How I want to help you

Heya, my name is Louis Farfields!

You may know me from my articles, youtube videos, or my own show on PlayboyTV.

If not, here’s the shortest summary:

I used to suck with girls. Bigtime.

Being invisible to girls wasn’t fun, so I decided to change that.

I spent about 10 years obsessively studying dating psychology and anything even remotely related.

Today, about 150.000 determined men have tried my FREE training.

5000+ have changed their dating life with my courses.

600+ Have completely transformed through my mentoring programs and 1o1 coaching.

My goal with TextGod is to help as many men as possible find joy in dating. Whether you are a broke college student or a divorced single dad. Whether you want to flirt casually or find your life partner.

With my dating strategy, you WILL get there. Without giving up your authenticity and without nasty manipulation techniques or outdated ‘pick up stuff’.

I preach authenticity, honesty, and shitloads of FUN!

To get started, you can enjoy some of my best stuff for free right here

Here’s how to contact me:

T:  (+31) 085 130 4974

TG Training & Coaching BV (TextGod)
Commelinstraat 248
1093 VD Amsterdam
KvK: 77276566
BTW-nr: 860956623B01

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