103 Things to Talk About on Tinder / WhatsApp (Best Topics)

If you sometimes don’t know what to talk about, then you’re in the right place.

In this article you get 103 things to talk about on Tinder and WhatsApp.

On top of that, I added some tips and tricks to make you a better texter overall.

You get:

  • 10 Casual thing to talk about on Tinder or WhatsApp
  • 10 Fun things that keep the conversation going
  • 17 Deep things to talk about online
  • 10 Things to talk about with your girlfriend
  • And 8 Holy Tips spread throughout the article that make you a better texter

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How to use the tips on this page

There are two ways to use this page that will give you the best results.

First, let this page be an inspiration. By seeing all these example questions you’ll have plenty of ideas of what to talk about on Tinder.

You can even memorize a couple so you’ll always have a safety net.

At the same time I want you to be careful. Don’t ask question after question after question. The idea is that you and the girl you are texting with, engage in a conversation.

You’re not a reporter and it’s not an interview.

So when someone answers your question, ask follow up questions. Show that you’re interested in their opinions and stories.

And when they ask you a question back, don’t give them a short answer only to fire another question back at them. Instead, give them a detailed and true answer. A conversation is always give and take.

Lastly, if you notice that someone only responds with very short answers, then take the hint. This person doesn’t feel like talking to you at this point.

And even though that’s not the situation you hoped for, that’s fine too.

Respect people’s privacy. We can’t force anyone to talk to us or like us.

All this being said, let’s jump right into the topics to talk about on Tinder and WhatsApp!

10 Casual things to talk about on Tinder/WhatsApp

#1: What you’re doing RIGHT NOW.

Let’s start with one of my favorite topics EVER.

Sharing things about your day with the girl you are texting.

The beauty of sharing the stuff you’re doing, is that it will always be something else.

(Unless you only text when pooping. In that case I greatly advise you to skip this tip.)

To make things a little more exciting, you can make the other person guess what you’re doing.

You won’t believe what I am doing right now

It’s hard to resist such a curiosity inducing question.

So when she inevitably texts back something like:

What are you doing??

Then it doesn’t really matter what you are doing. Any response will be funny at this point.

Whether it is something really casual, like this:

I’m eating a bacon lettuce tomato sandwich. Without the tomato.

Or something actually unusual:

I’m entering the front row section of a Drake concert

After your initial text, ask the other person what they are up to.

If you’re eating a BLT without tomato, ask them about their next meal.

If you’re at a concert, ask them about their last concert.

If you’re at the hospital undergoing emergency surgery, ah… you get the drill.

Holy Tip:

The one question that has boggled humanity since the early middle ages:

How long do I have to wait to text back?

If she’s slow on the reply and you text back straight away, you’ll come across as really lonely.

If she’s slow on the reply and you feel like “teaching her a lesson” by texting back even slower, then how will you ever have a conversation?

How about texting back when you are available and feel like it?

This works best when you don’t have your phone at hand 24/7.

Sometimes you’ll take a while to text back because you’re meeting a friend or saving a puppy from a burning building.

And sometimes you’ll text back instantly because you were just chilling. Phone in hand and feeling inspired.

Sometimes things are a little more complicated.

To rid yourself of any doubt, read my article on When She Doesn’t Text Back.

#2: Work

Work might seem like a boring topic, but there’s actually something great about it!

Do you know what’s nice about work?

Everyone has to do it. Whether they like it or not.

So it’s relatable.

And relatability is one of the pillars of great conversation.

So even though work can be a very cliché subject, there’s some gold to be found here.

When talking about work, stay away from the questions your boring uncle would ask over Christmas.

  • How is work?
  • How long have you worked there?
  • Wouldn’t you want to do something else?


You don’t need hot milk with honey, when you can just fall asleep reading these boring questions!

Instead, let’s turn this boring subject into a more fun one.

So next time the subject comes up, try one of these:

What’s the best thing about your job?

What’s the worst thing about your job?

I’m feeling generous today, and will even share one of my favorite questions.

Use the following format:

What’s the [her industry/company]’s dirty little secret?

For example:

What’s Walmart’s dirty little secret?

What’s the ice cream industry’s dirty little secret?

What’s the dirty little secret of the hairdressing industry?

Or, get to the most relatable part of work…


Tell me about your coolest coworker

Tell me about your most annoying coworker

Or if you want to be her little gossip girl friend:

Tell me the dirt on your most annoying coworker

With these questions, you turn a boring subject like work into something more interesting.

Time for the next subject!

Holy Tip:

There’s one characteristic that repels women like nothing else…


Women love a man who’s ambitious and sure of what he wants.

So as soon as she noticed that you’re bending your own rules to get her, she’ll start question her attraction for you.

If you’re BREAKING your own rules to be on her good side, it’s game over for you.

It’s one of the reasons why nice guys end up in the friendzone and bad boys end up in her bed.

The nice guy does tricks for treats, the bad boy is too busy going his own way.

No matter how badly you want to be with a girl, don’t lose your self-respect.

You’ll turn into a spineless pushover.

And you can’t walk tall without a spine to hold you up.

#3: Clothes & Fashion

The chance that you’re a guy reading this is higher than Wiz Khalifa.

And I know you’re not big into fashion, bro. So we’ll keep this short.

(And if you’re a woman reading this, then chances are the guy you’re talking too is poorly dressed, so again… we’ll keep this short.)

The one tip I will give here is that if you see someone wearing something you like, then say it.

Compliments are always well received if they are sincere and not overdone.

If you’re wondering what to talk about on Tinder, and you really like your match’s outfit in one of their photos, then start typing:

Hey I’m not a fashion god or anything, but that shirt in your third photo looks like it’s made for you.

Or why not mix in a little humor?

I really like that pink dress you’re wearing at the beach, where did you get it?

Then if she says where it’s from, you can follow up:

Amazing, I’m getting that for my grandmother this New Year so she can feel sexy again.

Next topic, please!

#4: Sports

Whether you’re a big fan of sports or not, it’s often a great topic to talk about.

The sports someone practices tell a great deal about them.

Your question can vary from the sports they play, to the sports they enjoy watching.

Do you play any sports/

Is it something you picked up by yourself or did your parents force you into it when you were younger?

When they answer you can share why you play the sport(s) you play!

Or what sports your parents wanted you to practice when you were younger.

I, for example, would tell my match that my parents had a rule that I could join any sports team I liked, as long as I finished the year and went to every training.

Are you a big fan of any team?

What’s the last game you went to?

Who do you want to win [big upcoming sports event]

Holy Tip:

When texting on a girl on Tinder or WhatsApp, always remember your end goal.

You’re not here to convince her to invest in solar energy.

You’re talking to her because you want to get her on a date.

And a question guys often ask me is this:

“When’s the best time to ask a girl out for a date?”

It’s a good question too, because there’s always a best time for ANYTHING you do.

Whether it is flipping burgers on the grill (a pro only flips them ONCE, so timing is crucial), starting your next set at the gym, or asking a girl out over text.

Ask her too early and she won’t be interested.

Ask her too late and her interest is already gone again.

The trick to getting a girl on a date, is by first raising her emotions to a peak, and then, once she’s excited, you strike with your date proposal.

Read exactly how to do this in my article on How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text. Including screenshot examples.

#5: Free time and hobbies

Everyone HAS to work and everyone HAS to wear clothes.

(I found that out the hard way.)

But what people do in their free time is 100% their choice.

And that’s why this is one of the best topics to talk about on Tinder or WhatsApp.

If what you’re doing is out of free will and passion, then why wouldn’t you enjoy talking about it?

Here’s 7 easy questions to get the conversation rolling:

What’s your favorite thing to do after work?

Are there any hobbies you’ve had since you were young?

Are there any hobbies your parents forced onto you as a kid?

What hobby do you wish you picked up as a kid?

Not going to lie to you, bro. My parents tried to force me into ballet and I heavily refused. But now I wish I just went with it.

What’s your favorite way in the world to spend your free time?

Would you enjoy [her hobby] if you had to do it for a living?

If you had ONE extra hour every day, how would you spend it?

#BONUS: A way to revive your conversation

Once upon a time, I gave birth to a conversation starter that did better than any line I ever tried.

Next, I found out that it also works to revive conversations that died down.

The reason why this text is so powerful, is because it mixes a marketing trick with basic psychology.

Combine these two and you get a combination so irresistible she HAS to respond.

There are two ways to use my line.

  1. Use it to comment on a photo of her
  2. Use it to refer back to when you met her

When initially tested this line on Tinder, It had a 100% response rate.

To find out what my line is, and how good it will work for you, just click this link to get instant access to a secret video where I explain how it works.

The video gives you 7 screenshot examples and 2 follow up texts.

Enjoy bro!

#6: Music

What to talk about on Tinder, you ask?


Name me one person that doesn’t like music.

That should be the title for the Tom Cruise movie.

Seriously, EVERYONE loves music.

And most people love sharing their favorite music because deep down they hope:

  • You’ll realize how deep they are
  • You’ll see how profound their taste is
  • You’ll love their picks and praise you
  • You’ll be grateful to them
  • Or they’re just really excited about the song and want to spread the joy

(Have you noticed how around New Year everyone shares their “Most Played” list by Spotify? Exactly.

Either way, music is a great topic to talk about on Tinder, WhatsApp, or over text in general.

Here are some questions to ask:

Who’s your favorite artist of all time?

What’s your most recent musical discovery?

What’s your favorite album of all time?

Name one of your top 3 favorite songs of all time

What’s a song you were absolutely crazy about when you were a kid?

Best artist ever? Dead or alive

What’s the latest concert you’ve been to?

What song do you currently have on repeat?

And just like everyone likes music, everyone likes movies.

Holy Tip:

Don’t make the classic texting mistake:

Keeping in touch only through text messages.

I know you want to meet her in person.

But there’s a better way to get there than just sending text messages.

Whatever texting app you’re using, it has more possibilities.

Possibilities that can easily evoke emotions in her.

Think of the following:

  • Share a meme
  • Send a voice message
  • A(n) (unexpected) phone call if you’re comfortable with those
  • Send a video that had you crying with laughter
  • Send a sticker that reminds you of her (for whatever reason)
  • Brighten up the convo with a GIF

Don’t make things harder than they need to be.

Don’t limit yourself to letters only.

Instead, use the complete texting arsenal.

By the way, since we’re talking about texting mistakes, I made a video on the topic.

Check it out here if you like:

On to the next topic then:

#7: Movies

Everyone loves movies.

If you want to get to know a person on a lighter level and get to know about their character a bit… then talk about movies.

Does she like romantic dramas? She wants to overcome romantic hurdles and live the happy ending.

Does she like horror? She likes to scream.

She doesn’t like Star Wars? GTFO.

Alright, enough silliness. Here are 10 questions:

Movies or series?

What’s your favorite movie genre?

If there’s ONE movie I should watch, which one would it be?

What actor or actress would you sleep with if they were hitting on you?

What’s your favorite movie of all time?

If you could play any role in any movie, which movie and role would you pick?

If all movie sets were real, what location would you like to visit most?

What movie made the biggest impression on you?

If you could forget everything about one show so you could rewatch it, which one do you choose?

Which series did you binge the hardest?

No show ever can make me binge it harder than I binged Entourage.

My god, those were the days.

More on TV shows and series further in the article.

So, we just said EVERYONE likes music, and EVERYONE likes movies.

What else does everyone like?


#8: Food

No food, no life.

Also no intro, just questions:

If you could have any food in front of you right now, what would you pick?

Does cilantro takes like soap to you?

What home-cooked meal are you most proud of?

What’s your worst restaurant experience?

What’s your best restaurant experience?

If you had to give up on all fast food chains but one, which one do you keep?

What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever tried?

If you had to pick one dish that you had to eat every other day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Holy Tip:

Almost every guy on Tinder is ready to sign up for a bedroom adventure.

But most of them have a hard time getting there.


Most are too nice.

And a few are too bold.

Whether you’re too nice, too pushy, or too sexual…

Too is always bad.

There’s a key ingredient that almost any man lacks.

And that ingredient is Empathy.


Knowing what she’s thinking.

If you’re too nice, you didn’t understand that she needed to be challenged more.

If you’re too pushy, you didn’t understand she wasn’t at ease.

If you’re too sexual, you didn’t see she wasn’t aroused.

The ultimate skill is reading her emotions correctly, even over text.

  • You’ll be challenging instead of nice.
  • You’ll feel trustworthy, instead of being pushy
  • You’ll be exciting, instead of creeping her out

To understand the 4 vital ingredients for hookups, check out How To Get Laid On Tinder

#9: Books and magazines

Personally, I find it wildly attractive when girls read a lot.

My favorite girl ever devoured more multiple books per month.

And then passed on all her knowledge to me.

The true secret to the knowledge in my articles.

In any case, since the rise of YouTube, Netflix, and the rest of the gang, reading is losing popularity.

You’ll be quick to find out if your crush is a bibliophile or not with these questions:

Do you read often?

Which do you prefer, non-fiction or fiction?

Which book is your all-time favorite?

Softcover, hardcover, or eBook?

If you had to recommend me one book, which one would you choose?

Has a book ever changed your life?

If you could meet any writer, dead or alive, who would you pick?

Is there a book you ever read and were really disappointed with?

What’s your favorite book ever?

Do you still buy and read any magazines?

It’s time for something that has gained tons of popularity:

#10: TV Shows and Series

Remember that one day you were going to be productive but then you started binging tv shows?

Chances are that day was last weekend.

Or yesterday.

Or today.

Either way, everyone needs a good show to follow, and then talk about with their friends after.

To be honest, that’s what every highschool morning was like.

They don’t only make a good real-life discussion topic. Series are a perfect thing to talk about on Tinder and WhatsApp

What shows are you currently watching?

If we were to watch a show together and it was your pick, what would you choose?

Are there any shows that you know are trash but you love watching anyway?

Who was your first TV character crush?

Who’s your last TV character crush?

What’s your favorite show EVER?

If you could be more like a TV character, who would you pick?

If you could play a role in any show out there, which one would you choose?

Holy Tip:

There’s one ‘trick’ to get more matches AND easier conversations at the same time.

And you only need to apply this trick once in a while.

Because I know texting with strangers isn’t always effortless…

…and making up brilliant texts on the spot takes a bit of practice.


…making a killer profile that inspires everyone you talk to on Tinder, that’s a one-time investment.

Sure, it takes some effort to snap the right pics and create the perfect blend of vibes.

But once it’s done, you only need to upgrade it every once in a while.

Build a solid profile and you will:

  • Get more matches
  • Get better matches
  • Girls will put more effort into getting to know you
  • Girls will sooner know what to say (because your photos and bio inspire them)
  • You’ll feel good about yourself, knowing you no longer have an average profile like 90% of men out there

Here’s the catch:

A good profile does NOT mean a collection of pictures where you look your finest.

A good profile tells a story.

A story about who you are, what you like and do, what it would feel like to be around you.

Topped off with a funny, challenging, and inspiring bio.

Maybe it even has what we call a CTA to make HER text YOU.

You can find some inspiration in my Funny Tinder Bio Examples article.

Or, if you want me to point out the flaws and strengths of your current profile, just use my free tool right here: The Dating Profile Checklist.

It will ask you a couple yes/no questions and then score your profile.


10 Fun things to talk about on Tinder & WhatsApp

Not in the mood for serious topics?

Use any of these Tinder questions for a more light-hearted vibe with the girl you’re texting.

What job would you be absolutely horrible at?

If you could have any creature as a pet, real or magical, what would it be?

If you won a vacation of your choosing, where would it be and what would it be like?

Would you rather have x-ray vision or mind-reading?

Describe your ideal weekend if money wasn’t an issue

What’s something really easy that you somehow still mess up?

If you had to replace your hands with something else, what would you choose?

What’s the most ridiculous current fashion trend?

If you had an anthem that played out loud whenever you did something successfully, what song would you pick?

If you had to lose one body part, which one would you give up?

Holy Tip:

I know I’m giving you tons of questions in this article.

But I want you to be aware not to use too many of them.

Here’s why:

One of the most attractive characteristics for a man, is taking the lead.

Leading can come in many different shapes and forms.

You could even see ‘asking a question’ as leading.

But a better alternative is making a statement.

Turn your question into a statement, like this:

“You seem like a lawyer.”

Rather than asking what she does for a living.

Even if you assume wrong, she won’t mind correcting you.

But if you assume wrong, you boost your conversation to the next level.

For inspiration on statements and other great lines…

…Check my 10 Texts That Always Work.

17 Deep topics to talk about on Tinder Whatsapp

Talking to someone you know well already?

Or someone new who loves discussing ethics or philosophy?

Then these questions are for you.

Deep topics won’t be your first choice when you need something to talk about on Tinder. They’ll more often come in handy when talking on WhatsApp or any other texting app.

Do you think there will always be war or can it be avoided 100%?

Do you think corruption is inherent to human nature?

Will humanity spread across the universe or will we just be a brief existence in the grand scheme of things?

What’s the number 1 most important thing for a healthy relationship?

Do you think the future will be better or worse than the present?

Is there anyone or anything you would sacrifice your life for?

If you had to pick ONE event that impacted your life the most, which one do you pick?

What are the most typical obstacles that prevent people from realizing their goals?

What messes up a kid that a lot of fathers and mothers do?

If there’s one personality trait you could change about yourself, what would it be?

Most Tinder questions from the next topic can also be used as deep questions, even when the girl you’re talking to is not your girlfriend.

Holy Tip:

Want to know if your crush likes you on WhatsApp?

By the time most men figured out a girl likes them, she has liked him for half a century.

She won’t just say they like you.

Because she wants to avoid scaring you off, or being rejected and hurt.

Still you can find out if she likes you or not just by looking at her texts.

I compiled all signs in a list for you.

If her texts signal an investment of time, energy, or effort… then you’re doing good.

Think of signs like:

  • Double texts
  • She sends photos (instead of only text)
  • Loads of emojis
  • Quick replies
  • 15 more signs

Find out all the signs in my article How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text

The more signs you recognize, the more she fancies you.

10 Things to talk about with your girlfriend

Use these questions to get to know your girlfriend better.

Be careful though, these questions are serious. Ask them at an appropriate time.

They are more intense when discussed in person, but can definitely be fun to talk about on WhatsApp when you can’t be together.

What are three of your favorite movies ever? And what about your top 3 favorite TV shows?

What is something you like to spend a lot of money on?

What is the most terrifying thing you can think about?

What is the best time for having sex?

What movie scene had a serious impact on you as a kid, but wouldn’t affect you anymore right now?

What piece of clothing gets you compliments whenever you wear it?

What would you do if you discovered that one of your best friends was bad-mouthing you?

What makes you disdain someone?

Are there things you feel compelled to accomplish?

What is something you don’t want to do, but should do for your own good?

What’s the most important thing your mom and dad taught you?

If you could have one question about your future answered, what would you ask?

If you could choose one thing to have picked up years ago, what would it be?

If you could master one skill completely, which one do you choose?

Have you ever made a mistake in life that you learned a lot from?

Name the three annoying things a boyfriend can do and three nice things a boyfriend can do

How long did your most serious relationship last? What did you like and dislike about the guy and how did it end?

(Don’t ask this last question in one go. Chunk it up.)

By the way, did you still not have enough? Check out these 100+ topics to talk about over text!

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