5 Tinder Super Like Tips To Maximize Your Matches

You probably know the basics of the Tinder Super Like.

It shows you REALLY like someone.

But what does the Super Like do for you?

Read on and get:

  • Tinder Super Like explained
  • 2 Ways to get extra Super Likes
  • The truth on the effectiveness of the Super Like
  • How to grab the attention of your Tinder crush
  • What she sees when you’ve superliked her
  • A trick so you never have to buy Super Likes again
  • Many screenshot examples…

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#1: What the Super Like ACTUALLY does

The Super Like supposedly gives you all kinds of benefits, but is that true?

Tinder introduced the Super Like back in September 2015.

Free members got 1 and paying customers got 5.

The idea?

Flatter your Tinder crush with your scarce Super Like and encourage her to swipe you right.

At the time, Tinder claimed a Super Like increased your odds of matching by 300% and lengthened your conversations by 70%.

A bold claim.

That was probably true… back THEN.

When Super Likes actually made you feel special.

How effective is the Super Like now?

Nobody seems to know the exact numbers.

But one thing is clear…

The Super Like has lost much of its original strength.

Sure, it still makes you stick out from the rest.

But too often negatively.

Over the years, hordes of desperate men abused the Super Like and gave it a bad rep.

While it first made ladies feel good.

The Super Like now turns many ladies off.

“I know I should feel flattered, but it’s a bit uncomfortable someone SUPER likes me based on a few photos and a line of text,’‘ says a friend of mine.

And she continues, “I guess I prefer it if guys keep their cards close to their chest. Otherwise they seem desperate.”

Don’t give up on the Super Like yet.

Tinder’s Communications VP said that the feature doesn’t creep all girls out.

“We’ve consistently received positive feedback on Super Like,” says the VP.

Which makes sense.

The Super Like doesn’t show her that you really LIKE her.

It says that you really want to TEXT her.

See the difference?

Apples and oranges.

Although the Super Like lost some of its power, Tinder’s data shows that it still increases the odds of a match.

And my own data confirms it too.

Yes, the Super Like makes some ladies gag.

But it makes the majority of women feel flattered.

And if your profile is up to snuff, you’ll probably get a match.

Download my Dating Profile Checklist to make your Tinder profile the best it can be.

#2: How to send her your Tinder Super Like

Never again will you wonder how to stand out with your Super Like.

The steps are simple.

Open up Tinder and hit the flame at the top.

That brings you to your swipe stack and a random profile.

Underneath the photo is a row of icons starting with a yellow arrow.

The button for the Super Like is in the middle.

Simply smash the blue star to send her a Super Like.

Or swipe her profile up.


You can also Super Like Top Picks.

To get there, you want to click the gold stars at the top of your screen.

And do the same as before.

Although I don’t recommend burning your Super Likes on Top Picks.

It hardly ever leads to matches.

For more on Top Picks, check out my Tinder Top Picks article.

#3: What happens when you Super Like

The Super Like shows her your interest, but what actually happens?

Firstly, she receives a notification.

If she follows the notification, it doesn’t bring her to your profile.

It leads her to her Tinder stack.

And your Super Like pushed your profile close to the top.

So after a couple of swipes, she bumps into you.

How does she know you superliked her?

Because your profile will have a blue outline and a star icon.

Notice the blue star next to her blurred out name at the bottom.

It’s hard to miss.

If she swipes you right, it’s an instant match.

Sometimes Tinder hands you a free Super Like.

Find out more in the next tip.

#4: The Super Likeable game

When you least expect it, Tinder gives you one free Super Like with…

“Super Likeable”.

It’s a game Tinder introduced in 2018 to help connect you with people.

And not just any people.

It’s four hot girls who are exactly your type.

At least, that’s the idea.

How does it work?

Nobody knows except for the algorithm

You can’t search for Super Likeable. And you can’t find it.

It always comes as a surprise during a swiping sesh.

Sadly, the mini-game isn’t always as good as this screenshot shows.

But it doesn’t cost a dime and you can always hit “SKIP” at the bottom of the screen.

There is, however, one major drawback to Super Likeable.

Sometimes Tinder presents you with 4 girls who are all your type.

At least, in terms of appearance.

And if you could, you’d swipe them all right.

Instead Tinder forces your hand to Super Like your favourite and LOSE the rest.


That’s right.

If you pick out one, you automatically swipe left on the other three.

Which means you won’t see them in your swipe stack for several weeks.

Pretty harsh.

Especially if you live in a thinly populated area where you don’t get many matches.

And as it stands now, Tinder has no plans to give you a setting to turn Super Likeable off.

Nonetheless, I’m a fan.

Mostly because the mini-game gives me more Super Likes than usual and makes me feel pretty.

It also led me to a new standard opener.

Whenever I get Super Likes, I now send this:

Should I actually feel special or were you forced into Super Liking me with that ‘Super Likeable’ game?

It’s a good ice breaker that often leads to two answers:

Haha yep

I picked you above 3 other dudes though 😉


No, I actually superliked you the old fashioned way 😊

Then I will boink you the old fashioned way, m’lady.

Want even more free Super Likes?

Read on.

#4: Find out if she already Liked you

Get a Tinder hack that earns you more Tinder likes.

The steps are simple.

But if I want to turn you into the Pentagon’s greatest enemy, we need to be on the same page.

So let’s open our textbooks to page 69.

And watch our buddy Joe swipe on Tinder.

When Joe sees a lady that revs up his yoghurt slinger, Joe smashes the Super Like.

And that, my friend, is a BIG mistake.


That dong hardening angel may have already liked Joe.

Which means Joe doesn’t need to grab her attention with a Super Like.

He can simply swipe right and get a match.

To be fair, Joe played it safe.

After all, there is no way to know if a girl liked you already.

Or is there?

Yessiree Sponge Bob.

But it DOES require Tinder Plus.

Read my next article to find out if Tinder Plus is worth it.

So how do you save your Super Like and get that babe as a match?

You simply swipe her right.

And if it’s NOT a match, you hit Rewind.

And THEN superlike her.

If your Tinder profile is good, this hack will save you tons of Super Likes.

And increase attraction.

Because if your Super Like and her like led to a match…

She knows you’re more interested.

Which lowers attraction.

Our little secret, however, let’s you copy her like so you start on equal footing.

#5: How to GET more out of your Super Likes

With the next trick, you won’t need to buy Super Likes ever again.

As of late 2019, free members get 1 Super Like every 24 hours.

So if you already used up your only Super Like and see another girl you want to desperately match…

You need to upgrade to Plus/Gold (for 5 Super Likes per day) or buy more Super Likes in the online shop.

Whether the money is worth it depends on two things:

  • Whether the Super Like is effective.
  • And if you really need more than one a day.

Let’s discuss both.

1.    Is the Super Like effective?

Because we already discussed this subject at the start, I’ll be brief.

A minority of ladies find men who send Super Likes desperate and icky.

But most women are flattered to get your Super Like and will reward your token of appreciation with a like.

Giving you a new pretty lady to chat with.

So, yes, overall the Super Like is effective at increasing the odds of matching.

2.    Do you really need more than one Super Like a day?


Do you want to date a girl from Tinder EVERY day?

Having 5 Super Likes a day helps.

Are 3 dates a week enough to keep you happy?

Then you don’t need to buy extra Super Likes, IF

You use my neat little Tinder trick.

Imagine you used up your daily Super Like.

And you run into your ideal 10/10.

Without my trick, your only option is to swipe her right and pray she likes you back.

I don’t like those odds.

Especially not if she looks like she enjoys dick Super Likes.

To get a shot at superliking her TOMORROW, without stopping your swiping sesh, you use the Recommend feature.

Simply scroll to the button of her bio until you see:

Or whatever her name is.

And you can send a link of her profile to yourself.

So once you get your next Super Like, you can easily find her again.

Don’t want to give up swiping yet?

Back out of Tinder and open it up again.

That reshuffles the Tinder stack, letting you skip your crush and continue swiping.

Happy days.

Anyway, bro, that almost wraps up today’s Tinder Super Like article.

Before I sign off, I have one last question:

Do you want to get superliked by the ladies?

If you screamed “HELL YEAH!” you’re in luck.

The best way to get more Super Likes is to have a rockin’ Tinder profile.

The easiest way to level up your profile is to download my Dating Profile Checklist.

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Enjoy, buddy.

Louis Farfields


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