9 Steps to Get Laid on Tinder Tonight (+9 Text Examples)

You want to know how to get laid on Tinder. But you’re not sure how to do it.

So many conversations die down before you even get to meet her.

That’s why I’m about to tell you how to get the girls you matched on Tinder into your bed in 9 easy steps.

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By the end of the article, you’ll be able to get laid through Tinder every week.

1. Keep the attraction alive

Most guys who want to get laid through Tinder make a horrible mistake.

Just take a gander at the screenshot below.

There are too many mistakes here to count, but the one I want you to remember is this:

Never kill the attraction she feels for you by being just like everyone else.

Stay away from the hello’s and how are you’s.

Instead, break the ice with something fun and playful.

One of my favorites is to create a caption for one of her facial expressions.

Your last pic is the exact same look I have when I realize I forgot to turn the oven off

2. Keep the sex to a minimum

We recently did a Tinder experiment, where we invited our matches for a happy humping session. Right from the get-go.

The next screenshot shows a girl who was totally into me and sent me the first text.

Look what I replied.

What do you think happened next?

If you thought I’d get laid, you are horribly wrong.

Do you understand why she replied like this even though she liked me?

Because you’re robbing her from the excitement of the whole game of seduction. The build up of ‘will we/wont we’ is such a thrill!

Never get crazy sexual from the start. Slowly ramp up the flirty vibes instead.


3. Make it easy for her

The worst emotion you can make a woman feel is…


It’s the kind of chat elderly people have with the guy or girl behind the supermarket register.

Look, of course, it’s not just your responsibility to keep a conversation fun and playful.

But you do always want to make it easy for her to reply.

So before you hit ‘send’, ask yourself:

“How easy is it to come up with an interesting answer within 10 seconds?”

If the answer is anything but ‘VERY EASY!’ come up with something else.

4. Tease her

You can’t get laid on Tinder without teasing her.

What makes it so important?

Two reasons.

One, it shows that you see her as an equal rather than a princess who smells of rainbows.

Two, it builds connection.

What do you tease her with?

Anything that merits it. But preferably stuff that’s not too personal.

Like her taste in snacks, movies, and music.

IMPORTANT: Teasing is not the same as bullying. It’s always done to make her smile, not to put her down.

Here come a few copy pasta examples for when she says something you disagree with.

Oooooooh. Bad answer. But nobody is perfect 😉


Woooow. There goes our bright future. You can keep the kids while I keep the dog byyeeeee

5. Understand where she’s at

If you can show you understand her, she’ll meet you in a heartbeat.

To feel understood is one of our strongest desires of all.

And for good reason.

It’s not that easy to get what’s going on inside someone’s mind.

Although it gets easier if you can see some convo examples from others.

Like one of my friends.

As you can see by the first text, he clearly tried to turn the conversation more sexual.

And she’s clearly not on the same wavelength as him.

“Tss” she replied to his obviously sexual remark.

Although he still has a shot with her, he’s on thin ice. Because although she likes him, she doesn’t like how poorly he understands her.

Luckily, my bro finally realized that sex was out of the question. So he goes for a pancake party instead.

Dripping confidence, he double texts her and asks if she’s decided on an outfit for their get-together.

She says she’ll wear ‘onesie’. She can’t even muster up the energy to put ‘a’ in front of it.

That one-word text is a warning.

So it’s not a great move that he’s hinting at getting married while she’s pulling away.

A clear sign he’s lacking understanding.

If he wants to meet her and get laid, he really needs to slow it down with the sexuality and the douchiness.


All she wanted was to feel special to him. But my friend repeatedly gave her the impression that she was just his plaything.


Everything could have been hella different with some understanding.

Holy Tip:

Having some copy pastable lines helps out… A LOT.

Just for inspiration, or it might withhold you from sending out a needy boring text.

Find 10 of my best texts here, free download.

6. Always move the conversation forward

Sometimes we make mistakes and dig ourselves into a hole. Even me.

I got dragged into a discussion about avatars the other day.

And it almost ended everything.

Luckily, I realized the conversation was racing to a cliff with the speed of a jetfighter.

So I pulled up and saved the conversation by asking myself:

“Is this getting me closer to my goal?”

The answer was a big fat NO.

So I drop the whole discussion. And she’s glad. Which she shows by pressing the little heart button, and liking the message.

But I get no reply.


Because she wants me to put in a little effort and make it up to her.

Humor works great to defuse an explosive situation.

Which is why she invites me to a bar.

Read on in the next tip how I deal with her reply.

7. Don’t take the bait

If you want to know how to get laid on Tinder consistently, this next lesson is crucial.

Women will often test what kind of dude you are by throwing you a bone. Like when they invite you to meet up when you haven’t really earned it.

What is she looking to test?

If you’re desperate or chill.

She’s not being mean.

She’s just curious if flirting with you will be fun and challenging, or dull and easy.

Obviously, you want to be fun.

That’s why I turned down this girl’s proposal to meet up. I knew it was a premature suggestion.

Now let’s see how she reacts.

Knowing that I just earned muchos points, I turn up the dial a little.

8. Sexualize a little

Sexualizing is the best way to get her excited to meet you.

As long as you do it well.

So here’s my rule of thumb for sexualizing the right way:

Always drop in the sexual vibes in a spontaneous and contextual way.

Don’t crowbar them in there for no reason.

That’s incredibly risky. It shows that the only thing on your mind is sex.

Not exactly flattering.

So always look for opportunities to misinterpret what she says.

Does she ever mention anything about size?

I KNEW IT! Size does matter!!

Is she going off track and being a little boring?

Hmmmm. Talk more marketing to me. So sexy

The beauty of these texts? It doesn’t say anything about the two of you having sex.

So it feels very safe.

9. Give her the full range

Here’s how you’ll go from match to meeting for bedroom acrobatics.

Make her like you a little bit more with every text.

That sounds super obvious. And it is.

Except I actually know how to pull it off.

You want to vary the vibe of your texts so that she experiences the full range of what you have to offer.

Most people will stick to one or two flavors. They’ll be witty and flirty.

That’ll get you far. But if you don’t balance it out with some chill vibes, she’ll think that you’re trying too hard.

And that’s unattractive.

So whatever you do, just make sure to keep it varied.

Then things like you see in the next screenshot will be happening to you every day.

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Louis Farfields

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