60+ Best Hinge Pick up Lines that work like crazy (copy/paste)

Looking to make a good first impression on your Hinge matches? Look no further.

This article has the best Hinge pick up lines that will put a smile on their face and get you the reply you want.

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Pick out your favorite Hinge pick up lines and you’ll instantly stand out from all the other guys.

Best Hinge pick up lines

  1. What snack do you ALWAYS have in your cupboard or fridge?
  2. I don’t usually throw around compliments, but you have excellent taste in men. Did you know about my immaculate Pokemon card game collection?
  3. Your boss tells you that you’re free tomorrow. What do you do with your day? Besides texting me, of course
  4. [Name], I’m sorry I have to break it to you like this. But I want a divorce.
  5. What is your go-to song, video, or movie when you want to cheer yourself up on a bad day?
  6. It’s the zombie apocalypse. What three people do you choose to be on your team (could be anyone in the world)?
  7. You’re a professional MMA fighter. What is your walk-in music?
  8. You have to ban one forever: ice cream or chocolate. What do you choose?
  9. What’s your favorite excuse when you’re late? I’m going to need it in about 5 minutes.
  10. Before we start, know that I have the best cozy hoody and sweater collection. And if any of them go missing, I’m calling the police, [name].

Best funny pick up lines

  1. Are you a microwaved pizza roll? Because you’re hot, and I’m afraid to touch you.
  2. What’s your biggest weakness? Mine is that I don’t finish my…
  3. I’m told patience is attractive. Wanna see me try to listen to you without trying to make it all about me?
  4. Are you the print at the bottom of a contract? Coz you’re fine.

Observational pick up lines

  1. [If she has a pet] Your [pet] is the cutest! I just want to warn you that if we ever meet up, your [pet] is definitely going to fall in love with me and run away from home
  2. [If she’s into books] I see you’re quite the bookworm! And I’ve always had a thing for worms, giggity. Just kidding, haha. What’s a book you’d recommend everyone to read?
  3. [If she has lots of food photos] I see you’re really into food. This no doubt means you’ll have a great answer to this question: you’re on death row, what do you pick as your last meal?
  4. [If she’s into hiking] – Are you into hiking? So is my landlord; he’s been hiking my rent for a while. I’ll walk myself out.
  5. [If she’s into travel] – I, too, like to travel. I have no sense of direction so I always take the scenic route.
  6. [If she’s sporty] – I see that you like [specific sport]. I’m into parkour. I like to jump from emotion to emotion and run through a maze of anxiety.
  7. [If she has a tidy home] – You keep your place tidy. Wanna move in with me and try that in hard mode?
  8. [If she has a messy home] – I didn’t know you were an artist. Your kitchen looks like a modern art installation of organized chaos. I dig it.
  9. [If she has a funny/interesting expression] – Your facial expression is unique. It reminds me of the fact that I haven’t asked you out yet.
  10. [if she likes a specific TV show] – They say [TV show name] fans are interesting and also wildly into dudes called [your name]. So please try to keep it in your pants
  11. [If she likes/wears makeup] – Ready for a lipstick pun? I’m supportive but busy, so you cannot always lean on me. But you can Maybelline on me.

Best witty pick up lines

  1. Are you an uneven staircase? Coz I’m falling for you.
  2. I’m not hard to get, but I’m hard to forget. Wanna have a date worth remembering?
  3. You small, me big. We make good fit.
  4. I don’t mean to show off, but my shoulder’s just the right size for your head.
  5. I like to take things slow, so I’ve picked the names of just five out of our 12 kids.
  6. You’re pretty; I’m happy. Together, we’d be pretty happy.
  7. I’m reducing my screen time but wanna talk to you. Should I use a carrier pigeon or see you in person?
  8. Wanna see the difference between a match and a catch? Try lunch with me.
  9. I can spot a creative mind when I see one. What’s the best excuse you’ve ever come up with to get out of an appointment?
  10. We can make up any story about how we met. I like the idea of a meeting at a markers market and we both reached for the last avocado.
  11. In a parallel universe, I’m married to you. In this on, I’m inviting you to start a secret society that will take over the world.
  12. What would you do if you had a time machine? I would visit my younger self and tell him that wallet chains and velour tracksuits aren’t cool..
  13. Tell me what kinda guy you like. I’m trying to figure out who to pretend to be. #BeingYourselfIsForLosers
  14. Wanna know what coffee and feet pics have in common? I haven’t asked you for either. But since I’m not into the latter, let me take you for a latte.
  15. Matches made in heaven are too boring. Let’s be a duo made in brewed in hell. (demon emoji)
  16. (hand emojis). I’m using sign language because I’m in the quiet section of the library and I’m not rude.
  17. I take great food pics. You should take me along the next time you go for dinner.
  18. Let me introduce myself: I’m the star of your next “crazy first date” story.

Best chill pick-up lines

  1. We’d look good together, but I’m not sure if we’d have fun together. What book do you recommend everyone should read?
  2. Hey, wanna take this to Instagram, where our conversation can turn into the reel-sharing Olympics?
  3. You’ve liked my profile, so that obviously means I should start making wedding plans.
  4. I like couples massage. The best part is when the couple asks me why I’m there.
  5. You seem like the type of person who’s the right combination of cocky and humble. I like that.
  6. Share your dankest meme with me. I’ll go after. The worst memer then has to answer any question.
  7. You seem like someone who values their time and boundaries. What’s your #1 tip for staying true to yourself?
  8. I have trouble selecting dessert. Wanna help me out by joining me for dinner?
  9. Apart from helping me procrastinate at work, what thing are you currently obsessed with??
  10. Let’s check our compatibility. Tell me your zodiac sign, date of birth, and social security number.
  11. Congratulations! You have manifested a guy you can take home for Thanksgiving.
  12. I love people who can stand up for themselves. How do you navigate challenging social situations?
  13. If you had 24 hours to go anywhere in the world, where would you take me?
  14. Here’s a fun fact about me: I’m a gold medalist in picking spots for drink dates. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find out.
  15. Apart from great taste in men, what other qualities do you have?
  16. Who’s the most interesting person you’ve met, and when would you like me to replace them?
  17. I can flirt with you in three languages: American, British, and Australian.
  18. Deep connections are important to me. What are your thoughts on meaningful relationships?

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