How to keep a conversation going (online): The Ultimate Guide

Keeping conversations going is an art. And one that can’t be learned overnight.

But I have some GREAT NEWS!

Utilizing the tips in the articles below, you can soon be blowing women away with your lively convos.

Start using these tips TODAY for maximum benefits.

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Keeping the conversation alive

Not sure what to talk about?

Have you received the dreaded message below?

How are you?

The following articles will remedy these situations. Screenshots and examples included, just for you:


Sometimes, it can be difficult to know when to text someone.

Particularly if you haven’t texted them in a while. Or you don’t want to seem like a needy overtexter.

These articles give you all you need to know about timing-related questions:

Building rapport

Unfortunately, if you don’t build rapport with women, the conversation won’t lead anywhere.

You need to connect, to tease, to make her laugh!

Here, I’ve provided HUNDREDS of examples on how to build rapport with your matches.

And even your coworker you’re interested in. You dirty dawg.

Are you a simp?

This article is funny. But also serious.

Please make sure you’re not acting like a simp. I know deep down you’re not a simp at all <3

With all these tips, success is on the way. Go get ‘em, tiger. Go get that button below, too.

Louis Farfields

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