30+ Best Bumble Bio Examples For Guys (Triple Your Matches!)

You want more and better Bumble matches.

And you feel like upgrading your bio could make the difference.

Well, you’re in the right place.

Because I’m about to give you the best Bumble bios that will trigger her to swipe you right.

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10 Best Bumble bios you can copy right now

  • I’m the guy your parents warned you about. I always forget to put the milk back in the fridge.
  • Olives taste gross. Change my mind.
  • I’m 6’3 and my love language is physical touch. So I’m basically a big teddy bear.
  • One time I got drunk and got a tattoo of my dog. #bestdogdaddy
  • I’m the life of the party, but only when it’s inside my bag of Fritos.
  • I’d love to be mysterious but unfortunately, I never shut the fuck up. Send help.
  • Baby, let’s play doctor. I’ll start. You owe me $3200.
  • Used to be 100% indifferent to birds my whole life, then one day I was like “damn is that a yellow-rumped warbler??”
  • My kink is when women care about my feelings and what I have to say.
  • My most controversial opinion: nobody shot JFK, his head just did that.

Want to create lines like this yourself?

Keep reading and I’ll give you the secret to writing your own epic Bumble bio + 11 more stealable examples.

What makes for a good Bumble bio?

The best Bumble bios all have two things in common:

  • They make potential matches excited to talk to you.
  • They make it easy for her to come up with a fun first text.

In other words, a good Bumble bio gets you more matches and leads to fun conversations from the start.

The rest of the article will give you clear examples of what these bios look like and how to create your own. And if you want to have the secret to a good Bumble bio right now…

…check out my YouTube video.

1. Trigger her curiosity

For guys, this is the most important tip on Bumble…

First, some context.

As you probably noticed, a match doesn’t guarantee a conversation. No matter how much you want to, you can’t speak until she sends you a text.

And sometimes that ‘hello’ never comes. Why? Well, a gazillion reasons. The most common one being:

She doesn’t know what to say besides “Hey”. And she doesn’t want to!

And can you blame her? She’s been down this path so many times, she knows where it leads.

Hey, how’s it going?


When she made the mistake of saying “Hi” and is stuck in an unending loop of chit-chat.

Here’s how you make it 69x easier for her to send you a fun first text.

Create a bio that trigger her curiosity.

  • Craziest holiday: I went on a weekend trip to Paris last year and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Beat that.
  • I once unknowingly assisted with a robbery and didn’t get a cent. 🙁
  • What if nobody shot JFK and his head just did that?

2. Create a call to action

If you’re tired of women opening with “Hey”, this is for you.

I’m sure you’ve noticed. Almost all women on Bumble say stuff like this:

The last 3 women who opened me on Bumble.


What sucks about her one-word opener, is that it’s super hard to reply to!

That’s why it’s best to create a bio that gives her something fun to talk about.  Everybody loves food. So coach Dan wrote the next bio for Bumble:

Tell me:

A) Your favorite food in the world
B) Favorite spot you’ve ever been

Stupidly simple.

And highly effective.

Another reaction he got:

Don’t want to talk about food? Here are three more call to action Bumble bios:

  • Tell me how many fries your friend can take before you tell them to get your own.
  • I don’t know what to do when people sing happy birthday to me. Please help.
  • Toilet paper should have a beard. Not a mullet. Change my mind.

3.  Go against the mainstream

Some good Bumble bios rub people the wrong way and trigger a strong emotional response.

And that’s great!

Because it motivates her to match you and send you a text RIGHT AWAY.

Here’s a bio that I used to great success. WARNING: It is a very polarizing profile text and might upset some squeamish people.

Pineapple goes on pizza like tongues go in assholes. It’s not for everybody but those who enjoy it more are a little more sophisticated.

Three more:

  • Is it just me or does well done steak taste pretty good?
  • I actually miss the peace and quiet of the lockdown.
  • You’re in the passenger seat and I forget to signal while driving. How do you react?

4. Playfully describe yourself

The very best bios don’t just spark her interest, they also show off your personality.

Communicating who you are is a little more difficult. But it’s well worth it if you can pull it off. Here’s a Bumble bio from coach Jay who used it with great success.

Brutally honest. Sucker for a good romcom. Love to explore neighborhoods and get lost. And am serving a lifetime ban on wearing white after last week’s spaghetti incident.

Pretty good, right? Here are three more:

  • Honest to a fault. Been listening to the same 200 songs since high school. Can’t find matching socks to save my life. And I hate olives.
  • Amazing with dogs. That’s a warning. Your dog will fall hopelessly in love with me and desert you.
  • Pro: mega book nerd. Con: I’m the reason the book you want from the library isn’t available.

5. Know your audience

This bio gets a 9/10, it’s one of the best.

To the women over 30 I’m a successful business owner and I want to start a loving family. To ladies under 30 I’m hung, love jagerbombs, and breed husky puppies.

It’s brief. It targets the right audience. It’s funny and witty. And it’s sexual without being raunchy.

Here are three more bios that attract a specific audience:

  • Looking for someone to help me return the ring to Mordor.
  • Ever try to breathe more quietly when walking up a hill past bystanders so they don’t know you’re struggling for your life?
  • Looking for someone who doesn’t throw me through a window if I read every plaque in a museum.

6. End on a relatable twist

Use clickbait to your advantage. If you do it well, she won’t be able to stop reading. And if you make her effort worth all the trouble, she’ll very likely swipe you right.

Especially if it looks anything like this.

I always keep a pistol under my pillow. So in case of a burglary, I’m able to shoot myself in order to prevent social interactions with other people.

Three more:

  • You couldn’t pay me enough to watch 10-hour movie. Unless you break it up into 1-hour episodes I guess.
  • I have the most epic stories to tell. But halfway through I just forget what I’m…
  • I caught someone breaking into my house the other day. We searched for valuables together.

7. Make her laugh

Women love a sense of humor. So be sure to show off your funny bone if you have one:

The great white shark has a mating call that can be heard 40 km away. I have a Bumble profile with a range 0f 100km. Suck on that you stupid shark and your million years of evolution.

A funny and lighthearted bio. Your insights on nature make you seem smart. While you bash the great white shark since you’re much more alpha than him of course.

Three more funny bios:

  • You may like being choked, but turtles don’t. Throw your shit in the trash.
  • Current relationship status: My cat won’t return my calls.
  • Sometimes I use big words to sound more abecedarian.

8. Make a unique list

So many guys make the mistake of using the ‘shopping list’ bio. You know, a list of nouns that describe all the things they like. And it’s incredibly boring.

Not to mention predictable, because almost everyone talks about the same stuff: coffee, gym, partying.

And even if you’re writing about your passions, a list of nouns is dull as heck.

So if you are going to talk about your hobbies, do it in a way that’s engaging.

Using coffee, gym and party as my example, I get:

Caffeine-dependent life form.

Dumbbell enthusiast.

Jägerbomb connoisseur.

See the difference?

9. Have fun with stereotypes

Some people are a living stereotype.

Nothing wrong with that.

It’s just really fun to poke fun at these people and show you’re a Giga Chad.

Most healthy person you’ll ever meet.
– I shower in green tea.
– I snort quinoa for breakfast.
– I avoid meat, dairy, water, and people.
– And I love to breathe. Sometimes I’ll do 20,000 of those bad boys per day.

What are some other stereotypes that you can think of?

10. Create a swiping game

I don’t like swiping games much. They were fun at first, but have lost their mojo.

So why am I advertising this bio?

Because it’s the first swiping game in forever that made me chuckle.

I’ll make it real easy:

Swipe in the direction of your political views.

If you’re right-wing and politics is important to you, definitely give this bio a try.

It’s one of the ways to filter your dates, this is an important principle I write about in my article about Tinder for marriage.

10. Play two truths and a lie

If you’re out of the know, two truths and a lie is a game made to break the ice. The point is to find the lie.

And it directly speaks to my inner child.

Two truths and a lie:

I don’t like this game. I never lie. Plus, I always tell the truth.

What makes this puzzle especially good, is that it’s impossible to solve. So you’re going to have lots of girls swipe you right, just to hear you give them the answer! It’s deliciously evil.

Here’s another for good measure:

  • Two truths and a lie: I can’t swim, I’ve never seen Titanic, and I once dated the daughter of a mafia boss.

11. Give an old saying a modern twist

I like big butts and I’m morally against lying.

Is it the best Bumble bio?


Is it brief and does give it the ladies a chuckle?


It’s funny, and it shows you’re a bit of a bad boy. Prepare to be opened by ladies with big buns.

12. Hint at what you want

Just steal my oversized hoodies already and let me buy you food you cute piece of sh*t.

If you’ve ever had a lady friend stay over for the night, you know this scenario. The beauty of this bio is that women are familiar with it too. If she has a sense of humor, there’s a big chance she’ll swipe you right for poking fun at her predictable female ways.

Here are a few other bios with a similar flava:

  • Looking for a cute girl to be in my Hearthstone let’s play vids so I can get more views.
  • I think honesty and reading books is sexy as phuggg.
  • Looking for a badass, already have a good ass.

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