From: Louis Farfields
AKA "The TextGod"

You might have come to me (and my unorthodox advice) to master online dating.

But how would it be if you could master attraction offline as well?

How would it be to never feel awkward again in social situations?

If you’d be able to talk to any cute girl without hesitating or stuttering? Whether it’s in the streets, at the mall, or in a club?

And what if you’d be 100% sure that every date would turn into nightly acrobatics?

Let me tell you an embarrassing true story.

On my quest of turning myself from a sexless WoW-nerd into the TextGod, I came across one major challenge. 

While my textgame became better and better, something else lagged behind.

While it became easier and easier to get girls on dates… My dates were often times worse than the She-Hulk series… A complete disappointment straight from the start.

I managed to create this awesome online persona, but behind the mask, there was a lot to improve in real life.

Now, I did find different “dating coaches” that teach you all kinds of trickery to be good with women. To mimic the behavior of cool guys. But that only worked to a certain extent. 

Yes, you sometimes get that early attraction. But you're pretty much just acting, and at some point she sees through the charade, ditching you for the little fraud you secretly are.

That’s when I came across one of my greatest mentors, Dan. The founder of one of the biggest and most authentic dating coaching companies in Europe.

Meet Dutch celebrity coach Dan.

After the most insane night out ever, we became close friends. And while I upped his texting skills, he taught me everything there is to know about becoming authentically attractive.

About becoming that man that every woman desires. A man that knows exactly how to deal with every social situation. Without pretending to be someone he's not. 

Together we discovered the 4 pillars that can transform ANYONE's dating life

Pillar 1: Radical Honesty

Being completely honest and speaking your mind. We’ve all heard it too many times… “just be yourself.”

But here's the twist: when we talk to someone we adore, we are not ourselves. Even worse: we are not CAPABLE of being ourselves. We have no clue of how to stop overthinking. But it is possible to be radically YOU, in front of ANYONE...

Automatically attracting the most beautiful women without thinking of what to say. 

Pillar 2: A Giving Mindset

Oftentimes when we talk to people (especially hot women), our main concern is: How do I get what I want? Not only does this make you less likable, but people also sense your transactional intentions.

When you shift your focus from ‘how can I get…’ to ‘how can I give…’ your success with women will dramatically change. And as a side-effect, you’ll get EXACTLY what you desire most. In dating and in LIFE.

Pillar 3: Teasing

Maybe you already learned some stuff about teasing over text. Teasing is the difference between being friendzoned and “omg I love this guy”. Teasing is not some trick you perform to attract someone. It’s a way of communicating, a habit, a superpower.

Once you master teasing, all your conversations become flirty. Whether it’s with a hot girl on a date, that cutie barista, or even a total stranger in the gym.

Pillar 4: Lifestyle

A huge mistake many guys make in dating is the following. They go out once a week and do their “pick up thing”. These are the guys that become lazy and uninspired once they get a girlfriend because they think “they’re done”.


This program is not just about getting laid or getting a girlfriend. It’s about BEING that attractive guy. Living a life she wants to be and stay a part of.

Attraction is not just about behavior. It’s about creating an attractive lifestyle. And in turn feeling worthy, attracting higher quality women.

And now Dan and I joined forces to bring you a unique 12-week immersive program where you’ll master exactly these 4 things.

In 12 weeks we’re going to transform your “offline” life just like my ‘TextGod Mentoring Program’ transforms your online dating life.

Imagine, how would it feel if:

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What do you get in this Program?

The 12-Week Attraction Transformation consists of these three modules:

  1. The Attraction System - An exclusive training program with 30+ videos and over 10 hours of game-changing content.

  2. The Mentoring Calls - 3 Live Video Coaching Calls per week… for 12 weeks straight. Get guidance from Dan and myself during your attraction transformation.

  3. The Authentic Attraction Mastermind Group  - A secret, private group of like-minded brothers to support you on this journey. A place to get daily feedback on posts from our coaches.

Here’s a fully detailed explanation of everything included in the Attraction Transformation program:

PART 1: The Mentoring Calls

You’ll get direct, personal access to me (Louis Farfields) and my team of expert coaches twice a week... for 12 weeks.

Because the frequency of mentee-coach contact is so high, it's easy for us to spot where you can improve. You'll get personalized calls-to-action and we will hold you accountable. You will be taken by the hand and guided during this entire dating transformation.

Back in 2013 I went out 6 nights per week. Every week.

PART 2: The TextGod System

Week 1 - Getting a success mindset

Week 2 - Building an attractive lifestyle

Week 3 - Authentic and honest attraction

Week 4 - The dating coach’s secret to success

Week 5 - Turning awkwardness into smoothness

Week 6 - Group challenge week!

Week 7 - The art of closing

Week 8 - Advanced sexualization

Week 9 - Radical honesty: advanced

Week 10 - Dining with goddesses

Week 11 - Going beyond dating

Week 12 - The start of chad life

PART 3: The Mastermind Group

You’ll get access to a secret, private group of like-minded brothers.

This is a highly active group of mentees. An additional place to get daily feedback from our coaches and your peers.

Now with these exclusive launch bonuses

Bonus 1: From 'hi' to Make Out in 5 steps

Bonus 2: Dan’s 10-Minute Meditation

Bonus 3: The Networking Masterclass

Bonus 4: How to text her after you got her number

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I can only accept a limited number of people every time the program goes live.

That’s why we only select guys who are serious about making a change in their life.

On the call, we'll ask you a few helpful questions, identifying what's holding you back in your dating life...

And we'll show you how we can give you your dream dating life in the next 12 weeks.

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