18 Signs That You’re Clingy Over Text

You probably feel like you’re losing the interest of a girl you like.

Or you can sense that you’re becoming needy and are afraid that you will scare her off.

Which sucks, but you are in the right place to fix it.

Because you’re about to get 18 signs that show you’re clingy over text and how to prevent it from happening.

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#1. You double text regularly

Answering your own texts isn’t always bad.

Sometimes she’s busy and hasn’t read your messages. Other times she did check it out, but forgot to answer.

Do you catch yourself all the time though?

That’s a sign you’re a little desperate for her attention.

Especially if you’re sending her texts like this:

Hey, what’s up?


Haven’t heard from you in a while, you okay?

I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuu

Dude, I was in the other room

The above is clearly a joke, but you get the idea.

If you catch yourself constantly over-texting, put your phone away and do something else.

#2. You call to get an answer

There’s nothing wrong with calling a woman you like.

But if your cue to ring her is when she ignores your texts, that’s a strong sign you may be a little clingy.

That sign becomes even stronger when you exhaust other lines of communication once the phone call fails.

Such as Facebook, email, Instagram, Skype, ‘spontaneous’ drop-bys and carrier pigeons.

#3: You start 99,6794% of all text conversations

As the guy, you’re expected to take the lead and make the first move.

So it’s normal to be texting her first most of the time.

But if you always find yourself taking the initiative, that’s an indication that you may be a bit needy.

After all, if she likes you as much as you like her, she’ll definitely start the occasional text convo too.

So ask yourself:

When was the last time you heard from her first?

Then think back to how you behaved then and try to recreate the situation.

For more on the best time to text, check out my next video:

#4: Your heart skips a beat with every ping and buzz

Things aren’t looking good if every text message or notification sends your heart racing with thoughts of her.

Well, that’s not entirely fair.

You could just be falling for her.

Which is one of the best feelings in the world.

But despite how amazing love feels, it can lead to some pretty bad clingy behavior.

You may think you’re being sweet and affectionate, but you’re actually only a couple of texts away from being a stalker.

So if her texts make you weak in the knees, pace yourself and your texts.

#5: You can’t put your phone away for more than 5 minutes

Many people can’t stop looking at their phones.

This sadly is a pretty normal state of affairs.

But what isn’t normal is checking your phone every 5 minutes to see if she’s answered your texts.

That’s clingy.

Especially if you go above and beyond and check your Facebook PMs, your email and all the other ways you contacted her.

#6: You can’t stop looking at her social media

Scrolling through her Instagram and waiting for new content MULTIPLE times a day is pretty bad.

It means you’re in too deep.

What’s even worse is that gawking at her photos will only increase the feelings you have for her, making it even more likely that you’ll be sending her needy texts.

Unless you’re dating seriously or are in a committed relationship, I advise you to dial back on the social media frenzies.

#7: She’s giving you short answers

Short answers to your texts aren’t all bad.

It could be that she was too busy to send you a well thought-out text so she opted for a short answer instead.

That’s actually a sign she really likes you.

But short answers could also be a sign that she’s losing interest.

How do you know the difference?


If she occasionally answers your long and considerate texts with a dismissive short text, you’re likely fine.

But is she often being short with you?

Then it may be that she’s lost interest because you sent too many needy or desperate texts.

#8: You gave her a special pet name

It’s natural to give people nicknames.

But giving girls flattering nicknames can do more harm than good.

If every text she sends you shows you a notification from ‘Super hot Danielle’ then that’s how you’re going to see and treat her.

And how do we treat super hot people?

Usually by putting them on a pedestal and acting as if they’re gods.

And let me tell you, groveling at a person’s feet in an act of worship is not particularly sexy.

So do yourself a favor and get rid of any terms of endearment in your contactsheet like ‘bae’, ‘boo’ or ‘baby’.

#9: You’ve Googled her and gone beyond page 1

Wanting to know who your crush is and what she’s about is normal.

But skipping the get-to-know-you-talk and going straight to Google is not.

Using search engines as your source of information instead of her is definitely veering into stalker territory.

So fight the urge to snoop around.

Not only is getting to know her organically more fun, it guarantees that you’ll both roughly know the same about each other.

And then you’ll both be equally ‘needy’.

 #10: You only ever agree and laugh with her

I’m sure the girl you’re crushing on is wicked smart and beautiful.

But just because she has a big brain doesn’t mean everything she says is true or that you feel the same way.

Show me two people who share all the same opinions and I’ll show you someone with his pants on fire.

So disagreeing with someone is normal.

The opposite is also true.

If you never utter a different opinion, you’re being weird.

In fact, you’re being needy for her approval.

Instead of voicing your thoughts, you keep them to yourself because you’re afraid to scare her off.

(You might want to read my article on How to get out of the friend zone through text.)

#11: She didn’t accept your Facebook request ‘to be in a relationship’

This speaks for itself.

If you’re already talking about ‘we’ and ‘us’ while you only just started dating her, that’s seriously clingy.

And that’s a fact.

#12: You have a folder filled with photos of her

I get it.

She’s cute and you like looking at her.

So it only makes sense to save her photos to your phone to make ogling her easy.

Yeah, there is indeed some sense to that.

But it’s also a big sign you’re desperate for the attention of a woman.

Unless you’re already an item, keep her photos off your phone.

#13: You visit the places that you know she likes

If you’re crushing on a girl from campus it’s easy to bump into her going about your everyday business.

That’s hardly following her around.

But once you start going to places in hopes of seeing her, you’re getting awfully close to following her.

And it’s not harmless.

That type of behavior can be enough to scare her off.

If you want to show her you’re interested, do it in a way that gives her the space to feel drawn to you without suffocating her.

#14: You overanalyze your texts when she doesn’t text back

Desperate people are classic overanalyzers.

If they see their message has been read but not answered, they inspect every detail of their last dozen messages.

Some may even go further to check their social media and find out if their crush is responding to other people.

Not only is this clingy, it can become such a big problem that you lose sight of your own life because you’re worrying about theirs.

#15: You bombard her social media with comments and likes

A few likes and comments on her social media is perfectly fine.

But it gets a bit needy and potentially annoying if you like everything she’s put online.

So dial back your Instagram comments and likes.

A good rule of thumb is to like as much of her content as she likes yours.

#16: You’re too available

A clear sign of neediness is being at her beck and call.

Let me give you some examples for context.

  • Apologizing for replying late to one of her texts
  • Freeing up your entire schedule because she hinted at calling you this evening
  • Ditching on your friends if she’s suddenly available
  • Worrying about making plans with friends because she may want to hang out

This type of behavior makes a woman undervalue you.

#17: You’re moving too fast

Putting more pressure on the relationship than appropriate is typical needy behavior.

Referring to her as ‘your girlfriend’ and trying to introduce her to your family and friends is moving too fast.

Talking about your future is just as deadly.

If you’ve only been on two dates and are already planning a weekend trip, that’s clingy.

#18: You have her photo as your wallpaper

If you’re not in a committed relationship, having her as your wallpaper is disastrous.

Not only is it likely to make your feelings for her much stronger and increase the likelihood of neediness, but she will probably freak the fuck out when she sees herself on your phone.

The spot on your home screen is only reserved for pets, family and other loved ones.

All the above signs of clinginess over text can be solved by getting a life.

So don’t make her your priority.

See friends, focus on your career, read books, visit your parents, get a new hobby, or meet another woman.

Make her needy for your texts

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