Best Tinder Tricks in 2024 (more matches, reactions & dates)

You want more matches, more replies and to triple your dates?

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As a professional online dating coach, I know exactly what does and doesn’t work. And how to make your online Tinder experience a success.

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1. Tailor your anthem to get matches

Here’s how you can use your anthem to get more and better matches.

Copy the Anthem of your latest Tinder crush. I just have one important caveat: make sure it’s a musician or song you actually like.

If you’re just randomly copying a girl’s anthem that you know nothing about, that’s a little sleazy. You’re pretending to be someone you’re not.

You always want to stay true to who you are. That way you’ll have a shot of genuinely getting on and hitting it off.

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2. Fill out your profile

Here’s how you can more beautiful women to see your profile.

Give Tinder your data. Tinder rewards users who make their dating app better for everyone.

And what does everyone like? Complete Tinder profiles.

When we see someone who has a handful of photos, an anthem, an Instagram account, and a fun bio? We love it!

So if you improve the online dating experience by filling out your profile, Tinder puts you higher in the Discovery pile. Instead of 50 swipes, it might take others as little as 10 to 5 swipes to find you.

Plus, the algorithm will improve your desirability rating. An invisible measurement of your profile that decides if you’ll be grouped with the crème de la crème of babes.

So be sure to:

  • Verify your email
  • Connect your Facebook
  • Link your Instagram
  • Showcase your ‘anthem’ through Spotify
  • Upload at least 3 photos
  • Write a funny Tinder bio

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3. Use Instagram to make yourself more fun

This is probably the easiest way to make yourself more attractive and get more Tinder matches.

Link your Instagram to your profile. 

Not only is every Insta photo (and follower) another credit for her trust-o-meter. The right Instagram profile also makes you more attractive.

It will give her a far better idea of your life and who you are.

Make an Instagram she can sink her teeth into and your matches will skyrocket.

For more tips on how to seduce girls via Instagram, check my next article:

4. Please the algorithm, don’t spam swipe

Well known for most, but it has to be said.

Stop swiping everyone right. By liking every profile you see, you’re telling Tinder

“Anything is good enough for me, I don’t care that she’s unverified, uneducated, and has a butt for a face.”

Tinder doesn’t take kindly to people with such low standards. It figures that you’re probably not someone that many people will enjoy matching with. So it banishes you to the bottom of the Discovery pile.

Making you virtually invisible.

Tinder considers it healthy when you only like 30% to 50% of the people in your swipe stack.

5. Reset your desirability rating

Here’s what you should do when you rarely see anyone attractive while swiping.

Delete your profile and build a better one.

This will achieve two things:

  1. You’ll have a profile that attracts more likes.
  2. Your desirability rating will be reevaluated. For 24 hours, Tinder will show you to lots of different women and see how they respond to your profile. If it does well, you’ll be given a high rating and be shown to the most beautiful women on the platform.

Holy Tip:

Don’t make the mistake of spamming the reset function. Delete your account once too often and the algorithm bans you, putting an end to your digital dating career.

6. Share what your interests are

This next tip might get you some more matches. But mostly, it’ll give you smoother conversations.

Fill out your interests.

Tinder has a section where you can choose from preselected interests to show more of your personality.

This sets you up for success in two ways.

If a girl is swiping and sees on your profile that you share a similar interest, she’ll be more likely to swipe right.

It also gives you ammunition for your convos. Drawing a blank on what to say? Point out an interest that you have in common, or just ask about one of hers, and move the conversation forward.

7. Use Boosts at the optimal time

If you don’t use Boosts at the right time, they’re almost useless. Here’s when you want to use them.

When most girls are using the app to swipe. 

One study shows that most users are online between 5PM to 10PM.


But that leaves a 5 hour window. Plus, it doesn’t say what they’re doing. They could be chatting and ignoring their swipe stack.

So let me introduce you to Dr. Gareth Tyson’s graph:


This shows that most matches happen between 6PM and 7PM.

That’s why I recommend using your Tinder Boosts at 6:30 PM. And I can confirm from personal experience (including those of my team and clients) that this gets good results

8. Save Super Likes for after a regular like

Here’s how you can save on Super Likes.

Like her the regular way, if it doesn’t turn into a match, hit the Rewind button and then Super Like her.

(Yes, you do need Tinder Plus for this trick. Find out if Tinder Plus is worth it for you in the article I wrote.)

Now you can use your Super Like for someone else. Plus, you’ll match the regular way and seem more ‘normally’ invested.

A Super Like can sometimes create the impression that you like her a bit too much.

For a more detailed breakdown, here’s a bonus video for you:

9. Send the first text within 24 hours

Playing hard to get doesn’t work. It’s best to text your new matches as quickly as possible.


She just matched with you and is looking forward to chatting with you. If you make her wait too long, she’ll be more excited to talk with her newer matches.

So no need to pretend not to care. Reach out when you have the chance and don’t overthink your response.

10. Send GIFS that are relevant

Here’s how to get girls addicted to your texts.

Use GIFs to express your emotion.

For some reason, many guys will stick to the Tinder recommended GIFs. But that’s a terrible idea. Your Tinder matches have seen those a zillion times already.


Plus, women read your messages based on how they’re feeling.

Do you know what happens when she’s in a bad mood and you make a dumb joke?

Good luck winning her over now, bud.

That’s why I want you to use GIFs to emphasize the emotion you’re feeling right now.

Like after your match said something silly, or perhaps when you want to poke fun at yourself.

Like I did here.

She said Canada’s nice and I replied she’s nice. Without a GIF she probably would have taken the compliment too seriously.

But by adding a GIF where I poke fun at myself, she knows I said it in play.

11. Ask less questions, make more statements

Here’s a simple way to get better conversations. And get your matches more excited about meeting you.

Speak what’s really on your mind. 

We tend to ask closed questions that lead to one-word answers. “Where do you live?”, “How are you?”, “Do you like dogs?”

These questions are unlikely to stimulate good conversation. They’re too dull.

Instead of always asking questions, it’s a good idea to express what you’re thinking.

Let me give you some examples:

  • “Haha you’re so inquisitive. I’m not sure if you like me or that you’re trying to figure out my credit card details ;)”.
  • “Your photos did not prepare me for your dark sense of humor. You should fire your marketing department lol”.
  • “You’re the kindest person I’ve talked to on Tinder. It’s like you escaped out of a Disney movie or something”.

12. Use a photo editor

Here’s a simple trick to make all your photos more appealing.

Find the right crop, and give your photos a warm vibe.

When it comes to the first image, the quicker she can process what your face looks like, the better.

Let’s use my photo as an example.

The first improvement we’ll make is to crop it so we have head and torso only.

With a little snip and snap, we get this:

Let’s look at the colors next. Even with the sun in the background, I look about as tanned as a ghost in a cemetary. This is when we use some photo editing magic.

After tinkering on my phone I came up with this:

We’ve just given this a much warmer vibe, and the contrast between the background and my cut now pops. A neurological study claims contrast leads to more matches.

Lastly, you want to smile. That makes you more approachable.

Use a faceapp to give that little bit extra, and your photo will go from serious to friendly.

There, I’m beautiful now.

13. Start the convo with a simple icebreaker

Here’s an opener that gets a reply 99,2435615647% of the time.

My Clickbait opener.

It’s not as good as a personal opener that’s tailormade to her profile. But it’s the best generic line you can find on the internet.

“Hey [name], do you know what’s interesting about your pictures?”

A quick breakdown.

Firstly, a person’s name is one of their favorite words. Use it.

Secondly, everyone wants to know what’s interesting about their pictures. Including her.

So what does she do? She answers.

You can take it from there and tease her, “The way you hold your phone, it looks like you’re throwing gang signs.”

Or say something about her profile that stood out to you, “The cute face you’re making with your cat, is the exact same face I have when the delivery guy walks up to my front door.”

Best Tinder Tricks – Conclusion

I’m actually not a fan of the word ‘trick’, ‘hack’, or ‘shortcut’ because it implies an easy answer to success. And such things rarely exist.

If you want good results on Tinder, you need to put effort into building an attractive profile. A profile that’s a good blend between looking your best and looking fun.

Because what girls are after isn’t just a cute dude. They want someone who’s fun and makes them feel special.

And you want to communicate you’re that person via your photos and profile.

Not sure where to start?

Then grab my dating profile checklist. It’ll show you the different kinds of Tinder photos you need to look good.

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    Thanks for the tips

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