Tinder for Marriage: Discover how to find true love [Guide]

Tinder has a reputation for one night stands, hookups and booty calls.

But what about finding a long-lasting relationship? What about Tinder for marriage?

Can Tinder help you find your significant other or, dare I say it, soulmate?

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Can you get married through Tinder?

So is it possible to find your spouse on Tinder?

Let me cut to the chase: Finding spouses on Tinder is becoming increasingly common.

  • A study by SimpleTexting discovered 15% of couples who met online, date for a year or longer. 13.6% get engaged or married.
  • The New York Times’s wedding announcements section shows a significant increase in partners finding each other on Tinder.
  • A study by PNAS shows how 30% of all American marriages come from people who met on a dating app.
  • Couples therapist Matt Lundquist says more and more clients first met each other on Tinder.

Long-term relationships started via dating apps are actually pretty common.

Want some proof? Let me throw more numbers at you from SimpleTexting:

  • 38% of men and 44% of women are looking for long-term relationships on apps!
  • And over 50% of users have never had a one night stand!

Suddenly Tinder doesn’t seem so casual, does it?

What’s more, finding romantic love on Tinder is finally no longer taboo. Lots of married couples who met on Tinder quit being ashamed. They are even paying homage to where it all started.

Just check out the hashtag #TinderWedding on Instagram. Over 2.000 photos of smiling faces, wedding cakes and flowery brides.

More and more people on dating apps are falling in love and want to get together in holy matrimony. And the market is finally catching up.

While it’s fine to meet in the classic way, online dating is no longer scoffed at. You can find your soulmate anywhere. Who cares if it was online?

The important thing is finding that special someone.

Tinder marriage success stories

Discover the secrets of two lucky couples who met and married through Tinder.

For some, Tinder is an infinite virtual marketplace where you can shop for sexy singles. But for others, Tinder is love.

Najwa and Azfar were pronounced husband and wife 19 months after matching.

Which is funny considering Najwa only got onto Tinder for fun. “I don’t even remember swiping him”, says the young bride, “the conversation just took off and it was like we’d known each other for years.”

Their advice for finding love online?

Just do it.

“Take risks. Fall in love”, says Azfar. “Meeting people traditionally doesn’t guarantee a lifetime of happiness either, so take the risk and get on Tinder!”

Next up are Rena and David, who have been married for over four years since swiping right.

Rena was a bit of a hermit and had been single for years. After much debating she decided to go for it and installed Tinder.

Similar to our previous couple, once Rena and David started chatting, the conversation just kept going and going.

They met up after two weeks of texting and their long talks continued.

“After our first date I could already see that Rena had everything I wanted in a wife”, says David.

Rena and David also offer advice for those looking for relationships.

“Be open and take it as a place for you to meet more people, have more options, or even make a friend”, says Rena. But she adds, “Be careful. Don’t put all your hopes into thinking you’ll find your soulmate.”

Rena’s husband chimes in, “Think about what you want before looking. Do you want them to make you laugh? Do you want them to be driven in their career? If you know what you want, dating apps are great. Because you can get all of this information before even meeting someone.”

That’s actually very solid advice.

Do your homework before you get Tindering!

The pros and cons of finding love on Tinder

Finding love on Tinder is tough, but you’re about to discover how you can make it a lot easier.

You might think that Tinder is about silly bios, cheesy pickup lines and rubbing bods. But Tinder is also a place of love and romance.

More than anything, the dating app is a new way for us to conquer our loneliness without leaving the house.

The biggest upside to this new way of dating is volume.

You can meet more people than you can through your social circle, or cold approaches if that’s your thing.

Greater numbers mean a bigger chance of success.

Which brings us to the downside of online dating. Finding your significant other on Tinder isn’t easy.

Compared to the little pond of real life, Tinder is an ocean. Which in many ways is a pro, but it’s also a con.

You see, when we meet our sexual partners through our bubble of friends, or through school and work, we tend to have a lot in common.

And commonalities make us feel connected.

But once you go looking for love outside of your turf, the chance your date and you think differently about life, goes through the roof.

While you might have ideas of long walks on the beach and falling in love, your Tinder match could be thinking thinking, “I still got it!”

What does this mean?


Tinder invites more potential partners into your life than you can handle and most aren’t going to be a fit.

Pros of trying to find your spouse on Tinder

  • Super easy to meet new people
  • Meeting more people means a bigger chance of finding your partner
  • Go on enough dates and you’ll find your future husband or wife

Cons of trying to find your spouse on Tinder

  • The further you go from home, the less you and your match are likely to have in common
  • You may have to go on thousands of dates to find your true love
  • That’s more dates than you’re likely to handle

So the odds of finding love are stacked against you.

Luckily, we can change those odds in your favor. Read all about it in the next tip on attraction.

How to tell if your match is marriage-minded

Now, how do you find out if someone is relationship-mindedc or marriage-minded?

You don’t want to waste time on people who are just looking for a fling.

And actually selecting quickly is propably the most important skill to find true love quickly.

How do you do this?

By becoming a high end sales(wo)man.

If you’re out of the know, peddlers of upscale products don’t sell their goods to anyone.

Upmarket products are exclusive. The salesman will only sell to you if:

  • You have enough money
  • Know the right people
  • Are experienced enough to use his product

If the salesman wasn’t so picky, he’d spend half an hour pitching his $10,000+ product to a college student who doesn’t have a cent to her name.

Major time waster.

So how does the salesman find the right clients?

or: How do you find the right match who wants to get serious?

By filtering.

And how do you filter on Tinder to prevent wasting your precious time?

With your profile.

The following shouldn’t surprise you. First impressions matter… A LOT.

When you enter a job interview dressed like MC Hammer, you make a worse impression than if you show up in a suit.

But wear the same parachute pants to an interview at the local hip hop radio station, and your chances of getting the job go up.

Why? Because you’re dressed for the job you want to have.

Your profile has a similar power of attraction.

And you want to channel that attraction properly. Otherwise you might send the wrong signals, like wearing parachute pants to an interview at the bank.

Preparing your Tinder profile for relationship-minded matches

Your photos may be chasing off your future spouse without even knowing it.

So I’m going to help you build a profile that attracts the partner of your dreams.

Pictures that attract the wrong people

The opposite of what you want, is to look like the person who only wants to tussle under the sheets.

So what are the photos that give off the casual sexual vibe?

Let’s start with the men.

And for the ladies.

  • Necklaces dangling into cleavage shots
  • Duckface selfies
  • Bikini photos (it’s fine to have one, but not as a first picture and don’t have too many)
  • Party pics where you are clearly intoxicated

Take this with a grain of salt, because if you want to attract a partner who parties a lot, then by all means go all out!

But generally it’s best to show more personality, and less shallowness to find a partner on Tinder.

Let’s have a look at the kind of pictures that will HELP you find love. Instead of working against you.

Pictures that attract your future spouse

If you have any doubts about what relationship-attracting Tinder photos look like, this part is for you.

You know you want to avoid looking like a slut or manwhore. You know you want to look more trustworthy. But you don’t know what those photos look like.

Let me help you.

For men:

  • ‘Spontaneous’ photos of you walking down the street in a suit
  • You cooking up a hot meal in a short-sleeved python-exposing tee
  • You playing with a pet

And the ladies? Very similar.

  • Walking down the street with your little niece or cousin
  • Kneading dough in the kitchen while wearing apple-bottom jeans
  • Playing with your pet

While you can show off skin and curves, don’t make your body the focal point.

Your goal is to strike a balance between sexy and mature.

And remember: the more you capture your caring and responsible side, the more likely you’ll attract mates looking for marriage.

By the way, I wrote an extensive guide with 11 tips and many examples on getting the perfect Tinder profile picture. Obviously the tips also work for other dating apps and sites.

Holy Tip:

Call a friend with a cutting edge smartphone or camera and set up a photoshoot in a location where you like to hang out. Mention the shoot is for Tinder and offer to take photos for your friend’s profile too. Next you put on a slick outfit and shoot at least a hundred photos, posed or candid, it doesn’t matter. The trick is to make countless photos.

Do you want to use multiple photos of your shoot on your Tinder profile? Make sure your pictures don’t LOOK like they are from the same shoot.

Wear different clothes. Pose in a different environment. And use different lighting.

How to find the perfect partner with your bio

With the photos out of the way, let’s move to your profile’s filtering flagship, your bio.

The two most important rules for writing an engaging bio are:

Be unique and keep it short

If your short life story applies to almost anyone, you failed and need to hit delete.

Don’t be a basic Becky or a regular Joe.

Which reminds me of the #1 mistake by romantic online daters:

Don’t be overly serious

No matter how much you want to tell the world “swipe left if you’re looking for a one night stand”, ladies. Keep it out of your bio.

Even if finding your future husband is the goal, keep your demands fun. Even something as simple as, “Not a prude, but only a monogamous dude can see me nude.” is better.

A bio for the hombres, “Looking for a relationship. I take it slow and don’t visit the boudoir on first dates. Super boring for some ladies, but that’s me.”

Be warned. A guy keeping ladies at an arm’s length, is to women what catnip is to kittens. They go crazy for it.

Even though the message of the two above bios is the same, the flavor is very different.

Why? Because women on Tinder tend to be overly serious, bordering on being demanding. And men can be overly casual, making themselves look like clowns.

Holy Tip:

If you do start dating, don’t have sex for at least a month. Tell your date you’re taking it slow.

Considering you want a relationship, your aim is to find out if you’re right for each other. And while sexual compatibility is important, it comes second to chemistry. You either have it, or you don’t.

And I know a month might seem like a long time to you. But if you see your match once per week, then that’s just 4 dates without sharing a bed.

In case you need some more inspiration for funny Tinder bios, I have over 33 examples in the article I wrote on the subject!

Other dating apps for finding your husband or wife

The amount of different dating apps is staggering:

Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Happn, Badoo, PlentyofFish, OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, Match, Lovoo.

You’re not going to use them all. So which do you pick?

Every country has its own favorite.

  • In the US, Tinder is the clear winner with Match being second.
  • The North Western countries of Europe also have an appetite for Tinder.
  • Eastern Europeans seem to prefer Badoo, as do Spain, Portugal and Italy.

But what’s most popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for finding a relationship.

You’re not the only one who is struggling to have a dating life. Here’s my advice:

Any app that forces users to invest time (by answering personal questions beforehand) or money (like a subscription) increases the chances of finding like minded romantics.

Because those who are ready to pay for love are clearly committed and ready to meet up. While the people on the free dating apps can be serious flakes.

A study by Pew Research Center shows one-third of people on Tinder have never actually gone on a date with someone they swiped. Though most of these are millennials between 18 and 22.

But free apps like Tinder can be just as good for finding your Tinderella or Prince Charming. Because if you hit it off, chances are you’re going to want to stay together for the long haul.

My advice?

Get Tinder, experiment with local dating sites and focus on filtering.

If you’re looking for an educated partner between 24-39, then the dating app Bumble is also a recommended download. The dating site ‘elitesingles’ is also an option but in a slightly older age range.

But whatever app you choose, you mustn’t forget to do one thing: Have fun.

The more you enjoy connecting with people, the better vibes you give off, and the more attractive you’ll be.

Now you know all you need about using Tinder for marriage, don’t forget to send me an invite to your wedding.

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