opener, you always come back to one principle:


The Ultimate Guide To Getting Laid On Tinder!

“Hahaha, that’s the most obvious clickbait I’ve ever seen!”


*clicks on link*

You want to design your openers the same way.

Make your texts irresistible with my Clickbait Opener.

Follow the link and get not only a line she can’t resist, but also:

  • Video tutorial to use this opener
  • With 2 follow-up lines to make sure you start the conversation smoothly
  • 7 Screenshot examples
  • And commentary by yours truly

Just click the link and the #1 pickup line is yours.

Now you have her attention, steer your conversation to sexy town.

#9: Dial up the sexy in your Tinder convos

Apply the wisdom of this tip, and your conversation will never put her to sleep.

Here’s a conversation from a client who didn’t get the memo.

So, tell me. What amps you up?

All sorts of stuff

I especially like dancing and skating

Okay, sportsfan

Books on spirituality… So that I can let my mind wander

You’re into spirituality?

What do you think of spirituality?

I’ve read some books when I was younger

I meditate and even did some tai chi


I’m so zen that I can levitate

What amps you up?

Okay. I like psychiatry and psychology

Just making sure you didn’t drift off.

The above conversation is fine… if you’re talking to your grandma.

But not if you’re chatting with your Tinder match.

The reason you are reading this specific article is to meet a girl and get laid through Tinder, right?

Last time I checked, the exchange of facts rarely excites a girl.

That means no chatting about:

  • Work and school.
  • Small talk about her day.
  • Chit-chat about your day.
  • Deep talks about childhood, family, passions and other ‘meaningful’ conversation.

Instead, go with what works.

Read the next tip for more.

#10: Hook up on your Tinder date with the tips

What every modern man must know is down below.

As the last tip showed, you can’t be boring.

So what does seduction mean?

To playfully tickle her heartstrings.

A description that’s probably not much help.

But it’s almost impossible to talk about flirting scientifically. From the perspective of proteins and calcium for example.

Which brings me to the most important aspect of seduction:

To seduce, you want to talk in terms of experience rather than information.

One is filled with facts, logic, and detail.

The other is loaded with feeling, passion, and sensitivity.

Put even more simply: one is math, the other dodgeball.

And never does a math equation make kids scream from excitement.

What does this mean for you?


Next time a girl asks you a boring question, like:

What did you do last weekend?

You don’t give her a play by play of your activities.

I went out to get pizza with friends

Too boring/non-emotional.

Instead, you give her a taste of your experience.

I was out doing baaaad shit

Was chilling with my friends until they wanted to get pizza hawaii

Then I knew what had to be done

Did I actually shoot my friend in the dome after he ordered pizza hawaii?

Of course not!

I sure as heck made fun of him though.

The point is, you want to add some special sauce to your experiences.

Not tell your story as it actually was.


And focus on emotion.

Let’s suppose she doesn’t ask you a question that you can answer playfully.

Perhaps your Tinder conversation takes a turn for Snoozeville.

What do you do then?

An easy way to spice up a dying conversation is with…


For instance:

Let’s take the first plane to Vegas

I’ve got a winning strategy to clean up the house

I’ll bring the cash, you wear a tight titty dress to distract the dealer as I count the cards

I’ll also pack a speedo in case the dealer is more into muchachos

It’s totally out of the blue.

But it’s also:

  • Fun
  • Evokes emotions
  • Sexual

Which is all you want when on Tinder for a sex date.

Don’t always have the creativity to come up with something on the fly?

No problem.

I’ve got 10 texts that always work, used by my team of coaches and me.

Get them here for free.

#11: Set her expectations for Tinder sex

By the end of this tip, you’ll know what to text to plan pajama parties with girls every weekend.

All the men on Tinder want more non-committed sex, yet nobody really knows how to get it.

Some think it has to do with the right pickup line.

Clever, but no good.

Others believe it’s just being honest.

And another group is convinced most women are just not up for flings.

Here’s my two cents:

  • Pickup lines are fun, but largely ineffective. A good first text, however, works magic.
  • Women love sex as much as men, but are simply more selective.
  • Honesty is key. You can tease her with an obvious lie. For instance, you can tell her “I hate you SO MCUH!” while you playfully put your arm around her. But you should never give her the idea you want a relationship, if all you want is sex.

To get your Tinder match on the right wavelength…

You want to show her you are no stranger to sex, while keeping her guessing whether you want to boink her.

While there are many roads to Boinktown, here is a simple one:

Would you rather.

A party game that poses a dilemma in the form of a question with “Would you rather”.

And it can be used to spice up the conversation in an instant.

Here’s a list of WYRs.

Would you rather walk in on your nude best friend, or have your best friend walk in on you naked?

Would you rather only be allowed to do foreplay with your hands, or only be allowed to do foreplay with your mouth?

Would you rather have sex in complete silence, or hear dirty talk in the voice of Mr. Bean?

Would you rather be blindfolded during sex, or handcuffed?

Would you rather give up sex for a year, or give up masturbating for a year?

Would you rather handcuff your crush to the bed or have your crush handcuff you to the bed?

Would you rather have epic sex once a week or half-ass sex seven times a week?

Would you rather only have sex with your first, or only have sex with the last person you boinked?

Would you rather have your porn history shown at your family Christmas dinner, or in the office at a meeting?

Would you rather make love on rose petals or fuck in a bar bathroom?

Would you rather be teased with hot wax or with ice cubes?

Would you rather play the failing student or the patient who can’t pay her medical bills?

Would you rather fart or burp while kissing?

Would you rather have your hair pulled, or your back scratched?

Would you rather have a hickey or give a hickey?

These Tinder questions will definitely get her hot and bothered.

Plus tell her what to expect when meeting up with you.

#12: What to do on your Tinder sex date

The next 300 words will tell you how to give her an experience she wants to tell all her friends.

By now you should have a bad boy profile, a seductive opener and lots of flirty conversations.

Up next is the date.

What do you do?

Your gut reaction may be to take her out for dinner, or to the movies.

Which is a no-go even if you’re not interested in her romantically.

Dinner is too high pressure for a first Tinder date. And the cinema doesn’t even let you talk to her.

Regardless of the details, a one-night stand revolves around one core principle:

Have some romance, but as little as possible.

That may seem blunt and downright rude.

But personal experience from me and my group of coaches doesn’t lie:

  • Get too romantic and she may catch feelings for you, even though you only wanted sex
  • If you’re super flirty and sexual on Tinder, the boyfriend treatment can scare her away. For some girls that even means no hand-holding. If you’re a romantic who loves sex, be sure to ask what’s too intimate for her.
  • Zero romance makes her feel like a sex toy. While some girls won’t mind, most women prefer to feel at least a little special.

As far as the date location for your Tinder sex date, there is one place better than any other.

The cocktail bar around the block?


The best location is your place.

Getting her to your house is the hardest part.

Few girls want to come over just for sex. That makes them feel sleazy.

And the days of ‘Netflix and chill’ are over.

A for effort. D for execution.

A better strategy to get her to your casa is making cocktails (or smoothies if she’s a health nut):

Meet up in front of your local supermarket, shop for ingredients together and go back to your place.

#13: How to seduce her with simplicity

Even though you mean well, your texts may be scaring off your matches.

A big part of online seduction is using the right words.

Saying the same phrase with different words can repel or attract her.

Online, word selection is everything.

After all, she can’t hear your tone of voice.

And it’s not just words, it’s also emojis and punctuation.

Standing in line for the new Star Wars!! 😍😍😍

Super ghey.

About to watch some Jedi scum get REKT

Much more manly. Even though it’s just as nerdy.

So rid your texts of unnecessary smileys and punctuation.

Hint: Almost all emojis are unnecessary.

Make your texts even more studly by removing all words of doubt from your vocabulary.

Words like: probably, could you, perhaps, maybe, if possible.

Doubt can also be cast with the hellish question mark.

So could you, if possible, perhaps stop the doubtful way of writing your texts??? 🙊🙊

Your insecure text style gives the ladies a dry vegana.

Especially when you ask her out like a shy 9-year-old:

Hey, let’s maybe do drinks on Sunday. If you’re up for it? 😬

Holy Tip:

As you get better with Tinder, you’ll date more girls and have more sex.


But don’t let your success get to your head. Swiping apps make it easy to treat women like objects. And it’s your duty to continue to see women as people, not another notch on your bedpost.

Don’t mislead your matches, use protection and send her a sweet text the day after.

The next tip gives you a demo on what type of language your match likes to see.

#14: Conversation tips for sex on Tinder

Convince uninterested girls you’re a catch with the art of word wizardry.

Let’s take another look at the sentence from the last tip:

Hey, let’s maybe do drinks on Sunday. If you’re up for it? 😬

This date proposal screams low self-worth.

Unless she’s already bought in, most women will have second thoughts about meeting you. Or flat out reject your offer.

A woman wants to date a man who is confident. A man who will enrich her life.

You can write books on how to become that man.

So I’ll share how you can seem like that man.

A man of confidence speaks with authority. Not too different from a police officer.

Hey, let’s do drinks this Sunday. Are you into smoothies or cocktails

When you compare it to the text from before, you largely notice three things:

  1. There are no emojis.
  2. There are no question marks.
  3. There is no fear of rejection.

Beyond courage, the text shows you assume she wants to go out with you. Instead of waiting for her reply, you skip her response entirely and ask what drink she prefers.

Important: This line won’t work if she isn’t available, or if you haven’t sparked enough attraction.

Seduction is always about increasing the odds of success, but will never guarantee it.

To increase the chances of success even further, you want to download my 10 Texts That Always Work.

  • Whether you don’t know what to say.
  • If you want funny answers to standard questions.
  • How to ask her out.
  • Or how to playfully tease her.

You can find the answer inside my 10 Texts That Always Work. Just follow the link.

That’s the end for Tinder Date Sex.

Don’t forget to get your free 10 Texts, brochacho.

Louis Farfields

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