Video: 3 Hot Girls Build My Tinder Profile

“Don’t ask fish for advice on catching fish, ask a fisherman”

Ever seen this quote?

It’s used by internet coolguys.

What they’re trying to say is:

If you want to be good at getting girls, then don’t ask the girls for advice, ask the world’s #1 online dating coach Louis Farfields.

Good point.

But it never hurts to ask a fish as well.

Or 3 fish at the same time.

It doesn’t hurt to find out what happens beneath the scales in that mysterious brain.

So that’s what I did.

I cast my net and caught three shiny little fish.

Next, I tossed about 70 photos of myself in front of them and asked them to build the best profile possible with those pics.

Curious to find out what they find sexy and what they find cringe?

Find out here:

Louis Farfields

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