Tinder Conversation Tips: An extensive guide from the TextGod

You’ve got a match you’re interested in.

And ideally, the two of you end up on a date.

There’s just one problem…

…a whole bunch of texting has to be done to get there.

And you’re not too confident in your texting skills.

No worries, in this article you get all the Tinder conversation tips you need.

Start clearing your schedule, you’ll have a date coming up soon!

In this article:More...

Important: I know you're sometimes unsure what to text. So I've put together 10 Texts That Always Work. Copy-paste lines that instantly attract her and make her crave your attention. They work and they are free. Just a small gift to get you started. Enjoy! Click here to get them.

Tinder Tips

You can always get more out of Tinder.

Do you want to get better at the app?

Effortlessly start conversations…

Keep them going smoothly…

And turn them into dates…

There’s a solution for any hurdle on your path.

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Best Lines

Great! You’re in a conversation with someone you fancy!

But… you’re not always sure what to say.

Give your brain a rest and rely on our lines.

Copy-paste proven texts to make the conversation interesting.

Check out the examples below:

30+ Outstanding Tinder Lines That Work Every Time

What To Say On Tinder: Use These 35+ Example Texts

Did you check out the screenshot of the day yet? Daily screenshot

Learn from the funniest, flirtiest and best conversations of our coaches.

Check it out now!

Conversation Breakdown

In need of some inspiration?

In the article below you get a full convo example.

From the first text to her giving her number.

Completely analyzed for you and packed with tips that YOU can apply.

Watch, copy, score!

7 Steps from Tinder Match to Getting Her Number – Convo Breakdown

Tinder Topics To Talk About

If you’ve ever wondered what topics to talk about…

…wonder no more.

We’ve listed the most interesting things to talk about over text.

Going from the funniest topics…

To the deepest questions.

Whatever you need, you get it from the articles below:

100+ Tinder Questions That Actually Work (Funny / Deep / Clever)

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How to make her laugh on Tinder

Make a girl laugh and she’s yours.


Humor is a superpower.

Every woman loves to laugh…

And every woman loves a guy that can make her laugh!

If quick wit and spontaneous jokes aren’t your strong suit…

…then until you get better at it, how about you just borrow mine?

In the article below I collected 47 jokes that you can use!

47 Tinder Jokes For You To Crack Her Up

Best Tinder GIFs to send to your match

Texting can be extremely fun.

But it can also be very DRY.

After all it’s just a bunch of text.

That’s where GIFs come in.

Moving images to add much-needed variety to your convos.

Don’t bother figuring out which GIFs get the best responses… We already did that for you.

Check the list below + the ideal situations to use them in:

These 30 Tinder GIFs Get The Highest Response Rate

How to answer ‘what are you looking for?

You’ve either been asked this question before…

…or you will be asked this soon enough.

It’s a make-or-break question that tells a woman if you’re a good match for her.

So how do you answer this dreaded question?

In the article below you can select the copy-paste answer that best suits your needs.


7 Best Answers to ‘What Are You Looking For on Tinder’

Tinder Tricks and Rules

Whether you are new to Tinder or more experienced.

There are a few unwritten rules that no man should break.

Unknowingly disregard the rules and carry the harsh consequences.

But if you know the secret rules, you can use them to your advantage.

Tinder Etiquette: The 31 Dos and Don’ts on Tinder

Best 15 Tinder Tricks in 2020 (more matches, reactions & dates)

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