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What To Say On Tinder: Use These 35+ Example Texts

You got a bunch of Tinder matches.

Some old, some new.

Your matches are waiting for a text.

But your mind has no ideas except, “What to say on Tinder?

No problem.

Read on and get:

  • 23 Tips on improving your Tinder convos
  • The biggest mistake you’re making that’s scaring her away
  • What to do if Tinder is more frustrating than fun
  • #1 Tinder opener that’s also surprisingly simple
  • The elephant-in-the-room-technique for bringing back dead conversations
  • How to overcome the biggest 2 hurdles on Tinder
  • And much more…

Louis - The TextGod
Heya, Louis here. Just letting you know I am currency letting guys use my Profile Checklist for free. It's a simple fill-in-the-blanks code that shows you what to change about your profile. It's the first step to getting all the matches you want. Get it here for free.

If you’re an avid YouTube watcher just like me, I’ve got something great for you.

Because in the following video I share 3 fill-in-the-blank templates to use on Tinder. Get them here:

#1: What NOT to say to her on Tinder (BIG MISTAKE)

It sucks getting a hot match, only to say something so dumb that she ignores you.

Imagine you open up Tinder to check out your new match.

You ignore her bio and go straight for her photos.

Your broner likes what it sees and gives you the green light.

You open up the chat and send her the first thing that comes to mind.



How are you?


You just made it real hard for yourself.

Starting with “Hi” or “How are you?” works just fine in person.

Imagine you’re in a bar.

You spot a lady you like and walk up to her.

She sees you.

You briefly lock eyes.

You smile and say, “Hey, who are you?”

Her eyes sparkle and a conversation follows.

If a simple question can trigger such a strong response in real life, why not use it on Tinder?

Well, put yourself in her shoes for a second.

If you’re talking to a lady on Tinder, she’s reading letters off a screen.

There is no voice, touch, smell, eye contact no body language.

Tinder has NONE of that.

You could almost say that dating online… is dating with a handicap.

And because digital dating only relies on pictures and words, what you say, and how you say it is SUPER important.

I cannot stress that enough.

That’s why after ‘hey’, there is usually no response.

Because even when you have the best Tinder profile known to man, but not the skills to be exciting via text…

You will have very few dates.

Some examples of bad texting to avoid:

  • Hi
  • How are you?
  • What do you do for work?
  • I saw your hobby is rowing. Me too!
  • I don’t like texting. Let’s just meet up.
  • Hey cutie 🙂 🙂
  • I’m glad we matched!
  • You’re so sexy

Are you suddenly out of ideas about what to say on Tinder?

I gotchu, fam.

In this article you will get copypasta lines, formulas to guide your texts. And other quality content to boost your text game on Tinder!

#2: What to do if Tinder gets you down

If Tinder ever makes you feel more frustrated than happy, I got just what you need.

Sometimes Tinder can really get you down.

Maybe you didn’t get any sexy new matches.

Perhaps several girls are ghosting you.

And your other new lady friends aren’t moving the Tinder conversation forward.

It sucks when Tinder doesn’t go your way.

But it’s important to see the dating app for what it truly is:

A form of entertainment. A way of setting up dates without leaving the house. And a general bonus to your lifestyle.

Although not everyone sees it that way.

Some dudes take Tinder way too seriously.

To the point where they are all about results.

Some are obsessed with increasing their “laycount”.

While others are so hung up on finding Mrs. Right that they’ll go from nice guy to hater within seconds.

Like Mister Butthurt here:

So next time your match doesn’t respond fast enough or seems disinterested, shut down Tinder and put down your phone.

Go for a walk, visit friends, lift some weights.

Whatever it takes to get your mind off Tinder.

Because if you talk to her from a position of needing her to reply, you’re probably going to sound like Mister Butthurt from above.

Which will only ruin your chances of ever seeing your match.

If you still want more on what to say on Tinder, keep going.

You’re about to get the secret to a flying start.

#3: How to start a banging conversation on Tinder

Behold, an epic opener one of my coaches once showed me.


Don’t you wish every Tinder conversation would start this well?

In only 4 texts, she agreed to me ‘daddy-ing the shit out of her’.

When you read my first line, you may think to yourself, “Louis, that’s just dumb.”

I’m right there with you, buddy.

It is dumb.

And that is precisely why it worked!

Disclaimer: No matter how good a line is, nothing works for EVERY girl.

Because of the stupidity of this line, you can bet your ass that it’s unique.

And that she’s never seen anything like it before.

So by being stupid, I’m a breath of fresh air to her.

To be honest, I could also be a cloud of stink  to her.

However she takes it, she either loves me or hates me.

And believe it or not, either result makes me happy.

Strange, right?

Or maybe not.

Because the one emotion you absolutely NEVER want to make her feel, is boredom.

An emotional flatline is disastrous for creating attraction.

Because when you make her feel nothing, it’s like you don’t exist.

Good luck seducing her now, my ghostly buddy.

To avoid having the sexual attraction of a dishrag, I like to go over the top and trigger strong emotions.

Note: This is NOT a license to insult her.

Being insulting is just code for being an asshole and, unless you do it in play, insults have no place in seduction.

I’m talking about going to the edge of your humor and/or personality, and sharing things that make you feel a little uncomfortable.

By paying your inner weirdo a visit, you’ll definitely find some quirky openers.

All that’s left to do is hit send.

And remember: girls will LOVE you or HATE you for it.

But even hate can be changed into attraction.

More on that later.

First more on what to say on Tinder.

Specifically, the opener.

#4: Best Tinder opener (you’ll be SHOCKED)

You won’t believe how well girls respond to this opener.

But before I share the opener with you, let me explain the psychology behind making your first message irresistible.

Because if you use my technique correctly, she HAS to respond.

Sounds good, right?

The magic comes from the power of… clickbait!

Do you notice yourself reading a little faster than usual?

If so, it’s because I lured you into this tip with a juicy headline and hook.

If you don’t know the deets on clickbait, let me explain.

The idea of clickbait is to create a dramatic title for an article to tempt people to read the content.

And if done well, it’s embarrassingly effective.

Let me show you some examples.

Why is he hugging a lion? I need to know what happens!

The beauty of the above headline is that it’s a toofer (it achieves two goals).

The first half of the sentence is the setup.

It explains the plot.

The second half teases our imagination.

In the case of the lion it adds a twist: the outcome is shocking!

See if you can recognize the clickbait structure in the next example.

The setup is water.

The tease of our imagination is: can you guess what happens next?

I can guess what’s on your mind.

“Louis, that’s great and all. But how do I use any of this clickbait stuff for Tinder?”


Use my free Tinder clickbait opener.

What can you expect?

  1. My most effective Tinder opener
  2. And a video with screenshot examples and 2 follow up texts

You can find it >HERE<.

Next you’ll learn what to avoid when she ghosts you.

#5: What NOT to say when the conversation dies down

If you ever catch yourself asking her questions you don’t care about, just because you want to keep the conversation moving, this is for you.

Perhaps your Tinder convo was going well.

But now it’s dying down.

Her responses are getting shorter.

And shorter.

You know you want to make her enjoy this conversation.

But you don’t know what to say.

After doing some crazy brain crunches, all you got is:

Do you have any siblings?


Do you do any sports?


Are you going to unmatch me if I keep asking questions?


Closed questions are the breaks of any conversation.

No matter how many you ask, the convo will screech to a halt.


Because your Tinder question doesn’t set her up for an interesting answer.

It’s almost impossible for her to give an answer that isn’t trash.

Outside of running the conversation into the ground, yes/no questions suck the juice right out of her vajayjay.

They don’t build a connection and they don’t spark her emotions.

The conclusion?

Do not ask yes/no questions unless you want to regrow your virginity.

Now you’ll learn what to say on Tinder when she goes quiet.

#6: What you SHOULD say when the conversation dies

You’ll never find yourself struggling to bring a dying conversation back from the dead, after applying the next bit of TextGod wisdom.

Consider you sent her a message but didn’t get a reply.

You’re no stranger to Tinder, so you give her plenty of time to text back.

One day goes by.


Two days. Three.

*still crickets*

You’re cool being ignored by an average girl, but this is a full on 9 or even 10.

With her big round booty on your mind, you’re getting ready to send her a text.

But you have ZERO inspiration.

And you know you have to bring out the big guns to get her to reply.

What do you do?

Visit TextGod.com of course!

Let me help you grab her attention.

One of my favorite ways of resurrecting a dead Tinder convo is by being calling out the elephant in the room.

What’s the elephant?

That she left you on read.

Couldn’t resist the wordplay, hehe.

Now, you’re obviously not going to act butt hurt.

That’s leads nowhere but the unmatch.

No bueno.

So you’re going to call out the elephant in a fun way.

Let me give you two examples.

Starting with the missing person report.

Sidenote: this only works if you have enough personal info about her.

For example.

Missing: scuba diving instructor

Loves: mountain climbing

Buys super expensive handbags even though she won’t admit it

Please return whole to [your name]

Do you see the beauty of the report?

It’s funny.

And you’re clearly not begging for a response. That would be breaking one of my 19 texting rules.

If the report is too much work, or you don’t have enough info.

Use a meme.

One of the latest faves is the following:

And here it is in action so you know I’m not messing about.

If that reply doesn’t fill your balls with fresh seed, something is wrong with you.

Or maybe I need to go see a doctor. Melon sized balls are normal, right?

If you’re still struggling with what to say on Tinder, I gotchu bro.

You’re about to see me on camera.

#7: Best Tinder icebreakers

You remind me of high school. I want to shoot kids inside you.

Do you like it or love it?

My girlfriend and I tested DA BESS Tinder icebreakers.

20 of them.

What the hell am I talking about?

Well, I got 20 icebreakers from the web. Called up my cameraman. Whipped out my ol’ rusty hammer and gave it to my girlfriend.

Next, I tried every line on my girl.

And if she liked it, she’d hold the hammer over her head and slam it into a big slab of ice. Just for your entertainment.

A video you definitely don’t want to miss.

I must be in a great mood.

Because I’ve got even more on what to say on Tinder after matching!

#8: What to do when you don’t know what to say after matching

You’re about the get the secret to writing a personalized opener she’s dying to answer.

You matched with a hot girl.

And you know you have to come up with something exciting.

But as you stare at the empty chat box, your mind draws a blank.

An all too familiar feeling, bro.

I’ve been there too.

But after years of field experience, I’m rarely at a loss for words.

Let’s start by getting you one step closer to the level of TextGod.

We can get you there by starting with my favorite opener.

The personalized opener.

I’ll be honest with you, it’s not the easiest opener.

It requires a decent amount of brainpower.

But because it’s always relevant to your match, it has the highest success rate.

The cream of the crop opener involves three simple steps:

  1. Read her bio and study her photos
  2. Pick one subject that stands out to you
  3. Find and write the funny

Let’s turn theory into practice.

Imagine you run into this profile:

Step 1: Check her bio and photos

The tendency is to look for the obvious. That’s a mistake. Because she’s 1337% seen that line from other guys.

Some things that stick out to me:

  • Duckface
  • Thick eyebrows
  • Empty room
  • Nipples that can cut diamonds

Holy Tip:

A pretty friend of mine is called, Yane.

And she used to be on Tinder.

The personalized pick up line she heard most revolved around the obvious.

Can you guess what it is?

I’m sure you did:

All the average Joes opened her with lines from Tarzan.

Me Tarzan, you Jane

Fun for the first time. Cringe after the 666th time.

Step 2: Pick the not so obvious subject

If you’re going to go personal, roll up your sleeves and go deep.

Don’t go for the obvious boobs or sexy comment.

Pick a subject that you think no other man has ever mentioned.

Her personality.

Step 3: Start the conversation with your unique subject

Did you follow along with the steps?

If so, you should have something that looks like an opener.

Here’s what I cooked up:

Absolutely STUNNING room decor

A tiny white rug. A table a meter away from the wall. And a plant on the floor where it can be used as a football

If your decorator was a superhero, he’d be called Inepto Man

Why does this work?

  1. It’s different from the plebs.
  2. It’s personal (the opener describes HER photo and doesn’t work on any other girl, only the angel you matched with.)
  3. It ties into her bio (she likes superheroes)
  4. It’s a playful push (especially confident women like to be teased)

I’m sure you came up with a much better icebreaker.

If not, keep practicing, amigo.

Up next is all about finding the funny.

#9: How to say something funny on Tinder

After this tip, you’ll never be boring again.

Because now you’re going to learn how to find the funny in any situation.

Humor is just like your driver’s license, you aren’t born with it.

Being funny is a skill. It’s developed and you can learn it too.

Good that you came here.

Because I’ve got exactly what you’re looking for:

A texting technique you can use to joke up any text.

Whether it’s the opener or any other random message.

And it’s called: misinterpretation.

You take whatever she says, and spin the meaning round in your favor.

Let’s put it into practice, an example.

She says:

It’s funny, I had a dream about us tonight!

This text is something you will get from time to time.

Especially when you’re texting like a pro, or when she is your girlfriend or wife.

Most men will reply with a:

Oh! Tell me all about it!

But you, as a TextGod disciple, will use the power of misinterpretation.

For example:

It’s way too early in the morning for these dirty stories, [her name].

By interpreting her message as a dirty dream, she’ll be responding with laughter.

And probably go on the defensive.

But don’t worry, she’s still eager to tell you all about her dream.

#10: Bonus misinterpretation example

You can also misinterpret your own messages.

Look at this Bumble example someone sent me:

So the lady with the yellow texts was a bit boring.

She was bragging about her job in finance.

So in the first text, the guy faked some enthusiasm to put her on the wrong track.

Then he invited her to take a test.

She took the bait.

Next he reeled her in, “If you’re so good with numbers, what’s yours?”

If you also want to spit fire at your Tinder matches, keep reading.

Because you’re about to learn a new skill for what to say on Tinder.

#11 The power of vitamin D

Misinterpretation is a great skill to have, but it has one MAJOR flaw.

She has to give you something to misinterpret.

And not everything she says can be misread in a hilarious or sexual way.

If you want to be in full control of the conversation, you want to learn the art of sexualisation.

Because whatever she throws at you, you can use sexualisation to steer the conversation in the direction you choose.

You’re going to learn it as follows.

First, I’m going to give you a sentence.

Next, you’re going to wrack your brain and sexualize it.




I’m eating an orange. I need the vitamin C.

Her line of thought is on a one-way street to Snoozeville.

And if you want to create attraction, that’s not where you want to be.

You want to drive the conversation somewhere exciting.

Some place sexy.

Have you figured out how you can sexualize her sentence about oranges?

Try to come up with an answer right now.

And don’t worry about it being bad.

Nobody will know.

Got it?

Don’t cheat, actually try to come up with a sexual comeback to her orange text.


That’s the only way to get better at it, muchacho.

Now compare it with my answer:

Hmm that’s weird. The only fruit I have give a stiff dose of vitamin D.

Another example to help you level up:

I’m usually a person who can’t hold eye contact for very long

How would you sexualize that line?

How about this for a reply:

I’m the king of holding eye contact. The only thing that can defeat my gaze is the power of cleavage.

Are you starting to get the hang of sexualizing?

Next up, we tackle two of the most difficult obstacles on Tinder.

What to say on Tinder when she has few photos and no bio…

#12: Say this to increase your chances of getting a reply on Tinder

Now you’re going to learn how to overcome the two biggest hurdles on Tinder that have surely kicked your ass.

Firstly, the dreaded profile with 2 – 3 selfies and no bio.

What in TextGod’s name are you supposed to send these mysterious women?

You’re completely left in the dark about their likes and dislikes.

How can you possibly figure out a line that will grab their attention?

*throws temper tantrum*

And the second Tinder obstacle, ladies who only reply with:



yes 🙂

Who do these non-talkative girls think they are?

Is being funny only your job?

Let me put it like this.

When on Tinder, your funny bone should always be switched on.

And for two reasons.

For starters, making her laugh sparks her emotions.

And that makes her want to talk to you.

Secondly, when you make jokes, you make it easier for her to reply and be funny.

Which brings me to my point.

How easy are you to talk to?

You want to hear what I think?

My guess is …

Not easy at all.

Have you ever given your bio and photos a good look?

If so, answer this:

How easy is it for a stranger to look at your Tinder profile and ask you something personal?

If the answer isn’t, “VERY!”

You have some work to do, buddy.

Let’s turn our attention to the girls who always seem to answer in two words or less.

When you look at the convos from these low-communicative gals.

What did you say to inspire their short answers?

I can’t hear you, so I’m going to take a wild guess.

It was a yes/no question.

Your reaction right now.

Do you know how these obvious holes got in your Tinder game?

Blind spots.

We all have them.

Me included.

The best way to get around these blindspots is by using a checklist.

And as luck would have it, I have a checklist for your Tinder profile you can use right away.

30+ questions, and 5 minutes later, you know exactly what you want to improve to get more matches.

Download it now for free here

#13: What to say on Tinder after your pick up line

Ever wanted to know what girls are thinking on Tinder?

Well now is your chance.

Because not too long ago, a girl mentioned she had the BEST conversation on Tinder.

“It’s just so funny!”, she said.

Curious as I am, I asked her if I could read it.

So she took out her phone and showed me.

And she wasn’t exaggerating.

The conversation was pretty hilarious.

Almost as good as mine. #behumble

We were scrolling through her Tinder convo from top to bottom and she added:

“Usually my texts are super boring.”

“But when a guy knows how to make it easy for me to reply. I can be funny too!”

That insight was so valuable.

Because it shows the importance of leading.

The importance of taking charge of the conversation.

Perhaps you don’t know what that looks like.

So I dusted off an old Tinder match and made you a screenshot of a funny convo that illustrates the power of leading.

I cut the top message in half, because the rest wasn’t relevant.

What’s important is the line, “Screw dating. Let’s escape on a yacht headed for the sunset and live the bohemian lifestyle.”

That’s where I take control of the conversation.

And she follows.

Screw dating. Let’s go!

And I continue our fantasy.

Your yacht or mine?

Again, she tags along.

Plus, she adds to the story!

I’m fine with renting. But we can also steal one…

When a girl starts beefing up the fantasy, you know she’s bought into the conversation.

In other words: you know she’s having a good time.

The lesson?

Make your texts easy to respond to.

And bonus points for roleplaying.

Girls love roleplay (when it’s done right).

We went over a lot on what to say on Tinder.

But what NOT to say on Tinder is just as important.

#14 How to be more attractive on Tinder

There is one symbol that’s sabotaging your Tinder conversations.

It’s making you seem weak and insecure.

And it’s so good at working against you.

That if you stop using it, you will instantly be more attractive.

Want to know what it is?

Actually, there are several marks that take away your manhood.

But the most damaging symbol is the question mark.


It’s only natural you have doubts about my claims.

So let’s put it to the test.

Compare the next two sentences.

And tell me which seems more masculine.

Hey, what are you up to do this weekend? I’m going to go sailing, do you want to join?

Hey, I’m going to go sailing this weekend. You should join.

The second sentence sounds way more manly, right?

Do you want to know why?

Because it screams certainty.

If I paraphrase, it says:

“I’m out doing cool shit, G. You should come unless you want to miss out on the event of a lifetime.”

Talking without question marks also removes rejection.

Why risk getting rejected if you don’t need to?

Just assume she wants to see you.

Get rid of the question mark and you seem 1337 times more confident.

Convinced of how the question mark saps your power?


Now stop using it and watch your Tinder success rise.

#15: How NOT to keep the conversation going

How to never send a line so bad that it makes her want to unmatch you.

Most attempts to make a dying conversation better end up being the blows that put the convo to rest.

Let me show you what I mean.

Mr. Smiles starts the convo by giving his match a boring multiple choice question.

What makes it so boring?

The question does little except demand an answer.

Although I do commend him for coming up with something original.

Sadly his creative engine ran out by the third option, where he simply wrote, “For all other things, press 3.”

The word ‘things’ just screams, “I have no imagination, fill in the blanks for me please.”

So it’s no surprise she chooses option two: yeet him into the friendzone.

But our Tinder bro doesn’t go down without a fight.

He thinks he gave her one too many options. If only he had given her two instead of three, she might not have rejected him.

I applaud him for his confidence.

And she does too.

She bites and gives him another chance of sweeping her off her feet.

So he asks her if she’s down for a date with her this weekend. 🤔

If the noose was already round his neck after the first line, this is where he jumps off the stool and hangs himself.

Not only is he asking her out WAY too soon.

After all, she knows nothing about him besides what he looks like in a couple of photos.

But he’s escalating on a no.

In other words: he’s trying to take the dating ritual to the next level, on the wrong moment.

Namely, when she just shot down his last request and she’s not thinking too highly of our Tinder bro.

The most common wrong moments to deepen the relationship with your match are:

  • When she is replying to your long messages with super short messages
  • When she just rejected a proposal of yours
  • When she replies after 24+ hours, or not at all

After sending three more texts (all ending in emojis), our friend taps out.


The upcoming is tip is not just about what to say on Tinder, but on one of seduction’s biggest secrets.

#16: How to get her to keep the conversation moving

I’m going to tell you one of the biggest secrets of seduction.

First, some background info.

A hot woman has the power of choice.

She gets cat called in real life, and super liked online.

So she feels like she can get any man she wants.

She feels even more confident in her power of seduction on Tinder.

Because almost every dude is ready to sprint out of his fapbunker for her at a moment’s notice.

So what’s the trick to seduce a women who is drunk on power?

Don’t give into her pussy powers.

Be a challenge.

Let her work for your attention and affection.

And I know that may go against everything you want to do.

She’s just so beautiful.

And you’re just a guy who loves making other people feel good.

But grovelling at her feet and begging for her attention is not seduction.

It’s repulsive.

A major turn off.

Let’s make a list of who else licks her proverbial booty.

  • Her gay best friend
  • The stereotypical wannabe womanizer who showers her with compliments in an attempt to get in her panties
  • The guy who’s locked inside the dungeons of the friendzone and only gets attention when she’s low on validation

Imagine you have two female friends called, Thelma and Louise.

Both are equally gorgeous.

When you hang out with Thelma, she can’t stop complimenting you. She loves your hair, thinks your jeans look cute, and loves that you’re going to clown school.

In her eyes, you can do no wrong.

But when you’re with Louise, things are different.

She preferred your previous haircut, thinks your jeans are fine. And she thinks your choice to become a clown is stupid.

But she was in awe when you walked up to her in your fancy dress shoes. She said they made you look masculine. Even sexy.

Whose compliments make your heartbeat a little faster?

Whose sweet talk makes you feel loved?


Think about Thelma and Louise when you’re about to figuratively stick your face up your Tinder match her bootyhole.

If your Tinder match may not be responding much, if at all, it’s likely because she feels like she already has you.

She doesn’t care about reading your texts, because she already knows what you’re going to say.


Here you see how powerful compliments can be when you give them sparingly.

Her reaction may not seem like much.

But I can guarantee you that my one compliment made her whole day.

It even made her hole weak.

Next we deal with a common Tinder problem.

What to say on Tinder when you have ZERO inspiration.

#17: Get a reply using the smallest amount of effort

If you’re ever lost for words but want to text anyway, I’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

Say you’ve got a fresh new Tinder match.

Or maybe you got a new message and a girl who is craving an answer.

So you open up the chat and try to think of something witty.

There’s so little going on inside your brain you could hear a pin drop.

You give it some more time, but your effort produces nothing.

So you give up.

Maybe inspiration will strike later.

*shuts down Tinder*

While I’m all for writing clever lines that tickle her funny bone, sometimes you don’t have to.

You can also stimulate her emotions by ‘GIF-ing’ her something.

Send her an animated GIF.

But not any GIF.

Especially not the GIFs that Tinder recommends.

I’m looking at you ‘Hello Bear!’

Go ruin someone else’s match!

Now I actually have nothing against bears.

But this particular GIF is so played out, it doesn’t even give girls a chuckle.

Instead it makes her think, “Haven’t I already had this conversation?”

And the other recommended GIFs are no better.

If you are going to send her a cute animation, you want to make sure she’s never seen it before.


Well, consider jokes.

Hearing a good joke for the first time can bring you to tears from laughter

But hearing it a 10th time usually produces nothing but a brief, “Haha.”

If you’re trying to seduce a lady, it should come as no surprise that you want to make her feel the strongest emotion possible.

And a unique GIF has the biggest chance of doing that.

So how do you know what GIF to choose?

By making it relevant.

What do her photos and bio reveal about her?

Does she like to watch Friends?

Type ‘friends flirt’ in the little search bar to find a smooth talking Joey.

Does she like doggos?

Search for ‘dog human’ and find funny animations of dogs dressed as people.

GIFs are a great way to make a good impression with little effort.

Next in line is what to say on Tinder when you want to build a connection.

#18: How to dig your way into her heart

After reaching the end of this tip, you’ll be able to make girls fall in love with you before even going on the date.

You got a match, but you can’t go out on a date with her any time soon.

Perhaps she’s traveling the world.

Or maybe you’re stuck working abroad.

So you decide to play the long haul.

You want to get to know her through Tinder and meet up with her later.

You already know it helps to make her smile.

But making her laugh is too superficial to make her fall head over heels.

To blow her away, you want to dig deep and strike common ground.

The straightforward way to build connection, is to focus on interests.

Think back to the last time a girl loved the same band or movie that you did.

My favorite movie of all time is Jurassic Park

OMG! Mine too! I had it on VHS when I was a kid and would watch it 3 times in a row.

When she’s just as nerdy as you.

So how did that make you feel?

Pretty damn good, right?

It’s like she understands you better than most other people.

And I bet the conversation that followed went really smooth.

Here’s an example of me sharing a couple songs with a girl.

My gift hits so close to home she’s shocked.

It’s her favorite song and she can’t believe I understand her taste in music so well.

Without even telling me, I knew what she loved.

You can bet your ass she felt deeply connected to me.

Now, music is still a pretty superficial interest.

It doesn’t reveal a whole lot about her.

But can you imagine how close she’d feel to me if we had a similar upbringing?

If we both had an older sibling who always kicked our butts?

Or if we both felt like angsty teens in highschool?


If you want to build  a deep connection, share interests and stories about yourself that you think will resonate with her.

If your stories hit their mark, she’ll grow crazy about you.

#19: How to tell if she likes you

Almost every guy worries SO much about this, that it’s hurting his success on Tinder.

“Does she like me or not?”

“Why hasn’t she responded yet. Didn’t she like my message?”

“Gee, I hope I didn’t scare her away.”

Having said that, it’s useful to know how interested she is in you.

Knowing if she’s bought in let’s you ask her out without fear of rejection.

Ask her out through text when she isn’t invested however, and you may ruin your chances of ever seeing her.

So knowing if she likes you has its benefits.

But how do you tell?

Let’s begin with an actual example.

Is she interested or not?

Super interested, right?

But most signals women give are much more subtle.

It can be as little as using a few extra letters.

A few extra emojis.

Or a quick burst of texts.

Even the timing of her messages can reveal if she’s interested.

If she responds instantly, it’s likely to mean she can’t wait to read your next reply.

Does she take forever? Then she’s probably not that eager to see what you have to say.

As with any guidelines, they aren’t set in stone.

If your match always uses lots of emojis, instantly replies and talks in short salvos, she may not necessarily be into you.

But more often than not, these signs are indicators that she likes you.

Use your common sense and you’ll probably be on the mark.

Coming now is what to say on Tinder when you don’t want to be friendzoned.

#20: Learn the key to flirting online

Follow this tip’s wisdom and you’ll never be tossed in the friendzone again.

Stealing a woman’s heart is not without its dangers.

Teenage-me has been hurt many times.

An especially traumatizing experience is when she texts you after the date with:

“Hey. You know… I had a good time. But I’m not sure if we’re a fit. Let’s just be friends.”

But there’s a lesson to be learned from this emotional uppercut.

Did you know that women are RARELY on the receiving end of the friendzone suckerpunch?

Why do you think that is?

Because men only think one thing:

She looks good. So I’m interested.
The men of the world

In other words, men have horrible standards.

We’re too easily swayed by her jiggly body parts.

So once us duderinos are attracted to a woman, we sit on the edge of our seats until she gives us the go-ahead to rip off her panties.

Hardly a winning strategy for seduction.

After all, she holds all the power.

“That’s a fascinating insight into male psychology, Louis. But how does this help me get laid on Tinder?”

Let me tell you.

What if the roles were reversed?

What if women wanted to get into our underwear, and we kept them at an arm’s length?

It sounds too good to be true, right?

But it doesn’t have to be a fantasy!

Playing hard to get is a legitimate strategy to attract women.

Can you guess why?

Because women never have to chase guys.

A gorgeous gal is used to getting a guy with a snap of her fingers.

But when she sees you’re not a sucker for her charms, she can’t help herself but try a little harder.

“How can he resist me?”, she thinks. “He must be special. I want him.”

Don’t be too giddy with the ladies.

Play it cool and they’ll seduce you.

Continue to the next tip and read a story on what it means to be cool.

#21: How to be cool as a cucumber

If you want to know what playing it cool looks like, continue on to read what it looks like to be an ice cold pimp.

You see, playing it cool is an attitude.

Here’s a story to drive my point home.

My buddy Jay approached a woman on the street who happened to be a street performer.

She was on her way to do a show on a city square and didn’t have much time to talk.

But she liked him, so she invited my pal to come and watch.

Jay said he’d come, but he was having so much fun with his friends that he forgot all about the performer and her show.

30 minutes go by and Jay is still chilling with his friends where he first talked to her. Him and his buddies are standing in a circle.

Suddenly a woman pushes her way through the huddle.

It’s the street performer. And she looks Jay right in the eye and says, “Where were you?”

“Here”, he calmly replies.

“My next show starts in 10 minutes. You better be there”, say the performer.

And she storms off.

(I know this sounds unbelievable, but it actually happened. Jay said she was a little cray cray. But she was also super hot, so it cancels each other out.)

This time Jay leaves his friends to go watch her performance.

She’s a fire dancer. And she’s amazing.

Once she sees Jay, she smiles and really gives it her all.

After the show is over, she takes out a hat and walks round the crowd.

Jay doesn’t stay put. He sees her hula hoop on the middle of the square and sits next to it.

He waits until she’s finished collecting her money.

As she walks to pick up her hula hoop she says, “If you guess how much money I collected, I’ll buy you drinks. Guess wrong, and you pay for the drinks.”

“You’re on”, says Jay with a smile. And he takes her to a bar.

There begins the real game of seduction.

He teases her, sits close to her, and occasionally stares into her eyes without saying a word.

But he hasn’t given her one compliment. Neither has he tried to get physical with her.

She, however, has been sweet-talking him and getting touchy feely.

Soon she invites him to a party.

They leave the bar.

As she is about to jump on the back of Jay’s bike, she says, “I can’t believe it took so long for me to seduce you.”

To which Jay replies, “Who says you have me? I’m only tagging along for the free booze.”

She laughs and tightly hugs Jay from behind.

#22: What to do if Tinder gets you down

Sometimes Tinder can really kick you in the balls.

Maybe you didn’t get any sexy new matches.

Perhaps several girls left you on read.

Or your other lady friends aren’t helping moving the conversation forward.

It sucks when Tinder doesn’t go our way.

But it’s important to see the dating app for what it truly is:

A form of entertainment. A way of setting up dates without leaving the house. And a general bonus to your lifestyle.

Although not everyone sees it that way.

Some dudes take Tinder way too seriously.

And even though we earn a living guiding people to Tinder paradise, I’m not talking about team TextGod.

I’m talking about Mister Butthurt here:

Next time your match is slow to reply, or seems bored, let it go.

Don’t shoot her a text, take a break from Tinder.

Walk your dog, pet your cat, play video games with your buddies.

If those options make you feel lazy, read a book or watch a TED talk.

The point is to unwind and forget about Tinder.

Odds are she’s not texting back because she’s doing the same.

Up next is what to say on Tinder after the date.

#23: What to text after the Tinder date

If the text after the date throws you for a loop, keep reading, because you’re about to get 5 tips to send the perfect message.

If you follow the TextGod tips, you’ll eventually find yourself inside a cozy café with your Tinder match.

You sit next to each other.

You joke around. Find out what you have in common. Discover she once killed her pet turtle at age five by accidentally stepping on it.


You’re getting along better than expected.

And at the end of the night you kiss goodbye.

You return home and can’t believe how well your Tinder date went.

Filled with thoughts of how yummy her lips felt, you wonder when you’ll see her again.

Suddenly your mood takes a turn for the worst.

“What comes now?!”, you think to yourself?

“Should I text her or should I wait for her to shoot me a message?”

“And if it’s the man’s job to text first, should I do it now or tomorrow?”

Excellent questions, buddy.

And you’re not the first to think of them.

So I made you a guide on what to text after the date.

You can find it here.

Louis Farfields

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