10 Practical tips for more success with Tinder + Screenshots

You’re on Tinder but you want more matches, smoother conversations, and epic dates?

I’m a full time Tinder coach, and in this article I will give you my best tips to start getting more Tinder Success.

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Video: 5 Great tips for more success on Tinder

If you prefer to watch a video, I got you covered.

In this video you’ll get 5 of my best tips from this article:

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1. More matches: Your first Tinder picture is everything

If the matches aren’t coming in, then your first picture is the villain. That’s the culprit we’re blaming here.

Compare it to a restaurant: It’s the front of the restaurant that either grabs your attention or scares you away.

Think of the purpose of a clean restaurant sign on a fancy-looking wall. What is its function? Is it to convince people to eat dessert?

Nope. Its main purpose is to get people to come just a little closer. Maybe check out the menu.

And that’s exactly what your first picture has to do. Convince her to:

  • Instantly decide to swipe you right (best case scenario).
  • Check out your other pictures and bio.

If she decides to click on your profile and check out your other photos, or read your bio… then you’ve taken the first step towards Tinder success.

Your other photos and bio should secure the win.

Right now they may not be doing a terrific job. But soon they will. Just keep reading.

For more on how to select the best pictures for your Tinder profile, check out this article:

2. More matches: Don’t overdo your Tinder profile

I know you have 9 picture slots on Tinder. And it’s tempting to use them all. Every slot is a chance to impress her, right?

However, using all of them is NOT a good idea.  Less is more actually.

Look, if you can’t convince her in 4 photos, you probably won’t convince her in 9. What’s more likely is that something in your 9 photos puts her off.

That’s called overselling.

Do you think a guy who is super popular in real life will spend hours building his Tinder profile? Will he carefully browse through all his photos and then select 9 to prove his worth? No, he won’t.

You can tell a captivating story about yourself in 4 or 5 photos.

Back when you could only upload 6 Tinder pictures, I asked a girl what she thinks about all this.

She’s an international model and a psychologist at the same time. I often bounce ideas off of her because she usually brings good stuff to the table.

Here’s what she said:

This doesn’t just apply to the pictures. A long and serious bio does the same. Or abusing all the features Tinder offers for your bio.

If you put too much effort into it, you look try-hard. And that makes you less attractive.

So do enough to get her interested, but don’t overdo it.

Check out this article for more on your Tinder profile:

3. More matches: Link your Instagram

I’m going to show you a screenshot here. At the time of this screenshot I used just 4 photos. They are just enough but definitely not too much. In my bio, I added one sentence to tickle her fantasy.

And underneath my bio, she saw this:

My Instagram account. 162 images she can sniff through.

“Uhm but Louis… you just said 9 pictures is tryhard and now you’re showing 162?”

Good point. With one massive difference. The guy uploading 9 photos directly to his profile, carefully selected those specific photos and then uploaded them one by one.

That takes at least a little effort. Connecting your gram to your Tinder profile takes about 6.9 seconds.

Nice and nonchalant. Just how I like it. Besides, she’s already investing more time in you by nosing around your 162 photos.

You can have Tinder success without IG. Just select about 5 good photos. Combine those with a killer bio and you’ll be fine.

And then create an Instagram account and start building it. It takes about 10 minutes per day to get a cool photo to post.

You’ll thank me later.

Holy Tip:

Connecting your Instagram is actually one of the 35+ questions in our Tinder Profile Checklist.

The Checklist shows you all ways to get a 10/10 profile.

To use The Checklist, just download it for free. It’s easy and fun to use, and you’ll know how to become more attractive on Tinder.

We’re very proud of it. Check it out.

4. More matches: Keep your bio short and smart

What if I told you that you can have the luxury of automatically matching the women you connect with best?

No more dates where you’re stuck with your exact polar opposite, as if you’re dating your nemesis, wondering how you ended up together.

The secret about this luxury is that it’s easily obtainable. And it’s about your Tinder bio.

Your Tinder bio is, in fact, a crucial part of your Tinder success rate.

Let’s start with the size of your Tinder bio. A bigger bio tends to be less effective. Here’s why:

  • More room for error.
  • Looks scary at first sight (people tend to back away from a longer read).
  • Often causes men to hoard techniques.

Often causes men to hoard techniques? What? Alright, let’s clarify that with an example!

This TextGod disciple is a smart fella. He also had a pretty decent profile to begin with.

However, his bio is too big. It has 6 different parts. And in all 6 he is trying to convince the girl of his worthiness.

And I get it, you’ve discovered Textgod.com and you’ve been trying out my stuff. Great!

But you’re again overselling yourself.

His bio is a textbook example of the “often causes men to hoard techniques”-point.

It’s a chaotic mess of multiple little Tinder bios thrown together.

He had hoped their powers would add up and combine into one unstoppable force.

Unfortunately, it’s more like their powers cancel each other out and you’re left with… looking like a tryhard.

Check out this article for more about Tinder bios:

5. More Matches: How to rock a short bio

So what type of bio gets you most matches?

To gain Tinder success, your profile text doesn’t have to be big. It’s more about what it says.

Here’s why I like shorter Tinder bios:

  • They’re not scary to look at.
  • They’re read in a split-second.
  • They seem very nonchalant.

God, what a beautiful word nonchalant is. Blasé. Non-caring. Unconcerned.

Besides, if you opt for a short bio, you immediately rule out having a boring bio like this one:

Another student of mine has a bio that has two lines in there that cracked me up when I first saw them.

Here’s what his bio looks like:

First of all, you already know my laws about emojis by now, right? (if not, read more articles )

Anyway, I like the “No butt stuff on the first date” a lot.

I also like his first sentence: “Some say the first picture is photoshopped. It is NOT true, I live in a fairytale jungle.”

Which makes a lot more sense if you see his first photo.

My lesson for you is this:

Imagine him deleting his whole bio except the first line.

Or just having the “no butt stuff” line.

Wouldn’t that be one hell of a sweet, short bio?

Nice and nonchalant. No unnecessary noise.

I had a bio just like that, and I’ll show it to you in a bit, with a very usable line.

6. Great conversations: Create a together-feeling

Do you sometimes feel it’s you vs her when you chat? It feels like two individuals trying to awkwardly communicate?

This is your answer: If you do manage to create a together-feeling, it’ll be WAY easier to get her out on a date.

And here’s the good part: It’s easier than you think to create such feelings.

Next time you are typing a text about yourself and your interests, stop for a second.

If you’re typing about her and her hobbies, stop for a second.

Instead try using one of these three terms:

  • We (We’re going to set trashcans on fire).
  • Together (We’ll go to an all-you-can-eat rib house together).
  • Our (Our child would never do such things. It’ll be too beautiful for that).

Let’s look at a screenshot example of this:

See that last text I sent her there? I could have easily stopped right after “Mastered it when I was 3.”.

Instead, I make her imagine us together with a unicycle. She probably quickly pictured herself doing a headstand on a unicycle, while I’m right next to her, holding her and the bike in balance.

These silly little things are not only fun to imagine, they also familiarize you and her being together. She jokingly texts back that she’s curious now.

And then she starts talking about me winning the spooning world championship…

How convenient. She found info on my Tinder profile that I’m a master spooner. Another group activity.

Something she and I can enjoy together. Something she can picture herself doing again.

And this time it’s slightly spicier than doing unicycle stunts.

7. Great conversations: Don’t invest way more than your match

This principle gets you smoother conversations, without becoming your online dating demise.

You’ve experienced this emotional rollercoaster before. That hopeful feeling you get when you match a cutie.

You text her. She texts back. But then it happens. Your enthusiasm gets the upper hand.

And before you know it, your needy side wakes up and takes over.

That’s when things go south real quick. She sent a late or short reply to your last message, and now you text her back too hungrily for her response. Usually this results in weak texts, that end up getting an even weaker reply from the girl. Eventually you get to the point where she doesn’t text back at all!

Luckily for you, we can prevent this from happening.

There’s multiple ways to go about this. But if you’re rather new and not convinced of your own texting skills, then I advise you to strive for balance. In other words: you and your match text equal amounts.

Here’s an example of a Tinder conversation where I filled out the chat bubbles. This way you don’t get distracted by content and get a very visual representation of the AMOUNT of text being sent.

This is a textbook example of a balanced conversation.

The opener is one text, but after that, we always send 2 texts each of about the same length.

Now, most of the time when you’re texting, you won’t see a very similar scenario.

In reality, it’s the man who’s texting more at the start of the conversation.

Especially on Tinder, women have OPTIONS. Men all over tinder are using awful tactics, throwing themselves at any girl willing to have them.

One of the consequences is that you and I have to ‘prove ourselves’ at the start of the convo.

We have to invest slightly more than her and get her to see we are worth investing time in.

If you can manage to achieve this balanced conversation, you can take things to the next level, using the power of emotional momentum.

8. Great conversations: Create emotional momentum

Do you want girls to text you more? Have them invest time and texts in you while you lean back? Fair enough.

One thing you can do, especially if you find yourself over-investing, is using the 2/3rd rule.

The 2/3rd rule is as simple as it sounds.

You text about two-thirds of what she texts.

Holy Tip:

Just like the 50/50 balance, these are guidelines, not holy rules you need to follow religiously like they’re the only way to achieve Tinder success.

Let’s look at the screenshot example below.

At the start of the conversation I am clearly investing more. After a couple days of relaxed texting, she takes over.

The whole blue-arrow-zone is the part where I am texting more. In the green-arrow-zone, she takes over. And she agrees with exchanging Instagram accounts.

Let me illustrate this.

Let me quickly explain what the heck you are looking at. This is, in fact, some sort of weighing scale. The two scales are just not physically connected.

Anyway, on the left scale is the total weight of her investment.

On the right scale if the total weight of your investment.

You and her would be floating at the same height if everything were balanced.

Now here’s where things get interesting if you want Tinder success:

At the bottom of the scales are two buttons. A green one on her side. A red one on your side.

Whoever invests more, comes closer to pushing his or her button.

Yours is red, because if you invest too much… things aren’t looking good. You’ll come across as needy and insecure.

If you manage to make her invest more than you do, she’ll come closer to pressing the green button. She’s hooked.

The more she invests, the bigger her addiction to you. So remember, soldier, the next time you notice you’re investing more than her… RELAX. It’s all good. You are allowed to do so.

As long as you realize this can’t go on forever like this. At one point she needs to start investing just as much, or even more than you.

Because if she doesn’t, you’ll bump into the red button. Are you still struggling to steer a conversation in the right direction without pressing the red button?

Try reading my article on How To Keep a Conversation Going.

9. Starting a conversation: Use clickbait

At TextGod I developed the so-called Clickbait Opener. It’s the opener with the highest success rate of all copy-pastable pick-up lines I’ve ever tested.

I bet you’ve been there. You’re working on your computer, you’ve got a certain task to complete.

But then all of a sudden you see some silly article headline: “Images of Johnny Depp’s privates leaked! You won’t believe the size of this!”

You’re quite tempted to give the link a quick click, aren’t you? Just a quick look at the photos and then you’ll close the tab and go back to work.

That’s what most people would do. It’s exactly why the internet is SWARMED with clickbait.

The psychological principle of curiosity is just too powerful.

And it’s exactly that psychological principle that I used to design my Clickbait opener.

You’ll make her so curious with your opener that she HAS to reply.

But… I didn’t stop there. I threw in some other psychological tricks to turn it into that irresistible conversation starter.

Try it out some time, see how it works for you too. I’ve decided to give it away for free in a video, along with 2 follow-up texts to get your chat going.

It’s a short video filled with screenshot examples. You can check it out here and instantly get more reactions.

10. Starting a conversation: Great Tinder openers to use

Do you ever feel like using a new line? Something fresh to start conversations with… Something you haven’t used before…

Let’s have a look at three great, bizarre and funny copy-pastable openers.

If you want to get even more openers, check out my article on Tinder openers:

Do you mind coming over?

I don’t know if you have a dog, but in case you don’t… you do now.

At least you’ll pretend you do for the sake of this opener. And it’s not a very well behaved dog.

It’s pretty absurd. And pretty funny once you start picturing the scene hahaha.

Just imagine a little hyperactive dog humping the sh!t out of your phone screen. And you trying to get him to stop. The poor iPhone didn’t even give consent.

Just to be safe, you should go with:

My dog started humping my phone after I opened your picture.

‘Picture’ rather than ‘Instagram,’ because some girls won’t have Instagram (linked to their Tinder profile).

Something else I like about this opener, is the fact that it talks about actually meeting up. Although going for the meetup straight off the bat will almost never work… it is good to plant a seed every now and then.

Once you’re further down the conversation, you can text something like:

Oh lord, my dog saw your profile and started humping again. It’s about time we take him for a walk.

Urgent dilemma: pizza or macaroni?

Do you like when people ask for your opinion? It feels good right, knowing that what you think matters.

But whenever people ask for your opinion, there’s something else that comes into play.

  • Most people will feel an urge to impress the other person with their response.
  • People will want to know why you asked.

Do they have an important decision to make? Do they just want to know your answer to then judge whether you’re the type or person they would like?

Now, when you’re on Tinder you can ask your match all sorts of classic dilemmas:

Pizza or macaroni?

Weed or alcohol?

One super best friend or 5 good friends?

Or you can personalize your opener and make it more impactful, and more likely to result in Tinder success.

Right now I am in Kiev. There’s two restaurants I often go to. One is called ‘Puzata hata,’ the other ‘Milkbar.’

So I asked some local matches for their favorite:

If the layout of this app confuses you, it’s just Tinder. The web client version of it.

Anyway, we got a good response out of her. And then I continued the conversation, sharing my detailed opinion on the food there, and other things.

Let’s look at another one:

We’ve got a good laugh, an emoji, and her opinion.

That’s more than I need start a good Tinder conversation.

The misc. opener (a golden classic)

If there was a nuclear apocalypse where only Jessica Alba and I survived and we were tasked with repopulating the world I would kill myself rather than force myself to fornicate with her because I know that our offspring would look like leprosy stricken monstrosities compared to the potential ones that could be made by a heavenly blessed beauty like yourself, <name>.

The concept is simple yet brilliant:

You are worshipping her SO MUCH she can’t think you’re serious anymore.

It’s pretty obviously a copy-pasted opener, but some women will forgive you because:

  • They haven’t seen it before.
  • It’s so beautifully written.

It’s one of my favorites:

If you’re lucky you’ll even run into a well-spoken girl like this one. Ahhh, Tinder can be a magical place.

Summarize your Tinder experience for me

This little mental experiment will give you a better idea of your online ranking, and chances of success.

Question: How has your Tinder experience been so far?

Chances are it could be better. Especially since you’re reading my article (which I’m grateful for by the way).

Maybe you’ve had a couple really cool dates. Maybe you’ve had one of the best nights of your life. Whatever it is you’ve experienced …how would you summarize it to a stranger. Without using words.

That’s right. In the next opener you’re going to ask women for their Tinder experience. But they have to describe it in one GIF.

Hey <name>, describe your Tinder experience with one GIF.

Her reaction is a pretty good depiction of your competition on Tinder. I found this opener to be less effective than the other ones.

Asking her for creative input can be too much of an investment so early in the interaction.

What you can do, is use it to test her creativity later on, when the convo has been going well already.

If you want an opener that gets GREAT results, then the next one is what you need.

One Tinder opener to rule them all

Not every opener has the same chances at Tinder success.

My god, I’ve tested some lines that did horribly.

But I’ve also tested some lines that were wonderful.

Magnificent. Marvelous. BRILLIANT!

One of them was an opener. It got a higher response rate than any other I’ve tested.

Some of those brilliant lines can be used pretty much whenever you want.

And, even though I was given the name TextGod, I’m still a mere mortal hoping to one day pass through the gates of heaven.

One way of collecting karma is by handing out solid information in my articles.

Another is by giving you my TextGod Toolkit FOR FREE.

It holds my best Tinder opener, 10 copy-pastable lines, and a profound profile checklist.

Download it right below.

Louis Farfields

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