10 Ways A Tinder Expert Makes Your Online Dating Life Easy

Online dating is easy and effective…

…once you know how it’s done.

That’s where your Tinder and online dating expert comes in.

Today you’ll learn more about what I do as a dating app expert, and how I can help you.

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Why men need a Tinder expert

Seduction is a skill like any other. If you’re bad at it, you won’t do well.

Sure, you may get lucky a few times. But ultimately, you’ll be like a blind man trying to drive a car. It won’t end well.

1. You can see how it’s done

My advice works. Fast.

Here are the comments of a few happy fans.

A 28-year-old who just got over a breakup.

A (I’m assuming) youngster, who’s finally able to meet girls.

And someone who got good results in a week.

The reason why I get these emails is that I don’t teach you how to use cheap tricks to manipulate people.

All my coaching revolves around being a more playful and honest version of your authentic self.

2. You’ll realize the importance of texting

Most people don’t realize how impactful texting can be. It’s not just about getting new matches excited to meet you.

Have you ever considered that a big part of all communication in your relationship will be over text?

“But Louis, those silly texts don’t matter much, right?”

Wrong, compadre.

Many men think that seducing a girl stops once they found a girlfriend.

And if that is what they believe, then I can only pray for their relationship.

You have to keep putting in effort. You have to keep teasing, flirting and making her smile. Not only in real life, but also over text.

Girls will love you if you can stimulate their emotions just with a few messages.

Plus, most of what you learn about texting can be used in your face-to-face conversations. You’ll be far more focused on what you say.

3. You can watch my workshops

One of the best ways to master online dating, is by attending a workshop.

Sit in the same room as 200 like-minded guys, watch, and learn.

Like we did here in Amsterdam in 2019:

Unfortunately, organizing these real-life events is on hold, because the TextGod team is running over-hours on new projects.

So instead, we filmed the whole event and made a digital version. It’s pretty much the same thing but with bonuses added. And you can pee whenever you want, without missing part of the event.

For more information about my workshop recordings, click >HERE<.

4. You’ll always know what to say

Most men make the same mistakes when it comes to (online) dating.

On Tinder for example, 69% of men screw up before the conversation begins.


They use what I coined the ‘peasant opener’.

A peasant opener is any very common, boring greeting.

Your classic Heys, His, Hellos, and so on…

Or they ask about your day. Or give you a compliment you’ve already heard three times that same day.

You might wonder: “What’s so wrong with them? It seems to work just fine in real life.”

And you’re right.

But you’re forgetting two hugely important things:

  • Digital communication is completely verbal. You can’t rely on your expressions, intonation, and body language.
  • Online dating is a question of volume. Imagine you had 100 random people come into your office every day and say, “Hey, how are you doing?”

How long would it take you to start ignoring these people and put a lock on your door?

5. You’ll have a better profile than 9/10 guys

Every day I get guys in my inbox who complain about not getting high-quality matches.

And I really want to write them all a personal response.

But I don’t have much time.

This is my full time job. I have to make a living. Every article on the TextGod website is free, and every video on YouTube is free.

If I add free profile reviews on top of that… well let’s just say I’d be working 24/7 and eating air.

That’s why I made a list of all the most commonly made profile mistakes.

I turned them into a checklist with 30+ questions that you can get FOR FREE here.

The checklist will point out the weaknesses in your dating profile, but it will also tell you where you’re doing fine.

And if anyone is confused about some lingo or the psychology behind one of my questions, then you can look them up in an article linked to the checklist that explains everything.

*swings in hammock*

Ahhh, now I can get rid of hundreds of easily fixable mistakes every day, without having to personally review all profiles.

6. You’ll know how to grab her attention

A dating app expert can’t work without an arsenal of 2,094,581 icebreakers.

People just LOVE discovering funny pickup lines.

That’s why I have compiled whole lists of them, for every dating app you can imagine.

Allow me to give you a random example.

Aaaahhh, what a classic.

Don’t tell me you’ve never played two truths in a lie.

I remember I once HAD to play it at a new job during a little team-building exercise.

Unfortunately, the guy in the screenshot is doing it wrong.

He’s asking his match to write up two truths and a lie about herself.

Which could be fun… if she’s down to invest that energy straight from the start.

If I were him, I’d give her the list and have her guess, and THEN ask her to take a turn.

This style of icebreaker works so well that dating app Bumble integrated it into its app.

Anyway, care to play a round?

I’ve made one for you.

Two truths and a lie:

  • I have dated the daughter of a billionaire.
  • I have dated the daughter of a mafia boss who is now in prison.
  • I have dated an actress that plays in TV shows that you watch.

Think you know which one is a lie, dear journalist?

Feel free to call me out in the email where you ask me for an interview.

And feel free to add your own two truths and a lie, because I love this game.

7. You’ll greatly increase your chances of getting a girlfriend

Let there be no confusion: Tinder is great for hookups.

That’s how it all started.

But the app’s reputation is changing.

Right now Tinder is great for both getting laid AND serious relationships.

There’s a reason bakeries create masterpieces like this:

Online dating has become a fixed value in our lives.

The amount of closed-minded people screaming that dating app are for desperate people, is steadily declining.

People are starting to see that online dating is a fine way to meet new people.

Personally, I find it sad that people are becoming more and more anti-social, but that’s a global trend I can not personally fix. I’m glad I can still make things better by being an online dating expert.

Guys finding a girlfriend thanks to Tinder, even Marriage… these things happen more than you know. It’s pretty cute don’t you think?

When I worked for an Amsterdam-based dating company, we didn’t toss marriage cards that clients sent us. We safely stored them all as a celebration of love and a trophy for us doing our job well.

8. You’ll get tailor-made advice for every location on earth

Dating scenes can be vastly different depending on your location.

If you apply New York City dating rituals in Medellin, you’re going to get some weird reactions.

That’s why we’re making local guides whenever a TextGod Tinder professional stays in a foreign place.

It’s an ongoing project, but so far we’ve covered these places:

9. You’ll get to steal my best lines

If you’ve stuck around long enough to reach the end of this page…

…then I have a special gift for you.

(If you just skimmed the page and are still taking the gift… well fair enough. I won’t stop you, you lil’ bastard.)

Online conversations always start with an opener.

My dating app expert opinion? YOU should send the first message.

Take some initiative, it’s attractive.

After testing about a gazillion openers and icebreakers, my coaches and I found the one line to rule them all.

And that’s exactly what you can find down below by clicking the big button.

Put down your email and you’ll get a video of me using that icebreaker + several ways how to follow up the conversation, RIGHT IN YOUR INBOX.

Now you know what a Tinder expert does to help people with their online dating adventures.

Louis Farfields

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