35 Best Ways To Respond To ‘What Are You Doing?’ Texts

“What are you doing?”

It’s such a common and everyday question.

Yet it can feel so difficult to know what to reply.

All your questions will be answered in today’s article.

Because you’re about to discover how to respond to “what are you doing” texts in an engaging way.

In this article:More...

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By the end of this article, you’ll be armed with the best responses to this dreaded/amazing question.

How to best respond to “What are you doing?” text

The best way to respond to this question depends on two things:

  1. The person you’re talking to.
  2. The context of the conversation.

If you’re talking to a friend or a love interest, you can obviously be more loose and lively in your response. Otherwise be a bit more chill.

Next, you want to pay attention to the context of the conversation. What was the vibe like recently?

Was it serious and logical, or playful and flirty? If you were being a little dull, shift gears and respond with a fun reply.

Was the vibe already very fun? Then it might be a good idea to answer with a more chill text.

Otherwise, you risk looking like a clown. And they’re not exactly known for being charming and attractive.

In this article, I’ll be giving you all sorts of replies to “What are you doing?” texts, so that you can choose the one best suited for your conversation.

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Flirty responses to “What are you doing?”

The next replies are great to send to your crush.

And my preferred way to answer this question.

Because all ladies LOVE when a guy can flirt with them.

Just finished up at the gym, so OBVIOUSLY looking extra handsome for our date. You?

Cuddling my friends cat. His name is Meatballs. Want to join?

Stalking your instagram pictures. That bikini pic from 2017 is so FETCH

Thinking about how we almost got caught doing that wild thing in public last weekend. It was hot though

Doing a crossword puzzle. What’s a 5 letter word starting with ‘S’ which is a ‘hot mega babe?’

NOTE: In the above example we’re using SARAH as her name.

Watching the office for the 47th time. I’d say be the Pam to my Jim but that’s so cliche. So be the Creed to my Jim <3

In an incredibly boring work meeting. Please distract me with your sultry ways

Reading but I’m about to quit that and start flirting with you instead. What are you up to?

Finishing up some manscaping. Opps, slipped, cut myself. 🙁 Hope you’re ok with a few less inches now

Finishing up some work emails. But I’m ready for a glass of wine and good company now. Know any moderately cute brunettes who would be into joining me?

(You’re describing her here.)

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Playful responses to “What are you doing?”

These messages are perfect when you want to show someone just how funny and witty you are.

Shopping for clothes. Should I go with the pink lacy thong or the all black lingerie set? I still want to keep it classy

Just joined a hot dog eating contest. 2 down so far. Currently in last place. You?

I WAS ignoring you but I’m not that great at it

Sleeping zzzzzzz

Currently at the gym, tryna grow that 🍑. Any tips?

About to go for a run. Wanna race?

Oh god you don’t even want to know. Might get me arrested. What are you up to?

Cooking my world famous crispy brussel sprouts with a maple gastrique sauce. No need to say anything, I know you’re salivating right now

The usual. Painting my nails. Bubble bath. Hair in a messy bun singing S Club seven songs wearing baggy clothing. Girl boss shit

On my way to a friends place for a World of Warcraft raid party. Btw [insert question]

With this last text, check out our other article here on amazing questions to ask your crush.

Chill responses to “What are you doing?”

Use the next texts if you want to look a little more cool and relaxed.

One too many glasses of wine have crossed my path. So enjoying my night so far. What fun things are you up to?

About to enjoy some vegan pizza with friends. I’m starvvvedddd

Being a nerd and reading the Lord of the Rings for the third time 🤓

Creating a spotify playlist. Want to help me with some good tunes?

Definitely NOT texting and driving, because that’s dangerous. And I only sometimes like to live dangerously

Finishing up an art piece that I’ve been working on for a while. Want to see? It’s supposed to be a horse

Binge watching Love Island and eating mint chocolate chip ice cream. Don’t judge.

Just got back from the gym so about to hop in the shower. No peeking please.

Drinking my fourth cup of espresso. Pray for my insomnia tonight

At work. Currently texting you under my desk so nobody sees. I’m rebellious like that

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Polite responses to “What are you doing?”

These are good replies for someone that you don’t particularly consider a friend and aren’t necessarily interested in befriending either.

Although you can always make them a friend later by using my 10 Texts That Always Work to win them over.

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Just finished dinner. You?

Finishing up some reading I’ve been meaning to catch up on #bigbrainthings

About to head out for the night to meet up with a friend. You?

Watching the Lakers game (for the cheerleaders of course)

At work. Surprisingly fun today. What’s up?

You may think the above texts are a bit cold or short.

And they are. They’re meant to be that way.

Because you’re not particularly interested in being friendly but still want to be polite.

After all,

everyone deserves a little respect.

The easiest and most fun way to continue the conversation

Your conversation isn’t going to end after you reply to her “How are you?” and “What are you up to?” texts.

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