Tinder Top Picks Explained: Are you someone’s Top Pick?

Curious about what Top Picks are? And how they work?

Is the feature even worth it?

Here you’ll get the Tinder Top Picks feature explained by an online dating expert! Plus, I’ll explain how you can become a Top Pick on Tinder.

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What are Tinder Top Picks?

Tinder Top Picks is a feature that gives Gold and Platinum subscribers a new selection of promising matches, every day.

According to Tinder, the idea is that Top Picks will “highlight your most swipe-worthy potential matches”. (source)

Swiping a Top Pick doesn’t guarantee a match. Tinder doesn’t make any claims on increased chances of matching.

In short:

  • Only Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum members get access to Top Picks (example down below).
  • It’s refreshed every 24 hours.
  • You can purchase more Top Picks after you’ve used them all for the day.
  • Tinder Top Picks was launched in September 2018.
  • Some of the Top Picks have special labels like ‘Lifesaver’ (more on that later).

Video: Tinder Top Picks Explained

Although the rest of my article is more up-to-date, this video tells you the most important things about Tinder Top Picks. All that in less than 5 minutes.

Watch it here:

How do Tinder Top Picks work?

What decides who ends up in your daily Top Picks is :

  1. Your Tinder profile information. Your age, education, hobbies, interests, career, and even your Anthem influences who pops up in your daily Top Picks selection. So the better your profile fits who you are, the better your Top Picks will match your personality.
  2. Your swiping behavior. Tinder’s algorithm analyzes who you swipe to figure out your tastes.

That said, Tinder Top Picks is often hit or miss. My clients and I have matched with enough Top Picks to know that they often don’t share our most important values and interests.

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How to know if you’re someone’s Top Pick?

Tinder doesn’t notify users when they place them on someone’s Top Picks.  But there are some clues.

A clear signal of being a Top Pick is that you’re getting more Super Likes and matches than you’re used to.

How do you know for sure?

By asking your Tinder match. That makes you look a little narcissistic though, so I’d just leave it. After all, you can always just pretend you were their Top Pick.

What’s the best way to become a Tinder Top Pick?

Firstly, have a good first photo.  Tinder Top Picks are almost always attractive.

Next, try to be identifiable.

Top Picks are often categorized into specific groups, such as ‘Musician’, ‘Creative’, ‘Athlete’, and ‘Scholar’. So if you want to become a Tinder Top Pick, your profile should easily match one or more of those labels.

Does your profile data make you a shoe-in for one of these Top Pick titles?

If not, you want to add information that makes you more of a ‘Yogi’, ‘Adventurer’, or any other tag you want to be associated with.

Check out this article for more tips on creating a great bio:

What do some of the Top Picks labels, like ‘Adventurer’ or ‘Lifesaver’ mean?

If you have access to Tinder Top Picks, you’ll see something like this:

In this screenshot, we see two athletes. But you’ll also sometimes bump into an Adventurer, Yogi, Scholar, and so on…

Where do these titles come from? Do they get to pick these titles themselves?

No… but also yes.

One of the girls with the ‘Athlete’ Top Pick badge had the words ‘fitgirl’ and ‘active healthy lifestyle’ in her bio.

Tinder clearly recognized these words and thought it made sense to group her in the Top Picks ‘Athlete’ category.

Although she might not be an athlete, she does seem to care about her health. And that’s enough for Tinder to award her this badge.

An Adventurer could be someone who likes to travel, and a Lifesaver might be a nurse or a person who works at an animal shelter.

So don’t take the Top Picks titles too seriously. Tinder’s algorithm uses them quite liberally.

What are your chances of matching with Top Picks?

Although I don’t have enough data to be certain, my clients, my team, and I all share the same conclusion:

Matching with Tinder Top Picks is more rare than matching with people in your Discovery deck. 

Although far from impossible, it’s just not as likely to match with a Top Pick.


Probably because Top Picks tend to be one of the most desirable profiles on Tinder. Meaning they get more attention and likes in general. And that makes it more difficult for them to find you in their swipe stack because you’ll likely be lower down.

Plus, since Top Picks have a lot of attention, they’re undoubtedly more picky.

But the better your profile, the better your chances of matching.

FAQ: Do you arrive on top of your Top Pick’s swipe stack?

No, you don’t.

If you give her a regular Like, it will be the same as a Like in Discovery. If you give her a Super Like it will be the same as a Super Like.

FAQ: Does Top Picks on Tinder mean they liked you?

No. Tinder Top Picks exists out of a group of profiles that are ‘the most swipe-worthy’ for you.

Basically, Tinder analyzes your profile and swiping habits to find out what profiles are your type and then offers them to you.

That means the people behind the Top Picks profiles may have never even seen you. Let alone liked you.

FAQ: Are Tinder Top Picks even real?

Yes, these are real Tinder profiles.

Although quite rare, you might see a bot, scammer, or girl fishing for Instagram followers.

FAQ: Are Top Picks Likes the same as Super Likes?

I understand where this confusion is coming from.

Every girl in the Top Picks tab has a Superlike logo on the bottom right of their picture.

So some guys see Top Picks as a bonus free Superlike.

But no, good sir, your Likes are NOT Super Likes. That logo is there just in case you directly want to Superlike her.

FAQ: Are Top Picks always ‘in your league’?

The people in Tinder Top Picks are usually of higher quality than the typical women in your swipe stack.

What does that mean?

If you like a girl who’s out of your league, then you’ll probably be quite far down her Tinder swipe deck. Making the odds of her finding you pretty small.

You can counteract this by sending her a Super Like. But…. that’s probably not going to help you much if she’s clearly one or two levels sexier than you.

There’s only one exception…

did you recently improve your profile(such as with my checklist) and are you on the way to joining the top 10%?

Then your profile is probably hot enough for her to like you back. If not, chances are low that you’ll match your Tinder Top Pick.

FAQ: Do Tinder Top Picks get a notification when swiping them?

If you swipe right (read: like) a Top Pick, will that person know by getting a pop-up for example?


Even if you end up matching, your match won’t know they came from your Top Picks.

FAQ: Should you use Tinder Top Picks?

If you already have Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum, then yes. No reason not to.

But don’t swipe right as many of them as you can. Like always, you want to swipe selectively.

In my experience, Top Picks seldomly lead to matches…

…but sometimes they do.

Verdict: Are Tinder Top Picks worth Tinder Gold or Platinum?

Is Tinder Top Picks worth it? No, it isn’t.

The Tinder Top Picks feature won’t increase your likes on Tinder.

Sure, it feels good looking at the beautiful selection of women every day. And the sliver of hope that you’ll end up dating one of the ladies feels good too.

But the fact of the matter is that you often won’t match with them.

That’s why I’d never recommend buying Tinder Gold or Platinum just for Top Picks.

Here’s pretty much what your Tinder Top Picks experience will be like:

Tinder Top Picks – Conclusion

Tinder Top Picks is a feature that’s more fun than good. The idea of matching with someone who’s great for you is incredibly exciting. But you rarely get to match them.

And even once you do match, it doesn’t say much about how well you get along.

I recommend building a strong profile and exploring the Discovery stack. That’s where my clients and I find most of our best matches.

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