Tinder Tips For Guys: Nail it with Radical Authenticity

So you want to get good at Tinder.

You want to get more and higher quality matches. And you want to know how to text get a date.

Luckily yours truly, the TextGod, is here to help you achieve mastery at Tinder.

In this article you’ll get my best Tinder tips for guys.

In this article:More...

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1. New to Tinder? 10 tips to get a head start on this dating app

If you’re new to Tinder or feel like you have no clue what you’re doing on dating apps, check out this video.

I’m giving you beginner tips for men, with some advanced Tinder tips later in the video:

2. Apply radical authenticity to your Tinder profile pics

First things first: you want her to swipe you right.

So you want to make sure you absolutely nail your profile pictures.

One of the core principles I teach my guys at TextGod is: Radical Authenticity.

It means expressing yourself and your personality fully. Or even to the extreme.

However, if I look at most guys’ Tinder profile, it’s basicly a desert of boring. While I KNOW that it doesn’t represent their real personality.

I mean, your looks are one thing. And of course, they’re important.

But what really makes you stand out… what really makes her smile and giggle… is if you show your personality: how awesome it would be to hang out with you.

The perfect Tinder profile basicly demonstrates two things:

  1. Your physical attractiveness: does she think you look good and does she feel attracted.
  2. Your personality: Does she think it will be awesome to be with you and hang out.

The first one you can influence to some degree with the right pictures. The second one however, is highly managable.

Now with that in mind, let’s look at one type of profile pic that a lot of people are using:

Should you use selfies on your Tinder profile?

The short answer is: No. Don’t use selfies.

There are several problems with selfies:

For starters, the quality and lighting in your selfies is usually not optimal.

But there is a more important reason:

What story does the average selfie tell?

  • They don’t show anything about how your life is.
  • They’re not emotionally stimulating or fun.
  • They show that you barely have other people take pictures of you. A.k.a. you don’t do much interesting.

Now, if you manage to counter that, for example a selfie of you on a party-boat with lots of other people, it’s fine.

But keep away from the standard selfies that most people take.

For more info on how to craft the perfect Tinder profile with amazing pictures, check out this article:

3. Write an emotionally stimulating and fun Tinder bio

Lets look at your Tinder bio. What do you want to achieve?

Let’s be honest. If you’re trying to write a bio that every girl will like, you’re destined to fail.

Because not every girl will like the radically authentic you.

So you’ll probably end up writing a bio that is superfisial and doesn’t radiate true personality.

However, if you write an awesome bio that breathes “you” the right type of girls will love it!

So how do you write the perfect Tinder bio?

  • Be emotionally stimulating
  • Be fun
  • Be original and 100% authentic

You want her to feel something. You want her to smile and be excited when she reads your bio.

If you want to see some examples and get a detailed explanation how to write your Tinder bio, check out this article:

4. Use these 3 Tinder openers that actually work

You’ve got a new Tinder match. Great! But how to start your conversation?

Most men use boring opening lines like the following:

  • Boring openers – (Hey) (Hi how are you?) (How’s your day?)
  • Generic compliments – (I like your looks) (You’re so cute 😍)
  • Logical questions – (Hi where are you from?)
  • Cheesy pick up lines – (Did you fall from heaven because you’re an angel…)
  • Lazy abreviations – (Wybut?)

The secret to a solid first message is simple: you have to be unique and authentic.

Less of the same. Different than the rest.

How do you do that? Let’s have a look at a couple of great ways to open a girl.

1. The personalized opener

Men on Tinder often use boring openers or copy-paste messages.

Women often don’t reply to these texts because they don’t feel personal.

Obviously, that’s because these texts aren’t personal. So go the extra mile!

I’ll give you three quick examples.

Example 1

My Tinder match her bio said something about travel, music, and clubbing…

So here you see my personalized opener.

Example 2

This is me being silly again. I matched with a woman named Esther.

Again, it’s about putting in some extra (goofy) effort:

Example 3

When it’s comes to openers, the best Tinder tip for men is using the power of clickbait.

This makes your opener personalized AND it spikes curiosity.


Use her name. Say something specific about her photos.

Want to know what to text her after the opener?

Then download my complete Tinder Guide For Men here for free. This includes the Clickbait Opener above, 10 texts to use on Tinder, and a profile checklist!

2. The Absurd Opener

If you’re somewhat like me (a dreading thought, I know), you’ll quickly get bored of playing with emoji’s and you’ll feel like something just a tad more… extreme.

Something a little more absurd.

For example, I’ve had a period of enjoying silly openers like this one:

I’ve gotten a whole variety of responses to this opener, but the screenshot shown above tops them all.

Look, I’ll give it to you straight: Is this the best opener ever? No, it isn’t. It’s far from the best opener.

Does it get better reactions than the everyday boring openers? Yes, it surely does.

Look… you can have a good laugh with this kind of stuff.

And if you’re getting a bit more experienced with Tinder and you have a whole list of girls you have yet to text, then sure, go ahead… send some absurd openers.

Would you increase the odds of getting a response by a solid 69% rather than having a good laugh?

You do? Then I’ve got exactly what you need.

3. The personalized opener enhanced

If you’d ask for my humble (and always correct) opinion… I’d tell you that this opener is still the best opener.

And it works on Tinder just like it does on any of the best dating apps.

Coincidentally, this opener also requires slightly more effort than the others. And still… it’s easy as pie.

Here’s what you do in three simple steps:

  • You look at her profile
  • You choose one thing that catches your eye
  • You start a conversation with that thing

Let’s make this nice and clear and add an example.

Imagine running into this Tinder profile:

Profile text: “Looking for a red haired Adonis to rancidly multiply with”

Step 1: You look at her profile.

There’s always something you can babble about. Do this more often, and it’ll get a lot easier.

Step 2: You choose one thing that catches your eye.

Her profile text is easy to talk about. Or the fact that you can’t see her eyes in her first picture. Her necklace, her pink sweater, her cap, her hair color.

Or maybe even the trash bag in the background.

Step 3: You start your conversation with the chosen thing.

Now you could say:

“Hey, I see a trash bag in your photo”

You then have correctly executed all three steps indeed. And your message is already better than the trash messages your competition is sending.

But it’s not “WOW” yet.

So, last but not least we want to sprinkle our opener with some humor and some challenge.

Why does this work wonders?

You’re different than most other guys. You’re funny.

But mostly… It’s PERSONAL.

This line doesn’t work on any other profile. Only on this little angel’s profile. You took the effort to look at her photos + bio AND you are creative enough to send a personalized message. On top of that you made her laugh or challenged her.

Let’s have a look at another example.

Step 1: You look at her profile.

Step 2: You choose one thing that catches your eye.

Vegan, NGO worker, 177cm, remarkable smile, headband, pink striped sweater. Or what about the gigantic dog that looks a hell of a lot like that ‘doge’ from the meme?

Step 3: You start your conversation with the chosen thing.

As you can see in this example, I make a personalized remark about her meme-dog. And later I’ll talk about the ‘NGO’ aswell.

Now, if your social calibration is over 9000 then you also noticed that I have to be careful here not to become the entertaining joker. Worry not, 5 well-chosen messages later this conversation was also turned into a first Tinder date.

If you want to know more about how to craft the perfect opener, check out this article:

5. Use the TextGod Formula for attractive Tinder conversations

If you’ve paid attention in TextGod-class, you know our unique TextGod Formula.

It’s the 4 ingredients that make her feel crazily attracted to you and ready for the date.

  • Attraction: Does she feel attracted to you? Are you communicating as a real man to a woman? Are you flirty and fun?
  • Trust: Can she trust you’re normal and not some weird guy? Women are way more vulnerable than man.
  • Investment-balance:Are you coming off needy because you invest to much? And does she invest enough?
  • Date-threshold:  The more guys are interested in her, the higher the threshold for her to go on a date. Do you manage to balance Attraction, Trust and Investment enough to pass her date-threshold.

Use this as the foundation for all your Tinder conversations.

Focus on attraction first, but make sure to build trust as well. All, while maintaining a healthy balance in how much you both invest in the conversation.

Go on to the next tips, and see how they fit into this formula.

6. How to change your boring Tinder conversations to be more exciting

Making things more exciting and sexual. It’s something every man wants to be able to do.

Unfortunately, most guys are either to boring or start off way to sexual.

Now pay close attention, because even if you’re a man looking for a relationship, applying my next tip will make sure your conversations are instantly less boring.

In general, you don’t want it to be too obvious that you’re trying to make the conversation sexual. This ccomes across as very needy. (Remember the investment-balance in the TextGod Formula?)

You want to behave like someone who doesn’t need kinky chat over text. Because you already have it in real life at the snap of a finger.

But you’re also not dodging it. It’s more like it accidentally made its way into your conversation.

Not entirely clear what I’m jabbering about? Let’s look at an example.

Example 1: How to use ambiguity to heat up conversations

Many guys play it safe on Tinder, and never show their true intentions.

You’ll kill both birds with one stone if you heat up the conversation a bit.

Another example:

This lady was kind enough to say that you can see the whole city if you climb the Saint Peter’s church.

At this moment this is a very normal conversation.

First you see me responding with:

The whole village!

By calling her city a village, you’re teasing her.

This is one of the fastest ways to steer clear from friendzone-land, but more on that later.

Cool, thanks for the tip.

Is this a tip for tip exchange?

In case you’re not familiar with the “just the tip” meme, click the play button on the video below.

This show has a very unique and genius humor. A recommendation if you’re trying to work on your own wittiness.

She didn’t instantly get the message, but “very accidentally” this conversation wasn’t so innocent anymore.

Aaaaand we’re taking it one step further. And then a little more.

And then you just pretend like nothing happened.

But I want you to find your own style in doing this. It’s important you remain radically authentic.

In any case, she just imagined an exciting scene where you gave her “just the tip”. And anything she imagines, she kind of experiences for a moment.

Just like when you read a good book and you completely live the scene.

Example 2: The more primitive approach to sexuality

How do you sexualize when you don’t feel inspired or original?

Can you still make a girl enjoy a spicy conversation with you?

The approach I showed you in the last example, is the ideal way. But in times where you find yourself less inventive, there’s another way to go about it.

Take a look at this slightly less subtle (but still effective) method:

 Now I can hear you thinking:

“Ho ho ho, Louis. This is pretty damn direct. How are you not one of those overly sexual needy guys now?”

Good question.

The big difference is one of calibration.

The dickpick-guy is desperate and his attempt at sexualization comes out of nowhere.

But those who paid close attention noticed that this woman just asked me two questions. She’s already interested.

This is the perfect climate to test the waters and see how she reacts to a message that’s a bit on the naughty side.

I’m 1m60 and 55kg. Guys say that I have a juicy butt.

Looks like this girl is in full adventure outfit, ready to climb Mt. Naughty.

So yeah… a more direct approach often works. When she already kinda likes you.

Please note: I’m not just asking her “are you curvy?” out of the blue.

It’s a bit more weaved into the conversation because she just asked me a question.

However you spin it though… the first method (from previous example) is more solid.

It’s nice and spontaneous. It shows you’re creative. And clever. girls like clever.

And because I’m feeling generous, I’ll throw in another example.

Example 3: Another ambiguity example

We’re talking to an ex-model who now runs her own business. The conversation is on English grammar. Is there anything less exciting?

English grammar, French spelling, Dutch spelling, and… dirty talk.

If you manage to find a clever and funny way to bring sexuality into the conversation, it’ll usually be warmly welcomed. How could it be different?

Imagine she DIDN’T roll with the joke. Then she’d be the party pooper and ruin the fun.

7. Tease her to attract her

Remember this girl from a couple minutes ago?

Reason I’m showing you this, is because it playfully introduces sexuality to the conversation.

But if you paid close attention, you noticed there’s some other elements in there as well.

It’s a first class example of flirty behavior. Teasing, teasing, and some more teasing.

We were discussing English grammar. I gladly end that discussion with a douchey:

Not sure who wins here but let’s give the point to the older one. Congratulations!

Fun fact: she’s just a couple months older than me.

But if there’s anything women sensitive for (besides too much pressure on their clitoris), it’s their age.

A 19-year-old girl will easily feel like she’s too young. While a 30-year-old woman will feel like she’s ancient already.

An easy subject for teasing. But beware: diss her age too hard or the wrong way and you’ll be unmatched sooner rather than later.

Now, I’m going to give you a list of everything you can tease with so you never have to wonder again.

I suggest you memorize this list so you always know what to tease with.

8. All Tinder tips in one example convo

We’re starting with the best opener in the world.

Step 1: You look at her profile.

This beautiful woman had more than one picture, which will usually be the case. I went ahead and picked one picture for you.

Step 2: You choose one thing that catches your eye.

She’s laying in a bed of stuffed piggies. I’m sure you can think of something here. Hell, the options are almost limitless here.

Step 3: You start the conversation with the chosen thing.

Bam! We’re off to a good start.

This opener is personal. It doesn’t work on other profiles. It only works on this specific profile and this specific picture.

Next we add the oh so powerful magic of self-mockery.

If you’ve been to one of my bootcamps, lectures, or programs… then you know just how powerful this is (when used just right).

haha uhm my family you mean?

She’s saying it’s HER family. Now you don’t necessarily need to continue this thread but I see a goal waiting to be scored here.

My family is her family? Hmm…

Not only have we just teased her, the convo turned sexual at the same time. In a very wrong way. But it’s still sexual.

She finds it funny and thanks to our personal opener and the successful teasing, she’s eagerly texting back.

People who attended my “Over The Top Textgame” know what’s coming next.

You’re teasing her and she takes it well? Then we’re stepping it up a notch.

It’s ok, name. Each their own fetish.

From now on, she’s into incest.

After claiming she’s into incest, I just keep the conversation going.

The teasing did its thing and we can just continue the conversation now.

She can laugh about it again. In other words: we’re scoring points.

The conversation is in a perfect flow now. She keeps texting stuff we can easily work with.

Besides, not all of your messages need to be witty and calculated, bro.

You can now just talk about the beach she’s at, the ocean, something you ever experienced while at the beach, something you like about beaches, you can talk about what you’re writing, or just make something up for fun.

You could say that the beach she’s at is the worst beach in the world.

Zeebrugge? That’s the only beach in the world I hate.

Just like that. There.

Now you know precisely:

  • How to start a Tinder conversation.
  • How to use the asshole’s secret weapon.
  • How to make a conversation sexual. The smooth way.

And some other hidden gems I snuck in there.

But I won’t let you go without blessing you with one more tip…

9. The next step to become great at Tinder as a guy

Want to be better at this than the men who want the same girls as you?

Good. I like your competitive spirit.

Show them no mercy and get the girl before they do.

To help you do so, I have a TextGod Toolkit and I’m not even asking money for it (although I easily could).

It contains 3 of my own weapons to aid you in combat:

A Profile Checklist that asks you questions about your current profile. And based on your answer it will automatically calculate a score. You can then see exactly what to change to get hotter women.

10 Copy Paste Texts that my coaches and I use. You can just steal them and have them work for you like they work for us.

And of course my Clickbait Opener that could have won me a Nobel prize (but for some reason hasn’t yet?). This opener has the highest chances of getting her to text back of all openers we tested. Go ahead and try it out.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your phone with your left hand and another with your right, and get those dates set up. Apply these Tinder tips and your results have no other option but to skyrocket.

And if you’re the type of guy that enjoys watching entertaining videos that teach you something at the same time… then subscribe to my YouTube channel.

See you soon!

Louis Farfields

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