Hinge Hookup: 10 Best Tips (+ Texting Examples)

Hinge has a reputation for serious relationships. But the dating app also has a more casual crowd.

In this article, I’ll show you how to attract women who are interested in hooking up. Without being a creeper or giga chad.

In this article:More...

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Is Hinge only for dating or also for hookups?

Hinge isn’t just for serious relationships.

While most people on Hinge are looking for something serious (80% according to some sources), there are still a lot of women who just want something casual.

What’s MORE interesting though, is that many girls are open to hooking up with you IF you’re the right type of guy. That includes the girls looking for something more serious.

Follow the tips of this article, and you’ll be the guy she wants to have a good time with.

1. Create a profile with an edge

This is how you create the perfect profile where girls want to hook up with you. And it involves two key elements:

Having a little bit of “nice guy” and a little bit of “fuckboi.”

Women are most likely to hook up with a nice guy with an edge.


The nice guy makes her feel safe and comfortable, while the fuckboi turns her on and is confident enough to go for what he wants.

The perfect combo.Finally, my master in visual arts is paying off *cough*

So this means having smiling photos and a goofy/silly photo create the nice guy image.

Whereas a shirtless photo at the beach or maybe riding a motorbike gives off a more fuckboi vibe.

A mix of both creates the perfect profile.

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2. Set yourself apart with your bio and prompts

There’s a trick to writing great bios when you only want hookups.

Too long and you seem like a GIGA tryhard nice guy. Too short and it’s fuckboi central.

But your bio also can’t be too serious, or too sexual.

The secret to striking the perfect balance?

Keep it interesting, playful, and add a splash of effort.

Here are some examples from the Bio Bible inside our TextGod Mentoring Program:

I’ll fall for you if: you play with my hair and hold my hand as we cross the street.

My most controversial opinion: Pizza is overrated. Naps are amazing.

My biggest date fail: She kissed me and said she was 100% sure she she is gay.

Current goals: read 1 book a month, learn to draw with pastels, and stop losing to my mom in tennis.

So playful. Much wow.

Also check out our article on best hinge prompt answers for a boatload more of these sweet little nuggets. My treat.

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3. Like the right profiles

How do you know when someone is looking for something serious or a competitive game of hide the salami?

Well, some make it really obvious.

They’ll post bikini pictures and have slightly flirtatious answers for their hinge prompts.

Others…not so much.

But generally speaking, keep an eye out for profiles that seem fun, casual, and low effort.

And again, women are always open to more of a hookup if you’re the right guy.

Some girls will also keep their profile more serious to weed out thirsty guys.

Yet they think like the Spongebob meme below.

Best of luck clapping those Krabby Patties my boi.

4. Break the ice and grab her attention

You’ll always grab her attention when you follow this rule for sending a first message.

Make. It. Personalized.

Writing something just for her makes her feel special.

When she feels special she’s more likely to flirt with you.

And when she’s flirting with you she’s more likely to feel butterflies in her nether regions.

Need some examples? Then check out these 17 Hinge openers she can’t resist.

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5. Don’t go full sexual

Many guys make this mistake and it castrates their ability for hooking up with a girl on hinge.

Guys mainly looking for a hookup go full Chad mode and scare her off.

Even girls that are looking for a hookup don’t want you going full sexual right from the beginning.

She still wants to be treated like a person and have a great conversation with you before any hanky spanky happens.

So keep the Bobs and Vagene comments to yourself.

Here are some simple examples.

  • That dress looks absolutely stunning on you.
  • I’d love to meet up with you for a drink.
  • It’d be fun to meet downtown and grab dessert.
  • I want to peel that dress off you, damn you’re sexy.
  • Let’s meet up at my place and chill.
  • I really want to go down on you.

You get the idea.

Keep it classy(ish).


6. Sprinkle in flirtatious vibes

Below you’ll find some of the best ways to flirt.

Teasing and misinterpretation are spices you should be adding into your flirtatious dish. Just like Gordon Ramsay.

Suppose she says she LOVES vanilla ice cream, but you prefer chocolate.

Here’s where the teas comes in:

Oh no, you have the tastebuds of a 4 year old, where’s that unmatch button 🥲


I’m more of a chocolate fan myself. But I suppose we can’t ALL be amazing 😘

Playfully mocking something she says or likes is an easy way to flirt with a girl over text.

As for misinterpretation, it’s using what she says and (you guessed it) misinterpreting it in a funny or flirtatious way.

Haha damn that was a really deep question!


I thought most people liked it deep!


I mean it’s not that hard to go deep when you have such a huge pe…..personality ✨

Now I’m not going to give you every single flirting technique out there.

But if you want more, follow the tips in my article below and she may even let you play “Just the Tip.”

7. Recognise when she’s into you

Once you recognize these signs, she’s ready for you to make a move.

  • She’s laughing lots of sending hahaha’s.
  • She texts longer and more frequently.
  • She sends you photos (sometimes noodles).
  • She hints at being together or meeting up.
  • She initiates contact.
  • She gives you a fun nickname.

All of these are great signs she’s into you.

Do you see these in your own conversations? Then it’s time to ask her out.

And for even more signs that she’s into you, check out my article below.

8. Be authentic on the date

Here’s how to make a great first impression.

Be yourself.

Many guys think hooking up with a woman is such a manly silverback thing to do. And will try to be that person even though they’re not.

The elusive “alpha male.”

Nothing is further from the truth. Most girls even find it cringe when guys try and act like this.

Here’s what you should do instead.

Be yourself without hiding the fact that you’re into her.

This means:

  • Having your own opinion on things.
  • Disagreeing with her IF you disagree with her.
  • Tease and flirt with her playfully.
  • Doing what you want to do and bringing her along for the ride.

It also means being fascinated by her and having some more of those deep conversations at times.

Not sure how to deep dive your conversations?

Check out this video with TextGod Coach Justin and myself where we roleplay a conversation and how to deep dive it.

And no, it’s not that kind of roleplay you perv.

9. Hook up with her

I’m about to give you the best way to make her want to blow your dickeridoo.

Anyway, suppose you’re on the date and things are going well.

She’s laughing, flirting, and maybe you’ve even kissed.

But you don’t know how to take it further into creating pillow forts together.

Or maybe you don’t know if she’s even ready for that.

The easiest way to figure that out IIIISSSSSSSSSS……

By asking.

Here are a few lines you can use to see if she’s ready to come over and hook up:

  • Would you like to come back to my place to play Mario Kart?
  • We should go back to mine for a final glass of wine.
  • I really want to show you that movie we were talking about. Did you want to come back to mine or is it too late in the evening for that?
  • Sarah, I’ll be honest. Tonight was really fun. And I would like nothing more than taking you back to my place and pinning your hands above your head while my mouth explores yours. (Only try this last one if you’re feeling extra bold).

I’m positive you know what to do when she’s back at your place or hers.

But if not, I implore you to use that vivid imagination of yours. 😉

10. Let her know you had a good time

If you don’t do this after hooking up you may lose her forever.

Some guys get lazy after hooking up and don’t send a text afterwards saying they had a great time.

Or they don’t send it because they don’t want to seem needy or desperate.

These guys don’t understand women.

Sending a “I had a great time” text after hooking up only makes her want you MORE!

Use these texts and she’ll always come back for another round of bedroom acrobatics.

Hey Sarah, last night was a lot of fun and I’d love to see you again.

I’m still having flashbacks from last night. That was really hot.

I really liked your opinions on (topics we talked about). And…you’re a really great kisser too.

So send these to make her feel great about hooking up with you and she’ll be back for more.

Just remember you have to scream my name now the next time you climax.

Hinge Hookup – Summary

It’s a lot easier than people think to hook up with women on Hinge.

Just be the perfect mix of gentleman and fuckboi. The gentleboi. The fuckman?

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