12 Hinge Profile Tips & Examples (With Radical Authenticity)

You’re on Hinge. However, you’re not getting the matches you want.

In this article, I’ll give you my best Hinge profile tips to create an attractive and unique profile that stands out.

In this article:More...

Hinge profile tips to get more matches

Over the years I’ve helped thousands of guys perfect their Online dating profiles. Whether it’s Tinder, Hinge or Bumble.

And there are a couple of things that too many of you do wrong every time.

Below you get my best tips. But if you prefer watching video, check out this video I made.

I review a couple of profiles and give you my two cents on what could be improved to get a top top Hinge profile.

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1. Apply Radical Authenticity

The one big thing I am teaching my followers is the power of Radical Authenticity.

It’s the one thing that makes you stand out from the croud. And you’ll notice that every tip you get below will amplify your radical authenticity.

This is Radical Authenticity:

Conveying your true self, to the extreme.

A good profile is not necessarily one where you look ‘hot’. It’s a profile where your personality is pouring through every picture.

She doesn’t like it? Her loss. But if she does, she’s in the pocket.

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2. Stop using selfies

It’s not uncommon to find selfies on Hinge profiles.

The easiest way to snap a picture of yourself. And you can do it over and over until you’re satisfied with how you look.

Yes, you can perfect the selfie, especially with the quality of phone cameras nowadays.

However, there are a few important reasons not to use them:

First, selfies give her no clue what you’re like. And how it is to be with you.

You might just as well be super boring and have no life. They don’t give her an experience.

Second, you can’t really trust selfies. It’s too easy to manipulate your picture with filters and effects.

It wouldn’t be the first time you meet someone who doesn’t look even close to their profile pictures

Unless your profile solves the negatives from above, the selfie is probably doing more harm than good.

3. Make sure you stand out in the picture

Sometimes it can be tempting to post that one awesome picture of you with your friends or at a party.

However, Research shows that the more distracting your photo, the harder the brain has to work.

Why do we suddenly care about the brain’s needs?

Because the more your profile feels like a game of Where’s Waldo? the more likely she’ll swipe left.

Luckily, the opposite is also true.

The easier she can recognize you, the more attractive your photo.

4. Show off your eyes

Hiding your eyes is disastrous for your Hinge profile.


We study people’s eyes to judge their character and intentions.

That’s why we always want to talk face-to-face. And feel disrespected when we’re talking to someone who’s looking away.

Even 2-day-old infants prefer looking at faces that look back at them.

So eyes are hugely important to feel attracted to someone.

Which you can verify on sites like photofeeler.com.

The highest-rated dating photos always have a clear view of a person’s eyes.

That means:

  • No party masks
  • No sunglasses
  • No emo hair hiding half your face

5. Look straight into the lens

You may be the coolest dude that’s ever walked this earth, but she’ll still reject you if you make the next mistake.

Having a bad first profile photo.

If your first photo is weak, 90% of women will swipe you left.

Most women have enough options that she’s not too worried about rejecting a guy who may have better photos after the first.

How do you get a leading photo she instantly loves?

Science recommends you show her the upper half of your torso.

Like so:

This photo has gotten me countless likes for YEARS.

Note that I’m looking straight into the camera. Confirming the importance of eye contact we spoke about earlier.

And notice how the background is busy, but not distracting. That’s largely due to the blur. Which in turn makes me stand out.

If you use my photo as inspiration, your first photo will become almost impossible to reject.

Hopefully, your other photos are just as good.

6. Don’t be a stereotype

Of all the photos you can put on your Hinge, this one is the worst.

Posting pictures with dead fish.

Maybe you’ll think, “Who on God’s green earth would do that?”

You’d be surprised.

So many men post photos with their scaly trophies, girls actually write Hinge prompts about them.

Look, it’s not just about the fish. It’s about anything you have on your profile that makes her go:

“O, no. He’s one of THOSE guys!”

Be a little different, will ya?

7. Look fun to hang out with

Most women don’t fall for the things you expect.

Attraction is not just about fame, an infinite bank account, washboard abs, and a jawline that can cut diamonds.

If it were, the most successful photos would be of ripped half-naked male models making it rain with the Queen of England.

Anyway, men who get the hottest women on Hinge usually have far more normal profiles.

Profiles were they look friendly, chill, and happy.


Because women on Hinge (or any other Tinder alternative) are largely asking themselves one thing as they look at your profile:

“Does he look fun to hang out with?”

How do you look like someone that’s fun to hang out with?

The easiest way is probably to pose with pets.

Research shows women have a weakness for men who pose with kitties and doggos.

And can you blame them?

When I see this photo I just want to step into my screen and give that cutie a cuddle. I just love a man in nerdy glasses.

Anyway, if I feel the impulse to cuddle that doggo, she’ll feel that tenfold.

You can also do something different that’s equally adorable.

Like playing the guitar, cooking, painting, or holding a young relative atop your shoulders.

For more tips on shooting the perfect Hinge profile picture, watch my next video:

8. Focus on vibes over looks

Here’s how to get TONS of matches with average looks.

Have spontaneous-looking photos that ooze personality.

What does that look like?

Let me show you.

Forget it’s Tinder for a second.

Doesn’t that photo look epic while also saying a lot about who I am and what I like to do?

These types of photos are the secret sauce that’ll make your Hinge profile irresistible.

My student also watched his matches climb after he uploaded this shot:

He doesn’t have to show his face, because he used it as his 4th photo.

TO BE CLEAR: you don’t have to show yourself doing anything sporty or extreme.

As long as it gives a peek into your life and gives her the feeling she’s missing out.

Take stock of your hobbies and see if you can turn it into an enticing photo.

9. Use the right group photo

Sometimes the same photo can make or break your Hinge success depending on its position in your profile.

What the heck am I talking about?

Group photos.

Only use ’em on your Hinge profile if you’re the center of attention and look like a boss.

So not like this.

How is she supposed to know who’s Bret?

Or this.

Although the girl in the photo is my ex-girlfriend, and my hand is resting on her thigh…

…it looks like I’m awkwardly making a move on my bro’s girl on the left, while he’s looking like he’s about to drop a bombass rap album.

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10. Show off your muscle casually

Your muscles may actually be hurting your chances.

Why? Because it’s too much fuckboy.

And that’s a big turnoff for most women. Even if she’s open to a casual relationship, because it gives her the impression you’ll stick your salami in anyone. And that you’re too in love with yourself.

Women usually prefer to sleep with men who are boyfriend material.

Even if she’s not looking for something serious.

That’s why you only want to show off your muscles when it makes sense.

Like when:

  • You’re playing beach volleyball.
  • You’re doing a handstand and your shirt falls over your face, exposing your washboard.
  • You’re helping a friend out with their art project.

This isn’t a shirtless pic, it’s art.

11. Show off your sense of humor

The next photo will make her laugh and will increase the odds of her liking you.

And if that wasn’t good enough, it’s also super easy to make.

What the heck am I talking about?

Become a memelord.

Yes, you finally have permission to be your true trolly self.

The key to a successful Hinge meme, is threefold:

  • Put it last.
  • Make sure it’s easily understood by most people.
  • It makes you laugh.

Something like this.

12. Create irresistible prompts

The stats show that prompts get the most reactions, not photos.


Because prompts are best at giving her a taste of what you’re actually like.

So a great answer to a prompt labels you a ‘catch’ and motivates her to compliment you on your wit.

Here come a few prompts that you can use right away.

Dating Me Is Like: Finding an extra chicken nugget in your McDonalds.

Dating Me Is Like: Waking up and discovering you have another 3 hours before you have to get up.

Or, Dating Me Is Like: Coming home from work and remembering you have leftover pizza.

Worst Roommate Story: Once shared a womb with another dude for 9 months.

A personal favorite that I can’t sadly can’t use. 🙁

Write fun prompts and I’ll guarantee that you can watch the messages pour in.

13. Leave personal comments on her prompts

Here’s how you can get a chance with those girls who are out of your league.

Leave great comments on her prompts and photos.

The right message can make her excited to talk with you and invite you to chat.

So how do you leave great messages?

By making it personal.

Let me give you some examples.

Is she scuba diving? Comment: “You can stop searching now, we already found Nemo.”

Is she posing in a car without a seatbelt? Reply: “Not sure if I should crush on a girl who’s allergic to seatbelts.”

Does her prompt say she loves action movies? Give her a dilemma that’s older than time: “Mission Impossible or James Bond?”

Does she have a dog photo? “Did you know dogs can be trained to smell diseases? I trained mine to find my dignity.”

These are just examples that I came up with on the spot as I was swiping.

(To learn more about finding the best Hinge prompt answers, check out this article: 122 Best Hinge prompt answers)

Point is, personalization works because:

  • It’s relevant to her
  • It shows you paid attention to something else than her looks
  • It shows wit

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Good luck on Hinge, bro.

Louis Farfields

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