Tinder Experiences of a Real Life Tinder Coach +15 Must-Have tips

Do you want to evolve from a Tinder newbie to an absolute Tinder LEGEND?

That’s what I wanted when I tried Tinder way back in 2013.

After using Tinder for after a decade, I want to show you the top 5 mistakes men make on Tinder and give you 10 tips that will land you dates with the most beautiful women.

What I learned after 100+ Tinder Dates

In the following video, I go over screenshots of my conversations, profile tips, and anything you need to make your Tinder experiences a success.

Look at it as a guide for Tinder, for first-timers.

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Is Tinder worth your time and effort?

“Hurr durr Tinder is a waste of time. Just go talk to women on the streets or in the clubb hurr durr”
—The local idiot

“Yo Tinder is for losers, bro”

I’d never recommend using Tinder as a replacement for face to face interactions. Real life clearly has its advantages.

But whoever says Tinder is a waste of time is either:

…not the sharpest tool in the shed…

Or (and this one is more likely):

… he doesn’t have a lot of success on Tinder.

If you aren’t successful on Tinder, it’s only logical you’re going to hate on the app…

But, my dear bro, let me tell you:

Tinder is the shit. Blessed be the day that Tinder arrived on Earth and drowned us in pussy.


  • You’ll meet LOTS of beautiful women
  • It barely costs you any time or money
  • You can take your time to reply (and learn which responses WORK)
  • You turn boring moments into dates (toilet, public transportation, the waiting room at the doctor’s, or the funeral of some aunt)
  • You’ll date girls that you’d never meet in real life (maybe your dream girl doesn’t visit the same places you do)
  • It’s so EASY (once you know the tricks)
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1. Swipe like it’s real life

Do you know someone who’s been on a dry spell for so long that he’d jump into bed with ANYONE?

Do you think being hungry for a lay helps seduce the ladies?

You can see his desperation a mile away.

Not very attractive.

No woman wants to be with someone whose standards are so low that he’d hump a rock.

For some guys, this pebble is a fleshlight.

Tinder is no different.

If you swipe everyone right, you’re communicating that you’re a pebble fucker.

“Women on Tinder don’t know if you swipe everyone right or not”
—That one dude during my lecture in Amsterdam

Very true. Women don’t know.

But Tinder knows.

Tinder has a complex algorithm that knows exactly what you’re doing on Tinder and when.

If you swipe everyone right, the algorithm is onto you.

And it punishes you without mercy.

Say goodbye to the cuties in your swipe stack. Because the algorithm took them away from you.

All you’re left with are the unwanted.

The solution?

Treat it like you do real life.

You don’t walk down the street and try to date every girl you see.

You pick your women carefully.

Tinder works the same: swipe selectively.

The upside of being selective?

Whenever you get a new match, it’s going to be high quality.

2. Put in some effort

I see this FAR too often and it’s hurting your success on Tinder.

Stop hanging onto a sucky profile.

I want you to do two things:

  1. Read my article 33 Reasons you don’t have any matches like you’re a law student with a Ritalin addiction.
  2. Get in touch with someone who knows their way around a camera.

Not only will you get more (and hotter) matches …

… you’ll also attract more women of the type you like most.

If I’d open my Tinder right now, chances are that a few girls will have sent the first text.

A conversation dies? They’ll be the ones starting it again because my Tinder bio helps them with that.

3. Stop pretending

Most guys on Tinder focus on all the wrong things.

Things like message length and timing to seem a little aloof, how cool and funny they seem, etcetera.

And I get it!

Hollywood has taught you that you have to save the world and look sexy doing it to get the most beautiful woman. Thank you, 007.

That’s why it’s easy to feel like your normal self isn’t good enough. And that you need to be someone you’re not.

Look, you don’t need to be part of The Avengers to attract a cute girl.

This belief will just turn you into a phony.

My number one advice for getting better with women on Tinder is this: HAVE FUN.

Someone who sends texts when in a bad mood won’t get to seal the deal a lot.

Someone who rolls over laughing at his own texts is the person that seals deals as if he were the best salesman in town.

This lady mentions in her bio that she’s not a “horse freak”.

You know… The kind of girl that spends every waking moment at the stables and spends her nights in bed drawing horses.

Here comes a convo from a my gym buddy Michael who has clearly mastered the art of having fun on Tinder:


If you have a look at the timestamps you can see that Michael doesn’t really take the whole Tinder thing seriously.

He just wants to have fun.

And if girls go along with his uhmm…. “unique” humor, great.

Which happened more often than not.

Michael didn’t have a lack of Tinder dates. At the moment of writing, he’s been happily together with his girlfriend for 6 year, 2 months and 3 days…

…whom he met on Tinder.

You can’t survive Tinder for too long without having fun.

How do you think I’m doing this for over 10 years and still spend hours and hours on the app every week?

4. You’re as predictable as a bad soap opera

“Hey bro… pull my finger…”

Oh, you know that one already?

Pull my finger… and unleash the power of the dark side.

Nothing less exciting than being a predictable soap opera, a predictable story, or a predictable guy on Tinder.

Next time some girl from your social circle starts crushing on someone, ask her what makes him so intriguing.


There’s a big chance that she’ll start a monologue that could go on for hours.

But somewhere in that monologue, there’ll be a part about how she just can’t get a grip on him.

She can’t figure him out… She doesn’t know where she stands. Maybe she’ll even find him a bit intimidating.

But do you know what she will NEVER say?

“He’s so predictable! I know exactly what he’s going to do and I love it!”

This is also the reason why a Tinder conversation that starts with “Hey how are you?” is doomed to fail.

Next time try saying something she DOESN’T expect.

If a woman texts me the worst Tinder pickup line ever, never go along with that boring vibe.

Instead, I prefer to come up with something unpredictable and playful.

Give her an exaggerated reply when she expects just a boring “I’m fine how about you?”

And what if you get her number and add her on WhatsApp (or whatever communication app you use)?

What do you text then?

Your name?

A pickup line such as “congratulations for getting my number”?

Try taking her by surprise with your ridiculously sexy voice and just blast her a challenging voice message.

You’d be surprised how quickly you get her to go crazy over you.

I think it’s pretty clear by now. Keep the boring and predictable small talk for the conversations with your auntie on Christmas.

And listen to these inspiring words:

“Predictability is the death of attraction.”
—My mom

“Be unpredictable and watch how crazy for you she gets.”

5. Keep it emotional

Do you know how to easily recognize a Tinder noob supreme?

The focus in his conversations is completely on him.

What do I mean by that?

They leave nothing to the imagination. If their date asks them something they share every detail there is.

A woman just has to ask a guy what he does for a living, if he ever considered going scuba diving in Ibiza, or what his greatest fantasy is.

And the Tinder noob supreme answers with a TED talk.

There’s another, slightly more advanced group of Tinderers, who don’t focus on themselves anymore.

They understand that if you can’t build a connection if you do all the talking.

What do these guys do? They focus on HER.

  • What would she think about me?
  • What can I say that makes her like me more?
  • Would she react well to this?

Here are some guys who are in this phase:

My tip for you?

Don’t be the Tinder noob supreme who’s solely focused on himself.

Don’t be the slightly better dude that focuses on her.

Be the Tinder Demigod that focuses on the VIBE.

Being seductive isn’t about sharing your life’s story or getting to know hers.

It’s about keeping it emotionally stimulating.

How do you do that?

  • Start taking things less seriously.
  • Exaggerate your replies.
  • Throw some weird words in your sentences.

If you give her a unique atmosphere, you’ll immediately stand out from the crowd. The crowd that’s so busy sharing all kinds of factual information that no one cares about.

6. Know what your goal is on Tinder

“Even the best captain gets lost at sea if he doesn’t have a compass”

Ever heard this quote?


That’s normal because I just made it up on the spot. But it gets my point across. If you just pointlessly swipe on Tinder without knowing what you want…

… you won’t get a lot of results.

Just as in every area in your life, you need a purpose. A destination you want to reach.

Do you want a committing relationship that lasts until death do you part?

Good. Then make a profile that reaches exactly those girls.

Do you want to have a threesome with 2 transgenders tonight? Uuuuhhh….

Yeah okay… fine. Then make a profile that reaches exactly those girls.

You’d think it’s self-explanatory that you don’t upload party pictures if you’re looking for a serious relationship. Yet I see a lot of guys who do just that.

On the other hand, there are guys who prefer short-lived romances on Tinder.  They are the ones complaining about only matching with girls who are looking for something serious.

Maybe it’s because of the picture where they are lovingly holding their little cousin? Or maybe it’s them showing off their parenting skills in the three pictures with their dog? Or maybe because there’s not a single pic that makes her princess parts tingle?

7. Use this kind of picture

There can only be one first photo on Tinder And that picture makes or breaks your profile.

Sounds pretty simple. But there’s so much going on. Together with a friend, who’s a professional photographer, we shot a Tinder profile picture that’s almost perfect. It was such a big upgrade from my old picture that my success on Tinder went up by 614%. That’s right. Six hundred and fourteen percent.

It’s not just about being photogenic. There are dozens of little tricks that make the cognitive workload in her brain as little as possible.

And the less her brain has to work when looking at your photo, the bigger the chance she swipes you right.

8. Turn on notifications (you’ll get rewarded for it)

Maybe you’re just like me and you get slightly aggressive by all those notifications on your phone.

That’s why I turn all of them off. Even WhatsApp.

(Turning off your WhatsApp notifications has an enormous benefit when it comes to picking up women. I’ll talk about this some other time.)

Anyway, turn off all notifications.

But not those of Tinder.

There are multiple reasons for this and I’ll give you 3 good ones:

  • Women like fast replies. A woman is most excited to talk to you right after matching. Make her wait too long and she’s likely crushing on giga chin Chad.
  • Tinder likes fast replies. People that immediately text their match get bonus points from the Tinder algorithm. (This way you get to see hotter girls.)
  • Works as a good reminder. A good consistent conversational flow is your best way of getting her excited for the date.

9. Use Superlikes and Boost

In real life, you can like someone or you can REALLY LIKE someone.

Tinder’s no different.

You can give someone a like when you find them attractive…

… but sometimes someone comes along that makes you feel just that little extra excited…

… as if you crushed 2 boxes of Viagra and snorted it up your nose with a 500 dollar banknote.

You can give this fine lady a Superlike (this way you have 3 times the chance of getting the match).

Personally, I’m more inclined to like someone that superliked me. This is no different for girls.

Will she always like you back after a Superlike?


Is the chance X times bigger, just as Tinder promised?


Then there’s the Tinder boost. This feature is a bit different.


The first one is like a dealer who gives you a few crumbs of crack. The stuff is powerful and you’ll end up wanting more.

My Tinder experiences have taught me that Tinder Boost is something powerful too.

For 30 minutes you are at the top of the stack of profiles for all girls near you. Girls that are swiping will quickly stumble onto your profile. You’d be seen 10 times more during those 30 minutes.

How many matches do you get with one boost?

It depends on the time and place of your boost. But especially on how good your profile is.

Would I recommend Tinder Boost to everyone with a strong profile and who can spare a few euros?


10. The opener that never fails

Everyone always wants that perfect opener.

Unfortunately, those so-called perfect openers often don’t work anymore. They have been used so often that they don’t turn a single head today.

I have just made a video for you where I reveal the best Tinder icebreakers. Openers you DON’T know yet.

From extremely absurd humor to psychological marketing tricks that work 10 out of 10 times.

Lean back and enjoy:

11. Keep the conversation moving

If you want cool Tinder experiences you have to be able to keep a conversation going.

Easier said than done. Cause if you drop the ball…

Then she will most likely drop you. And move on until she finds someone who’s a good time.

These are a few things that break your conversation without you knowing:

  • Emojis (seriously bro, if you don’t know when you should use one, you better don’t).
  • The length of your text.
  • The hidden subtext of your messages.

If you’re someone whose conversations often die, you better read my article. Together we’ll analyze some conversations from men who make similar mistakes.

12. Create an irresistible Tinder bio

If I’m Tindering and I see someone that I LOVE, I shove her right instantly.

Do I see someone that I really don’t like I immediately swipe her left.

Everything in between?

All those ladies I can’t decide on immediately?

I read their bio.

She doesn’t have one?

And this is also how most women handle your profile.

You don’t have an awesome bio? Then you’re making a big mistake.

Profiles with a bio get up to 4 times more matches.

Profiles with a GOOD bio don’t only get a lot more matches…

  • They also incite women to start the conversation.
  • They revive old conversations.
  • They filter out the girl YOU want.

If you’re even just thinking about using this kind of bio:

It’s time to smash that backspace button 64 times.

This kind of bio blocks you more than it helps.

The reason this cockblocks you, and which kind of bio gives you more pussy than the animal shelter will all be explained in my Tinder Profile Tips article.

There I’ll be showing you good and bad bios. Including one of my very own bios.

13. Go against the flow

This is what the great Merriam Webster Dictionary has to say about this:

“When you keep your nice guy urges under control and go against the flow on purpose. It results in her wanting to rip your pants off instead of friend zoning you.”

Take Gary for example. Our youngest boot camp member ever.

My green-loving mentee teases girls harder than ever before. And that’s noticeable by his lay count.

What’s your go-to move?

Are you more inclined to give her compliments or to playfully push her away?

Are you a pleaser instead of a teaser?

Then I advise you to tease on purpose next time. Just like it was in middle school.

It’s the best way to transform from a chihuahua into an untameable wolf.

14. Get away from Tinder

If you encounter someone worth keeping, you have to take action.

Once the conversation is flowing you want to get away from Tinder. You are better off talking on a more, personal, platform.





Don’t keep going on Tinder forever.

Transition to a more personal platform that she shares with people more close to her.

On Tinder, there’s an entire legion of dudes talking to her. And a big part of them are massive creeps.

On WhatsApp, however, there are only her friends and family. People she’s close with.

Wouldn’t it be much better if you contacted her there? In an environment where the texts she receives carry a lot more comfort?

Do you have a Facebook or Instagram account with awesome pictures? Then you can text her there instead of WhatsApp.

I have written a Nobel Price winning article about. You can find it here:

15. Get her addicted to you

Even if we’re super slick in real life, few of us are naturally gifted at seduction over text.

That’s why I want to give you my 10 Texts That Always Work, plus…

…my most powerful texting technique of all, The Personality Slice.

Don’t take my word for it, watch my seminar about it and put my technique to good use.

I that you’ll get good results.

Try it for yourself by hitting the big gold button below.

Then check your inbox and get her addicted to your texts today.


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