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10 Hinge Profile Tips That Double Your Matches (Complete Guide)

You’re on Hinge and are pleasantly bewildered by all the cute women.

There’s just one problem…

You’re not matching the cute women.

So you typed Hinge profile tips into google and came here.

Look no further, you’ll get all you want and more.

Here’s what you get:

  • 3 Reasons you’re losing matches on Hinge
  • What the perfect first photo looks like
  • How to shoot your best photo that’ll rake in the matches
  • 5 Stealable profile prompts to get more likes and comments
  • The trick to maximizing your matches on Hinge

Louis - The TextGod
Heya, Louis here. Just letting you know I am currency letting guys use my Profile Checklist for free. It's a simple fill-in-the-blanks code that shows you what to change about your profile. It's the first step to getting all the matches you want. Get it here for free.

#1: Three reasons you’re losing matches on Hinge

Odds are you’re making 3 mistakes that are ruining your success on Hinge.

How can I be so confident?


Almost everyone of my clients has made the next mistakes.

So let’s get them fixed unless you want to hold the world record for most collected panda points.

1.   The selfie

The photo that without a doubt raises more controversy than the authenticity of Kim Kardashian’s butt…

The selfie.

Good or bad?

As my lawyer would say, “Depends.”

Let’s do a quick break down of the selfie:

  • Camera phones have gotten much better, so quality is usually good
  • Selfies show off your looks
  • Selfies raise unwanted questions for guys, “Doesn’t he have any friends?” “Is he a narcissist?”
  • Selfies often look unnatural, because you’re obviously posing
  • Selfies rarely tell stories

So unless your selfie solves the above negatives, the selfie is probably doing more harm than good.

2.   You’re confusing her

If you make the next mistake, you’re almost forcingher to reject you.

That’s not just clickbait.

It’s the scientific truth.

Research shows that the more distracting your photo, the harder the brain has to work.

Why do we suddenly care about the brain’s needs?

Because if your photo tires out someone’s brain, you effectively turn yourself into an annoying riddle rather than a potential good time.

So if your photo is distracting, she’s more likely to swipe left.

Luckily, the opposite is also true.

The easier you can be recognized, the more attractive your photo.

So eliminate distractions from the background.

And make sure you stand out of the photo, by having a different coloured background.

3.   You’re hiding your eyes

Hiding your eyes is disastrous for your Hinge matches.


We study people’s eyes to judge their character and intentions.

That’s why we always want to talk face to face. And feel disrespected when we’re talking while someone’s looking away.

Even 2-day-old infants prefer looking at faces that look back at them.

So eyes are hugely important to feeling attracted to someone.

Which you can verify on sites like photofeeler.com.

The highest rated dating photos always have a clear view of a person’s eyes.

That means:

  • No party masks
  • No sunglasses
  • No emo hair hiding half your face

#2: The profile photo she has to swipe right

You may be the coolest dude that’s ever walked this earth, but she’ll still reject you if you make the next mistake.

Having a bad first profile photo.

If your first photo is weak, 90% of women will swipe you left.


Because (depending on her age and looks) she’s swimming in an ocean of sausages.

If she’s hot, she can like any dude’s profile and get a match.

So she’s not too worried about rejecting a guy who may have better photos after the first.

Does she see a photo that she doesn’t instantly like?

She chucks you into the reject pile.

How do you get a leading photo she instantly loves?

By following the next set of guidelines.

Firstly, let’s talk about the frame.

Because it’s your first photo, you want to show off your money-maker.

Unless your name is Mandingo, your money-maker is your face. (Probably your brain actually, but I don’t advise on taking that out.)

Although she wants to see your face, science recommends you also show her the upper half of your torso.

Like so:

This photo has gotten me countless likes for YEARS.

Note that I’m looking straight into the camera. Confirming the importance of eye contact we spoke about earlier.

And notice how the background is busy, but not distracting. That’s largely due to the blur. Which in turn makes me stand out.

If you use my photo as inspiration, your first photo will become almost impossible to reject.

Hopefully, your other photos are just as good.

#3: The photo every woman hates

Of all the photos you can put on your Hinge, this one is the worst.

Posting pictures with dead fish.

Maybe you’ll think, “Who on God’s green earth would do that?”

You’d be surprised.

So many men post photos with their scaly trophies, girls actually write Hinge prompts about them.

So to the two men considering posing with dead fish, please don’t.

Not only does it ruin your Hinge account, it ruins the reputation of all men.

#4: The photo she can’t resist

Getting hotter matches is easy once you know what women want.

Problem is, most men have no clue what women want.

Do you?

Most likely you’ll think women fall for stuff like:

  • Fame
  • An infinite bank account
  • Washboard abs
  • A jawline that can cut diamonds

But that’s not true.

If it were, the most successful photos would be of ripped half-naked male models making it rain with the Queen of England.

I won’t lie, that’ll actually get you an epic amount of likes.

But men who get the hottest women on Hinge usually have far more normal profiles.

Profiles were they look friendly, chill, and happy.


Because women on Hinge (or any other Tinder alternative) are largely looking for one thing:

“Does he look fun to hang out with?”

Men who pose without shirts look like narcissists. Like people who’d rather look into the mirror than spend time with her.

So how do you look like someone that’s fun to hang out with?

One way, is with pets.

Research shows women have a weakness for men who pose with kitties and doggos.

And can you blame them?

When I see this photo I just want to step into my screen and give that cutie a cuddle. I just love a man in nerdy glasses.

Anyway, if I feel the impulse to cuddle that doggo, she’ll feel that tenfold.

Don’t own a dog or other fluffy pet?

Borrow the dog of a close friend or relative.

WARNING: Using animals as props for your dating profile is definitely a little shady. And may upset the women you end up dating. Which is natural, because it’s manipulative.

But have no fear.

You don’t necessarily have to own the animal.

You can also volunteer at an animal shelter.

Or simply do something else that’s equally adorable without using animals. Like playing the guitar, cooking, holding a young relative atop of your shoulders, or painting.

For more tips on shooting the perfect Hinge profile picture, watch my next video:

Having said all this, sometimes being fun and happy isn’t enough.

Which is when you want to bring in the big guns.

#5: The photo that’ll rake in the matches

The next photo is super powerful for getting more responsive matches, but is almost always overlooked.

Let me first illustrate the importance of this photo with a few examples.

Sometimes I’ll get a client who is a swole yung God, but has super poor matches.

So I’ll ask them to show me their profile.

What I see is almost always the same:

Professional headshots and body shots without any soul.

Sure, he looks mega hot.

But the photos say NOTHING about his life and who he is.

At the same time, I’ve had average-looking clients who had amateur photos oozing with personality. Who got TONS of matches. (In case you’re wondering: these guys came to me for texting advice, not profile advice.)

So that settles it, you want your Hinge profile to be a success, add more soul.

Onto the next tip.

Just kidding, bro.

I know you have no idea what I mean by soul.

So let me show you.

Forget it’s Tinder for a second.

Doesn’t that photo look epic while also saying a lot about who I am?

These types of photos are the secret sauce that’ll make your Hinge profile irresistible.

My student also watched his matches climb after he uploaded this shot:

He doesn’t have to show his face, because he used it as his 4th photo.

And to be clear: you don’t have to show yourself doing anything sporty or extreme.

As long as it gives a peek into your life and gives her the feeling she’s missing out.

Another example of that could be a photo of you at a crowded festival looking like a badass.

Or you sitting at the top of a mountain in hiking gear overlooking a large ravine.

Take stock of your hobbies and see if you can turn it into an enticing photo.

#6: The trickiest photo of them all

Sometimes the same photo can make or break your Hinge success depending on its position in your profile.

And with all my years of experience as an online dating coach, most people use it horribly.

Even women make this painful mistake.

What the heck am I talking about?

Group photos.

Let’s first go over the good.

Group photos can check off multiple attractive boxes at once:

  • You’re the life of the party
  • You have friends
  • You do cool shit

Which makes it seem like group photos are an awesome addition to your Hinge profile.

But often they suck.


Firstly, she may not even recognize you. I catch myself playing Where’s Waldo The Cute Babe on Hinge all the time.

How is she supposed to know who’s Bret?

Holy Tip:

Unless girls tell you, it’s tough to know which of your photos are getting you matches.

And which photos are hurting your matches.

Even photos where you think you look like a baws may not be optimal.

And if you’re serious about getting new beautiful women in your life, optimal is what you need.

To help you design an optimal and bullet-proof Hinge profile, I created…

The Profile Checklist.

Which will show you exactly what the weaknesses of your profile are.

And how to fix them.

Grab the Checklist here for free.

Secondly, group photos increase exponentially after a large influx of Jägerbombs.

And those types of photos hardly ever make you look sexy.

Lastly, sometimes the setting is right and you’re easy to spot, but…

You look like a chode.

Like me in the next photo:

Although the girl in the photo is my ex-girlfriend, and my hand is resting on her thigh…

…it looks like I’m awkwardly making a move on my bro’s girl on the left, while he’s looking like he’s about to drop a bombass rap album.

Just compare my body language to my friend on the left.

I’m smiley, slightly hunched forward, leaning on my other hand, and dressed like a peasant.

While stud muffin on the left has less tension in his body than the Buddha, is casually leaning to the side, and is seductively gazing into the camera.

In short, he looks like a big dicked baws,while I look like a virgin.

What does all this mean?

Don’t use a group photo on your Hinge profile unless you’re the center of attention and look like a baws.

And never use your group photo earlier than your 4th photo, unless you want to confuse her.

#7: How to be sexy on Hinge

Learn how to be more desirable on Hinge in less than 2 minutes.

When it comes to attracting the ladies, most guys think they need to have a ripped physique.

So the disciplined minority who does have a hot bod, tosses up pics of themselves shirtless, dripping wet and fresh out the shower, shirtless while hiking, or pecs out while staring into the ocean.

Most of these photos are actually hurting your chances to get laid.


It’s too fuckboi.

In normal language: you look like you only want to do the bedroom mambo.

And that’s a big turnoff for most women. Even if she’s open to a casual relationship, because it gives her the impression you’ll stick your salami in anyone. And that you’re too in love with yourself.

Here comes a secret that most men don’t know about women:

Most single women have sex, but don’t have hookups.

“But Louis, how can a woman have sex with men and be single if she doesn’t do hookups???”

Because women sleep with men they’re dating.

Us guys usually have three categories of hiding the salami:

  • One night stand
  • Fuckbuddies
  • Relationship

Being the complex creatures they are, women have far more subtle ideas about sex and relationships.

A woman can date a man non-exclusively, and still consider the ‘relationship’ to be something else than fuckbuddies.

You know why?

Because women prefer to date and sleep with men who are boyfriend material.

So even if you only want something casual, being shirtless hurts your hook up odds unless…

Your 18-pack fits the context.

Like when:

  • You’re playing beach volleyball
  • You’re doing a handstand and your shirt falls over your face, exposing your washboard
  • You’re helping a friend out with their art project

This isn’t a shirtless pic, it’s art.

All of this is to say: if you’ve got a rocking bod, show it off casually.

Whether that’s showing off your pythons inside a fitted tee, or with a ‘normal’ shirtless shot.

Your matches will thank you for it. As will your manaconda.

#8: Score easy points with the next photo

The next photo will make her laugh and will increase the odds of her liking you.

And if that wasn’t good enough, it’s also super easy to make.

What the heck am I talking about?

Become a memelord.

Yes, you finally have permission to be your true trolly self.

Well, maybe not your true self.

Women usually don’t like dank.

Too much of an acquired taste, my friend.

The key to a successful Hinge meme, is threefold:

  • Put it last
  • Make sure it’s easily understood by most people
  • It makes you laugh

The last part is crucial.

If the meme doesn’t make you laugh, but does put your Hinge match in stitches, you probably won’t have a good time on your date.


Because any joke you make will push a fake chuckle out of her.

And any joke she makes will force a Patrick Bateman smile out of you.

Great chemistry…


I think memes are one of the best ways to figure out whether you and your Hinge match can get along.

Because if you can’t laugh together, you can’t hang together.

So pick a relatable meme that has you slapping your knees.

This meme describes almost everyone.

#9: Hinge’s secret profile sauce

If you want to have an attractive Hinge profile, you need to abuse what makes Hinge unique…


As you probably already know, you can like someone’s photos or prompts. Plus, add a message.

If you check the stats, prompts get the most messages by FAR.

Which means prompts will get you most of your matches.

Why are prompts so effective at getting attention from the ladies?

Because prompts are best at giving her a taste of what you’re actually like.

So a great answer to a prompt labels you a ‘catch’ and motivates her to compliment you on your wit.

Answer a prompt poorly, however, and you scare her off.

For example, I’m Actually Legitimately Bad At: Relationships.

Sure, it’s informative. But how is it attractive?

A much more successful strategy for more matches is to be funny.

A well-known prompt and answer that gets messages is, Dating Me Is Like: Finding an extra chicken nugget in your McDonalds.

A great subtle way to boast about yourself. Plus everybody gets it.

Who doesn’t get excited by finding an extra fried piece of heavenly chicken?

Knowing that answer is good but played out… What else can we come up with that’s similar but original?

Hint: ‘Winning the lottery’ is way too arrogant.

So what’s more subtle?

Dating Me Is Like: Waking up and discovering you have another 3 hours before you have to get up.

Or, Dating Me Is Like: Coming home from work and remembering you have leftover pizza.

Let’s take another prompt, I Want Someone Who.

Most people give an in-depth and serious answer to that prompt.

Which means you can stand out with a short and light-hearted answer.

Any ideas?

Here’s mine.

I Want Someone Who: “Can get in line at Starbucks and have their order ready when they reach the barista.”


I Want Someone Who: “Doesn’t throw me through a window if I read every plaque in a museum.”

Another common prompt, Worst Roommate Story.

As usual, we want to be different from the rest.

Here’s an answer I once read that I never forgot:

Worst Roommate Story: Once shared a womb with another dude for 9 months.

The point:

Write answers to common prompts that make you stand out.

Preferably in a light-hearted and humorous way.

Because if you do… you can watch the messages pour in.

Prompts and photos are crucial to getting more Hinge matches.

But if you want to maximize the amount of matches, you want what’s inside the next tip.

#10: How to maximize your matches

Relying on just your profile is not enough to get lots of matches.

You also want to be a master ice breaker.

That comment may have come out of left field.

So let me explain.

On Hinge, you don’t have to swipe right on a profile and pray to the TextGods for a match.

You can like someone’s photo or prompt and write a comment.

If she likes your comment (and obviously your profile), she’ll most likely invite you to chat.


*hacker voice*

You’re in.

But for most men, ‘getting in’ or breaking the ice is not that easy.

Even though Hinge makes it easier than ever.

You see, most men fall into the online seduction trap…

Showing interest.

And not just any interest, but the interest of a… sexual nature.

Hello gorgeous

“Don’t you have to show interest if you’re attracted to someone?”

Yes, but not twice in a row.

You see, liking someone or leaving a comment already counts as ‘showing interest’.

So there’s no need to compliment her looks with your first compliment.

She already knows you’re interested in her body.

What she wants to figure out is if you like her personality and vice versa.

So however you break the ice, your text will be the most effective if you make it personal.

Is she scuba diving? Comment: “You can stop searching now, we already found Nemo.”

Is she posing in a car without a seatbelt? Reply: “Not sure if I should crush on a girl who’s allergic to seatbelts.”

Does her prompt say she loves action movies? Give her a dilemma that’s older than time: “Mission Impossible or James Bond?”

Does she have a dog photo? “Did you know dogs can be trained to smell diseases? I trained mine to find my dignity.”

These are just examples that I came up with on the spot as I was swiping.

Point is, personalization works because:

  • It’s relevant to her
  • It shows you paid attention to something else than her looks
  • It shows wit

Do you find it difficult to come up with personalized openers?

Check out the most successful generic opener on earth, which you can get for free by clicking the gold button below.

And if you’re serious about getting better with women, sign up for my Mentoring Program where I’ll help you get at least 3 new girls in your life (or bed) within 12 weeks.

Good luck on Hinge, bro.

Louis Farfields

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