Tinder Super Like Tips To Maximize Your Matches

You probably know the basics of the Tinder Super Like. It shows you REALLY like someone.

But there’s more to it than that. In this article, we’ll cover how to maximize your matches using the Super Like feature.

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How does Tinder’s Super Like work?

When you send someone a Super Like, two things happen (three if you have a Platinum membership):

  1. They get notified of your gift.
  2. Your profile gets special treatment. Your profile will be decorated with a blue banner and climb to the top of their swipe stack, making it easy for them to find and recognize you.
  3. (Platinum only) you get to send a personal message. This is amazing because with the right line you can make yourself even more attractive to someone.

With a normal like, they’ll also get notified of your interest. But your profile won’t travel up in the deck of profiles or get any special decorations.

So if you like them under normal conditions, it might take a while before they reach your profile. Plus, the person you liked won’t know you’re interested in them, giving them less motivation to like you back.

Are Tinder Super Likes worth it?

Since Super Likes are scarce (Gold and Platinum subscribers get 5 per week), your gift will generally encourage someone to swipe you back.

When the feature was just introduced, Tinder claimed a Super Like increased your odds of matching by 300% and lengthened your conversations by 70%.

A bold claim. And it’s hard to know if it’s true.

If you ask me what a Super Like on Tinder really is, it’s saying that you’re excited to chat with them.

That’s why most women will be flattered by it. Although a minority will be turned off.

A very attractive friend of mine had this to say about Super Likes:

“I know I should feel flattered, but it’s a bit uncomfortable that someone SUPER likes me based on a few photos and a line of text. I guess I prefer it if guys keep their cards close to their chests. Otherwise, they seem desperate.”

I then asked her what she’d do if someone really hot Super Liked her. And she said she’d like him back.

So what ultimately dictates the success of your Super Like is your profile. The more attractive, the better.

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How to get a free Tinder Super Like

Here’s a Tinder hack that earns you more Tinder likes.

Most guys use Super Likes in the most horrible way. When Joe Schmo sees a lady that revs up his yoghurt slinger, he smashes the Super Like.

And that, my friend, is a BIG mistake.


She may have already liked you! Which means you didn’t need to grab her attention with a Super Like. He could have simply swiped right and gotten a match that way.

I can already hear you think, “But what if she didn’t like me back yet. Now I can’t Super Like her to make my intentions known!”

I hear you. And I’ve already thought about that.

If you’ve got a Tinder membership (Plus or better), always swipe normally before you Super Like.

If it’s NOT a match, you hit Rewind. And then Superlike her after.

How do you get even more Super Likes?

Back when the Super Like was first introduced in 2015, free members got 1 and paying customers got 5.

But as of now, you can only get new Super Likes by buying them separately or becoming a Gold or Platinum Tinder member.

If you choose to go the membership route, you will get 5 Super Likes per week. Do note that these Super Likes do not stack.

How to GET the most out of your Super Likes

Imagine you have no more Super Likes and you run into your ideal 10/10. Without my trick, your only option is to swipe her right and pray she likes you back.

I don’t like those odds.

To get a shot at Super Liking her later, without stopping your swiping sesh, you want to use the Recommend feature.

Simply scroll down past her Tinder bio until you see ‘Recommend [her name] to a friend’.

Now you can send a link of her profile to yourself. So once you get your next Super Like, you can easily find her again.

Don’t want to give up swiping yet?

Back out of Tinder and open it up again. That reshuffles the Tinder stack, letting you skip your crush and continue swiping.

Happy days.

Best Super Like messages

If you have Tinder Platinum, you can add a personal message to your Super Like. And it’s highly recommended you make use of it.

Although the best Super Like message is unique and personal, here are some copy pastable texts that often work.

  • “Your last pic is the exact same look I have when I realize I forgot to turn the oven off.”
  • “I was so stoked to get to know you, but then my horoscope said that a girl in a blue dress would get me into trouble.”
  • “[Her name], all your pics, you’re like the female James Bond. Can’t wait to live out my dream of being a Bond girl.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you send someone a Super Like?

The steps are simple.

Open up Tinder and hit the flame at the top.

That brings you to your swipe stack and a random profile.

Underneath the photo is a row of icons starting with a yellow arrow.

The button for the Super Like is in the middle.

Simply smash the blue star to send her a Super Like. Or swipe her profile up.


You can also Super Like Top Picks.

To get there, you want to click the gold stars at the top of your screen.

And do the same as before.

Although I don’t recommend burning your Super Likes on Top Picks.

It hardly ever leads to matches.

For more on Top Picks, check out my Tinder Top Picks article.

What happens when you Super Like someone?

Firstly, they receive a notification.

If they follow the notification, it doesn’t bring them to your profile. It leads them to their Tinder stack.

And since your Super Like pushed your profile close to the top, they’ll find you after a couple of swipes.

How doe they know you Superliked them?

Because your profile will have a blue outline and a star icon.

For an example, look at the bottom of next screenshot. The blue star is right next to the blurred out name.

It’s hard to miss.

If they swipe you right, it’s an instant match.

How to get more Super Likes from women

Do you want to get superliked by the ladies?

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Enjoy, buddy.

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