Terms & Conditions

June 2023

These terms and conditions are in addition to the Website Disclaimer. 

The company called TG Ventures BV will hereafter be referred to as TextGod.

By browsing our website www.textgod.com, you agree to accept the following terms, conditions, and notices (we reserve the right to change, update, and revise these terms of use at our own discretion. Check back often to review any updated terms). Please read these terms and conditions carefully and print out a copy for your records:

Did you make a purchase through our website? Then you agreed to these terms and conditions by clicking on the “Purchase” button.  If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you must cease to continue to purchase any Services from us. 


1. Only a strong commitment will lead to positive changes. A successful coaching program is only feasible within the organization’s framework with a formal commitment. Therefore, a participant commits to following all the TextGod coaches’ instructions during training when signing up.


1. All content provided by TextGod is intended for the personal, non-commercial use of its users. All materials published on TextGod.com and related social media channels (including, but not limited to, photographs, logos, images, and videos (collectively, the “Content”) are works either created by or licensed by TextGod and are thus protected by copyright law. 


1. TextGod offers products and services. Respectively, the online courses excluding live coaching such as video courses or ebooks (collectively known as, the “Product”), and online and offline coaching services in the shape of the TextGod Mentoring Program, The 12 Week Attraction Transformation, private coaching, or the Bootcamp (collectively known as, the “Service”).

2. Each Product (and each Service that includes online material) purchased from TextGod is automatically attached to the Customer’s TextGod account. After purchasing a product or service, our systems will send you an email with instructions to create your account. TextGod is not responsible for technical difficulties that prevent you from receiving our account creation instructions. Did you not receive our email? Please contact louis@textgod.com so that our team can assist you with your purchase. 

3. You understand that all TextGod Content is protected by copyright law. Using the Content in ways that violate our copyright protection make you liable for copyright infringement. TextGod may choose to sue or fine you for the violation under the provisions of the applicable intellectual property laws.. Violations of our copyright protection include, but aren’t limited to: duplicating or plagiarizing our Content, using our Content for your own personal gain, and disclosing our Content to competing businesses.  

4.  The Services called ‘TextGod Mentoring Program’ and the ‘12 Week Attraction Transformation’ give our Customers access to 12 weeks of online coaching. The exclusive training programs contain online material accessible for the Customer through their TextGod account. Each program provides a unique online private group with exclusive access to TextGod employees and other members of the program. It’s in these private groups where our Customers can find our live coaching calls and reach out to other members. All coaching calls are held through the online environment and hosted by Louis Farfiels or other TextGod approved coaches. The Customer is entitled to actively participate in a maximum of 3 coaching calls per week and receive an answer to 1 question per call. Note that the coaching calls are recorded and uploaded to the private group so that all our members can watch the content. It is not allowed to download or distribute these recordings. The 12 weeks of coaching will start when the Customer joins the private Facebook group. After 12 weeks, the Customer is allowed to stay in the private Facebook group but is not allowed to ask questions during the coaching calls. 

5. TextGod aims to describe all Products and Services on the website as accurately as possible. However, TextGod does not guarantee that descriptions of any such products on textgod.com are complete, current or error-free. If you feel that a Product or Service doesn’t accurately match its description,  then your sole remedy is to get in touch with our customer service and ask for a refund.

6. TextGod’s Services should be started within 6 months (183 days) after purchase. In case the Customer starts a Service after 183 days but within 365 days of purchase, the Customer will lose half of the intended coaching calls. If the Service was not activated within 365 days of purchase the Customer will lose all coaching calls.

7. TextGod offers the Customer the ability to ‘pause’ a coaching program once for a maximum of 6 months (183 days) if the Customer currently finds it difficult to participate in the coaching calls. During this break, a Customer is no longer allowed to ask questions on the coaching calls. Although they are still free to participate in the private groups and watch video content in their account. When a pause exceeds 183 days, the Customer’s account will automatically re-activate and their remaining time in the program will start to dwindle. 

8. The Products and Services provided by TextGod are confidential and strictly to be used for private use. 


1. Unless mandatory law specifically dictates, neither TextGod, nor the coaches can be held liable for psychological, financial, material damage, and injuries before, during, or after TextGod online/offline activities. Participation in any Product, Service, or Content provided by TextGod is entirely at the consumers’ own risk. That means you cannot hold TextGod liable in any way whatsoever for any damages resulting from the application of concepts you learned from any TextGod Service, Product or Content. 

2. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted to limit TextGod’s liability for wilful intent or gross negligence.


1. TextGod offers different payment options for our Products and Services that are specified at the point of payment. When a payment plan has been chosen, the Customer agrees to the planned payments stated at the point of purchase. We will charge the payment method the Customer has selected at the point of purchase. All prices reflect the cost in U.S. Dollars. 

2.  All payments for our online and offline events must be made in full up to 7 days in advance. TextGod holds the right not to accept the Customer’s participation if the total amount is not received. Depending on the circumstances, partial payments do not entitle you to a refund.

3. In case technical difficulties arise in regards to payment, TextGod will notify the Customer. After notification, the Customer has 10 days to resolve this issue. Our customer services will gladly assist you during this time. In case the payment issue is not resolved within the 10-day timeframe, TextGod holds the right to block the user from accessing the respective TextGod product. TextGod further holds the right to refuse any future purchases from the Customer. In case the product was bought through a payment plan, no refund for the partially paid amount is given in this case.


1. TextGod offers a money back guarantee for every Product. If the Customer, for some reason, is not pleased with the purchased product, they have the right to ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase. The Customer can only refund the same product once. The Customer can only request a refund through email to louis@textgod.com.

2.  TextGod offers a results guarantee on the TextGod Mentoring Program. This means that when the Customer doesn’t get the results they are after, a full money back refund is possible. When joining the mentoring program, the Customer agrees to commit to the following to achieve more results in their dating life:

  • Post 2 updates with screenshots of your dating app profile of you applying the Profile Guide;
  • Participate in at least 6 coaching calls;
  • Ask a written question in each of these 6 coaching calls.

The results guarantee doesn’t apply if the Customer gets a relationship after purchasing the program.

The Customer is only eligible for a refund when the commitments are fulfilled, and the Customer is within 30 days of purchase.

3. TextGod offers a results guarantee on the 12 Week Attraction Transformation. This means that when the Customer doesn’t get the results they are after, a full money back refund is possible. When joining the mentoring program, the Customer agrees to commit to the following to achieve more results in their dating life:

  • Post about your efforts in the group;
  • Participate in at least 6 coaching calls; 
  • Ask a question in each of these 6 coaching calls.

The results guarantee doesn’t apply if the Customer gets a relationship after purchasing the program.

The Customer is only eligible for a refund when the commitments are fulfilled, and the Customer asks for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

4. Canceling a TextGod Bootcamp gets the Customer a partial refund as displayed below.

  • Cancellation before the 42nd day before the scheduled bootcamp date: 80% refund; 
  • Cancellation between the 42nd and 28th day before the scheduled bootcamp date: 40% refund;
  • Cancellation between the 28th and 7th day  before the scheduled bootcamp date: 10% refund;
  • Cancellation 7 days prior to the scheduled bootcamp date: 0% refund.

Note: No refunds are granted if participants don’t show up to the bootcamp.

5. There is no money back guarantee on the TextGod Bootcamp. However, if a participant is not happy with his results on the training then TextGod will do its very best to understand, rectify and compensate. TextGod recommends the participant to share any dissatisfaction to one of the coaches present on the Bootcamp.

6. Purchases done by businesses are excluded from the money back guarantee. Any Product or Service bought by a business is not eligable for a refund as stated by EU law.

7. A Customer can only refund a Service or Product once. If the Customer decides to purchase the same Service of Product again then he’s not eligible for another refund.

8. In rare cases, a Service or Product is exchanged for a different one. In this case the Customer forfeits his right to refund the original purchase.


1.  TextGod reserves the right to definitively or temporarily cancel or postpone an agreement in whole or in part if unforeseen circumstances make it impossible for TextGod to complete its original obligation.. As a result of TextGod’s inability to fulfill its obligations for purchase and sale, the agreement will automatically dissolve. In case of dissolution, TextGod will inform the Customer as fast as possible.


1. TextGod reserves the right to refuse participants from any Service and has the right to withhold a participant during the Service in any case TextGod deems necessary.

2. TextGod has the right to remove Customers’ accounts and/or remove them from any social media group attached to a Product or Service in any case TextGod deems necessary. Examples of account removal include, but are not limited to, the distribution of copyright protected TextGod material to third parties by the Customer, suspected account sharing, Customers intending to promote themselves with direct or indirect commercial purposes, Customers who failed to complete the total payment for the Service or Product, or any other activity that is deemed to be damaging to TextGod. As a result, the Customer cannot make any additional claim for a refund outside the standard guarantee of the course.


1. Visual material obtained during coaching sessions

All recordings made during TextGod coaching sessions online are the property of TextGod. By participating in such events, you consent to TextGod using these recordings. If a participant does not want to be recognizable in the recording, it is their responsibility to notify TextGod. The request will always be accepted and executed by TextGod. 


1. The Customer can submit questions and complaints by email to Louis@textgod.com. Complaints will be treated as soon as possible, but no later than within 30 days. If these conditions can not be met, TextGod will inform the Customer of the delay.


1. TextGod reserves the right to revise any portion of these Terms and Conditions at any time. You are bound by these changes and should therefore periodically visit this page to review the then current Terms and Conditions. Changes to these terms and conditions are only valid after being published on the TextGod website.

2. In the event of violation of the above terms and conditions, mainly but not limited to using the TextGod platform for your own commercial gain, you agree to pay TextGod the sum of USD $25,000.00 as compensation for damages. You further agree that all earlier payments of yours made to TextGod are forfeit and not subject to refund.