7 Steps from Tinder Match to Getting Her Number – Convo Breakdown

Warning: The conversation you’re about to see is not your sweet politically correct Tinder chit-chat.

My jokes are on the edge, my flirty texts over the top, and my tips will get her between your sheets.

You’ve been warned…


Or whatever sound Tinder makes when you’ve got a match.

Not having your phone on silent these days. Ha! That’s a good one…

In any case, you’ve got yourself a match.


Is it a Bumble match?

Is it an Inner Circle match?

Is it a Happn match?

Badoo? Hotornot?


Hell no.

It’s a match on the only dating app that matters. It’s a Tinder match.

What you’ll get today is:

  • The opener that works more often than a workaholic
  • My copy-pastable Tinder bio for you to steal
  • The things you should never ask your Tinder match
  • 7 Tips and steps to get a date with your dream girl
  • The essential mindset to effortlessly get phone numbers
  • 500 Small pics of Emily Ratajkowski’s heavenly bobs.
  • A super detailed breakdown of my Tinder conversation

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Step 1: The line that opens every Tinder match

There are two ways to super smoothly open a conversation.

First things first.

Every conversation begins with an opener.

If you’ve cleverly set up your profile, perhaps she’ll even send the first text.

(I’ll show you such a profile in a minute)

But usually it will be you texting her.

One of the two ways of opening takes a little practice. The other one is my ready to use Clickbait Opener.

You can find it together with a video that explains the best way to use it.

Where? Over here.

Indeed, you have to click the link and leave your email so I can send you the opener. That way I know that all the lazy muthafuckaz won’t do it. Perfect, because I don’t want to reward them.

The second way to powerfully open a Tinder conversation can be found in my Tinder Tips article.

I would be a very charitable guy if I just showed you the openers right here and now.

But I’m not that goodhearted.

Not for you and not for my match.

This Tinder match I opened with a totally different opening line.

Her name ends on –ina. It seemed like a good idea to ask if she’s aware that this rhymes…

with “sük my dïckina”.

Maybe I was sober at the time, maybe I was drunk. Who knows.


Don’t want to get banned on Tinder?

Then don’t use this line.

Again, do you want an opener which is respectful?

Which will get you a response instead of a Tinder ban?

Drop your email here and I’ll send you a video explanation with examples that will show you step by step.

Now I’ve taken a good look at this lady’s profile. And I was fairly sure she would appreciate this kind of humor.

And right I was.

Because she reacts so well on my disputable opener, something neat happens.

She now knows that I’m not an average Joe.

She’s got a little taste of the kind of nonsense she can expect from me.

The biggest mistake I can make right now is to fall back on the traditional boring Tinder questions.

Questions like:

  • How are you?
  • Are you from here?
  • Nice profile. What do you do for work?

We’ve made the first step to an emotionally tingling conversation. And that’s what we’re continuing with.

Oh right, in case you were wondering whose wonderful cleavage I use to protect my Tinder match’s privacy…

….those boobs belong to Emily Ratajkowski.


My Tinder match is thanking me for the “enlightenment” I’ve brought.

That’s sweet of her. I can certainly reward her for that.

Step 2: Starting a spicy Tinder conversation

We’ve opened and she has answered.

An elegant start.

Now we need to jump-start the conversation.

We want to pay attention to a number of things here right away. The conversation will run smoothly if:

  • It’s not boring
  • Stimulates her emotions
  • She smiles a lot when she reads your texts.

Once we’ve done that, we want our Tinder match to:

  • Make an effort for us
  • Make her qualify herself
  • Ideal scenario: she asks us out for a date.

In just a minute, I’ll explain how you can make her qualify herself and make an effort for you.

Let’s take a look at the second text I sent.

A n y t i m e

Me: Anything else you wish to learn?

She thanked me for the info I had given her in my opener. Which she means ironically of course.

Because the info I had given her is little illuminating.

Obviously I know that. That’s why I act super sweet and generously, and put spaces between all the characters of “anytime”.

Then, I ask if she wants to learn anything else.

This is funny because she didn’t actually learn anything from me yet.

  • Repeating a joke once is funny
  • Repeating a joke twice is entertaining
  • Repeat a joke thrice and it becomes an inside joke.

You can easily score extra points by repeating jokes she thinks are funny.

Step 3: You and your Tinder match. Together <3

Pay attention now. This step is CRU-CIAL.


From now on, I’m sending texts about me and her together.

Very simple. And very effective.

Be aware that the average guy will fall back into those boring interview questions again.

That poor match of yours will throw up in her mouth when she gets that kind of questions for the 100th time.

Poor lady.

This is NOT what we’re going to do, dear reader.

What we’re going to do is emphasizing the following three phrases:

  • We (We’re going to bully penguins together.)
  • Together (We’re going to drink a liter of coffee together and hyper excitedly visit a museum.)
  • Our (Our child would never do that. It would be too beautiful for that.)

Exercise: Step out of your read-mode for once and activate your brain. Participating in this mini exercise will lead to you using the we-case more often.

We had asked her if she was open to learn anything else and she responded that she wanted to learn a headstand on a unicycle.

Bam! Headstand on a unicycle? Easy-peasy. Give us two hours together and you’re performing it with your eyes closed.

Give US two hours TOGETHER and this skill is yours.

However silly this line may sound, she just imagined herself doing a headstand on a unicycle. While I’m there to help keeping her and the unicycle in balance.

A date is much easier to achieve if she’s already imagining the two of you together…

How she would react to this?

The next tip will show you.

Step 4: Everyone saying your bio is a minor detail, is completely STUPID.

Your profile pics are more important than your profile bio.


Your bio is more important than donating to charity.


You may sometimes hear that a profile bio doesn’t really matter.

Or when swiping on Tinder, you’re seeing a lot of bad bios.

“Family, fashion, animals and traveling”

If your bio even slightly resembles the bio above, maybe you’re better off WITHOUT one.

But what if you write a Tinder bio that:

  • Makes her smile
  • Makes it easier for her to open the conversation
  • Instantly raises her attraction for you to the next level

Holy Tip:

Do you have hobbies with a cool or manly vibe?

Something that’s even a tad extreme? Show it in an image and upload it as the third or fourth picture .

There is a whole checklist of things to add to your profile. Most can be achieved within a few days.

All you need is the free Tinder Profile Checklist. You just tick some boxes and get a score for your profile.

Then you know exactly the strengths and weaknesses of your profile, so you can improve it.

In this old Tinder bio of mine, I’m boasting that I won gold on the SWC (Spooning World Championships) three times. In 2015, 2016, as well as 2017. I wrote this bio in 2016.

I’ve covered the magical line that comes next. I’m not giving everything away for free.

Anyway, does this bio make everyone laugh?

Nope nope.

Does it make a large amount of women chuckle?

Yes yes.

Does this bio make it easier for your Tinder match to text you first?

Yes yes.

Tinder match: Saw that you won the spooning world championship. Small spoon?

 Make sure your Tinder profile does some of the hard work for you now and then. It makes life on Tinder just a bit easier.

Holy Tip:

If you have a problem, like your Tinder match not responding anymore, then check the article about that full of tips to solve it.

Step 5: A technique which makes your texts impress her even more

The next technique will make your texts more powerful. More powerful than the texts of all the guys you’re competing against.

Is it easy to apply?

I think so.

Is it easy to apply for everyone?

I don’t think so.

In any case, you’ve seen the technique FOUR times on your screen already.

Coincidentally, I also have more than four times as much Tinderlays as any other online dating coach.

Can you spot it?

I’m spamming a hot lady below so you can’t immediately see the solution. Scroll upwards until you’re looking at the screenshot again. Go look for the answer, rascal.

What are you looking at, dirty devil? First look at the previous screenshot!

Alrighty, you’ve had enough time.

Here it comes:

What do these 4 texts have in common?

  • A n y t i m e
  • Mastered it when I was three
  • I am ALWAYS the big spoon
  • At least 97% of the time

“Uhh… All four are brilliant?”

Haha, that’s sweet of you.

All four are exaggerations. Serious exaggerations.

They’re exaggerated in terms of:

  • Writing style (a n y t i m e, ALWAYS)
  • Quantity (when I was 3, 97% of the time)
  • Content of the message

I could’ve said the same WITHOUT exaggerating. It would’ve looked something like this:

  • A n y t i m e → No problem
  • Mastered it when I was 3 → I can do that
  • I am ALWAYS the big spoon → I’m not the small spoon
  • At least 97% of the time → Most of the time

Do you notice how the conversation would be at least 69% more boring without these exaggerations?

Perfect. Now you’re able to sneak this technique in your conversations as well.

You smooth operator..

It’s crazy huh, how we can extract that many tips from only one (1!) screen with my Tinder match?

Now imagine the things you’ll learn when I’m analyzing 23858129 conversations for you in my #OTTG course.

Step 6: How you can make her chase you.

This is how you’re making her chase you.

My profile bio made her mention “spooning”.

Teasingly she asked if I was the small spoon.

Now I’m assuming you know how spooning works, but to be completely sure:

In 90% of the cases the male lies with his front against his partner. Like a warm blanket he makes his girlfriend feel safe. Him being the big spoon and her being the small spoon.

Occasionally it’s possible that you end up lying with your back against her. Because you like warm breasts softly pressing against your back, for example.

My tinder match is asking if I’m the small spoon.

Thereby implying that I’m the b!tch in the relationship.

We already texted her that I’m ALWAYS the big spoon.

To which she responded:

What a coincidence. I am always the big spoon as well.

Where do you come from?

Now there’s 101 ways to respond to this, my dear reader.

And we’re going to do it in such a way that it makes her want to prove herself.

Of course women don’t have to prove themselves to me. No one has to prove themselves to me. The reason that she’s going to prove herself is a consequence of us teasing her. This will become clear in a second. But first this:

She’s asking whether we’re the small spoon. She’s teasing us. She’s challenging us…

…sometimes I hear men find this uncomfortable. The tension that comes with it.

Holy Tip:

If a girl is teasing you, you’re probably on the right track.

“Teasing the misses, is asking for kisses” is a rough translation from a Dutch saying.

Because the opposite is also true. “Teasing boys is asking to play with their toys”.

Ok. Time to text back:

We’ll never work out if you want to be the big spoon.

Simple answer.

We just said that we’re always the big spoon. And now she’s telling us she is always the big spoon.

Now you’re facing two options:

  1. You are huge pussboi and respond: ”ah okay oops sorry you can be big spoon. I’ll lay in front like the bitch I am.”
  2. You tell her like it is. That you two don’t fit together, and that’s too bad. You’re not afraid to lose her.

I’m putting that last bit between quotations marks because it sounds so serious. You’re only in your second Tinder screen with this match. Read that tip in a non-serious way. That’s how it’s meant.

More important is you grasping the underlying principle.

Our Tinder match has no plans at all to let us go:

Being big spoon only 3% of the time is fine for her, she says.

She concedes. Sweet.

Holy Tip:

By swimming against the tide from time to time, you can show that you have character.

That you’re not a spineless mop.


Because we show a willingness to lose her, she makes a concession.

She’s making an effort to continue the Tinder conversation in a fun way.

Step 7: From Tinder Match to Tinder Date. This is how you get her number

We actually haven’t exchanged many texts yet.

But just because we’re sending the right texts, we made it this far. She said that:

3% of the time is fine for me

I’m sending her about two screens of texts after this. A large portion concerns the spooning. Additionally, I’m letting her qualify herself a few more times. And then I’m texting her some other stuff.

Finally, I’m inviting her for a spooning session which may or may not include some kissing.

At this point I’m sure that she really wants to see me. That’s what I accomplished in those couple of screens. Now I know that you’re eager to see the rest, but well…

In some cultures this is already enough for a declaration of holiness. Hurling a detailed Tinder breakdown like this at your screen for free.

But I’m not leaving you without having a look at how the Tinder conversation ended.

How do you smoothly get her phone number, before switching to iMessage or Whatsapp?

If you’re exciting the right emotions with your texts, a girl will regularly ask YOU out on a date.

“Sounds absolutely lOVely”, I respond, when she proposes to grab a coffee tomorrow.

That’s when I’m going for her phone number. This is where details make a world of difference.

Because actually, I’m not asking for her phone number at all. The questions hasn’t got that typical questioning tone to it.

What’s your phone number? I’ll send you the logistics on Whatsapp.

This is more of an announcement than a question.

Compare these two for a second:

  • Can I have your phone number? I’d rather text through Whatsapp.
  • What’s your phone number? I’ll send the location via Whatsapp.

It’s not that big of difference.

Yet, the difference is immense.

The guy sending the first text could come across as insecure. He’s in doubt whether she’ll share her phone number with him. Whether she’ll even go on a date with him.

The guy sending the second text is confident. He’s assuming she’ll share her phone number. He’s assuming she’s going on a date with him. He is sure about it. Perhaps because it always goes like this for him?

“Ok, but what about all those cases where she doesn’t propose a date?”

That’s a good question, rascal.

After she has texted you about her job as a marketing assistant, you say:

Sounds absolutely lOVely.

What’s your phone number? I’m texting you 10/10 date proposal.

Bam. It’s that simple.

And that’s how your life’s been enriched with 7 tips, or 7 steps, or a combination of tips and steps…  ah it doesn’t matter. You’ve become a wiser man.

Like to watch a video sometime instead of reading an article? Subscribe to my YouTube channel and I’ll see you there.

See you soon, dear reader.

Louis Farfields

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