35 Tinder Pick Up Lines So Bad That They Succeeded

What if I told you there are bad Tinder pick up lines that actually work?

Or, at the very least… they’ll give you a good ol’ chuckle.

Either way, you’ve found the pot of shi… uh… gold.

Because we’ll be looking at the very worst Tinder has to offer, by examining the Instagram account Tinder Nightmares.

When you look at the account, most posts consist of guys desperately opening women with terrible chat up lines like “I want to sit on your face”. Girls then give a witty reply, and submit the screenshot to be posted on Tinder Nightmares.

But… some of the flirty texts are so bad that they actually get a response, and get the conversation going. Sometimes you can even learn from them.


Copy-paste these bad texts at your own risk.

You have been warned…

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#1 Worst typo in Tinder history

Sometimes it’s funny to intentionally misspell a word, to give your conversation a very innocent sexual undertone.

In this case I’m not sure if you want to copy-paste the approach, but the line does end up going pretty well:


Great recovery after such an awful start!

#2 Somehow, this is pretty hot

Seems legit.

I hope they ended up on a Tinder date.


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#3 Getting her number in 2 messages

I gotta admit, this one is pretty smooth.

It might not work often, but I have seen way worse chat up lines than this one:


#4 Movie night opener

Have you ever seen those posts on Facebook like “describe your dating life with a movie title”?

Why not use it as a Tinder opener:


It’s funny, because we actually came up with a better version of this pick up line.

Want to try it out?

Check out the article about Tinder Success.

#5 Netflix ‘n Chill 1.0

This one is just plain bad.

(But in the next picture, I’ll show a BETTER way to use this line!)


#6 Netflix ‘n Chill 2.0

Just using a BIT more creativity goes a long way guys:


Why not some traditional TV and never leave me?

I’ll see myself out.

#7 Bad pick up line for girls

I think this one works best when a girl tries it. Since you call the other person “Earl Grey”.

Corny lines can work when they are actually original.

Especially when your Tinder match hasn’t heard them before!


#8 Needy… yet, it works?

One of the main turn offs for ANYONE, is neediness.

It’s repulsive to have someone be very clingy, especially when you’ve never met each other before.

Somehow this guy still gets a reply:


I’ll go the the following screenshot then oooookkk.

#9 Freaky opening text

I love sarcasm.

But it just doesn’t work so well on Tinder. It’s actually one of my 19 Texting Rules for Guys.


You have to understand that there’s more to a sarcastic douche. If you dig deeper, you’ll find that there’s more layers behind the sarcasm.

You peel them off like an onion, and discover that every layer consists of more of the exact same stuff.

Until you reach the core and start crying.

#10 This reminds me of a Dutch proverb

There is a saying in Dutch that “for every jar, there’s a lid”.

I guess these two seem to fit.


Holy Tip:

Don’t begin the conversation with lines about your male genital.

There are much better ways to begin a conversation on Tinder.

#11 Worst opener that is actually cute

If this isn’t love on first swipe, I don’t know what is.


Luckily for you we also have an article about how to write clever pickup lines on Tinder.

#12 Back to plain bad pick up lines

At least he admits it.


I do appreciate this humor. Assuming it’s meant as a joke.

On the other hand… never call yourself funny.

Mostly unfunny people and insecure people call themselves all sorts of positive things when nobody asked for it.

#13 Don’t be too cool for school

Pay attention kids.

Because you might act like a fool.


Holy Tip:

Playful openers might work online.

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#14 Honestly bad

When you use a bad pick up line, you will often seem like a douche.

You will seem like you’re hiding your vulnerability behind dumb lines.

Trying to get laid through Tinder while putting zero effort into the conversation.

This guy’s response to the rejection isn’t terribly, so he had a fair chance at getting a text back.

Still, it’s easy to interpret his comeback as a really low self-esteem kinda line.


#15 Her response might be ironic

Still pretty funny, it could work sometimes.


#16 One of the worst Tinder lines, one of the best recoveries

Terrible Tinder text.

Great comeback game.


#17 RIP Harambe RIP

You will always be in our hearts you amazing ape.

May your soul rest in the endless banana fields of the afterlife.


#18 On a scale of horrible to just bad, how is this Tinder line

I might try this line someday…


#19 Girls love bad boys

Quick way to present yourself as a real bad boy on Tinder.


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#20 Lines to troll online

I don’t think she notices that he is just trolling around.


#21 The lion of opening lines

So bad it might work.

She likes it. Not even lying.


Took him zero seconds to make that up. And one second to copy paste.

#22  Alternative to saying “hi”

Still way better than just saying “hi”.


#23 The way to a girls heart…

…is through her stomach.


#24 Use this text in November

Discount your way into a date.


#25 Your allergy should not stand in the way of some oily fun

Damn Connor.

I think you should be my spirit animal.


#26 Dad = Wingman

She basically agrees to sleep with you, but then you still manage to F it up.

Time to learn some better Tinder texting skills.


#27 Just got out

How can someone who collected 2 tears in prison be so sweet and loving?


#28 Couch pull-out line 1.0

Don’t say it…


#29 Couch pull-out line 2.0

Say this if he does say it…


#30 This copy-pastable line works really well



#31 Cheesy can work…

Not my style, but still kudos to Gavin.


#32 Nice twist to a classic Tinder line

How much does a polar bear weigh?


#33 The actual worst pick up line I’ve found

Although I do like the part about the ducks.

That could work, with a lot of editing.


#34 Extra bad Tinder line

This one has it all: knock knock jokes, animals, intelligence…


#35 Perfect line when her name is Sarah

The guy starts the Tinder conversation with a clever joke about her name.



That was fun.

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