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4 Steps to Get Laid on Tinder Tonight (+9 Text Examples)

You want to know how to get laid on Tinder. Fair enough, it’s great fun.

But sometimes it just seems impossible.

Conversations just die down before you can convince her to get funky with you.

But I can tell you, that I cracked the code for you…

In this article you’re getting:

  • The step-by-step guide to getting laid on Tinder
  • A Tinder mistake that got one of my coaches banned (RIP Daniel)
  • How to get her thinking about having sex with you, without talking about it
  • How I got invited over in 3 texts
  • Who gets laid more on Tinder: assholes or gentlemen? The answer
  • 9 Screenshot examples so you always know what to text
  • Much more…

Louis - The TextGod
Hey, Louis here. I know you're sometimes unsure what to text. So I've put together 10 Texts That Always Work. Copy-paste lines that instantly attract her and make her crave your attention. They work and they are free. Just a small gift to get you started. Enjoy! Click here to get them.

Let’s crack into it!

Tip 1: Mistakes to avoid

When you know what goes WRONG, you discover how to FIX it.

How come women don’t feel an unstoppable sexual urge to hook up with you?

Chances are you are making the same mistakes most men are making.

Let’s just hope you’re not doing as horribly as the guy in the screenshot below

I’m not going to fully analyze his conversation because his mistakes are pretty obvious.

I do want to stress, that you never want to start a conversation the way he does. He uses what I call the peasant opener and it’s a serious crime to open any chat like that. Your odds of an actual sexy date will drop to near zero.

Last thing I want to say about Mr. Pleasure Water, is that he clearly doesn’t understand female psychology. In other words: where her mind is at.

You can’t shoot sexual messages her way, right after she made it clear she’s not very interested. (“nowhere”).

More about understanding what she feels and wants, later in this article. As it is crucial for getting laid on Tinder.

What I want you to remember from this poor fella’s mistakes is this:

  • Never escalate the conversation when she isn’t responding enthusiastically
  • Understand the female mind

Now let’s see how you sexualize the conversation.

Tip 2: Never sexualize straight away

This Tinder tip is extremely important, because in the current politically correct climate you want to sexualize the right way.

We want you to get laid from Tinder, not banned.

Now let’s look at a screenshot from a Tinder experiment I did on YouTube.

Together with one of my coaches, Daniel, we wanted to find out who would do better on Tinder. Douchebags and assholes, or gentlemen and good guys?

Quick question: who do you think will win this battle?

I called my friend who’s a professional photographer and we went to work. After spending a whole day shooting different photos, we created two solid Tinder profiles.

One for Louis the gentleman, and one for Louis the douchebag.

To find out how the experiment went, just watch the video here:


After the experiment was done we had a whole bunch of new matches we didn’t plan on texting.

So we figured we’d turn it into a second experiment.

Which guy would women react better to when instantly invited for a happy humping session?

I might turn those results into another article and video, so I can’t tell you just yet.

But I can warn you to never try this approach yourself.

Good old Tindercoach Daniel got banned for mass texting this direct sexual opener. May his banned Tinder account rest in peace.

What’s more important is to ask ourselves why he got banned. Why did so many women report him for sending this text?

Much of the answer can be found in what this helpful lady responded:

Tell ‘m girl!

Let’s read that again:

“This is the part where you put effort into wooing me.
I’m not a delivery prostitute.
For the love of God.
Work a little for this pussy.”

It’s almost like a poem.

Now if we convert this into a Tinder rule, it would sound something like this:

  • Never sexualize straight from the get-go

Don’t get me wrong, it’s best to have your intentions clear throughout the conversation. But let’s show a little tact, rather than shout it at her in the first message like a texting caveman.

It would be sort of like this: Pick any sports you like watching. Football, MMA, chess, whatever.

Imagine that instead of WATCHING the entire match, you’ll only get to see the LAST MINUTES.

Would it still be exciting?

It wouldn’t be for me.

When explicitly telling her you want to have $€X with her right from the start, you are robbing her from the excitement of the whole ‘game’.

Like the exciting moment when you get to know someone and you challenge each other a bit creating the whole build-up. Instead of skipping right to the final moments.

And unless you’re an A list celebrity like Justin Bieber or Leonardo Di Caprio, you’ll have little to no success with this approach.

Yet, another common mistake is the polar opposite.

Tip 3: Don’t be like the cashier at the supermarket

Do you know what the one thing is that you should never make a woman feel?

The absolute LAST thing a woman wants to feel when you’re talking to her…

…is boredom.

And unfortunately, that’s what many girls experience in texts, over phone calls, and on dates.

If you’re trying to get laid on Tinder (and in life in general), you need to excite that other person.

You want to make her feel all sorts of emotions, but never that one.

Now I need you to be honest with me.

Have you ever had a (text) conversation that went something like this:

If it was your aunt or grandma texting, then I’ll let it slide.

If it was anyone you’re romantically interested in, then you deserve a good spanking.

One day when schools teach useful stuff, like how to text women, they’ll show students this screenshot. A textbook example of boring small talk.

It’s the kind of chat elderly people have with the guy or girl behind the supermarket register.

And it’s kryptonite for your lays on Tinder.

Now I don’t think men should single-handedly make a conversation playful and interesting… But how can this girl give interesting replies after such boring texts?

He is definitely not making it easy for her.

Besides, this emotionless conversation shows no intent at all. This is a big miss, because according to research, emotions are the root cause of decision making and action-taking.

So when he wants to move the conversation to WhatsApp, she stops replying.

I often see guys doing either this: trying to go to the next step when the setting isn’t right. Or they’ll just keep on having a bland text conversation. Without ever taking the leap and trying to go to the next step.

Both come from a lack of understanding of her mindset.

Anyway, enough zooming in on common mistakes.

Let’s look at a solution so you actually learn how to get laid on Tinder.

And this, my dear friend, is how we arrive at a little system I created for you.

Do keep in mind though:

It’s not a black and white waterproof roadmap that you need to follow religiously.

It gives you an idea of the main principles. Something to hold on to or think about when in doubt.

To make it easier for you to remember the different parts of the system, I gave it a memorable name.

The S L U T method.

Which doesn’t refer to anyone, except maybe its creator.

Self-knowledge is the beginning of all wisdom.

The S L U T Method


Let’s see how you can get laid on Tinder using this cute method.

First, let’s see what S L U T stands for:





That’s right.

Sexualize, Lead, Understand, and Tease.

You can check out this short video I created about the method:

(And subscribe, because I often give out new lines for witty texts or funny bios on my YouTube channel.)

In the first part of the article we saw some guys making all sorts of mistakes.

We saw sexualizing way too fast and too directly. We saw multiple men not understanding the girls they’re talking to. We saw very poor leadership. And we saw a huge lack of teasing. In fact we saw no teasing at all.

Pretty funny, considering teasing is pretty much the essence of flirting.

Now to prevent you from tussling with this method, I’m going to change up the order a bit.

Let’s talk about this is the most logical order. The order in which these 4 “steps” will be happen in most of your conversations.





Get it? Tussling.

*ba dum tss!*

It all starts with Teasing.

T stands for Tease

There’s no getting laid on Tinder without teasing.

You WILL have to tease her. A lot.

Which brings me to the first question I often get:

“How do you tease? What can I tease her with? Which subjects are ok for teasing and which aren’t?”

Good questions.

And there are good answers too.

In my opinion you can tease a girl about these things:

  • Her taste in music
  • Her taste in movies
  • Her taste in men
  • Her taste in literally anything
  • Literally anything in the world.

Yes, you can tease her on ANYTHING.

And most of your teasing will have the same effect: she will see you more as a fornication prospect.

In fact, teasing is one of the key components to bonding and forming relationships.

Think of two kids playing a game of basketball in school.

One of them misses a dunk and the other shouts at him:

“Hey, Michael Jordan, nice shot!”

It’s a natural way for people to create a positive bond.

As long as you keep this in mind:

Teasing is done in a playful matter.

By no means should you aim to hurt the other person’s feelings.

This is when teasing turns into bullying.

We don’t want bullying. We want teasing. With the option of resulting in getting laid.

Now before this all gets too theoretical and confusing, let’s just grab a screenshot and look at a Tinder example:

In this conversation with a gorgeous Latvian girl, there’s a good amount of teasing.

I was coaching a couple men in this beautiful city. And of course when I wasn’t coaching, I explored the city myself. I asked one of my matches for some must-see things in the capital city, Riga.

Sweet and helpful as she was, she told me to check out St. Peter’s church. The panoramic view on top is said to be amazing.

Before we jump to my reply, how would you tease this girl on Tinder?

Think about it for a second.

Now there’s plenty of ways to tease her.

I opted for a little poke:

Is this a harsh reply?

No, it isn’t.

It’s a rather light push. But a tease nonetheless.

By calling her city a village, I playfully mock her hometown.

That’s all it takes. It’s the small steps you take that will eventually get you laid on Tinder. Not the huge steps like the earlier examples that tried to instantly skip to sex.

Let’s see what happened next:

I thank her for the tip.

And then I ask her if this is a tip for tip exchange.

I was hoping she was a bit of a memer and was knew the ‘Just the tip’ joke from comedy show ‘Archer’.

My joke clearly went over her head.

Which is no big deal, because it gives us an easy way of teasing her a second time.

“Overestimated your meme knowledge”

These little teases are unbelievably important to create attraction.

They challenge her.

They show her that you don’t see her as some divine creature that’s upon a pedestal, so high she could get hit by an airplane.

You’re more like equals.

Equals having fun and dissing each other.

Like you diss your close friends.

omg wtf lol so true bro omg for real rofl

Now before you’re going to tease her, you want to make sure you don’t offend her. Or not too often at least.

And after you’ve been teasing her, you want to be able to read how she took it.

And when you’ve been doing this for a while, you want to know whether she’s ready to “take it” (read: if you’ll get laid on Tinder).

Because if you can’t do this, if you don’t understand the signals she sends your way…

Things will go horribly wrong real quick.

U stands for Understand

This is the hard part.

I hope U understand that.

(sorry, I’m trying to kick back on the lame jokes)

But this seriously is the hard part.

For some it comes naturally, others will need more training.

Let’s look at a screenshot example.

The guy from the screenshot below doesn’t know how to get laid on Tinder. Because he doesn’t understand what’s going on in the mind of the woman he’s texting with.

It starts with him saying something we can’t see.

But going by her response: “nope I am a good girl didn’t you notice”, he made a remark that insinuated some naughty behavior.

He replies:

Yes I did. What are you doing up so late

Especially with the smirk, it’s very clear he wants to set a naughty/sexual vibe.

“Working. You? This is a horrible answer

It’s at this point that he needs to realize she isn’t in the same headspace as him.

Especially after he asks her to explain and she then states she is a lady that deserves a gentleman.

She is trying to say that she’s not willing to talk dirty. And that she’s not convinced of his motives at the moment.

Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t understand what she’s saying. And he goes:

I can be a gentleman by bringing you home afterwards 😉

A joke she doesn’t take well. “Tss”.

One of the worst things he could text her now is a question mark.

Let’s see what he goes with.

Oh goddamnit.

That’s how you really frustrate a woman. By showing you have absolutely no clue what she wants.

Either way, our hombre is not planning on giving up just yet. He launches a second attempt and asks her out for a pancake party.

(if you ever need an easy, quick, and casual date idea… baking pancakes together can be great fun)

And that’s where the conversation ends for that day. If you look at the timestamps, then you see that she doesn’t respond anymore.

That doesn’t scare our brave man, and at 3:38 pm he asks her if she’s decided on an outfit yet.

Please notice: She did actually show a healthy amount of interest in this guy. Especially at the start where she adds more emojis to her text. There’s even a smirk and a kiss added to the first text.

Also notice: By him being uncalibrated and showing that he doesn’t understand where her mind is at, the attraction dies down little by little. If he doesn’t turn this around fast, it will be game over.

She says she’ll wear a onesie.

Which is pretty cute and cozy.

If she was really turned off at this point she would have said she’d wear 5 jackets or a trash bag or something.

Here’s the photo he sends her that got butchered in the screenshot:

Could our man be making a comeback?

It looks like she hasn’t given up on him yet.

His wedding proposal is a bit too soon if you’d ask me, but she’s not reacting horribly.

Let’s hope he understand that the situation is still fragile and needs more comfort. He needs to slow it down with the sexuality and the douchiness.

If he does it right, this could end in a date after all.

If he takes a wrong turn again, it could very well be back to start.

“I’ll check my schedule. But I know I have another one next week *childish horrible emoji I never ever want you to use*”

As if that wasn’t painful enough, he tells her to meet at 19:00 at the bus stop. Right after she literally said:

“Whoops. That’s bitter.”

If I ever need someone to give a speech on ‘how to make a girl feel not special at all’, I’ll be sure to give him a call.

Guess who never took this lady out for a date?

Correct, this guy.

And it’s sad you know. He was so close the whole time.

All he had to do was show her that he understands how she feels. But that went over his head.

Everything could have been hella different with some calibration.

Holy Tip:

Having some copy pastable lines helps out… A LOT.

Just for inspiration, or it might withhold you from sending out a needy boring text.

Find 10 of my best texts here, free download.

Understanding to get laid on Tinder (and my big mistake)


…let’s look at a conversation where I took some wrong turns.

For some reason I’m engaged in a discussion about a girl’s avatar. The conversation was headed towards a ravine at 500 mph.

Now I’m at the same point where the pancake-party-guy was at. Which is this:

There’s interest from her part.

(usually people won’t bother texting someone they don’t hope to get along with.)

But I repelled her a bit with the whole argument.

The good news is: I understand this. So I can adjust my approach and make things work.

Let’s see how I try to turn things around. So I can get laid on Tinder. Tonight.

First of all, I ended the discussion.

It’s a good thing to ask yourself this question at times:

“where is this heading?”


“is this getting me closer to my goal?”

Which in your case will most likely be to get laid on Tinder.

When I asked myself this, the answer was a big fat NO.

Trying to win a discussion rarely does any good.

So I tell her it doesn’t even matter.

And she’s glad. Which she shows by pressing the little heart button, liking the message.

That’s it though.

There’s no reply.

So just like the pancake-party-guy, we will have to double text her and try to revive the conversation.

We won’t ask her to get married out of the blue, like he did.

We’ll go with humor.

Humor works great to defuse an explosive situation.

“What’s up girl who’s currently my best Tinder convo ever?

Have you also been enjoying the aftertaste of our insane chemistry?”

It’s a playful way of admitting you weren’t really smooth. While at the same time mocking yourself. Which is always good if it goes paired with self confidence.

She’s still not replying lavishly.

But she is inviting us to some bar.

Now here’s something else you need to understand.

If you want to know how to get laid on Tinder consistently, this next lesson is crucial.

Women will often test what kind of cat you are.

You could see her suddenly offering to meet up as a bait.

Now MOST men, will be this type of cat:

As soon as the woman they’re texting with shows some interest, they’ll pounce on that opportunity.

Which pretty much saying:

“Damn I’m thirsty. I usually don’t know how to get laid on Tinder. I’m grabbing this opportunity with both hands. ASAP.”

Which leaves no challenge for her.

No excitement. No fun. No feeling of having to win you over.

But you have an other option.

You could be the type of cat that is used to attention.

The type of cat that has been around the block before and and doesn’t jump on everything that moves.

That’s the type of cat we’re going to be in this conversation.

Ok, let’s explain what’s going on here.

First, I mock the shitty start of our conversation. I remind her of the frustration she felt and I laugh it off.

This might seem counter intuitive, but remember what we talked about in Tip 3:

You want to make her feel all sorts of feels, but not boredom. Even frustration is better than boredom.

Then think about the conversation with pancake-party-guy.

Do you remember what the girl texted him in the end?

You need to try harder cutie. I am not your doggie.

She was making him work harder for her.

We are now that girl. We are reversing the usual roles where the guy needs to chase the girl.

We are the cat that doesn’t pounce.

But we’re not serious about this. It’s very clear that my text is not butthurt. If this message were were sent in a serious tone of voice, it wouldn’t get us anywhere.

We understand that more fun is needed here to steer away from the less comfortable vibe from earlier in the conversation.

Now let’s see how she reacts.

Looks like a pretty good reaction.

Especially considering she didn’t feel like talking to us anymore after the argument about her avatar.

By understanding where her mind is at, you can make the necessary moves to turn her around. And flip her mood 180 degrees.

Now that you know the importance of understanding, I feel like it’s time to turn on the oven. Make the conversation all hot and fiery.

It’s time for the “S”.

S stands for Sexualize

At the start of the article we agreed that most men are too boring.

They have pretty standard conversations without any clear intentions.

Want to know how to get laid on Tinder?

Avoid those conversations at all costs.

One good tool to break free from such talks, is sexualizing.

And I’m not sure if you noticed, but we’ve already seen a little bit of sexualizing earlier. In this screenshot:

“Is this a tip for tip exchange?”

Right there.

It’s the perfect crime.

She just gave me a tip when I asked her for cool things to see in her city.

By then talking about tips in a perverse way, we sexualize the conversation very casually.

It almost happened accidentally.

Which is my first rule of sexualizing:

  • You always want to have sexual vibe come into your conversations “by accident”.

Do you see how this is a way smoother and subtler way of sexualizing than this:

Another reason why she will roll with my sexual jokes, is that they are contextual.

Unlike Mr. Pleasure Water’s text, which could be copy pasted (and rejected) anywhere.

Anyway let’s see how the conversation continues.

I’m going with some more contextual sexualizing.

And I crank it up a notch.

Now I know this is very edgy humor, so I instantly add “Too much?”.

Because I understand that this might put her off and I want to make sure she doesn’t get offended too much by this type of humor.

By the way, my exact rules for sexualizing, like when to amp it up and when to tone it down, and when in the conversation to start sexualizing, are all in my Over the Top TextGame workshop.

Let’s continue:

Now we’re having a pretty sweet text conversation.

The ideal environment to get laid from.

And the best part is that we never talked about her and I having sex.

Indirect sexuality is the best sexuality.

Take that from me. Or check out the OTTG workshop and learn more about it.


We’ve been teasing ladies, we’ve been understanding ladies, and we’ve been sexualizing conversations with ladies.

We’re missing one crucial ingredient here.

Without the last ingredient, this leads nowhere.

L stands for Lead

Why do so many men get stuck in an endless stream of Tinder texting back and forth that eventually end up being a waste of time?

Why don’t those conversations result in an epic night of bedroom acrobatics? Or a relationship with a girl (AKA tons of bedroom acrobatics)?

Well there’s a lot of reasons, such as a lack of sexualization, but one of the main reasons is this:

The man doesn’t lead.

And if YOU don’t lead a conversation to the destination of your choosing (read: bedroom acrobatics)

Then it goes to either of these standard locations:

  • The Graveyard (Where conversations come to die)
  • The Friendzone (Which is even worse than The Graveyard)

The way to avoid these dreaded locations, and coincidentally also how to get laid on Tinder, is the S L U T method.

If you:

  • Tease her throughout most of the conversation
  • Sexualize the conversation the right way
  • And you understand where her mind is at & when teasing/sexualizing are in place

Then you automatically lead the conversation towards a romantic date or some hardcore lovemaking.

Leading isn’t always visible in very clear chunks. It’s in your vibe throughout the whole talk.

Now I know you like very specific examples, so I’ll give you one.

Here’s one that is a very clear step to the next level in the interaction:

In case you haven’t flirted with Eastern European m’ladies… they use Telegram rather than iMessage, Whatsapp, Viber, Kik, or whatever messaging app you use.

And that, my dearest reader, is how to get laid on Tinder using the S L U T method.

To give you an extra boost, I put together The TextGod Toolkit with copy pastable lines and much more goodies. I’ll send it to you for free when you click the download button below.

Louis Farfields

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