What is Tinder U? [And How to Use It to Get Matches]

Tinder U is an online dating app that’s for students only.

It connects you with students from your university or college, and even surrounding schools.

Read on and you’ll find out what makes Tinder U different, how to sign up, and how to make it a success.

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What is Tinder U?

Tinder U is a feature of that’s made specifically for college students. It allows students to connect with others from their own university or nearby schools.

The aim is to make it easier for students to meet new people, find dates, or make friends.

To realise that goal, the Discovery pile is limited to students only. Starting with the people from your campus and school first.

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How does Tinder U work?

Tinder U works just like traditional Tinder: swipe profiles left or right.

The main differences?

  • Every user’s first photo has the name of their university glued to it.
  • You only see profiles from students who are enrolled to your school, or those in the surrounding areas.
  • You can meet up with people to find a date, friend, study buddy, or beast slayer to get you past the final boss of Elden Ring.
  • You can filter people out by looking at: mutual friends and teachers, common interests and shared classes. Making conversation super easy.

As a member of Tinder University, You’ll get access to some exclusive social perks like:

  • Swipe Surge
  • Festival Mode
  • Hot Takes
  • Spring Break Mode
  • SwipeOff University Contest
  • Rivalry Week Mode

How to sign up for Tinder U?

  • Be on your school grounds.
  • Launch Tinder.
  • Click ‘Let’s Do It’ on Tinder U’s invite.

  • Prove you’re legit and enter your school .edu email address (US) or your .ac.uk email address (UK).

  • Check your inbox for the Tinder verification email.
  • Smash that Verify button!
  • Fire up Tinder and enjoy your new Tinder U experience.

Is Tinder U available in your country?

Tinder U is currently only live in the good ol’ US of A and across the pond in the UK. Where the Brits call it Tinder Uni.

And only for students at accredited, non-profit colleges and universities that provide face-to-face education.

But…Tinder is doubling down on the university scene and is planning to take it global!

Considering Tinder U’s success, I’m expecting big daddy T to introduce its new app to the rest of the world REAL soon.

How do you make Tinder U a success?

You’re now one swipe away from the world’s most gorgeous students.

But just because they’re in reach, doesn’t mean you’ll actually land the match.

First, you need an irresistible profile.

What does that look like?

Let me show you.

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