The Ultimate Tinder Profile Guide: 10x Your Matches NOW

Now that you’ve downloaded Tinder…

You need a bit of a helping hand with your profile.

Read on, dear friends. Help is on the way.

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Tinder Bios

This is where a lot of guys get overwhelmed.

After all, how funny should you be? Or hoW SeriOUS??

Feel free to tweak the suggestions below to suit your personality!

More Matches

This is pretty self-explanatory:

Did you check out the screenshot of the day yet? Daily screenshot

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Profile Building

Have specific questions about building your profile?

Wondering if your gym selfie should be included?

Find out with my TextGod® Profile Tips!

Online dating photographers

There are photographers out there, who specialize in capturing you in the most attractive way.

Perfect for your online dating profile.

Something I highly recommend looking into.

However, not every photographer is great. Take a look at this article to find the right one nearby:

From Match to Date

These tips are super important!

Now that your profile has improved…

It’s time to convert matches to dates. Let’s go!

Nice Guys vs. Douchbags

This is just for amusement.

Who will prevail? Watch to find out!

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