Tinder Top Picks Explained: Are you someone’s Top Pick?

Curious about what Top Picks are? And how they work?

Is the feature even worth it?

Here you’ll get the Tinder Top Picks feature explained by an online dating expert!

A quick overview:

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What are Tinder Top Picks?

Tinder Top Picks is a feature that gives you a selection of promising matches.

According to Tinder, the idea is that Top Picks will “highlight your most swipe-worthy potential matches”. (source)

Swiping a Top Pick doesn’t guarantee a match. Tinder doesn’t make any claims on increased chances of matching.

In short:

  • All users receive one free Top Pick a day.
  • Users of Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum will be shown the full set of Top Picks (example down below).
  • Every 24 hours the Top Picks selection refreshes.
  • You can purchase more Top Picks after you’ve used them all for the day. We don’t recommend to do this as there are better features like Tinder Plus.
  • Tinder Top Picks was launched in September 2018.
  • Some of the Top Picks have special labels like ‘Lifesaver’ (more on that later).

How do Tinder Top Picks work?

You can find Top Picks by pressing the golden diamond at the top of your Tinder screen.

Every 24 hours you get a new selection of potential matches.

The matches are selected by Tinder “just for you”.

We highly suspect Tinder’s algorithm to just select popular profiles as Top Picks.

That explains why these profiles often appear more appealing than most swipes you do in Discovery.

How to know if you’re someone’s Top Pick?

The short answer is:

You don’t know.

But there are some clues.

A clear signal of being a Top Pick is that you’re getting some Super Likes regularly. This means you’re in high demand so Tinder is likely to display you as a Top Pick.

Another signal is that you’re getting more matches than your peers. This shows the Tinder algorithm favors you to some extent.

So how do you know for sure?

Obviously you could ask your match. But that would seem kinda narcissistic so I’d just leave it m’brother.

Are Tinder Top Picks even real?

Yes, these are real profiles.

Well, they are as real as other users on Tinder.

Although quite rare, there will be the occasional bot, scam or girl fishing for Instagram followers.

Tinder is big enough to not bother with shady dating app practices like showing fake profiles.

What are your chances of matching with Top Picks?

From my personal experience, my ratio is actually lower when matching with Tinder Top Picks versus swiping in Discovery.

This could be due to the fact that most Top Picks are often more attractive and thus get more likes in general.

This can cause them to miss your swipe right, as their stack of potential suitors is already high.

Obviously, this process also makes them more picky.

But if your profile is on point it’s definitely possible to match with your Top Picks.

Why do some profiles get labels as ‘Athlete, Scolar or Foodie’?

Here you see a screenshot example of me using Tinder Top Picks while using Tinder Gold.

If you press the cute golden diamond at the top of your Tinder screen, you’ll see something like this:

You can see two ‘Athletes’ here.

And sometimes you get an Adventurer, Yogi, Scholar, and so on…

Do you get to choose a title yourself?

No… but also yes.

This girl had the ‘Athlete’ Top Pick label. Check her bio:

Tinder recognizes the word ‘fitgirl’ in her bio.

And most likely also the ‘active lifestyle’ part.

So you can manipulate the title Top Picks gives you by adding certain words!

Read more here about creating a great bio that gets more matches.

Video: Tinder Top Picks Explained (in case you prefer video)

In a sec we’ll start with the FAQ about Top Picks.

(Like does she get a notification after a Top Picks match?)

For now:

Is reading too prehistoric for your highly progressive mind?

If yes, then watch this video.

Not gonna lie, the article offers more knowledge, but the video has some good facts as well.

Here’s why:

  • The harsh truth about Tinder’s incredibly complicated algorithm
  • While recording, some girl tried to pick me up (and I scare her away)
  • It was recorded during a hot sunny Barcelonan day (I miss that city already)
  • You get a trick to give yourself a fancy title on Tinder
  • My final verdict on Top Picks: is it worth your dough or not?

All that in less than 5 minutes.

Watch it here:

Then let’s finish the article with some more frequently asked questions we get about Top Picks:

FAQ: Do you arrive on top of your Top Pick’s swipe stack?

No, you don’t.

If you give her a regular Like, it will be the same as a Like in Discovery.

If you give her a Super Like it will be the same as a Super Like.

FAQ: Are Top Picks Likes the same as Super Likes?

I understand where this confusion is coming from.

Every girl in the Top Picks tab has a Superlike logo on the bottom right of their picture.

So some guys saw Top Picks as just a bonus free Super Like.

But no, good sir, your Likes are NOT Super Likes.

That logo is there just in case you directly want to superlike her. So you could press the Super Like logo.

So in conclusion, a Top Picks Like is not always the same as a Super Like.

FAQ: Are Top Picks always ‘in your league’?

Here’s what I noticed from experimenting with Tinder Gold and Top Picks.

The girls listed aren’t always in line with the girls in your regular swiping stack.

Usually they’ll be of higher quality.

This means that to compile this list, Tinder partly ignores ELO scores.

I am not 100% sure of the consequences but my guess is this:

When you like girls from your Top Picks that have higher ELO than you, you’ll be deep down their swipe stack. Diminishing the odds she gets to see your profile.

This should be counterable with a Super Like but then again… what are the odds she will swipe you right if she really is next level?

If you recently improved your profile, then I could see this working out.

If not, chances are low you’ll match your Tinder Top Pick.

Something else that would help, is getting a notification if she gets Top Picked.

FAQ: Do Tinder Top Picks get a notification when swiping them?

If you swipe right (i.e. you Like) a Top Pick, will that person know?

Or will they get any type of notification?

Even if you end up matching, your match won’t know they came from your Top Picks.

FAQ: Should you use Tinder Top Picks?

If you already have Tinder Gold, then yes.

No reason not to.

Don’t just swipe right as much as you can.

Just like always, you need to swipe selectively.

In my experience, Top Picks seldomly lead to matches…

…but sometimes they do.

Final verdict: Are Tinder Top Picks worth Tinder Gold?

Is Tinder Top Picks worth it?

Short answer: No, it isn’t.

The Tinder Top Picks feature won’t increase your likes on Tinder.

Sure, it feels good looking at the beautiful selection of women every day.

And the sliver of hope that you’ll end up dating one of the ladies feels good too.

But the fact of the matter is that you often won’t.

The benefits of Top Picks are heavily outweighed by the cost of it.

So getting Tinder Gold for Top Picks is something I will never tell any client to do.

Should you get Tinder Gold at all? That’s something you’ll find out in my Tinder Gold article.

I prefer Tinder Plus which I do recommend.

Here’s pretty much what your Tinder Top Picks experience will be like:

So, Top Picks won’t get you more matches… that sucks.

But I won’t let you leave without something that DOES get you extra matches.

Check it out in the next and final tip.

Bonus: How to get more matches on Tinder (works with Top Picks)

There’s a smart way to get your Top Picks to like you back.

And this way also gets you more likes on any dating app in general.

All you need to do is swipe left three times in a row, then swipe right TWICE, then superlike once, then swipe left seven times again, then double tap the Rewind button, and then fiercely fap while looking at your favorite Tinder profile. This secret Tinder hack boosts your ELO score by 69%.

Unfortunately, just like in lyfe, there is no simple shortcut to success (#deep).

The most important factor for your Tinder success is your profile.

And because 90% of online dating advice is as valuable as the Iranian Rial, I created a free tool to help you optimize your Tinder profile.

It will go over your profile together with you to point out your strengths and weaknesses.

Use it here before I decide to make it private again.


That’s Tinder Top Picks explained as far as I’m concerned.

I’ll see you around bro.

Louis Farfields

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  • Daniel says:

    So Top Picks are basically just very attractive people that Tinder selects and labels based on what’s written on their profile? Why does Tinder lie about that?

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