Tinder Top Picks 101 — Expert Explains The Feature’s Secrets

If you’re debating on using Tinder Top Picks, or getting Tinder Gold…

Then you’re in the right place!

Here you’ll find Tinder Top Picks feature explained through the eyes of an online dating Expert

You get:

  • The secret algorithm behind Tinder Top Picks explained
  • Do you get more matches with Top Picks?
  • #1 Hack to make yourself stand out in girl’s Top Picks (It’s easy)
  • My clear and brutal verdict on this Tinder Gold feature
  • A bunch of profile screenshots to explain how Tinder picks work

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Tinder top picks explained

The Top Picks feature shows you a small selection of girls ‘hand-picked’ JUST for you.

Sounds pretty damn good, doesn’t it?

Picks delivers a personalized, premium user experience within Tinder Gold that puts a spotlight on unique characteristics that make our users stand out.
—Brian Nordgard, Tinder’s Chief Product Officer

If you press the cute golden diamond at the top of your Tinder screen, you’ll see something like this:

Wow, wait a minute…

There are two ‘Athletes’ in there.

And sometimes there will be Adventurers, Yogi, Scholars, and so on…

What that means exactly and the consequences of those titles, that’s explained in the next tip!

How do Tinder Top Picks work

The official answer that doesn’t really explain anything:

The app’s algorithm combines a user’s profile interests, along with their swiping behavior in order to curate the day’s Top Picks for them.

My answer:

Every 24 hours, you get a batch of women, selected by Tinder, just for you.

Because Tinder supposedly has been keeping track of what you like and dislike.

In other words: the Top Picks should be right up your alley. The type of girl you dream of 💕.

That’s why some people have asked me:

Are Tinder Top Picks real?

And yes, my dearest of all readers, they are real.

They are actual women using Tinder.

But are your chances of matching them real?

More on that later in the article.

For now, let’s continue exploring how Tinder Top Picks works.


Is reading too prehistoric for your highly progressive mind?

If not, then skip this chapter and read along in peace.

If yes, then you can watch the video version of this article.

Not gonna lie, the article offers more knowledge, but the video has some good facts as well

Here’s why:

  • It was recorded during a hot sunny Barcelonan day (I miss that city already)
  • You get a trick to give yourself a fancy title on Tinder
  • The harsh truth about Tinder’s incredibly complicated algorithm
  • While recording, some girl tried to pick me up (and I scare her away)
  • My final verdict on Top Picks: is it worth your dough or not?

All that in less than 5 minutes.

Watch it here:

Not in the mood for video, then the article just continues right below:

How does Tinder Top Picks feature work?

The girls are real, and they are pretty amazing…

…but in order to get a chance at matching them, let’s figure out what Tinder is doing here.

Earlier we saw two ‘Athletes’.

How does Tinder know they are athletes?

Or can anyone choose their own title?

The answer is yes… and no.

Tinder automatically gives some people a title based on information in their profile.

BUT… once you know how they do that, you can manipulate their algorithm, and choose your own title.

To make this really clear, just look at this girls profile:

Tinder recognizes the word ‘fitgirl’ in this girl’s bio.

(It could also be that they used the words ‘active lifestyle’ here, but ‘fitgirl’ seems more likely.)

The second athlete had ‘fitness’ in her bio amongst a whole lot of other words that she listed. Thereby proving that she does not read TextGod articles (Oh hello, Cpt. Obvious!) Otherwise she had known that factual list-type bios are destroying your Tinder success.

This gives you a great opportunity:

You can get yourself a fancy title of your choosing, by inserting the right keyword in your bio.

If you want girls to see you as an athlete…

…then insert a word like fitness, running, swimming to your profile text.

The irony is that Tinder will even see you as an athlete if your bio is this:

“The only cardio I do is running away from my problems.”

You’re pretty much stating that you’re a lazy bastard, yet you get labeled as an athlete. Lovely.

Anyway, because these Top Picks are so juicy, spicy, dreamy, and just all-around perfect…

…you can only like ONE of them per batch. Unless if you buy Tinder Gold, then you can like multiple.

If having more is worth it, you’ll find out further in the article.

There you go, Tinder Top Picks explained.

Here’s a couple Top Picks related questions I have received:

Do you arrive on top of the swipe stack of the girl you pick?

No, m’lord, you don’t.

Is a like from Top Picks just like a Superlike?

I understand where this confusion is coming from.

Every girl in the Top Picks tab has a Superlike logo on the bottom right of their picture.

So some guys saw Top Picks as just a bonus free Superlike.

But no, good sir, your likes are NOT Superlikes.

That logo is there just in case you want to superlike her. So you could press the Superlike logo.

For a regular like you just swipe the damsel to the right.

How are these Top Picks selected for you?

This is where stuff gets interesting…

…if you’re a bit more of a nerd at least.

See, it appears that Tinder uses text recognition software combined with Amazon’s AWS image recognition software.

These forces should make them capable of serving your just-for-you Top Picks.


Here’s two things I noticed:

#1: New Profile?

When you make a new profile and instantly add Tinder Gold…

…you’ll already have Top Picks lined up for you.

This means that without any past swiping, images, or text to work with, Tinder has already selected girls “just for you”.

I don’t think so.

#2: ELO Score

Here’s what I noticed from experimenting with Tinder Gold and Top Picks.

The girls listed aren’t always in line with the girls in your regular swiping stack.

Usually they’ll be of higher quality.

This means that to compile this list, Tinder partly ignores ELO scores.

I am not 100% sure of the consequences but my guess is this:

When you like girls from your Top Picks that have higher ELO than you, you’ll be deep down their swipe stack. Diminishing the odds she gets to see your profile.

This should be counterable with a Superlike but then again… what are the odds she will swipe you right if she really is next level?

If you recently improved your profile, then I could see this working out.

If not, chances are low you’ll match your Tinder Top Pick.

Something else that would help, is het getting a notification if she gets Top Picked.

Do Tinder Top Picks know or get a notification?

When you like someone from the Top Picks list, do they get a notification?

No, they don’t know you’ve Tinder Top Picked them.

Unless if you superlike her. Then she gets to see your profile sooner than normal with a blue glowing border around it.

Should you use Tinder top picks?

If you already have Tinder gold, then yes.

No reason not to.

Don’t just swipe right as much as you can.

Just like always, you need to swipe selectively.

In my experience, Top Picks seldomly lead to matches…

…but sometimes they do.

Final verdict: Are Tinder Top Picks worth Tinder Gold?

Tinder Top Picks at the gates of Texting Heaven, ready for TextGod final judgment:

Is Tinder Top Picks worth it?

Short answer: No, it isn’t.

The Tinder Top Picks feature won’t increase your likes on Tinder.

Sure, it feels good looking at the beautiful selection of women every day.

And the sliver of hope that you’ll end up dating one of the ladies feels good too.

But the fact of the matter is that you won’t.

The benefits of Top Picks are heavily outweighed by the cost of it.

So getting Tinder Gold for Top Picks is something I will never tell any client to do.

Should you get Tinder Gold at all? That’s something you’ll find out in my Tinder Gold article.

Here’s pretty much what your Tinder Top Picks experience will be like:

So, Top Picks won’t get you more matches… that sucks.

But I won’t let you leave without something that DOES get you extra matches.

Check it out in the next and final tip.

How to get more matches on Tinder (works with Top Picks)

There’s a way to get more of your Top Picks like you back.

And this way also gets you more likes on any dating app in general.

All you need to do is swipe left three times in a row, then swipe right TWICE, then superlike once, then swipe left seven times again, then double tap the Rewind button, and then fiercely masturbate while looking at your favorite Tinder profile. This secret Tinder hack boosts your ELO score by 69%.

Unfortunately, just like in lyfe, there is no simple shortcut to success (#deep).

The most important factor for your Tinder success is your profile.

And because 90% of online dating advice is as valuable as the Iranian Rial, I created a free tool to help you optimize your Tinder profile.

It will go over your profile together with you to point out your strengths and weaknesses.

Use it here before I decide to make it private again.


That’s Tinder Top Picks explained as far as I’m concerned.

I’ll see you around bro.

Louis Farfields

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  • Daniel says:

    So Top Picks are basically just very attractive people that Tinder selects and labels based on what’s written on their profile? Why does Tinder lie about that?

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