What To Say On Tinder: Use These 35+ Example Texts

You got a bunch of Tinder matches.

Some old, some new.

Your matches are waiting for a text.

But your mind has no ideas except, “What to say on Tinder?

No problem.

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What to say on Tinder?

Strapped for time and want a quick no-nonsense answer to your question?

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1. Avoid everyday pleasantries

Plenty of guys get good great matches, but get no reaction to their texts.


They listen to their broners and send the first thing that comes to mind.

Which is usually ‘Hey’ or one of its relatives.


How are you?

Yes, it’s pleasant. But it’s also about as fun as talking about the weather.

To get reactions you need to be different.

Even dumb and different can work. As you can see here:

Whatever you choose to send to break the ice, remember this:

An emotional flatline is disastrous for creating attraction.

Because when you make her feel nothing, it’s like you don’t exist.

Good luck seducing her now, my ghostly buddy.

To avoid having the sexual attraction of a dishrag, I like to go a little over the top and trigger strong emotions.

Prefer something a little more safe? Check out the next tip.

2. Create an irresistible first text

You won’t believe how well girls respond to this opener.

But before I share the opener with you, let me explain the psychology behind making your first message irresistible.

Because if you use my technique correctly, she’s almost compelled to reply.

Sounds good, right?

The magic comes from the power of… clickbait!

Use my free Tinder clickbait opener and see for yourself.

What can you expect if you click the link?

  1. My most effective Tinder opener
  2. And a video with screenshot examples and 2 follow up texts

You can find it >HERE<.

3. Send her a tried and tested icebreaker

You remind me of high school. I want to shoot kids inside you.

Do you like it or love it?

My girlfriend and I tested DA BESS Tinder icebreakers.

20 of them.

What the hell am I talking about?

Well, I got 20 icebreakers from the web. Called up my cameraman. Whipped out my ol’ rusty hammer and gave it to my (then) girlfriend.

Next, I tried every line on my girl.

And if she liked it, she’d hold the hammer over her head and slam it into a big slab of ice. Just for your entertainment.

A video you definitely don’t want to miss.

4. Blow her away with your wit

This is without a doubt the most powerful Tinder opener of them all.

The personalized opener.

I’ll be honest with you, it’s not the easiest opener. It requires a decent amount of brainpower.

But because it’s always relevant to your match, it has the highest success rate.

The cream of the crop opener involves three simple steps:

  1. Read her bio and study her photos.
  2. Pick one subject that stands out to you but isn’t obvious.
  3. Write it out in a playful way.

Let’s turn theory into practice.

Imagine you run into this profile:

  • What sticks out to me are: duckface, thick eyebrows, empty room, she likes superheroes, nipples that can cut diamonds.
  • The not so obvious subject: what this selfie says about her personality.
  • My Tinder opener (it’s not the best, but it was good enough!)

Absolutely STUNNING room decor

A tiny white rug. A table a meter away from the wall. And a plant on the floor where it can be used as a football

If your decorator was a superhero, he’d be called Inepto Man

Why did this work?

  1. It’s different from the plebs.
  2. It’s personal (the opener describes HER photo and doesn’t work on any other girl, only the angel you matched with).
  3. It ties into her bio (she likes superheroes).
  4. It’s a playful push (especially confident women like to be teased).

5. Ask open questions

If you ever catch yourself asking her questions you don’t care about, just because you want to keep the conversation moving, this is for you.

Ask open questions.

Most men will see the texts of their matches shrink smaller and smaller. And after doing some crazy brain crunches, their best answer usually is a dull question.

Do you have any siblings?


Do you do any sports?


Are you going to unmatch me if I keep asking questions?


Closed questions are the breaks of any conversation. Ask too many and the convo will screech to a halt.


Because your Tinder question doesn’t set her up for an interesting answer.

They don’t build a connection and they don’t spark her emotions.

Keep your questions open. And link them to something you genuinely want to know about her.

6. Be playful

After this tip, you’ll never be boring again. Well, at least not by accident.

Because once you have the skills, being fun or boring is a choice!

Here’s a simple way to be fun on Tinder.

Misinterpret her texts.

Simply take whatever she says, and change the meaning into something fun.

An example.

I had a good day

Some friends and mine went out for coffee and shared a really big piece of cake

Here it comes, you ready?

I knew it!!! Size does matter after all!

It shows that you’re witty and playful. Plus, you’re hinting that you’re interested in her sexually.

You can almost do this with anything.

7. Set yourself up for fun

This is without a doubt the best way to inject fun into your Tinder conversations.

Set yourself up.

Look, you can’t always predict how someone will respond. So even the BEST jokes can go unnoticed if she’s distracted somehow.

But you CAN fully control how you’ll respond.

So if the conversation needs a little extra oomph, poke fun at your own texts.

Suppose you tried to flirt, but it came out horrible. Call yourself out:


That was my unga bunga brain trying to be flirty

Here’s another example. In this case, a client of mine gave a different and fun meaning to something he just said.

For tips on how to be more flirty, read the next tip.

8. Throw in something flirty

This is a big reason why many girls on Tinder lose interest.

You’re too nice.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with nice. As long as you’re a nice guy with a weiner in between his legs.

Don’t forget: she’s on Tinder because she has sexual intentions, not because she wants to make friends.

So get a little flirty.

Throw in a sexual comment every now and then!

When you’re having a good time and she makes you laugh:

Haha you’re funny. Shame I’m out of your league though 😉

When she’s into the same quirky stuff as you:

omfg. Put a ring on my finger already!

When she says the wrong thing:

That’s a shame. I was just starting to like you a little and now I have to hit the unmatch button 😉

9. Have an interesting profile

How frustrating is it to figure out what to text a girl who has only selfies and no bio?

What in TextGod’s name are you supposed to send these mysterious women?

In some cases, you’ll still successfully break the ice and get a reply. But then the conversation fizzles out moments later because the convo is so surface level.

Here’s something you’re probably overlooking.

Women can feel the same way about you and your profile.

How easy is it for a stranger to look at your Tinder profile and ask you something personal?

If the answer isn’t, “VERY!”

You have some work to do, buddy.

A good place to start is to have a bio with a call to action.

Tell me what your favorite type of holiday is.

Holy Tip:

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You can download it here now for free.

10. Lead the conversation to fun

This insight instantly improved all my Tinder conversations.

Not too long ago, a girl mentioned to me that she had the BEST conversation on Tinder.

“It’s just so funny!”, she said. Curious as I am, I asked her if I could read it.

So she took out her phone and showed me.

And she wasn’t exaggerating, the conversation was pretty hilarious. Almost as good as mine. #behumble

We were scrolling through her Tinder convo from top to bottom and she added:

“Usually my texts are super boring.”

“But when a guy knows how to make it easy for me to reply. I can be funny too!”

*mind blown*

Here’s a screenshot of a playful convo that illustrates the power of leading.

What’s important is the line, “Screw dating. Let’s escape on a yacht headed for the sunset and live the bohemian lifestyle.”

Not only does she respond, she beefs up the fantasy.

That’s when you know she’s bought into the conversation.

Make your texts easy to respond to.

11. Remove uncertainty from your Tinder conversations

There is one symbol that’s sabotaging your Tinder conversations. If you stop using it, you will instantly be more attractive.

Want to know what it is?

The question mark.


It’s only natural you have doubts about my claims.

So let’s put it to the test.

Compare the next two sentences.

And tell me which seems more confident.

Hey, what are you up to do this weekend? I’m going to go sailing, do you want to join?

Hey, I’m going to go sailing this weekend. You should join.

The second sentence sounds way more confident, right?

Do you want to know why?

Because it screams certainty.

If I paraphrase, it says:

“I’m out doing cool shit, G. You should come unless you want to miss out on the event of a lifetime.”

Convinced of how the question mark saps your power?


Now stop using it and watch your Tinder success rise.

12. Advance to the next step on a high note

Here’s how she’ll almost never reject your date suggestion again.

Don’t be a fool.

Let me show you what I mean.

Mr. Smiles starts the convo by giving his match a less than stellar multiple-choice question.

So it’s no surprise she chooses option two: yeet him into the friendzone.

But our Tinder bro doesn’t go down without a fight. He sets her up for another game.

She bites and gives him another chance of sweeping her off her feet.

But then he makes the king of all mistakes:

He asks her if she’s down for a date with her this weekend on a LOW note. 🤔

She didn’t seem at all like she was having a good time with him. And then he pressed his luck anyway, despite the incredibly low odds of success.

Rookie mistake.

You only take it to the next level when she’s clearly having a good time.

Like when she’s replying quickly, she’s laughing and she’s asking questions.

Follow that principle and your date proposals will rarely get rejected.

13. See Tinder for what it really is

If Tinder ever makes you feel more frustrated than happy, this will change everything for the better.

See Tinder for what it truly is:

A bonus to your dating life and lifestyle in general.

Some dudes take Tinder way too seriously and attach their whole identity to their Tinder results.

Lots of matches and dates = I’m awesome.

Bad matches and no dates = I suck.

If you fall into the last category, you may eventually turn into this guy:

What do you when Tinder has got you down?

You shut down Tinder and focus on your pre-Tinder life.

Hang out with friends, read a book, hit the gym, go for a hike, improve your professional skills, do a dance class.

Tinder shouldn’t be your whole life, just a small part.

14. Revive dead convos by calling out the elephant

You’ll never find yourself struggling to bring a dying conversation back from the dead, after applying the next bit of TextGod wisdom.

Consider you sent her a message but didn’t get a reply.

You’re no stranger to Tinder, so you give her plenty of time to text back.

One day goes by.


Two days. Three.

*still crickets*

You’re cool being ignored by an average girl, but this is a full on 9 or even 10.

With her big round booty on your mind, you’re getting ready to send her a text.

But you have ZERO inspiration.

And you know you have to bring out the big guns to get her to reply.

What do you do?

Visit TextGod.com of course!

Let me help you grab her attention.

One of my favorite ways of resurrecting a dead Tinder convo is by being calling out the elephant in the room.

What’s the elephant?

That she left you on read.

Couldn’t resist the wordplay, hehe.

Now, you’re obviously not going to act butthurt.

That’s leads nowhere but the unmatch.

No bueno.

So you’re going to call out the elephant in a fun way.

Let me give you two examples.

Starting with the missing person report.

Sidenote: this only works if you have enough personal info about her.

For example.

Missing: scuba diving instructor

Loves: mountain climbing

Buys super expensive handbags even though she won’t admit it

Please return whole to [your name]

Do you see the beauty of the report?

It’s funny.

And you’re clearly not begging for a response. That would be breaking one of my 19 texting rules.

If the report is too much work, or you don’t have enough info.

Use a meme.

One of the latest faves is the following:

And here it is in action so you know I’m not messing about.

If that reply doesn’t fill your balls with fresh seed, something is wrong with you.

Or maybe I need to go see a doctor. Melon sized balls are normal, right?

If you’re still struggling with what to say on Tinder, I gotchu bro.

You’re about to see me on camera.

15. Drop all the question marks

There is one symbol that’s sabotaging your Tinder conversations.

The dreaded question mark.


It’s only natural you have doubts about my claims.

So let’s put it to the test.

Compare the next two sentences.

And tell me which seems more masculine.

Hey, what are you up to do this weekend? I’m going to go sailing, do you want to join?

Hey, I’m going to go sailing this weekend. You should join.

The second sentence sounds way more manly, right?

Do you want to know why?

Because it screams certainty.

If I paraphrase, it says:

“I’m out doing cool shit, G. You should come unless you want to miss out on the event of a lifetime.”

Talking without question marks also removes rejection.

Why risk getting rejected if you don’t need to?

Just assume she wants to see you.

Get rid of the question mark and you seem 1337 times more confident.

Convinced of how the question mark saps your power?


Now stop using it and watch your Tinder success rise.

16. Be a challenge

Here’s how to make her excited about texting you.

Be a challenge.


Let me answer that with another question, have you ever thought about why girls on Tinder sometimes grow distant?

9/10 times it’s because she feels she already has you.

And if she hasn’t worked enough to make you hers, she doesn’t really care. You feel cheap. Replaceable.

Here’s how you become irreplaceable to her:

Be a source of good emotions for her + show her that she needs to put in effort to keep you around.

How do you know if you’re doing a good job?

If she’s ecstatic when you tell her something nice (and she’s sending you naught photos hueue).

Like so:

Her reaction may not seem like much.

But I can guarantee you that my one compliment made her whole day.

It even made her hole weak hihihi.

17. Break the ice with zero effort

If you’re ever lost for words but want to text a new match anyway, I’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

Send her an animated GIF.

But not any GIF.

Especially not the GIFs that Tinder recommends.

I’m looking at you ‘Hello Bear!’

Go ruin someone else’s match!

Now I actually have nothing against bears.

But this particular GIF is so played out, it doesn’t even give girls a chuckle. Instead it makes her think, “Haven’t I already had this conversation?”

And the other recommended GIFs are no better.

If you are going to send her a cute animation, you want to make sure she’s never seen it before.

So how do you know what GIF to choose?

By making it relevant.

What do her photos and bio reveal about her?

Does she like to watch Friends?

Type ‘friends flirt’ in the little search bar to find a smooth talking Joey.

Does she like doggos?

Search for ‘dog human’ and find funny animations of dogs dressed as people.

GIFs are a great way to make a good impression with little effort.

Next in line is what to say on Tinder when you want to build a connection.

18. Create a special bond

How to make her crazy excited to meet you.

Dig deep and strike common ground.

The straightforward way to build connection is to focus on interests.

Think back to the last time a girl loved the same band or movie that you did.

My favorite movie of all time is Jurassic Park

OMG! Mine too! I had it on VHS when I was a kid and would watch it 3 times in a row.

When she’s just as nerdy as you.

Here’s an example of me sharing a couple songs with a girl.

My gift hits so close to home she’s shocked.

It’s her favorite song and she can’t believe I understand her taste in music so well.

Without even telling me, I knew what she loved.

You can bet your ass she felt deeply connected to me.

Now, music is still a pretty superficial interest. It doesn’t reveal a whole lot about her.

But can you imagine how close she’d feel to me if we had a similar upbringing?

If we both had an older sibling who always kicked our butts?

Or if we both felt like angsty teens in highschool?


If you want to build a deep connection, share interests and stories about yourself that you think will resonate with her.

If your stories hit their mark, she’ll grow crazy about you.

19. Recognize when she likes you

If you know when she likes you, you’ll never get rejected again.

But how do you tell?

Let’s begin with an actual example.

Is she interested or not?

Super mega crazy interested, right?

But most signals women give are much more subtle.

It can be as little as using a few extra letters.

A few extra emojis. Or a quick burst of texts.

Even the timing of her messages can reveal if she’s interested.

If she responds instantly, it’s likely to mean she can’t wait to read your next reply.

Does she take forever? Then she’s probably not that eager to see what you have to say.

As with any guidelines, they aren’t set in stone.

If your match always uses lots of emojis, instantly replies and talks in short salvos, she may not necessarily be into you.

But more often than not, these signs are indicators that she likes you.

Use your common sense and you’ll probably be on the mark.

Coming now is what to say on Tinder when you don’t want to be friendzoned.

20. Learn the key to flirting online

Follow this tip’s wisdom and you’ll never be tossed in the friendzone again.

It can be a  traumatizing experience  when she texts you after the date with:

“Hey. You know… I had a good time. But I’m not sure if we’re a fit. Let’s just be friends.”

But there’s a lesson to be learned from this emotional uppercut.

Did you know that women are RARELY on the receiving end of the friendzone suckerpunch?

Why do you think that is?

Because men only think one thing:

She looks sexy as phuck. So I’m interested.
The men of the world

In other words, men have horrible standards.

We’re too easily swayed by her jiggly body parts.

So once us duderinos are attracted to a woman, we sit on the edge of our seats until she gives us the go-ahead to rip off her panties.

Hardly a winning strategy for seduction.

After all, she holds all the power.

“That’s a fascinating insight into male psychology, Louis. But how does this help me get laid on Tinder?”

Let me tell you.

What if the roles were reversed?

What if women wanted to get into our underwear, and we kept them at an arm’s length?

It sounds too good to be true, right?

But it doesn’t have to be a fantasy!

Here’s how you make it a reality:

Show her that you’re not a sucker for her looks by actually having standards.

If she notices that you’re looking for something and that you won’t just fall for any girl, SHE will want to be the one you pick.

21. Send the perfect message after your Tinder date

If you follow the TextGod tips, you’ll eventually find yourself inside a cozy café with your Tinder match.

You sit next to each other.

You joke around. Find out what you have in common. Discover she once killed her pet turtle at age five by accidentally stepping on it.


You’re getting along better than expected.

And at the end of the night you kiss goodbye.

You return home and can’t believe how well your Tinder date went.

Filled with thoughts of how yummy her lips felt, you wonder when you’ll see her again.

Suddenly your mood takes a turn for the worst.

“What comes now?!”, you think to yourself?

“Should I text her or should I wait for her to shoot me a message?”

“And if it’s the man’s job to text first, should I do it now or tomorrow?”

Excellent questions, buddy.

And you’re not the first to think of them.

So I made you a guide on what to text after the date.

You can find it here.

Louis Farfields

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