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What is Tinder Explore?

Tinder Explore does two things.

Firstly, it’s a hub that brings together all of Tinder’s special activities. Such as Vibes, Swipe Night and more.

Secondly, it’s a new way to connect with Tinder users based on interests and dating goals.

It’s a great addition. Because before you could only filter out people based on gender, age and location. Hardly anything specific.

Tinder Explore gives you the ability to create your own feed based on their passions and pursuits. Something that says far more about their personality.

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How do you get Tinder Explore?

  • Open the Tinder app on your phone.
  • Locate the slick window + magnifying glass icon in the menu bar.

  • Hit the window icon, it’s the Explore tab.
  • Choose the category you want to join. (or scroll to the For You Page for recommended categories)
  • Tap ‘Join Now’.

Voila. That’s it.

No need for Tinder Plus, Gold, or Platinum.

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Here’s how Tinder Explore works

Explore is Tinder’s first feature that lets you find people who share your (dating) interests. It works much like a social media platform.

You have your own feed with profiles that Tinder thinks you’ll like. What style of profile you see is largely based on the badges that you’ve added to your profile.

If you added the Doggo badge to your profile, it’s likely you’ll see the ‘animal parents’ and ‘social causes’ Explore categories.

And depending on what other badges you picked, you may also run into the next Explore categories.

Done with the categories? Then you can check out the groups in the ‘My Vibe’ section. Each person you bump into here shares the same goal.

Whether that’s hanging out as buds, going on an adventure, or finding their significant other.

How do you know if you’ve found a specific profile that Tinder thinks you’ll like? It’ll be surrounded by a big bright colored border.

Then you also have the Photo Verified feed. Which is just as it says. Only people with a verified profile can get in. You can also include yourself in that list if you like.

Lastly, Tinder Explore will also invite you to any special games and events that are happening.

How to use Tinder Explore to get more matches – 3 Best tips

1. Filter out what you’re not into

Although far from perfect, Tinder Explore does give you a better way to find people you like.

Rather than swiping through your swipe stack that includes a very big and random group of people. You can use Tinder Explore’s categories to narrow down your search.

Now you can find people with similar interests far more quickly.

That’s pretty cool. Although it’s still too generic to be very useful if you ask me.

2. Make it easier to be found

Badges make it easier to be matched with the girls you want.

Just select the badges that best describe your dream girl. Such as: sports, music lovers, and foodies.

Keep in mind that you can only pick 5.

Personally, I’d choose a maximum of 3. More adds too much clutter and makes you seem a little too involved in a dating app. Plus, being passionate about a few interests is far more sexy than someone who dabbles in everything.

3. Create tailor-made icebreakers

It’s easier to break the ice now than ever.

Almost everyone has at least a handful of interests and badges listed on their profile. So you have no excuse to create a good first text that she can’t read.

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Tinder Explore – summary

Tinder Explore is a new way to connect with people based on something else than their photos and bio. So it gives you a far more specific way to search.

You can get in touch with Tinder users through:

  • Groups that include people with the same goals, like going on a coffee date.
  • Think of interests like travel, food, sports, music, gaming, and entrepreneurship.
  • Game events. Such as Swipe Night and Hot Takes.
  • Music Mode. A feature that lets you listen to people’s anthem when you visit their profile.

But just because it’s easier for your favorite girls to find you, doesn’t mean that you’ll get them on a date.

They’ll have to like what they see first to match you. And then you need to get them excited to meet you.

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