Best Hookup App 2024? This App Gets You Laid

Are you looking for the best hookup app that works in 2024?

I’ll be comparing the most popular apps to show you which one is right for you. (The answer may surprise you!)

Plus, you’ll also get the best practical steps to find a “friends with benefits” on any dating app.

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What dating app works best for hookups?

Out of all the current dating apps, three are best for hookups. I’ll quickly break down the pros and cons of each.

  • It has millions of users worldwide. So even if only 1 out of 10 are open for something casual, that’s still a lot of people. Plus, it already has a reputation that matches the no-strings-attached vibe.
  • Although not as popular as Tinder, it’s just as diverse. But since its audience is a little more mature, you tend to get more engaged matches and meet women with a more modern approach to dating.
  • This dating app is designed for exploring alternative sexual relationships and experiences. Need I say more?

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What makes a good hookup app?

What decides if a dating app is good for hookups is largely decided by the next 3 elements:

  • Popularity (in your area). The more people on the app, the bigger the group of people who are open to something casual.
  • Dating app culture. A dating service aimed at long-term relationships obviously attracts a very different crowd of people than one designed for all kinds of relationships. Plus, some dating apps are more modern and liberal.
  • Screening methods. An ability to filter out the wrong people hugely speeds up the match making process.
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Comparing hookup apps

1. Tinder

Good ol’ Tinder. It’s user base is worldwide and its swiping mechanism makes it easy to find matchups. But most importantly, it’s known as the hook up app.

Combining its bias towards casual meet ups and a huge audience, you’ll find plenty of people who are just your type.

  • The largest user base of all dating apps. Making it almost a guarantee that you’ll find someone you like who’s open for hooking up.
  • Known as the hook up app.
  • Fast-paced. You can go from matching to date in a very short time.
  • Verification badges ensure that you meet with the right person.
  • Premium options allow you to meet people faster.
  • Competition can be fierce.
  • Success greatly depends on the strength of your photos.
  • Premium options can be expensive.
  • Lack of good filter options.

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2. Bumble

Bumble is Tinder’s more liberal cousin. It’s a little more mature and grown up. And just a little less popular.

But it’s equally good at finding you matches for something casual. If not better.

  • Women are motivated to go first. That takes some of the pressure of you.
  • Photo verification prevents you from matching with catfish.
  • Bumble users tend to be more engaged than those on Tinder.
  • Not as much competition as on Tinder. Fewer men, but more women.
  • The emphasis on prompts makes for easier conversation.
  • Better filter options to find what you’re after.
  • The 24-hour rule will sadly force you to lose a few matches.
  • You’ll struggle without good photos.
  • Less paid options to stand out from the crowd.

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3. Hinge

Hinge markets itself as the app that’s meant to be deleted. Meaning that it’s actually aimed at long-term relationships.

But as weird as it sounds, Hinge is surprisingly good for casual dates. Admitted, you won’t find as many people to go out with every week as on Bumble or Tinder. After all, you can only like a maximum of 5 profiles per day. But the matches you do get, will be great if you know what to look for.

  • Thanks to the 6-photo minimum, you can get a good read on what someone’s like.
  • Gives away great features that typically cost you money.
  • The most active community I’ve witnessed on a dating app.
  • Popular in the cities.
  • Gives you the ability to send a message while you like someone’s profile. Making matching 69x more likely.
  • Not great outside of the cities.
  • Technically aimed at relationships, although that doesn’t have to be a problem.
  • You can only like 5 profiles per day.

4. Feeld

Feeld is all about non-judgment. Its audience is open-minded, looking for non-traditional romance, and are down to get freaky.

You will even meet kinky couples who are interested in threesomes. Pretty neat.

  • One of the most inclusive dating apps available.
  • Great if you want to experiment and try new things in the bedroom.
  • Many users are into polyamory and swinging, making hook ups part of the culture.
  • If all you want is a hook up, Feeld might be a little too advanced for you.
  • Some people will lose interest in you if you don’t share the same kink.
  • Relatively small userbase compared to Tinder and Bumble.

5. OkCupid

Since Tinder bursted onto the scene, OkCupid went through a transformation and got far more progressive. Although still largely aimed at finding love, hookup play a far larger role now.

Although OkCupid definitely isn’t my first pick when I think of bedroom adventures. It might be your best pick if you’re in Eastern Europe where OkCupid is often more popular than Tinder.

Do know that there is far more reading involved than on the swiping apps. So if you’re going to try OkCupid, be sure to put on your reading glasses

  • Hugely in-depth profiles. Doesn’t sound sexy, but it will help you find out if someone is open for casual dating.
  • The app shows you a compatibility score which makes for better and more fun matches.
  • Diverse user base. And quite a bit of cougars if you’re into that.
  • You can use lots of filters related to lifestyle and dating goals.
  • It’s possible to send someone a message before matching.
  • Limited amount of users depending on area.
  • Freemium model locks many good features behind a paywall.
  • Generally has a more older and relation-ship oriented audience.
  • A lot of older and more relationship-oriented users
  • Even though you might be highly compatible with someone, that doesn’t mean that they’re open for hooking up.

Honourable mentions


Another dating community that’s aimed at exploring your kinks and fetishes.

  • Very tight community. Once you find your way, you’ll have made a lot of good friends.
  • Technically not a dating app. Finding hookups requires more effort than on a standard dating app.
  • Incredibly niche
  • Technically not a dating app. Finding hookups requires more effort than on a standard dating app.
  • Overwhelming and intimidating if you’re new to the kink community.
  • Lack of a good verification process can lead to fake profiles.

Adult Friend Finder

Yes, it’s designed for casual sexual encounters. But it often falls short of its expectations.

  • The only dating app of this article that’s solely about casual sex and hookups.
  • Relatively large user base.
  • Notorious for having lots of fake profiles and charging hefty fees.
  • It has a depressing Trustpilot score of 1.3.
  • Unfriendly user

Ashley Madison

Hugely famous dating app and not for good reason, once its entire list of members got leaked across the internet. Announcing the end of many marriages.

But, all the same, Ashley Madison emphasizes casual sex with it’s classy tagline, “life is short, have an affair.” And that’s what this article is all about. The getting laid part, not the affair part.

  • High emphasis on privacy. Although we all know that’s not foolproof.
  • Allows you to meet people in cities you plan to visit.
  • Easy to use.
  • Will give you lots of success if you’re young and looking for cougars.
  • The 2015 data breach obviously brings security cocnernts.
  • Costly for men to start conversations, it costs money!
  • Has a fair amount of scammers.

How do I get a hookup on a dating app?

  1. Pick the right app for you.
  2. Create a strong profile that attracts your target audience.
  3. Only like appropriate profiles.
  4. Make yourself stand out after matching.
  5. Build enough trust.
  6. Ask them out.
  7. Hook up.

Your profile will almost always be the deciding factor. So to get the best tips on building a successful dating profile, check out my next article:

Best hookup app – Conclusion

If you want a successful experience on hookup apps, you want to create an attractive and authentic profile. One that clearly communicates your intentions.

Your transparency will help attract like minded people.

But having the same desires isn’t enough. After matching the right person, you also need to get them excited to meet you.

And the best way to do that is by being flirty and playful.

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