10 Hinge Conversation Starters That Girls Love

You like the relationship app Hinge.

But you have a problem.

Whenever you get a match, you don’t know what to say.

That’s why you’re going to get 10 Hinge conversation starters that will make her reply instantly.

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Important: Quickly letting you know I found the best opener EVER. Its psychologically irresistible to ignore. I made a video explaining how to use it and it's 'clickbait-principle' with screenshot examples. Check it out here.

What are the best Hinge conversation starters?

A few years ago, Hinge ran an experiment and measured the effectiveness of 100 unique conversation starters.

Each participant got a random opener to send to their match and Hinge recorded the response rate for every line.

And got over 8 million user impressions.

What were the most successful conversation starters?

Icebreakers in the shape of a game.

Such as:

Favorite sandwich: grilled cheese or tuna melt?

Discover the most successful Hinge conversation starters in the next tips.

#1-3: Make it fun and easy

The reason women can’t resist question-game icebreakers is simple.

They’re entertaining PLUS easy to answer.

Just check out the next Hinge conversation starter that made it to the top ten:

Sunday priorities: exercise, sleep or aggressive mimosas?

Do you feel how fun it is to read and answer that question?

Here’s why:

  • Sundays are awesome.
  • It ends with a playful twist.
  • Thinking of an answer is stupid simple.

The best Hinge conversation all have this in common.

Just look at the next high-ranking Hinge opener:

Pain reliever personality: Advil, tequila, or complaining?

See how both of these conversation starters also reveal a little about her personality?

So not only is it fun for her to answer, but it’s useful for you to know.

Here’s one that I just made up on the fly. I’ll tell you later how you can create these too.

Pick one reward: an ice cream sandwich, a mojito, or a nap?

#4: Turn it into a game

The moment you’ve been waiting for…

The Hinge opener that did the best out of 100 expertly written icebreakers!

Two truths and a lie; ready, set, go!

“Louis… was that it?”



I’m not.

It’s a crowd favorite for a reason.

Let me explain the rules in case you’re the unique snowflake who doesn’t know.

One player has to come up with three statements about themselves.

Two are the truth. One is a lie.

The other player has to spot the lie.

In this case, I recommend you come up with the statements and let her guess.

Be sure to come up with something good.

Such as:

Two truths and a lie:

I swam with sharks

I got shot at by thieves in Peru

2 girls I dated in high school turned out to be gay

If you want to come up with something similar, simply scour your memory for two crazy things you’ve done in your life. Then add an equally nutty lie.

The beauty of it all?

It almost always leads to replies as long as she isn’t a bot.

And it naturally flows into a normal conversation.

Because sometimes the truth will be so shocking, that she can’t resist digging into the details.

Which is precisely what you want.

#5-24: 20 Icebreakers rated by my girlfriend

I’ve got the perfect gift for you.

A video where my girlfriend rates 20 different icebreakers so that you can send the best to your new Hinge matches.

Yes, I know the title says Tinder icebreakers.

But just because she’s on a different dating app doesn’t mean that she stops being a woman. What works on one app, will work on the rest.

Watch it here and find your favorite icebreaker now.

#25: Compliment her on yourself

Girls love confident men.

The next Hinge conversation starter will make it look like you’ve got confidence coming out of your ears.

It’s a classic.

Here it comes:

I don’t usually give compliments to people I meet right away, but you have excellent taste in men 👌

WARNING: Although the self-compliment breaks the ice, it doesn’t easily push the conversation forward.

Usually, you’ll get a reply similar to:

Thanks 😉



Which is honestly all you need.

Do you have trouble knowing what to say next? Check out my next article:

#26: Seduce her with clickbait

The next conversation starter is so good it got me an honorary degree from Harvard, was nominated for a Nobel Prize, and got us the first message from extraterrestrials.

Okay, maybe not. But it definitely deserved it.


It has the highest response rate out of any copy-pastable conversation starter I’ve ever seen.

What does it look like?

Like clickbait.

The ladies can’t resist it.

See for yourself:

Oops. I almost forgot.

I can’t give away my crown jewel to the internet that easily.

Only my most loyal readers get my secrets.

If you want the best Hinge conversation starter you can send to all your new matches, you have to join my exclusive club first.

Click the link and sign up for free.

You’ll be rewarded with a video of me where I’ll give you:

  • The Clickbait Opener.
  • Two follow-up texts to reel her in.
  • And how to continue the conversation.

#26-27: Let her profile inspire you

None of the Hinge conversation starters in this article are as good as this one.

Why didn’t I share it with you earlier?

Because it has one glaring weakness.

You have to make it personal.

That means you need to tailor-make it to her profile. And that demands a little creativity.

No worries, I’ll make it easy for you.

First, find out what she’s into.

Suppose your new match is using the next Hinge prompt.

I forget the exact wording, it’s something like:

“If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?”

And she answered that question with: “Tupac”.

Now you know she’s into hip-hop.

That means the next conversation starter will be irresistible to her.

Because I’d send her this:

Fuck, marry, kill: Tupac, Kendrick Lemar, Drake

People that all line up with her interests. (In case you live under a rock, they’re all highly successful rappers.)

Which will get you a reply, plus a quick look into her personality.

Does that mean you can only play ‘Fuck, marry kill’ if she answered that dinner date question?

Hell no.

You can successfully use ‘Fuck, marry kill’ when your Hinge match mentions her passion.

Imagine she likes comedy.

Send her this:

Fuck, marry, kill: The Office, Modern Family, Friends

Comedy shows she’s almost guaranteed to have seen.

And that also reveals a lot about her personality.

#29-31: Easy way to melt her heart

Generic openers are never as powerful as a tailor-made opener.

Think about it.

Wouldn’t you feel flattered if a girl sent you a first text message that she could IMPOSSIBLY use for anyone but you?

I sure do.

The rare times a lady opens me with a text that she clearly based on my profile, I can’t help but rock a chub.

And I know women love ‘em too.

One of my matches wrote in her bio: “Wish I studied at Hogwarts.”

So I sent her this.

I love it when a plan comes together.

So how do you make a personalized conversation starter?

  • By looking for what stands out in her profile.
  • And having a template to fill in (like the ‘fuck, marry, kill’ game).

Does she mention her hobbies? Does she have a poster of Marilyn Monroe in the background? Does she have Harry Potter books on her shelf?

All wonderful material for personal openers on Hinge.

If you know what to talk about, all you need is a template.

I like to think of something I’d like to know about her first. Such as how she starts her day, or what her favorite ways are to pass the time.

Then I’ll combine everything into a personal conversation starter.

Suppose she likes cold dives.

Best way to start the day: brush teeth, cold shower, or hit the snooze button

Or if she’s into League of Legends (a videogame).

Favorite way to pass the time: Binge a Netflix show, do coffee with a friend, or feed the enemy carry in League

This stuff works EVERY time.

Try it out for yourself.

BONUS: How to never run out of things to say

Although you can now get a reply from any girl on Hinge, it’s totally worthless if you can’t keep the convo going.

Most men fall back on basic questions.

Which isn’t awful.

Unless it turns into an interview that she’s already had a thousand times already with every other Hinge match.

So how do you keep the conversation moving without firing question after question?

With a simple and super effective technique.

Personal statements.

Suppose I want to know more about her taste in music, but I also don’t want to ask her about it because I haven’t quite shown how cool and fun I am yet.

In this case, I’d study her photos and fashion style.

If I see she has a bit of a streetwear vibe going on, I’ll make an assumption about her taste in music.

Those cut up denims and baggy crewneck tell me you’re into hip-hop

Yeah, you’re definitely crushing on face tattoo rappers

Is your statement wrong?

No problem.

If the statement doesn’t fit the girl, she’ll definitely correct you.

So now you have the answer to the question you had, without even asking it in the first place.

Even better, your personal statement probably made her giggle a little too.

That’s solid texting, m’dude.

The ten texts that lead to the date

If your conversation burns out after 5 texts, your starter is ultimately useless.

That’s why I’m giving you the easiest solution to keep your conversations going AND land the date:

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  • Funny answers to boring questions.
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Do you ever catch yourself staring at your Hinge chat not knowing what to say?

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