This Is Why You Have No Luck on Tinder or Bumble

You’re having no luck on Tinder (or Bumble.)

With the odds stacked against you it can seem almost impossible to make these apps work.

Until you discover a few hidden tips and tricks that most men will never know about.

Here’s what you get in this article:

  • 1 Stealable profile text that get girls to text YOU
  • The best location and time to give her a like (increases your match chances)
  • How I turned a regular looking guy’s Tinder into a match MACHINE
  • A fun technique a hot flight attendant used to seduce my cameraman
  • The #1 bio mistake you are making RIGHT NOW that makes girls detest you

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#1 Why she doesn’t like you on Tinder

I’m going to make a bold call here and predict what’s wrong with your online game.

I think I can predict your behavior on dating apps. And if I’m right… you’re in trouble.

It’s not like there’s something severely wrong with you.

For the most part you’re normal.

Not some sort of weirdo.

Nothing extremely bad, nothing extremely good.

You’re just a regular, everyday, normal guy.

Nod if you agree.


Glad we’re on the same page.

Now let me tell you what’s going on.

The reason girls don’t like you on dating apps, is…

…because you’re normal.

A normal guy, who acts… normal.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

See, most men think they have to play it safe on online dating. Or dating in general for that matter.

As long as you’re nice and don’t creep her out… girls will eventually see your true worth.


Preach, my servant. Preach!

But boy were you wrong.

Heck, I was wrong too when I first started dating online.

But one day I discovered that when I let my rough edges shine through, that girls liked me better.

That’s why I pop a bottle whenever I get a text like this:

Girls are FED UP with more of the same.

They’ve had the heys, his, and hellos one too many times.

They’re fed up with Tinder bios that say you like friends, drinks, snowboarding, movies, and good humor.

They’d rather uninstall Tinder than have a match with another run-of-the-mill profile.

And I may be harsh here but I want you to know that the only one to blame here, is you.


Let me be super clear on something else:

You have everything it takes to meet fun women. It’s all inside you.

You just weren’t taught how to show it.

And that’s just what I’m going to show you now.

So in a bit, you can be the “weirdo” she can’t stop texting.

#2 The one thing to rule them all

Read this tip and you’ll know the quickest way to get more matches.

Before I bombard you with quick tips and tricks that will have her shook…

…You’re going to have to do the one thing you don’t feel like doing.

Yes, my son, you will have to work on your profile pictures.

ESPECIALLY the first one.

It’s the locomotive to your online dating train.

The catalyst to your Tinder chemistry.

The good news is that you don’t need to have James Dean’s looks to be successful.


But you do need to be willing to play it smart on Tinder.

You do that by applying the hacks that science has bestowed upon us.

Hacks that regular Joes aren’t aware of, by the way.

Which is why they work extra good for you and I.

A good friend of mine never cared much about looking cool in photos.

He’s such a great guy to be around, but on Tinder things just didn’t work out for him.

He’s young, going to university, and hoping to run into a girl that way.

When I first saw his Tinder profile, I instantly understood why he didn’t rake in matches.

This is the best his 3-photo-profile had to offer:

And this photo was in the THIRD spot.

The first photo was him and a friend, taken from so far you could hardly see anything!

So, here’s what I did:

I collected all the wisdom gathered in my No Matches Tinder article, and went to work.

For the result, and especially all hidden attraction triggers in the photo, check the video below.

#3: Shooting the perfect Tinder profile photo

In this video, we’re shooting a killer Tinder profile picture for my friend Yens.

It’s the kind of picture that fills up your spam inbox REAL quick.

Check out this cute video to see what exact steps we took to turn a shitty Tinder profile, into a Tinder profile that rakes in matches.

#4 Your match wants to seduce you and this is how you help her

If you sometimes don’t know exactly what to say, then this is for you.

At times it can be hard to come up with the perfect text.

Not only for you, but for girls too.

First of all, I want to applaud you for reading this and trying to handle the situation.

Many girls don’t put in the effort.

And I got the proof to back up my claim.

If you’ve ever tried Bumble, then you’ve seen HALF of the proof.

On Bumble, women have to initiate the conversation.

Only after they’ve texted first, can you text back.

So what do these ladies do?

90% of them hit you with what I call the “peasant opener”.

Hi, hey, hello, how are you, and more of that same boring stuff.

So far from effort from their side, right?

But it gets better.

When I was on a Bumble date in Barcelona, my date told me that whenever you send a boring opener like that, Bumble tries to stop you.

The dating app KNOWS these kinds of texts don’t start fun conversations.

So they take the girls by the hand to send a better text.

I was baffled when I found out about this.

This means that whenever a girl hits you with the hey or the hi, the consciously ignored Bumble’s warning.


Hey, your text is proven to be inefficient and boring. Want me to guide you to a text that will actually spark the guy’s interest?

Girls on Bumble:

No thanks. I’m too lazy for that, the guy better make it interesting. I don’t really want to put in the effort. xoxo

So, my man, it’s all you again.

You’re the one that has to make it interesting.

But you’re not alone. Because I’ve got TWO easy methods to make this all work out.

Find them in the next two tips.

#5 Use this trick to make her send fun texts

If you’re tired of girls sending you boring texts, and you doing all the work…

…then it’s time you learn my psychological trick.

You’re on Tinder or Bumble and girls hit you up with the cliché texts.

They’re not giving you much to work with.

And in the last tip, I told you that they WANT to be more fun.

They just don’t always know how to.

So here’s how you can help them.

Open your profile, click the ‘edit’ button, and add in a CTA.

A what?


A Call To Action.

It’s a marketing term that encourages people to perform a certain action.

Like me saying:

Hey, go ahead and click this link to automatically subscribe to my YouTube channel. Where I hand out free tips and crack all sorts of mediocre jokes.

But you won’t ask girls to check out my YouTube channel.

You’ll tell them what to text you.

You’ll INSPIRE them to send better texts when talking to you.

Here’s a simple Bumble bio example:

Now it’s REALLY simple for her to be interesting.

And even though some girls will still opt for the Heys and the Hellos…

…at least some will gladly follow your lead, and step up their game.

Like this one:


Another example:

That’s a whole lot more fun than hitting you with a dry greeting, isn’t it?

Now in the next tip, I’m going to give you some copy paste options to be interesting yourself.

#6 Don’t know what to text? Say this.

It’s easy to be boring over text.

And it’s even easier to ignore boring people over text.

It’s not like in real life, where you can’t just turn around and stop replying to a person.

So… better safe than sorry!

When in doubt whether your text is fun enough to get a response, don’t text.

A good trick is to ask yourself:

“If I would get this text from someone else… could I easily reply?”

If the answer is yes? Hit the send button.

If the answer is no, flush it.

Anyway, for your inspiration, or for you to shamelessly steal…

Here is a link to my 10 Texts That Always Work.

All yours as the click of a button.


#7 The feeling that makes her swipe you right

Picture this:

You’re swiping when you come across a profile that makes you doubtful…

…She’s not cute enough to instantly swipe right.

But she’s not quite a Quasimodo either.

So you do what most people do when unsure on Tinder.

You scroll down and glance over her bio.

It reads:

Carefully written, fact-checked essay in the streets,
unmoderated comments section in the sheets.

Alright, she got you.

You giggled.

If she can make you laugh in her bio, there’s a fair chance she can make you laugh in a text conversation. Or if all goes well, on a date.

Or after blowing your mind with a round of the best reverse cowgirl you’ve ever felt.

Wait, now we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Here’s the thing:

A study showed us that men spend 65 percent more time looking at the pictures in the profile than women do.

Women on the other hand, read bios way more than us simple men.

The point I’m trying to get to is this:

Make her laugh with your bio. Writing (or stealing) a funny bio doesn’t take much effort. And what you’re getting in return is priceless:

More likes, women opening you saying “haha I really had to laugh at your bio”, and a great vibe to build a conversation on.

Want a screenshot example and a cute little success story?

Fine, here you go:

As I am writing this, my cameraman, Sibo, is sitting across the table from me. His face still looking tired from a night without much sleep.

A tall and skinny flight attendant robbed him from his much needed night’s rest.

But if we rewind a little, then I remember Sibo and I being on our way to grab lunch with the rest of the TextGod team.

Sibo is looking at his phone as he starts laughing, and then shows us all what’s cracking him up.

See that last line in her bio?

That’s the one that had Sibo cracking up.

(I’ve seen it pass by a couple times, so it’s played out for me. But what makes it extra powerful on her profile, is that she’s a flight attendant. You can perfectly imagine how she must feel when a crowd of smelly travelers starts clapping after a successful landing. For the 69102th time.)

Fast forward back to right now. They had an awesome date and are planning on seeing each other again.

All of this wouldn’t have happened if this girl didn’t crack Sibo up.

(And if he didn’t crack her up with his funny bio, but I’m keeping that one for later.)

Oh btw, another easy way to have a girl giggling, is by adding a meme to your profile.

This flight attendant used both methods. And she was raking in matches with her strategy.

I had superliked her for the meme she snuck in at the end of her profile.

A relatable meme goes a long way.

Even when your trying to get more matches on Tinder.

#8 The only correct way to do a bio

In this tip I’ll show you what you can NEVER tell a girl.

Most men’s bios repel girls instead of attracting them.

And they’re not even aware of why they’re scaring off girls.

(Girls are equally guilty of this mistake.)

To give you an example, allow me to swipe just a few times.

Here we go, it didn’t take very long to find these two bios:

(To be honest it took more swipes than it should have. Because the majority of women didn’t even fill out their bio. That’s the biggest bio mistake one could make.)

Alright, so this lady is giving a whole list of things she likes.

Biking, mother nature, making people laugh, and drawing for example.

And this ma’am tells us she is simple, funny, and passionate.

So what’s wrong with these 2 simple bios?

There’s nothing wrong with telling you she is funny, likes drawing, and likes nature. Right?

No, not right. Wrong.

And the reason why it’s wrong, is already in the last line.

Because they are telling us.

Instead of showing.

Their photos were quite bad. Some selfies and very common amateur photos in front of touristic hotspots.

If you like biking, then show me a kick-ass photo of you on a bike in a nice location!

If you are funny, then SHOW me you are funny. Make me laugh and I’ll gladly swipe right!

Do you like drawing? Why not add a drawing you’re really proud of?

You there, yes you, the guy reading this…

Would you rather see see her bio say “drawing”, or would you rather see an actual drawing?

Do you believe her when she says she is funny, yet her bio looks like this:

I sure don’t.

I’ll tell you who I think is funny. The girl my cameraman Sibo went on a date with last night. The girl from tip #4.

She didn’t say she was funny. She SHOWED us.

I don’t say in my Tinder profile text that I surf. I post this photo instead:

A guy I coached recently doesn’t say he likes ‘adventure’, ‘doing exciting stuff’, ‘going outdoors’.

He uses this photo instead:

You don’t TELL her you’re you like smoking weed.

You post a picture of your whole stash!

You don’t TELL her you… oh wait…

Wait no…

Don’t post pictures of any drugs you own.

That doesn’t seem very smart.

But anyway, you get it.

Show her, don’t tell her.

#9 The biggest Bumble mistake you can make (100% deal breaker)

I’m going to show you the most fatal mistake you can possibly make on Bumble.

And give you a few tips that make you immune to this error.

Many guys don’t have the perfect profile picture laying around.

If they want a perfectly executed headshot, they need to team up with a photographer.

And for some, that’s a scary thing to do.

So they try something else.

Going through the few dignified shots they have collected over the years.

They then pick out their personal favorite (a big mistake by the way, more on that in a bit.)

And they upload the photo on Bumble.

But here’s what they don’t know:

A good first photo has your face clearly visible. No hats or anything else blocking your face.

Preferably, it also shows nothing more than your head and torso.

Your eyes should be completely visible. No sunglasses.

And if you can… smile while looking at the lens. Showing her you’re a good guy, and not a potential online-rapist-creep kind of guy.

Anyway, maybe you weren’t aware of the importance of being centered in the photo with your head clearly visible.

But Bumble is aware.

So, in order to help you out, they’ll zoom in on your photo.

When a girl is swiping, she sees just a part of your picture.

And that COULD be a problem.

Let me clarify with a screenshot example:


Keeping in mind the tips I just told you…

…What’s so bad about this guy’s Bumble profile?

His eyes are visible.

Head and torso… sort of. Not the best possible way to go about it but I’ll let it slide.

Face isn’t obscured somehow.

Underneath the blur, he is actually smiling.

Is it a professional high quality photo? Definitely not.

It’s a pixelated, sloppy pic made while picnicking.

But want to know the one thing that is FATAL about this photo?

That if you click on the profile to see the full picture, you see this:


That’s right.

This guy doesn’t even KNOW he is on Bumble.

This is a woman’s profile.

The cutie on the right with the dark curly hair.

She selected this photo out of the “few dignified shots” she collected over the years.

She didn’t crop it.

So Bumble automatically crops it for her, by zooming on the central face they assumed is her.

Boy were they wrong.

I bet this poor girl is wondering why she’s not getting any matches

Little does she know people instantly left swipe her because… well yeah because they think she’s a dude.

#10 What nobody told you about swiping

What if I told you there’s a best time and place to swipe?

If you have no luck on Tinder, then you’re probably not aware.

See, everyone that’s read one or more of my articles, knows to swipe selectively.

But swiping selectively isn’t always going to cut it.

Tinder also care about your exact location, and your exact timing.

They want to make sure Tinderers match active users, that can easily meet up.

So if you’re visiting good ol’ grandma all the way down at the countryside…

…well then you’re in trouble.

Here is what happens when you have swiped through the local farmer girls:

You find the hotties from a more populated place nearby.

And you swipe them right. But…

…these girls are going to get to see other guys.

The guys who are only 1 km away from them.

That’s more exciting for them. And easier to arrange a date.

Not only do the nearby guys get to cut the line.

The men who are close by AND online at the same time, cut an even bigger part of the queue.

So you’re right swiped all the way from Farmville aren’t going to harvest much.

Instead, save your time on Tinder for when you’re in a busy place, during peak activity hours.

Think of public transport times, when people leave work.

Or in the evening when girls are about to go out and party.

That’s when your likes matter.

Now go out there and make your own luck!

And don’t forget to grab my free TextGod toolkit right below here.

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Louis Farfields

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