Best 15 Tinder Tricks in 2023 (more matches, reactions & dates)

You want more matches, more replies and hella dates?

You got it.

As a professional Tinder expert, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.

Read on and you’ll learn:

  • How swiping left gets you hotter matches
  • Why she hates your bio
  • How to revive dead conversations
  • The secret of Tinder Boost the Illuminati doesn’t want you to know
  • My Facebook trick to track down your dream girl
  • The trickerino that turns your first photo from cockblock to panty-drop
  • The talkshow-Tinder-trick to keeping her interested in you
  • How to match with the Angelina Jolies of your city
  • #1 Pick up line she feels compelled to answer to
  • And much more…

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Tip 1: Music is matches

Increase the odds of matching with exactly your type of girl, using the next ninja-trick.

Music is a great way to bond.

The previous tip showed how a girl shot me the first message because she loved my Anthem.

But there’s a problem.

Before you pick your favorite tune, you have no way to know if she’ll like it.

Or do you?

If you’re real sneaky beaky, you can base your Anthem off of her profile.

Does her profile say she loves soul music?

Search for Spotify’s steamiest baby making music. (Barry White, thank me later.)

Maybe she doesn’t mention music in her bio, but she does have an anthem. Let’s suppose it’s a song by Schoolboy.

Waddya do, playboy?

Switch your Anthem to a track by Schoolboy.

Her favorite banger of all time is “Gucci Gang” by Lil Pump?

You set your Anthem to Lil Pump. You swipe left and report her for public indecency.

A reminder: you don’t switch songs for every woman that erects your tentpole.

Do you see your dream girl?

Go ahead and set a new Anthem. Superlike her too for an even higher chance of matching.

But don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If you don’t like the song, don’t claim it’s your favorite. Fakery hurts her as much as it does you.

Tip 2: Follow the rules and be showered with matches

This trick gets you as many matches as a Saudi oil prince without even spending a dime.

You see, Tinder treats its best users like royalty and its worst subjects like filth.

You get on Tinder’s good side by offering the dating lord your delicious data.

Tinder loves data for three reasons.

Firstly, bytes of info help Tinder improve the matching algorithm.

Secondly, selling big data brings in the big bucks. (Don’t worry, Tinder keeps your bio secrets safe, like how you love ‘good food’ and ‘salsa dancing’.)

Lastly, users who go the extra mile to fill in their profiles are unlikely to be a threat to the royal kingdom of Tinderos.

Accounts with the least amount of info (only a phone number and 2 photos), are typically spam and scam accounts. Which is why Tinder shows these data shy accounts no love.

If you want more and better matches, give Tinder as much info as you’re comfortable with.

  • Verify your email
  • Connect your Facebook
  • Link your Instagram
  • Showcase your ‘anthem’ through Spotify
  • Upload at least 3 photos
  • Write a funny Tinder bio

As a reward for your yummy gift, Tinder boosts your Elo-rating. An invisible desirability rating of your profile that decides if you’re paired with the crème de la crème of babes…

…or with the leftover trolls.

Link up your social media and get blessed with a few more matches.

Bonus: 5 Tinder tricks that double your dates

The other day I saw my cameraman wasting Super Likes on Tinder.

Because he wasn’t aware of a simple Tinder trick to see if someone superliked you already.

(If someone used a Super Like on you, you don’t need to superlike them anymore. It’s a match either way. So save yourself that bright blue star for another hottie.)

Then I got an Instagram DM about a guy saying his Tinder boost brought in close to 0 matches…… because he wasn’t aware of the Tinder trick that makes your boost extra powerful…

These two, and three more Tinder tricks, are what you are getting in this video.

Check it out here, before your competition does:

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How much easier would things be? Right now I'm almost done training our brand new AI-app with all my knowledge. And it will tell you exactly what your next reply should be.

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Tip 3: Give a damn about Instagram

Many guys text with girls for an ETERNITY.

69 messages in and she still doesn’t want to go on a date with the text happy bro.

What’s going on?

Well, there is a big problem when it comes to online dating…

…and that problem is TRUST.

If your Tinder profile is just a collection of photos and a bio, you’re still a stranger to her.

But link up your Instagram and her trust in you grows. Every Insta photo and friend you have is another credit for her trust-o-meter.

You stop being a potential catfish. And she feels more ready to match with you.

But there’s an even greater benefit to connecting your Instagram.

She can now snuffle through your Insta like a bloodhound on speed.

And bro, let me tell you, women LOVE to dig into an unknown guy’s pictures.

Once you give them something tasty to bite down on, they won’t let go.

I can’t even keep track of the number of women in my life who know the tiniest detail of some random guy they never met.

Heck, I once went on a Tinder date where I caught a woman red handed: she knew things about me, I hadn’t even told her!

Things she could impossibly know…

…unless she dove deep into my Instagram feed.

Make an Instagram she can sink her teeth into and your matches will skyrocket.

If you want to know more about how to get girls through Instagram, I also wrote a guide about that.

Tip 4: Bring matches back from the dead

Here’s an amazing Tinder trick that not only revives old matches, but gets her to message you.

This is really handy when she doesn’t text back, but you want to initiate the convo again without looking needy.

No voodoo dolls or blood sacrifices necessary.

All you need is a profile update. Yup, the dark arts of necromancy have never been easier.

How does giving your profile a facelift get her to hit you up on Tinder, you ask?


Any time you change your photos, your anthem or your bio, she receives a notification in her Tinder Feed.

Free advertising!

But there’s one flaw.

Not everyone knows about the feed, let alone checks it.

Do you know where you can find it? It’s right next to messages.

This lovely lady just changed her bio. And as you can see, her new life story is blown up on my screen.

If you make some spicy changes to your bio, or add a bad boy photo, you’ll trigger her to text you.

Just look what happened when I picked a new Anthem:

Cutie pie Maria saw Frankie’s swinging tunes pop up on her feed and felt compelled to message me.

Using my Anthem, I revive dead matches necromancer style. 

Holy Tip:

Over the last few months I’ve received some emails of followers, telling me that one of my openers works really well to re-start old conversations.

You just text her the first 3 lines of the Clickbait Opener.

It’s pretty irresistible to ignore, so naturally, it works really well for this problem as well.

I could ask for money, but I give the Clickbait Opener away for free here.

Tip 5: Trick to get 300 matches an hour

Checking out pictures and reading bios takes so much time. Wouldn’t it be nice if the whole swiping process could go faster?

Say no more.

Feast your eyes on the Tinda Finger.

The mechanical finger goes to work while your finger rests. As you have a brewski with your buddies, your robot friend is looking for your future wife.

Or your midnight booty call.

With over a 100 swipes per minute, I hope you’re not picky.

Okay. Enough trolling.

Sure, you can swipe every woman right. But Tinder gets angry.

Let me explain the dating app’s logic.

Imagine you’re hosting a party for your closest friends.

You want your pals to have a good time, so you spare no expense and buy a $200 bottle of cognac.

But your buddy ‘Beer me’ Mike is also coming. And he chugs down anything you put in front of him.

Bacardi Breezer or Hennessy, it’s all the same to him.

Do you want to pour Mike a glass of your finest cognac?

No. Mike’s happy with anything. So you buy him a $5 bottle of tequila.

Tinder treats right swipe spammers a similar way.

Want to know exactly what the app does to swipe zombies? Continue to the next tip.

Tip 6: Transform from Tinder flop to Tinder God

Tinder gives you what most people dream of: a shot at redemption.

How often have you wished for another chance of winning over that particular Tinder cutie.

Another opportunity to be placed in the major Tinder league, with the 8s, 9s and 10s?

Most of us would pay a small fortune to Tinder with the hotties. Tinder gives you that opportunity for free.

With a couple of clicks your Tinder history vanishes from the face of the earth.


Tinder has forgotten all about you.

Now you can build a new profile from scratch.

The beauty of a clean slate? Tinder has to rethink your ELO-rating.

A score that determines the desirability of your profile. The more seductive your profile, the higher you’re ranked.

Are you rated an 8? Then you frequently see profiles of 7s, 8s and 9s. And sometimes a so-so 6 or if you’re lucky, a jaw-dropping 10.

Sounds good, right?

But before you rush to your Tinder settings and delete your account, know this: Tinder slaps a number on your profile within roughly 24 hours after making it.

If your profile isn’t optimized, you risk being put back where you started.

Holy Tip:

Don’t make the mistake of spamming the reset function. Delete your account once too often and the algorithm bans you, putting an end to your digital dating career.

Tip 7: The secret of Tinder success

Do you have an otherwise cool buddy, who always boasts about his new Tinder matches?

Who can’t shut up about his last steamy Tinder date and even shoves a phone in your face with an album of freshly sent nudes?

I feel you, dude. Even though he’s your homey, that stuff stings!

If you want to parade your Tinder triumphs in his face, keep reading.

We’re going to dissect Tinder success. And for that, we have to start with its opposite: the riff-raff.

The riff-raff are at the bottom of the Tinder pecking order for a reason, they haven’t once in their entire lives swiped left.

That greedy behavior makes Tinder want to hurl.

Because by always swiping right, you’re communicating:

  • I’ll do everyone. Line ‘em up!
  • A goddess with one picture? No way she’s a catfish. Let’s do it.
  • A girl without matches? As long as she wants to hang out with me, no problem.

Swipe without rejecting and Tinder will guarantee you never see another cutie again.

And it makes sense.

If thirsty bois could match with cuties, all the cuties would be scared away.

No babes = no business model.

So Tinder does all it can to protect its glamor girls.

Do you want to be part of the exclusive club? You better act like it.

Have some standards.

Write a list of turn-ons and turn-offs.

For example: Likes Frank Ocean (Y), Same pose in every photo (N).

Using your list, you’re going to weigh up all the turns-ons and turn-offs for every girl.

Positive = Swipe right.

Negative = Swipe left.

Be selective. That’s what the lady killers are doing.

Holy Tip:

There is a trick you can use yo find out how attractive your profile is.

It does take about 5-10 minutes of your time.

Because I created an Excel sheet, with over 35 metrics to rate your Tinder profile on.

You will receive a score for: your first photo, your other pictures, your bio and other parts of your profile.

This sheet is called The Dating Profile Checklist, and I highly recommend filling it out.

Because you’ll discover the weaknesses in your profile, so you can get more matches.

Tip 8: Let Facebook help you out

“I pronounce you meme lovers. You may now troll your match.”

Have you noticed some profiles show her interests in red?

That means you both like the same Facebook page.

One particular interest I seem to share with lots of my matches is a meme page.

Her love for memes lets me know I can troll her, but it doesn’t help me get an idea of who she is.

But imagine if you both shared the same hobby or passion. That’s a great way to build a connection.

You can skip the chit chat and dive right into the deep stuff.

If you want to build a strong connection with your matches, open your Facebook and skim over your liked pages.

Do your likes attract the woman you’re looking for? If not, you better switch it up, bro.

Intelligent women are probably into TED-talks, Myth Busters, Einstein, and so on.

Do you prefer the creative, artsy type? Like pages from Van Gogh, Hieronymus Bosch, Banksy, or Classical Art Memes.

Like pages you find interesting and you’ll find the women you want.

Tip 9: Tinder secrets Illuminati doesn’t want you to know

Before the Illuminati police crash through my window, I’m going to reveal the secret of Tinder Boost.

Tinder Boost helps you reach 10x more women, ONLY if you use it wisely.

If you’re out of the loop, Tinder Boost puts you at the top of every girl’s swipe stack in the neighborhood for 30 minutes.

Any women using Tinder will bump into your purdy face within a couple of swipes.

Your odds of getting matches go up exponentially. (That’s nerd talk for: A SHIT TON, SON!)

But only if you’re clever about it.

Using this scientific study, I discovered a couple of valuable graphs.

The line of the graph shows Tinder usage climb from 5 PM until it peaks at 9 PM.

That settles it, right? Use your boost when most fish are swimming in the Tinder sea!

Slow down, captain.

Sure, most people are online at 9. But when the clock strikes 10, the graph line plummets quicker than the price of Bitcoin in 2018.

If your boost nets you a bunch of fresh matches who are about to switch off Tinder, you can’t even have an exciting chat.

Talk about waste.

But an essential piece of the Boosting puzzle is still missing.

If you want her to see your profile, you need to know when she’s swiping!

Let me introduce you to Dr. Gareth Tyson’s research and his graph about matches:

Most people might be online at 9 PM, but judging from Garry’s blue bars, they’re busy chatting.

The majority of swiping is done between 6 and 7 PM.

After having experimented with Boosting myself, I can tell you that 6:30PM hooks muchos matches.

Tip 10: Using Superlikes the smart way

A Tinder trick to get more Super Likes.

When you see the woman of your dreams, your first impulse is to use your Super Like.



Like your fantasy girl the regular way.

If it doesn’t turn into a match, you can hit the Rewind button and then you superlike her.

Yes, you do need Tinder Plus for this trick. Find out if Tinder Plus is worth it for you in the article I wrote.

Anyway, this method achieves two goals.

Firstly, you don’t waste your Super Like. A ‘regular like’ does the job just as well. And if it’s a match, you can’t Rewind. Saving your precious Super Like for another girl.

Secondly, you don’t seem like a tryhard. Super Likes scream, “I LIKE YOU!” But a usual like tells her, “You seem pretty cool.”

Enjoy your extra Superlikes. <3

Tip 11: Being a nice guy pays off?

Match with even more babes with the next trickerino.

You already know swiping right like a crazy person makes Tinder put you in the unpopular clique.

*Puts on best Billy Mays voice*

But wait, there’s more!

Tinder also puts you on the unwelcome list when you wait too long to send your first message.


Because the dating app likes to keep its users happy.

The ladies especially need to have fun. Because without women, there’ll be no men. And men do the most spending.

Clubs follow the same reasoning: pay sexy dancers to attract men and let women enter for free.

The next form of bad Tinder etiquette should now make sense to you.

The app also puts you in the bad books if you take too long to respond to her messages.

Don’t turn into her lapdog. Your ELO points won’t drop with every passing second. But it’s in your best interest to answer within 24 hours.

The last important ELO decider is your pictures.

Tinder likes high-quality photos.

If you have a fancy smartphone or camera who knows the ABCs of photography, you’ll become a Tinder favorite.

Because nobody wants to see your 2-megapixel poverty photos.

Tip 12: GIFing her your love

Countless dudes unknowingly turn women off by sending GIFs.

Not just any GIF, but the recommended ones.

If you’re not in the know, when you hit the GIF button on Tinder, the app hands you a bunch of presets. The most used GIFs of the moment.

And you never want to send her anything that’s trending.

Every guy hits her up with the most viral GIF. It’s easy. No effort involved.

But it also dries up her pleasure center faster than Trump’s healthcare funds.

After all, she’s already seen the same GIF a trillion times earlier today.

Remember the following: people use Tinder for fun and adventure, not for boredom and routine.

Okay, buddy, it’s time to hop on the imagination bus.

Suppose you’re swiping and you run into this cutie:

2 out of 7 photos were her posing with a rhino.

You don’t need to wear a lab coat to understand it’s probably a good idea to talk about her big-nosed pals. Or safari, the amazon, pets. Anything related to rhinos.

Finding personal photos like that is like finding directions to the depths of her heart.

All that’s left to do now is send her a message.

If images speak louder than words, GIFs are like shouting through a megaphone. But in a romantic kind of way.

Can you guess what kind of GIF I sent her?

As you can see, once I mentioned rhinos, she couldn’t stop chatting.

I struck her heart and it was gushing passion all over my Tinder.

Get a girl passionate and she might let you gush something all over her face.

Jokes aside, getting someone to talk about their favorite topic is fun for them and easy for you.

Next time you’re about to send a GIF, pick something yourself and make it personal.

Tip 13: GIFs make you a real boy

Tinder is great, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Let me take you to where the sun don’t shine; Tinder’s bootyhole.

You see, in terms of seducing the ladies Tinder is missing a lot.

There’s no body language, no touch, no scent, no voice inflections. When it comes to indicators of real emotion, you’re in the dark.

And if you want to excite her about getting drinks with you, text messages aren’t enough.

You want to bring in the missing ingredients of seduction.

The first are pictures.

Visuals make any Tinder chat much more real. And images break up the monotony of text bubbles.

To mimic real-life even more, use GIFs.

Moving images are way more relatable than stills and evoke that much more emotion.

I’m positive some of you already use GIFs. Good shit, buddy.

But I want you to approach GIFs differently.

Use GIFs to support and enhance your regular Tinder texting.

Let me explain.

Behind every message you send lurks an emotion. Cocky, funny, playful, serious, shy and so on.

But she doesn’t see any of that. She reads your messages based on how she’s feeling.

Do you know what happens when she’s in a bad mood and you make a dumb joke?

Good luck winning her over, brah.

To avoid misinterpretation, use GIFs.

How do you do it?

First, figure out what emotion you’re trying to express.

Two, enter the name of the emotion in the Tinder GIF search bar and PRESTO.

I bet you want an example, don’tcha?

Well, alright. Because I like you.

She said Canada’s nice and I replied she’s nice.

Without a GIF she probably would have taken the compliment seriously. But by adding a GIF where I poke fun at myself, I don’t come across as a thirsty boi.

And all I did to find the GIF was type in “cheesy” and hit search.

That’s how you stay clear of interpretation mix-ups and seem like a real dude she wants to date.

Tip 14: Avoid Tinder taboos

Get her to like you by avoiding the most common conversation pitfall.

But first a game of pretend.

Imagine if you could have my phone with a snap of your fingers. (Please don’t try if you go to Hogwarts.)

You could breathe in the glory that’s my Tinder account. That alone would increase your matches tenfold.

But if you’d start snooping around and going over my conversations, you’d notice something strange.

I never ask simple Yes or No questions.


Because asking closed questions is like making a fist of your hand and then repeatedly slamming it into your balls.

You want to ask open questions.

An even better trick is to ask zero questions…

…and translating them into statements.

A statement is powerful because:

  • You’re not asking but sharing
  • She wants to know why you think that
  • It lends itself for teasing

Let’s suppose she goes to college and you want to know what classes she’s following.

You could ask the question she’s heard a 1337 times:

Soooo, what do you study?

[sarcasm] How bold and creative of you. [/sarcasm]

Or you can transform your shitty question into a statement:

You really like getting into my head. You’re definitely studying to be a shrink.

She’s going to agree or correct you with the truth. Either way you’re going to find an answer to your question.

But more importantly, the statement stimulates her emotionally.

Fired up by your observation, she’s definitely going to want to keep chatting with you.


She wants to hear what else you think about her.

Don’t put her to sleep with questions. Excite her with statements.

Tip 15: Put some Shop in your photos

We interrupt this article to bring you a special news bulletin: If you first picture is booty cheeks, you’re going to have a bad time.

I don’t care if you’re a Buzzfeed editor who works part-time as a celebrity photographer, nobody is going to read your clickbait bio and see your breathtaking headshots if your first photo sucks.

That’s why, dearest, I’m going to smack you in the face with the nuts and bolts of a killer first Tinder photo.

Where do you start?

The right crop.

Nobody cares about the stunning sunset in the background, or that big dick you’re swinging. Sorry. <3

When it comes to the first image, women are fixated on seeing your face and a bit of torso.

Let’s use my photo as an example. If you’re afraid my handsome looks might awaken something in you, turn away now.

“But Louis! Your veiny baguette’s is looking right at me!”

You’re right on the money, buddy. That’s why this photo gets a 6 out of 10.

At least, in terms of being used as my Tinder welcome mat. (Otherwise it’s pretty sweet.)

The first key element is the right crop: head and torso only.

The quicker her lady brain can process what my face looks like, the better. Just don’t get close enough so she can see your nose hairs. That’s just icky.

With a little snip and snap, we get this:


We lose out a bit on vibe by zooming in, but we’re on the right track.

And we sadly have a long way to go.

Let’s look at the colors next.

Even with the sun in the background, I’m so pasty I could double for Casper the Friendly Ghost.

This is when we sprinkle on some Photoshop or Lightroom magic.

If photoshopping isn’t your specialty, like moi, you can get similar results using the default software on your smartphone. Or using an Instagram filter.

After tinkering on my phone I came up with this:

Who needs a fireplace when you can just sit in front of this?

Not only is my skin radiating a healthy glow, but the clouds have gone from a gloomy gray to a cheery pink. Making my dark hairdo really pop.

The contrast between the background and my cut is nothing to be scoffed at. A neurological study claims contrast leads to more matches.

Which brings us to the third and final commandment of a first profile photo.

And I already broke it.


I already knew that showing your pearly whites works on Tinder, but smiling for pictures makes me look funny. Whenever a camera is pointed at me, I turn into a psycho.

For me, looking calm and collected works better.

For completeness sake, here’s what would have made my picture even better:

The likeness is uncanny.

Tip 15: The line that guarantees her reply

This tip is for everyone who isn’t confident in their openers, who can’t recognize what makes a pickup line good, who starts conversations but gets no response, and who doesn’t know what to do if she replies to the opener.

Pickup lines are like expensive cars.

They’re flashy and women love them. But once you drive them off the dealer’s lot, their value plummets.

Remember the classic, “Was your father a thief? ‘Cause someone stole the stars and put them in your eyes.”

She does too.

Made by the greatest minds of the time, that line was once a work of art. But use it now and it’s like you’re driving around in a Ford Sierra. (A metal box on wheels you don’t want to be seen dead in.)

Chewed out lines now only serve to show your ignorance.

But I followed a rainbow and found the big pot of pick-up gold. Countless new and original lines.

But before I give you some of my wealth, I’m going to let you in on a secret.

Finding an opener that ALWAYS gives you a response is like finding a unicorn.

It’s not going to happen.

Women are beautifully complex creatures that can’t be predicted. What works well for Jane, might not work for Kim.

But, as far as cut and paste openers go, I’m going to share with you one of my favorites.

“Hey [name], do you know what’s interesting about your pictures?”

A quick breakdown.

Firstly, a person’s name is their most favorite sound of all. Use it.

Secondly, everyone wants to know what’s interesting about their pictures. Including her.

Even if she has her own idea about what’s interesting, you might have a totally different one.

So what does she do? She answers.

The leprechaun at the end of the rainbow blessed me with lots more pickup lines.

I handpicked the best ten lines, put them inside a box and tied a bow around it.

And because I enjoyed hanging out with you, I’m giving it to you for free.

If your Tinder convo ever throws you for a loop, look inside my gift and find the right line for your situation.

Whether you’re looking for funny answers to predictable questions, a playful tease or a smooth way to ask her out, you can find it inside my goodie box.

You can download it down below!

Louis Farfields

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