How Tinder Swipe Night Works [Do This For More Matches]

Curious about Tinder Swipe Night?

Read on to find out how it works and how you can have a fun time that leads to better matches.

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What is Swipe Night?

Tinder Swipe Night is a fun game where your choices can lead to matches. You have to swipe right or left on “Would you rather?” questions and the story unfolds according to your choices. But the goal isn’t to get to the ‘right’ ending.

Much of the fun is finding out what story other people got. After all, you can only play once! So if you want to discover all the other possibilities, you have to talk to your potential matches in the group chat.

When is Swipe Night?

Swipe Night starts at 6 pm on Sunday and ends at midnight (your local time). I recommend participating earlier rather than later, so that there are plenty of people around to chat with. Monday is a workday after all.

And for you clever peeps out there, you can’t partake in foreign Swipe Nights with Tinder passport. The local event is all you get.

How can you join?

You can join Tinder Swipe Night by accepting push notifications or simply opening up the explore tab and selecting the Swipe Night banner. Remember, the experience is limited to Sundays, so don’t go looking for it on a weekday.

How does it work?

Tinder Swipe Night is basically an interactive TV show and you’re the main character.  Everything hapens from the first-person perspective. And at different times during the video, you’re shown two options. And your answer dictates how the story progresses.

There are three videos (episodes) in total. And one is released every week.

After you finish an episode, you’ll get invited to a groupchat to discuss clues with others. But that doesn’t mean Swipe Night ends after you leave the chat.

If you go to your swipe stack, you’ll see people’s Swipe Night choices on their profile. The choices you have in common are highlighted.

How much time does Tinder Swipe Night take?

Each Swipe Night episode takes about 5 minutes to complete. But you’ll have the most fun talking about what happened with others. This can take as long as you want it to.

When Swipe Night was first introduced during the lockdowns, people spent hours discussing the episodes and answers. Now that we can leave our homes, I expect most of us won’t be nerding that hard.

Point is, you don’t have to spend your entire Sunday evening playing Swipe Night. 30 minutes is probably enough to get the full experience.

What are the different choices in Tinder Swipe Night?

The first season of Swipe Night was a survival game, so many choices were moral dilemmas. The next season was about solving an active murder mystery. So, the specific choices depend on each season.

But the types of choices are usually the same because that’s the nature of the game. Here are some of them:

  • Pick a place to be. You should pick one that you think will accomplish the goal of the game.
  • Agree or Disagree with a suggestion. Your choice speaks about your intuitiveness.
  • Trust or Mistrust Someone. How good a judge of character are you?
  • Take an action or pass. Are you paying close attention to the details?.
  • Take one action or another. Choose between two actions, neither of which is comfortable. Plenty to discuss afterward!

Word of advice, play the game first before snooping around the internet around for clues.

It’s not about reaching the ‘perfect’ ending. You’ll have the most fun discussing the story and your answers with the other participants.

Pros of Tinder Swipe Night

  • It’s a social event. No Sunday plans? Well, you have swipe night.
  • Match with like-minded people. You can match with people who made the exact same choices as you and also with those who differed in some choices.
  • Easy conversations.When everyone wants to talk about the same thing, you don’t need to worry about coming up with something unique..
  • Bonding experience. You already have one thing in common and that builds a stronger connection. .

Cons of Tinder Swipe Night

  • It can be gamed. People can cheat the game by following walkthroughs. There’s no way of knowing if any choice made by any player is genuine or based on a youtube video.
  • It’s over before you know it. You can’t rely on Swipe Night to give you easy conversations all the time.

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Best Tips for Tinder Swipe Night

Tinder Swipe Night is fun but can also be a source of super-interesting matches if you’re a little strategic. So here are my top five Tinder Swipe Night tips.

  • Don’t make the most obvious decision. If you make a choice that few people are likely to make, you’ll have your matches quizzing you about it.
  • Display leadership. Fastchat is a great place to display leadership. Throughout the game, you can establish yourself as the group leader with confidence and good communication.
  • Look for different. It’s a lot of fun to talk with matches who made completely different choices to your own.
  • Level-up your profile. The game brings visibility to your profile. But you’re the one who has to make his profile attractive. Scroll down to the end of the article for my best tips to do this.
  • Relate events to real-life. Don’t get stuck on the Swipe Night topic. The goal is to see if you chemistry and then set up a date.

Tinder Swipe Night – Summary

Tinder Swipe Night is a “choose your own adventure” style video experience. You can swipe on choices and navigate the story. At the end of the adventure, you can match with people who made similar choices as you.

It’s a social experience that gives you something to discuss after you match.

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