30+ Clever Tinder Pick Up Lines That Always Impress

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Clever Tinder pickup lines

These are the best clever and witty Tinder pickup lines that you can find on the internet.


Click on any other site in your Google search results and I’ll guarantee that the pickup lines you’ll find are generic and dull.

The next lines, however, are unique and fun. And ALMOST guarantee success. Just try them out for yourself.

  • I think this means we’re married. So pay the utility bill already, will ya?
  • Are you a microwaved pizza roll? Because you’re hot and I’m afraid to touch you.
  • I see you’re into recycling. Me too.  I turned my self-hatred into confidence #sustainability
  • That car in your profile is pretty fast. But have you ever seen my 5-year-old cousin who’s been asked what’s in their mouth?
  • Did you know that the human eye can see up to 3 miles away? Well, I can see the sun and that bad boy is 3 million miles away.
  • A fellow blood donator! I’ve stopped giving actually, because they always ask me where I got it from.
  • Good job on recovering from your burnout. I did a little self-diagnosing on Web MD just now and it turns out I’ve been dead for 6 years.
  • Since you asked how I liked my coffee, I want it to show up on a drug test.
  • What’s your wildest fantasy? Mine is quitting my job without having anything else lined up.
  • Awesome to see that you’re making a living taking photos! The first time I made money as a photographer was when I sold my camera.
  • Your photo where [describe it] is the exact same look when I see the pizza delivery guy outside my door.

Flirty Tinder pickup lines

  • You’re so close! I just screamed my mating call out the window, did you hear me?
  • I don’t want to intimidate you. But I took the gold in the 2016 spooning olympics.
  • Did you know that if you sit on a man’s face, you legally own him? Squatters rights and stuff.
  • Seeing the long melted cheese tendrils of your pizza slice is one of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen on Tinder.
  • From one bookworm to another, don’t you just hate that you can’t stack e-books on your shelf like a bunch of trophies?
  • So cool to see that you made a living out of what you did best. I tried the same but there’s no real market for playing with yourself so I became a [your job].
  • Girllll, let’s play doctor. I’ll go first. You owe me $3600.
  • Oooh I see you’re into dads. Kinky. Now keep your hands off the thermostat!
  • What’s your biggest pet peeve? I’ll go first: Hot Pockets come out of the box cold. What a joke.
  • So what are you getting for me on Valentine’s Day?
  • We can make up any story about how we met. I like the idea of a meeting at a farmers market and we both reached for the last avocado.
  • You struck gold. I can flirt with you in three languages: American, British, and Pervy.

Playful Tinder pickup lines

  • What’s the last dream you can remember? For me, I dreamt that I needed a butthole replacement lmao.
  • I have to give you a fair warning. Animals love me and I take no responsibility if your doggo chooses to live with me.
  • Not to brag but I made a delicious omelet this morning. I seasoned the eggs with sugar, butter and flour. I think it’s called Cake?
  • Since you asked, here’s my most controversial opinion: nobody shot JFK, his head just did that.
  • Political science major? I like politics too. I read like 3 memes, so I’m pretty much an expert now.
  • From one bookworm to another, don’t you just hate that you can’t stack e-books on your shelf like a bunch of trophies?
  • Can’t believe you didn’t finish your wine, Jenny. There are sober children in Africa, you know.
  • Before you say hi, know that I’m a pretty big deal. I once posted a meme that got 22 likes.
  • An American! You know what my favorite thing is about your country? If you put mayonnaise on potatoes it becomes a salad.
  • Not sure how much I like you riding horses. Did you know that because of people like you horses get farted on more than any other animal?
  • Being an electrician, could you do me a favor? Please change the name of your profession to ‘power ranger’.
  • What’s the weirdest thing that happened to you this week? For me it was seeing a dude take his thing out in front of my office window.

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How to create your own clever Tinder pick-up lines

A huge reason why I have success with women is undoubtedly my sense of humor.

And it’s something that I slowly developed over the years after I decided to stop being a WoW-playing virgin. #truestory

In other words, humor and wit are skills you can get better at.

Watch my next video and I’ll tell you exactly how. Plus, I’ll give you some clever lines you can steal and use right now.

5 Things to consider before you text her

1. Make it personal

The most important element of a good pickup line.

Make it personal.

Let’s say you’re swiping on Tinder and you come across this profile:

If we want to come up with something unique and personal, we need to check out her profile for something that stands out to you.

Maybe the cherry blossom tree, her height, her Spotify anthem, the fact that she’s the only one wearing black shoes.

Or maybe you’re a bit like me, and you were grinning behind your phone when you read her funny Tinder bio about fedoras.

Say no more.

As someone who finds ‘nice guy’ and neckbeard memes hilarious, this bio was all I needed.

So this is how I started the Tinder conversation:

Not only is this text personalized, it’s also incredibly playful.

M’lady replied:

And people said I’ll never meet the man of my dreams


Not only did she respond, she’s joking back. A lovely start of the conversation.

Sticking with the joke, I thought of this meme when writing my reply:

And sent her this:

Let me guess. It were those assholes that spend their days chasing vanity in the gym?

Full disclosure, she didn’t reply.

And that’s fine.

No matter how good your text is, she’s never obligated to send you something back.

But more importantly, it’s hard to get upset over her not replying when you’re laughing your ass off at your own texts.

So always try to enjoy yourself (without being an a-hole).

2. Keep it unique

The first way to come across as a word wizard is by coming up with something clever.

The easiest way to do that is by being unique. Send her something she’s never seen before.

Let’s pretend you’re swiping and you see this profile:

Break the ice without copy-pasting one of my brainy openers.

Freestyle, go!

Here’s my unique twist on something obvious:

The mere mortal wishes she had heavenly textgame too, but alas.

She too can learn the ways of the Lord, by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the article and downloading my free texting goodies.

3. Be a little challenging

The average guy’s seduction strategy is to be nice and look for commonalities.

Perhaps if she sees how good of a fit we are, she’ll let me touch her jiggly parts.

—Peasant Paul

But that doesn’t work! She’ll smell your insincere intentions a mile away.

That’s why you want to go the opposite route: be a little challenging.

By playfully pushing her away, she sees that you’re not trying mega hard to get into her panties. And that makes you interesting.

Here’s how one of my best friends went against the flow with his Tinder pick up line.

Brutal. And something I don’t really recommend if you want to stay on Tinder. But a clever comeback nonetheless.

(My friend did not make this up by the way, this is the true story of Sleeping Beauty)

4. See yourself as the prize

A lot of pick up lines put the girl on a pedestal. And that’s kinda corny and unattractive.

She should be just as excited to talk with you, as you are to talk with her.  And your first text few texts should reflect that.

Here’s an example of what I mean from an Instagram convo:

It’s a photo of two buildings. She’s the expensive looking one on the left. And I’m the shitty building on the right.

While she’s thinking she’s got me good, I send her this:

A generic new wave characterless building vs a unique, finely aged building with a thousand stories to tell

gg ez.

5. Don’t take yourself so seriously

It’s much, much, MUCH easier to be witty when you don’t take yourself seriously.

Because if you consider yourself a serious person, you care too much about things like respect and looking cool.

And all that caring uses up a lot of brain juice. Brain juice that could be used for thinking of witty and fun things to say.

Ever realized how care-free people are almost always funny? Or at the VERY least, playful?

That’s because they don’t need to spend their energy on maintaining their reputation or being awesome.

They’re too focused on having a good time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best Tinder pick up line?

The best pickup line is one that’s tailored to the girl you’re talking with. So don’t just copy paste lines from the internet. Consider her photos, bio, interests, and general vibe.

I never get good reactions to my pickup line. What’s going on?

Unless you’re upsetting her and getting bad reactions, you’re doing just fine. A pickup line is just designed to break the ice. So even a simple ‘haha’ from her is already a success. It got the conversational ball rolling, right?

How do you continue the conversation after you break the ice?

It, of course, depends on her reaction to your pickup line. But generally, you want to steer the conversation towards fun. Fun is subjective. So you want to ask questions and talk about things that you enjoy.

Check out my next article for inspiration.

Bonus pick up line for your Tinder date

Back in the good ol’ days when I was still going out daily…

…my best friend and I were always looking for new ways to have a good time.

That “always enjoying ourselves” mentality has never left us. And one day, my friend hits me up:

“You won’t believe what I just threw together at work…”

The silly guy made a friggin’ Sexual Consent Form. And it’s filled with the wittiest and silly lines. He printed it out and took it with him on Tinder dates.

And guess what?

Girls absolutely loved it.

The form isn’t to be taken seriously at all. The grammar and spelling in Part 2: Sexual activities, looks like it’s written by a 12-year-old.

With options to give consent ranging from kissing and biting (gently), to absolutely absurd things like Schlorp butthole, or Lick n touch nipples.

It’s not for every date, but women who are into absurd jokes, memes, or anything weird… always cracked up at the form.

And today I’m spreading the fun by sharing it with you as well. Do with it what you will, it’s yours now.

You can download the Sexual Consent Form right here: TextGod Sexual Consent Form.

WARNING: This is not an official form of any sort. It’s merely a made-up joke by a good ol’ friend.

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